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One Month One World One Year Challenge 2022


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    November - Day 26: "Sulani Prep Interlude..."



    Had another all but sleepless night between the continued coughing, Hubby's snoring and just general lethargy from being sick. Hard to gather much enthusiasm or energy for anything. However, I did manage to spend some time looking for a house for Cale & Marley in Sulani next month. I might end up just building one from scratch this time. I have a few candidates, but they'd need a lot of work.

    Anyway, the next few days for me will be spent hopefully recovering from this nagging illness that's kicking my butt and building/renovating. I'll keep y'all updated as I make progress.

    Comments/replies coming up next. I hope y'all had a great day/night! <3
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    I did too, it's the worst glitch of that kind I've ever had in my game, I didn't think it would ever end! hehe

    Yeah, I'm thinking I'll do that, have Marley go visit her family. It'll be a good segue for them moving to Sulani too.

    A new job eh? Hmm, I wonder what it is and what was the joke he told. hehe

    Okay, sounds good, I'll let you know if I find a Mod to help with that too, Thanks! :) Oh I know, I loved your explanation why his pie didn't win. Too funny! Especially since it's one of his Sons! It did fit the picture of the Mayor, yep! ;)

    Finally! I'm glad Celeste won First place. The way I've been feeling lately, I probably would've burst into tears of frustration if she hadn't won and then cheated for it and dusted my hands of the whole thing. Ugh! It's over now though and I can move on.


    Thinking about trying again next year eh? Well, that's cool. Do you have your challenge Sim yet? Just curious. :)
  • lilypadmeulinlilypadmeulin Posts: 1,583 Member

    Not yet, but I might try creating her today!
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    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge: The Adventures of Dash Joseph Faireborn
    Table of Contents

    October 25: Experimenting!
    Special Appearance By: Selena Lilly ( @lilypadmeulin )

    Side Note:
    No storytelling for this daily image. Wanting to wait the time for the Challenge Sims D.J. bit to turn into full vampires. So working on more skills for D.J. while the wait. Boring stuff.
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    Ahhhhh, she looks so happy! What a beautiful pic!
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,213 Member
    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge: The Adventures of Dash Joseph Faireborn
    Table of Contents

    October 26: D.J.'s Coven!
    Special Appearances By: Adam Strong ( @RememberJoy ), Cale Conrad ( @Karababy52 ), Dylan Healy ( @SoulGal7 ), Aldo Holloway ( @Llandros2012 ), Velma Pagan ( @Shadami )

    Side Note:
    No storytelling for this daily image. Challenge Sims have now turned into vampires. Still no story right now.
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    November 27th: Adopting a lucky Penny

  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,932 Member
    edited November 2022
    November - Day 27: "Renovation Candidates for Cale's House in Sulani..."


    I've narrowed it down to three candidates from a field of around a dozen homes I've downloaded to possibly renovate for Cale, Marley & Colt. The daily post pic is a very strong contender called The Beach Hut by 96Langerlui99. I love this one for the colors and the clean symmetrical lines and use of platforms.

    Next up is the Curacao Beach House by KtosikG. I love the inside of this one, especially the bathrooms, but it will need a lot of work on the exterior and quite a bit on the inside.

    The last possible candidate is called Slice of Paradise by thetideischanging. Love the look of this one, but it would need a lot of work as well. I've begun to renovate one of them, but might end up using one of the others. We'll see how it goes. I'll start posting renovations tomorrow on the one I'll ultimately chose for Cale. I'm curious, which one is your favorite?

    I hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! <3
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    *Updated my November 27th post above! Comments/replies coming up next! :)
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,932 Member

    Cool, can't wait to see her! :)

    Is that Sandy with Selena? Looks like her from the side anyway. I'm guessing yes since she said she'd help find a cure for vampirism. :)

    They all look great as vampires! Cale, turn toward the camera Dude, I can't see your face! hehe Guessing he has the same general look as the others. DJ is looking great by the way. I love him as a vampire. :)
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    November 28th: Gael ages up

    I've been working on Adam's veterinarian skill as I need to have two ghost pets to finish the aspiration, so I'm hoping the age up treats might help with that since I'm playing with aging off. I don't think I'll complete the aspiration this month, but I plan on Adam adopting a lot of pets to fill his emptying nest, so hopefully I can complete it in Henford on Bagley.

