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One Month One World One Year Challenge 2022


  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 4,337 Member
    @Karababy52 , thank you, I hope this year is better anyway, i spent half of last year in different kind of hospitals :)
    @afai1261 , those boys continue living in thay apartment with wolves this year's chhallenge too :P
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 3,337 Member
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    @afai1261 -
    Lovely year-end overview of Aaron's stats and what was going on with him. Bravo for a job well done. And yes, go ahead, steal that name, thought it was a cool name, too. Good luck for this year in whatever you do. :)

    I loved all those month-by-month screenies of Adam's last year. He certainly had a full life and lots of excitement. I really enjoyed all of your storytelling, too. Good luck for whatever this year brings you.

    Nice that you mention Sakura in your will always be my favorite sim. Her wandering son in the Realm. ha!

    @Karababy52 -
    I had already privately messaged you, and glad that you are alright after that storm. I thoroughly enjoyed Cale's adventures, and for you completing the Daddy 100 Baby Challenge. lol All those babies! Woot! That was pretty cool. I am glad that Cale and Marley settled in Sulani. It is what you wanted to do last year. I am sure that Cale is happy now. :)
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,226 Member
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    December 22nd Comments:

    More kitties for Adam. Very cute, but must be time consuming for the poor guy. He does have family to help out, tho. Cleo seems to get that nervousness from Adam! :lol:

    Yikes on the blizzard conditions knocking your power out. Hurricane Elliot's aftermath is making its rounds all over the states. But at least Cale is enjoying himself in the lake/ocean.

    Thanks for the link to Oona. I think she'll make a great fit in Dante's world.

    December 23rd Comments:

    I really like how Adam's pets are all stylish. Well, most of them. I like the outfits you chose for them.

    December 24th Comments:

    Aww! Love seeing Dylan and Morgan after pics. Those two ended up as a very cute couple. I hope you ended up having a very Merry Christmas!

    December 25th Comments:

    I think Cleo is going to be my favorite kitty in your gameplay. Pax looking cool and smooth in that image!

    December 26th Comments:

    I like the fact Adam is painting a kitty. Too bad it wasn't black with big yellow eyes. Could have been Cleo!

    December 27th Comments:

    Cleo is giving Adam inspiration. Hopefully those ghost pets show up. Would be fun to see Adam complete that Aspiration!

    December 28th Comments:

    I think you are right. Pax enjoyed the shockness and slip sliding away into the mud. :joy:

    Completely understandable about Cale. I'm going to finish up D.J. here, but want to get a bit more ahead with Dante on my blog/website. I have almost two weeks posted ahead of schedule. Then I can focus back on D.J. for a short bit. I want to continue storytelling with him. As you'll see, there really isn't a big story being written for Dante. It's more of the imagination for the reader. But am happy to see you have Cale's plans laid out and explained your envision for him and his family. Kind of like how @SoulGal7 did with Dylan and Morgan.

    I'm surprised we didn't lose power here with the windstorm he had here. No real blizzard. We were supposed to. But we did end up with 30-40 mph winds and winchill of -20 degrees. Glad you got power back and everything seems to be okay now.
    That is a nice alternate screenshot with the sun in the arch. I like that one, too. I'll just imagine in my head a big wedding party for Cale and Marley. And D.J. being the DJ since he loved to show off his dancing in his last visit in your gameplay. :blush:

    December 29th Comments:

    Really happy for Adam. He seems to be enjoying his life around his loved ones and newfound friends.

    December 30th Comments:

    I had a blast following Adam along in his 12 month journey. You did a wonderful job. D.J. Faireborn is not done with. Just put him on hold for wee bit. Will be back with him this month, actually. I'm happy you offered Adam for download so I could make him besties with my Challenge Sim, D.J. If you keep tabs on this thread, you'll see more of Adam in my gameplay.

    December 31st Comments:

    Marrok and Minsi are adorable children. Congrats to Dylan and Morgan. Are we going to see them around Elfie? :wink: Or, maybe upload the two to the Gallery?!

    Wow! That was fun looking back at Adam's teenage years up to his (fake) elder years. You really should be proud. Do let us know what other story gameplays you're working on. I'll definitely bookmark the threads or website and check out your gameplay posts.