    Today was Gael's birthday, and while Kaori wanted to throw a big celebration, Gael asked us to keep it small and private. When I asked if he had plans for college, he just made a face and said he never wanted to step foot in a classroom again. So I guess that would be a no. Instead he said he really wanted to explore the world and asked if he could take Rusty with him, as they'd grown close in their time together. Of course I said yes.

    As he headed off to his last day of classes, I suddenly felt a deep sadness. This house was going to feel so empty without my two younger siblings about. On top of that, Kaori had been talking about retirement, and without her steady income, paying our bills could get a little harder. Perhaps it was time to find a smaller home to settle down into.

    To get my mind off of things, I threw myself into making treats for our pets. I'd bought some veterinarian books and was determined to learn this new skill.


    While I was hard at that, Andy stopped by to the delight of Pax (Pax is homeschooling until he's sun resistant). They quickly became friends and Andy showed him some of the tricks he'd picked up since he'd become a vampire.


    When Gael returned home we went out to congratulate him (he'd finished school as an A student), and Kaori magic'd up a cake for him to the horror of those around us.


    After gathering everyone into the kitchen, Gael blew out his candles and officially became a young adult!


    He'd come a long way from the angry little boy Allyson dropped off in Sulani. I'm so proud of him.


    We threw the cake away, as nobody was really interested in eating it, and instead everyone sat down to enjoy the meal of their choice.


    Tomorrow we'll help Gael pack up his stuff before sending him out on his own adventures.
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    @Karababy52 , I like the round shaped one :) not so "like all others". Unique.

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 4,176 Member

    Oona Medicci , day 37
    Promise rings
    just a mini update about what happened before prom.


    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge: The Adventures of Dash Joseph Faireborn
    Table of Contents

    October 27: Spar Training!

    Special Appearances By: Adam Strong ( @RememberJoy ), Cale Conrad ( @Karababy52 ), Aaron Winterson & Hunter Mulligan ( @afai1261 ), Dylan Healy ( @SoulGal7 ), Aldo Holloway ( @Llandros2012 ), Velma Pagan ( @Shadami )
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    November 24th Comments:

    Let's just hope Pax doesn't get a lot of cravings for Sims' plasma. Looks like they all enjoyed an evening in the waters.

    Another beautiful wintry scene. Hope you're feeling somewhat better and you two are taking care of yourselves.
    Kind of allows you to relax a bit more for December as well. I can picture mostly daily images and less story for the retirement stage in Sulani with Cale and family. Maybe some reunions with other family members and friends that visit them on the islands.

    November 25th Comments:

    Rusty is soooo cute! :heart:

    Oh my gosh! I was laughing the entire time at the screenshots of Cale and his awkwardness of doing actions on an invisible Celeste. Good thing he is a vampire. Poor arms would have been broken. :joy: And happy to see Celeste reform when Cale was done. The hat and sweater looks cute on her. Yeah, I think everything is random. But glad to see Celeste won first place. I'm imagining the hat and sweater put her over the top in winning. :blush:

    Can't wait for your new Challenge Sim next year. Not sure if you've been reading my spoilers to Karababy and Ellu, but I already started putting my Challenge Sim together and will probably get things going early to post as I want to actually do an image per day.

    November 26th Comments:

    Aww, I forgot about Bitey. Good thing Pax will take care of him. Just no drinking its plasma...ha ha! Mira is in a good place now. :smile:

    Bummer you're still under the weather. Can't wait to see what you come up with or renovate for Cale and Marley's Sulani home, though. Always have enjoyed your (re)builds. Cale and Marley will be cozying up to each other while they wait as well. :grin:

    November 27th Comments:

    Selena had a negative response when talking about vampires, so I decided to put her in the plot with Alessandra (Sandy) finding a cure. Think it's working out well.

    I'm guessing Penny is the name of the new pup? It looks so much like Rusty. :smile:

    The first and third I think fit for Cale and Marley better. I like the pastel green on the first one. :blush:
    That is definitely Sandy working hard and Selena as her assistant by her side in finding a cure. Cale was spooked I think. Of all times to be as well. I was tempted to bring in his colander hat with the lights. But it became too silly. We'll see him with that hat one more time before the year end, though. He loves that hat.
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    November - Day 28: "Preliminary Renovation Test on candidate, Curacao Beach House..."


    The daily post pic shows outside renovations so far, this is the original.

    It had this pool, which seemed a bit unusual to me. Why would you need a pool when you have the ocean right outside your door? It's a fun concept, but it just looked odd and tacked on last minute in my opinion. The balcony above the front door for access was oddly shaped as well with no support underneath and no doors, just a wide open arch to the elements.

    The red lattice above the deck was a bit bizarre in my opinion too. This was a build made for the creator's friend though, so perhaps these items were by request. The balloon is fun, but it's gone as well, for now. I might add it back IF this build is the one I choose between the two.

    Here's the original right side.

    My renovation so far. I added fencing around the entire deck, there was none. Realistically, you'd want fencing. Changed the siding color to a more green/teal shade. Added a sliding glass door instead of a wide open arch, reduced the stairs and added the plants. I also recolored the roof pieces to match each other. The creator's design was very cool, but I personally like this better. I also removed the large frieze around the entire build. I will add something else instead if I keep this build.

    Removed the loungers and replaced them with this set-up in preparation for a Kava party required for the aspiration. I might add more seating around the firepit.

    Original back deck set-up.

    Original left side. I don't have an after of this side, but the rounded balcony is now rectangular and has support columns. I put garden planters underneath it as well and removed the treadmill. Placed a door for access to the other deck instead of a wide open arch and removed the JA wall plants and light. I would definitely add back some kind of plants there.

    Renovated back deck. Replaced the floating lounges for Aqua jets, changed the color of the canoe and a few other changes.

    Loved the bar with the large JA tile and fairy lights, but I removed those to put a bar back piece there instead. Recolored the bar and stools and added the candle and JA free-standing awning piece. I love it!

    Swapped the existing picnic table for this one and the burning barrel grill for a more modern version. Cale is a millionaire now, so it just made sense. Added the orange tree, banana tree planter and candle. I also removed a set of stairs leading to the deck from the above balcony and added the small window behind the grill. I also removed a sink that was out there.

    I love the glass floor tiles that came with IL and used a couple for these added loungers to rest upon. Also added the umbrella, side table and hurricane lamp.

    It wouldn't be home to Cale without a hot tub. There was an existing one here with the covering already. I swapped it out for the more expensive version, recolored the covering, added candles, the wooden 'grating' rugs around the hot tub and the plants.

    Original first floor layout.

    Renovated first floor layout, so far... I have not touched the bathroom yet.

    The cabinets were above the counters on the other wall, I moved them here. Also, moved the stove to the other wall and added that window. I'm not too sure about the wallpaper, I might swap it out for something a bit more green/teal.

    Added the stove hood and those lights, removed part of the tile/stone flooring too. There was an island which I removed but will add my own version if I decide to use this build. I know everything seems bare right now, but that's on purpose. This is just a 'look see' to figure out if this build will work for Cale without too much renovations needed. So far, it's needed and will need a lot more.

    New table, chairs, rug and plants. The original had a round table looking out over the pool through those windows. I like this view much better.

    I kept the wall hanging and the coffee table, made the rug smaller and added new furniture, including the bookshelf. Removed a jukebox. If I use this build, I'll have to do something about how dark the shadow is behind the bookshelf. Very basic set-up here to get an idea what might work.

    This is an extra bedroom. If I were to keep it, it would be for guests I guess. It might be changed into something else, perhaps a gym or sauna. I recolored the bed, removed a rug and positioned it different, removed some stuff from the walls and the dresser, recolored the mirror and swapped the stool for a different one.

    Original Second floor layout.

    I removed everything in the toddler/child bedroom and left it vacant for now. I would use it for Marley's office and the landing would be for Cale's office. I'll probably change the wood flooring to the same as what's on the deck too. Removed almost everything from the master bedroom, except the bed which has been recolored and a dresser. The room will be very green if I keep this build.

    The only thing changed in the landing area so far is the wallpaper color and after this pic was shot, I moved the windows on the left to center them. This area would obviously be very differnt. I'll probably only keep the painting, chess set, desk and chair.

    This will be Colt's bedroom. I have not changed anything in it yet. I love the wallpaper in combination with the bed and parrot painting colors. so will most likely at least keep those intact.