    January 1st Comments:

    Thanks for giving some last stuff with Aaron and Hunter in your gameplay. I really enjoyed what you did. I'm far from over with D.J. Faireborn. In fact, I'll get back to him this month. Just wanted to jump ahead in my 2023 Challenge. There will be more Aaron and Hunter with D.J. And....maybe with Dante Morningstar. :wink: Oh, and Julian looks like a hottie! Maybe add him to the Gallery and he can be in Dante Morninstar's life instead?
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  • RememberJoyRememberJoy Posts: 1,082 Member
    @LegacySims2017 Thank you for all of your comments and kind words. I will continue following this thread, so if you decide to keep posting your story I'll continue to read it. I'm not currently planing on posting anymore stories/gameplay of my own, at least not for awhile, but if I change my mind I'll let you know.
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,952 Member
    Great to see Dylan and Morgan again. Dylan looks so handsome as a SIB. :) Congratulations to them both on the birth of their twins! Love the names you picked out for them and the reasons behind them. They aged up well.They both look SO much like Dylan, especially Marrock. :) Warms my heart they're finally together. <3

    Thank you so much for your sweet words about Cale's journey, made me smile. Yes, it's what I originally wanted for Essa last year, but then Cottage Living dropped and it just made more sense they'd settle as elders in HoB. Even if they ultimately didn't actually do that. hehe Yes, Cale and Marley, Colt and Donna are very happy living in Sulani. I'm happy for them all. <3


    So much fun seeing all those end of year recap screenshots of Adam's time last year. Thank you so much for sharing them! :)

    What's the phrase, 'the best laid plans of mice or men.' Totally understand about your indecision for doing the challenge this year. I went back and forth myself about it, but ultimately decided for me personally it was time to take a break from it this year. Lots of Winterfest and general winter fun for Aaron and his family. They all look so good! :)

    Weird how both Adam and DJ yelled at Yoshi. At least Hunter didn't seem too fussed about it since he was laughing. hehe Looks like everyone had a great time at the NYE celebration party. Love the kiss on the cheek for Cale from Aster.

    hehe Mrs. C. cracks me up! Poor Aaron getting Crumplebottomed. Gawd, Hunter looks so good sitting there watching it happen. Whoa! Love that shot of Atticus and Leo giving smoulder together. They're both gorgeous! Great makeover for Jeb. He's a teen in my saves too where he still exists.

    Aww, they renewed their vows, how sweet is that! <3

    Yay! Leo and Atticus are a couple! I love that! :) So glad Aaron returned the urn with Morwenna to Regan. Such an adorable kitten, love the shot of them touching noses. Aaron looks so happy. Congrats to him for completing all those aspirations! I laughed seeing the cowplant inside by the bar. hehe

    Ah so Keisha is Phoebe and Atticus' Mom. I should recognize their Dad, but his name escapes me. o.O He looks bad butt though.

    Adore Aaron's vampire look in that save. Ooo, they had a Son together! Wow, he's gorgeous! Looks mostly like Aaron I think, but I can see Hunter in him too. Amazing! Thanks for sharing about him. :)

    I'm so, so happy to read your thoughts about your experience with the challenge, it makes sharing it here all the more worthwhile. The way it affected you was my intensions for myself with it. I'm glad that you and others have enjoyed it so much. As I've said before, these last two years have been the absolute best for me playing TS4. Sharing it with all of you, reading your stories, making friends and learning more about the game was and is the best! I'm going to miss reading all your wonderful comments about Cale and seeing your love for him. I always looked forward to them so much. Thank you so much! <3

    Oh, well yeah, seeing your own grave as a ghost would make anyone sad. Ah, okay, that makes sense for a reason why he got electrocuted. hehe

    HAHA! Yep, Cale is a very spur of the moment idea kind of guy. I don't think Marley cared it wasn't done in a more romantic setting with appropriate clothing. She was just thrilled he FINALLY asked her to marry him. <3 It made me smile too seeing Cale so happy. He deserves it after the tumultuous life he's led. Thanks about the creasant moon pic! :)

    hehe Adam was sure having a great time at the party, eh? ;) Acacia still had fun though, even if she was bored at times. She especially loved the apple pie. hehe I know! I don't know why he keeps losing his body hair and beard, just like how Cale kept losing his freckles. Ugh!

    Oh! Thanks for the reminder! I meant to have CJ and Joe find love and settle down before I finished. Perhaps I'll explore the possibility of CJ and Acacia finding love together. You're right, Colt has moved on now. Cale baked him a cake to age him up to a YA and then moved him in with the mermaid, Donna. They're married now. :) I still have a few loose ends to tie up at some point.