    This bathroom is one of the biggest reasons I chose this build to check out for Cale. I love it! However there would be some minor changes made. All I've done so far in here is remove some things, move the tp roll to a more realistic placement and add the small windows.

    Annnnd that's it for this build, so far. I'll be checking out the other finalist build for tomorrow's update and make a decision which build to keep for my post on the 30th. The final build probably won't be finished until after they move in since I'll need all his stuff to place.
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    *Updated my November 28th post above! Comments/replies coming up next. I hope y'all had fantastic day/night! <3
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    It is very unique and colorful. I've changed quite a bit with it so far though, but I still think it looks somewhat unique, hopefully? I might end up using that build if I don't like the other I've chosen to check out for Cale. We'll see... :)

    Promise rings! Awww, that is so sweet! I love these two as a couple so much! They're so cute together. <3 Hi Bob and Eliza, such cuties! Don't blame you for cuddling Eliza Oona, she looks very huggable. But then, so does Bob! ;)

    I already told you how much I loved the pic of them all grown up and still very loving to each other. One of the sweetest pet Pal screenshots I've ever seen. Bob is freakin' gorgeous by the way. Love how relalistic and smooth his coat looks. Loved this mini update! <3

    Whoa! Look at all that sparring! Looks like everyone is up to the task. I don't think I've ever seen that large a number of Sims watching sparring matches before. Very cool! Ooo, love the last image with Cale getting ready to spar with Aaron, he looks so fierce! What a tease though, who won? hehe

    Thank you! Yes, we're feeling a bit better now and taking care of ourselves. Hopefully that fact our furnace is broken and we'll have to deal with the cold until a part arrives in a couple days won't make us sick again. o.O We have a space heater though, so that should help. :)

    Yes, December will be very relaxed for Cale and for me since the aspiration is so easily completed. It might end up the opposite though, more images and story since I'll have time without worrying about the aspiration. I do have one event planned for this month I want to post too, along with a couple others I might post. We shall see how it goes. :)

    hehehe You and me both! I really didn't mind it all that much since it didn't hurt anything, just funny to watch. You're right about his poor arms. hehe I'm guessing the handmade knitted outfit for Celeste may have helped her earn first place too.

    I'm having fun renovating so far. I have two builds I'm checking out. One is featured in my post for today, the other (the green one) will be in tomorrow's post. Thank you, I love building/renovating so much. I could happily do nothing but that in-game and be content. Well, it might be a bit hard for them to cozy up together since she's currently visiting her Mom in Sulani. ;)

    Thanks for your thoughts on those three builds. It was tough wittling all the builds I downloaded to just three (now two) to choose from. You're right about the pastel green one, it just screams Cale to me. It's very elegant and not what you would expect in Sulani either. It's quite a romantic build too. I personally love it, but not sure if I can make it work for them. We shall see.

    Ah, okay, I knew it! Spooked? Well then yeah, by all means let the Dude have his anti-alien hat! Maybe it'll work against vampire attacks too? Eh... probably not. hehe But still would be fun seeing him sparring while wearing it. hehe
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    November 29th: New adventures await

    After packing up a few belongings, Gael was ready to hit the road. His plan was to rough it out in the wild using only his werewolf abilities and instincts, so he wasn't taking much, but I handed him some simoleons just in case.

    We all gathered in the front hall together, and there were many tearful goodbyes.


    With a wave, Gael rushed out the door with Rusty...


    and they were gone.

    Suddenly this house felt even more empty.

    Pax was already feeling sad after discovering Bitey had passed away from old age in the night, so he excused himself to go play on his keyboard and process things.


    I used the rest of the day to work on my veterinarian skill, but still have a ways to go.


    After dinner, I received a call from Carol asking if we could pop by for a couple hours as they had something important they wanted to discuss with us.


    How much you want to bet she's pregnant again? Ha, I kid!

    All three of us teleported over right away, and settled into the living room with Carol and Johnathan to hear what they had to say.


    Carol immediately gave the floor over to Johnathan, telling him he should be the one to share the news.

    Johnathan then went on to explain that his parents were downgrading from their big farmhouse into a little townhouse and were selling their old house to them and their growing family.