    Thank you! Finishing the challenge this year was a relief, but also more than a bit sad for me. It's been such a big part of my life. But I'm not going anywhere even if I won't be participating this year. :)

    I love that hair gradient too! I wouldn't have it if it weren't for @Ellupelluellu. Thank you dear! Melody had that gradient for her time in DSV so that's how I got it. I agree it looks good on Donna for her mermaid form. :)

    Happy New Year to you as well! <3

    Yes, I know, it wasn't a very good year for a lot of people, especially you. But I know you've come a long way since then. I'm so proud of you for the progress you've made. You're a very strong woman and I'm extremely happy to call you my best friend. Our frienship is the best thing to come out of this challenge in my opinion. <3 May this year bring you love, light, peace and joy! You deserve it. <3

    It was a monstrous storm for everyone. I'm just glad it's over. Of course Cale was oblivious enjoying his life in a tropical paradise with his family. I envy him sometimes for that. He deserves it after the long journey he had getting to that point. :)

    Incredible to me that you and a couple others have played ahead so far out of excitement for the challenge in 2023. I wish you could see the giant grin on my face whenever I think about that fact. It's humbling that y'all love it that much. <3 Glad to hear you'll continue playing DJ and finish his story, the same as I plan to do for Cale. I'm not planning on a big wedding for him, but will still have a reception for them at some point, with a few other things I want to do in that save.

    So glad to read you didn't lose your power. We did, but it was only for a few hours. It was the wind knocking out our WiFi that caused me the most anguish. I'm used to harsh Winter conditions since I've lived in Michigan all my life, but sometimes it can be a bit challenging. Especially during a blizzard like that which doesn't really happen all that often.
  • afai1261afai1261 Posts: 2,017 Member
    I'm actually STILL going back and forth about Rigel :joy: Been reading the new thread and seeing everyone's updates with their new sims, and it kind of is making me want to play it again (mostly because it's fun to see Mount Komorebi and remember how it all started). Or maybe I'll just play it with Rigel for myself because keeping up with posting is where I really fell short last year. I never really shared any of my TS4 gameplay (challenges like 100 baby or breed out the ugly aside) until OMOWOY and it was fun connecting with others while doing so in this sort of community setting (the 'what happened in your TS4 game today' thread is too big and scary HAHA - I have posted there before, but not like this).

    Yeah I really don't get what was up with all the Yoshi hate o.O Also yes I had to share that pic of Aster and Cale, it was too cute not to <3

    She cracks me up too! I laughed so hard the first time my CoL sims encountered her :joy: She actually hit him with the bag twice and didn't even touch Hunter lol.
    I figured that since Aaron started the save as a teen and so did Jeb, that Jeb should also be an adult like Aaron but eh. Aaron never met him as a teen so it didn't really matter in the end. Jeb is such a cutie, I should play with him more.

    I thought it would probably be nice for them to exchange vows in front of witnesses this time ;) (at some point I was planning on having them throw a party thing to celebrate, since they got married by themselves on Mount Komorebi, but I never got around to it. In saying that, I guess the NYE party can count for that since most of their friends attended it ;) )

    Fun fact: I've been planning for Leo and Atticus to get together since April, before I'd even put Atticus in the game (since I knew right from the start that Aaron was going to adopt Phoebe and Atticus at some point during the year, and when I first saw how cute Leo was as a YA I had to let them be a thing). Phoebe was always destined for one sim in particular too, but I never got around to putting him in the save (though his parents are in the save).
    My story with Rigel for 2023, if I ever do set up a save for that and play it, is planned to be a sort of continuation of this save in a way - Aster, Cale, Leo and Andromeda will all be a part of it, and so will Aaron, Hunter, Atticus and Phoebe (plus her mystery man ;) ).
    Yeah I figured that Aaron should finally get around to returning the urn :D Took him (I mean, me) long enough HAHA. Pets in TS4 are just so cute <3
    Oh, the cowplant (and the bar) are actually in a garden of sorts :)
    (I only just noticed how it actually looks from outside though lol. So... I don't know what to call it actually :D )

    I never actually named that vampire (Atticus and Phoebe's bio father) in any of my updates, so you're all good there ;) He's the same vampire that attacked Aaron in Windenburg and kicked off the move to Glimmerbrook and then he never showed up again but I had plans for him to show up in San Myshuno and...
    his appearance there would trigger the move to Forgotten Hollow and Aaron to become a vampire. I had a very not-so-well-thought-out plan involving him attacking Phoebe or something, much drama.
    I was playing with Regan and Blue in the OMOWOY save after I made the decision to end Aaron's story, and got some very good and sinister shots to set up something like that, but they'll never make it into a story now. I do want to share them though:
    (this was the game's doing, I didn't set any of this up)
    Although if I were to shoot this scene properly, I'd change things up slightly but it was like the game knew what I had wanted to do...

    His name is Magnus Glade by the way.

    I love Aaron's vampire look too! And yup, I felt like I had to let them have at least one baby in live mode, after all those wants they rolled to try for baby :joy: The majority of their kids in CAS (created through genetic mixing) turned out kinda odd looking though in my opinion, but a few were absolute stunners and I'm very happy that Julian turned out to be a stunner too.
    Like this one, that looks like an actual model:

    Another boy (I never tried any girls since female Hunter's chin is nonexistent and it would look pretty bad on any female offspring :D:D )

    I adore this one's jawline for some weird reason haha (Ignore the green hair, I don't know what's up with that LOL)
    Julian got Hunter's nose and mouth but he does have Aaron's eye shape and skintone (though he looks really washed out LOL - but it befits a vampire I suppose).

    Thank you again for creating the challenge, like I said before I really love the whole community aspect and everything about it, seeing how everyone's sims progressed through the worlds, and the interactions between challenge sims themselves in everyone's saves - I always love seeing my sims in other simmers' games so much (I suppose that's why I love entering bachelor/ette challenges!). This has been such a great and fun experience <3
    Aww I always looked forward to your lovely comments too! Thank YOU!
    And now since I love him so much, I think Cale might end up being a staple background sim in any other saves I create ;) I have a no-CC save with YA Aster in it. She doesn't have a partner yet in that save, but I think I know just the sim ;)

    Ah, congratulations to Dolt Colt and Donna then <3
    Well if my simself and CJ do end up getting together at some point, I would of course love to see pics of them! The looks they were giving each other did seem pretty intense hehe
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  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,952 Member
    I understand the struggle. I gave it a passing thought myself to join in for those exact reasons. But, I'm enjoying playing other challenges again without any time restraints, including continuing my Drifter challenge I put on hiatus back in 2020. :) I agree the What Happened In Your Game Today thread can be a bit intimidating, but I plan to post there myself quite frequently soon anyway.

    Oh man, Mrs. C went after Cale a couple times too, but did go after Sandy once as well. Sandy put her in her place though. hehe Jeb is a cutie under that bag. I of course took a peek once I saw him in my game. I love a mystery, but it was too tempting after reading how allegedly cute he was in posts on the forum.

    Very sweet renewing their vows like that. Cale & Marley most likely won't get another party either. The Kava/Engagement party they had will suffice. I might still do it though, we'll see. :)

    Ah, kudos on planning ahead! I'm hoping to do more of that, planning, instead of playing and writing by the seat of my pants. It's fun doing it that way, but a bit stressful not knowing what's going to happen. Bummer Phoebe's love interest never made it in the save. Oh well...

    Wonderful news the Hunters and Conrads will be featured with Rigel if you do play him for 2023! Warms my heart you love Cale so much! <3

    Thanks for clarifying about the cowplant/bar. Love that penthouse greenhouse! <3 Okay, I remember him now. How ironic he's Atticus and Phoebe's biological Dad. o.O Julian is very handsome! Yep, I can see both of them in his physical features. He's a great combo! :)

    I'm so happy that you and others have enjoyed this challenge so much. I loved (of course) seeing challenge Sims in other challengers' stories too! I should've showed them in mine more, but my Sims never seem to get out much since they are sentenced to always having their nose to the grindstone. hehe I'll try to do that more in 2024. ;) Thank you for everything you said, kind of choked me up actually. Who knew my little challenge would have such an affect on others? I sure didn't, but I'm extremely grateful and humble that it did/does. <3

    Gah! Really? Are you tring to make me cry? That's incredible! I knew you loved Cale, but had no idea it went that deep you'd use him as a staple in all your saves. Thank you so much for that, you're such a sweetheart! <3

    Thanks about Colt and Donna! I'm curious what their kids will look like if they have any one day. :) I will definitely let you know and show screenshots if CJ and Acacia do end up together. :)
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