    "We wanted to offer you this house," Johnathan said with a grin, "I mean, if your interested. It's just the right size for you three, and you'd be closer to your daughter and grandchildren."


    Wow! That sounded wonderful to me, but I looked over to see what Kaori thought.

    "This is a lovely house," Kaori said thoughtfully, "and I know both Adam and myself would love to live closer to you, but we just got settled into our current house and the thought of moving everything seems a bit overwhelming."


    "That's the best part!" Carol broke in. "Johnathan's parents are throwing in the furniture with their house, so we can sell you this place fully furnished! You won't have to move anything except the few things you want to keep."


    Kaori's face broke into a grin and I jumped up and gave Carol a hug.

    "I think that's a yes!" I grinned. "And I'd just been considering moving into a smaller place! Living near you guys makes it even better!"


    Everyone burst into a cacophony of excited conversations, and through the chatter we discovered they were moving the next day and we were free to move in anytime after that.


    Little Stewart who was now a toddler chose that moment to run outside and start flailing paint about, so Kaori went out and had a talk (hug) with him and brought him back inside.


    It was now getting late, so we hugged everyone goodbye and returned home to do some light packing.

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    just one pic, adding more after, AGAIN trying 50-50 about what mod is causing certain prom issue, or mod at all.
    so sick of this, all my time goes to this.. ( i freak out if its certain colored furniture again)

    oh yes, did their ROM lot decoration a bit today

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    November 28th Comments:

    Aww, Gael is going to go exploring. I wonder if he has the Adventurous trait. That would be perfect if he did. Will be fun to see all of Adam's pets so you can complete that Aspiration. :smile:

    So many cute animals! :heart:

    I :heart: the before and after of what the hut looked like and the changes you made. The teal color is pretty. I agree that the pool was a little odd to place in a Sulani build, but like you said, it might have been a request at the time for it. Looking forward to house/hut number two.
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    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge: The Adventures of Dash Joseph Faireborn
    Table of Contents

    October 28: Plasma Fruit Tree!

    Side Note:
    No storytelling for this daily image. Working on the Challenge Sims vampire ranks and energy. And more of D.J.'s aspirations I don't have a storytelling for.
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    November - Day 29: "Preliminary Renovation Test on candidate, The Beach Hut..."


    Original First Floor Layout

    Partially renovated First Floor - I have not changed much so far in the bedroom other than remove some objects. It's an extra bedroom anyway which might be used for a gym, sauna or perhaps an office/study for Cale.

    While I appreciate the effort on the custom made firepit, it's not useable and consisted of a lot of separate pieces.

    I replaced it with a functional firepit already in the game. The chairs/couch are not snapped in place though. They would probably kneel to use it, but that's fine. Tried to replace the couch, but nothing else looked right for that area.

    I made quite a few changes to the kitchen area. The creator had a lot of MWS beach bottles with EL candles inside, JA baskets and 'juice' bottles here which I removed. I also removed a bunch of Laundry Day hanging bare bulbs. The room was too bright for me with all these extra lighting objects. They did look great though, kudos to the creator!

    Added the shelving and objects to it, but left some shelves bare to add plants and some of Cale's collections later if I use this build. Made a custom potted palm plant and reconfigured the entire room. There wasn't a sink in here, I usually don't put one in my kitchens either, but added one here. The original dishwasher is on the middle counter of the island on the other side. Added stools to my new island counters area too.

    The creator made a custom computer desk here using two round counter end pieces and a shrunken functional island piece hidden inside. I've used this method before, it's very clever. However, I removed it and put regular island counter round pieces so I could have two stools. Love the non-CC custom paintings the creator added. I kept most of them.

    The fridge was over here tucked in the corner by the door and the trash can. The fridge and stove are original to the build. I just recolored them. This area is not finished.

    The chairs are original to the build but recolored, except the two end chairs. The unusable originals weren't dining chairs. Replaced the dining table for a smaller version, removed a chandelier and more bottles/candles. The shelf is also a replacement.

    Replaced a laundry cupboard and plants with the hanging plants unit from the Blooming Rooms kit. I love this thing! The cupboard looked nice, but it seemed more suited for a laundry room or bathroom. The paintings above the door came from the kitchen.

    I haven't done much in the living room other than remove more excessive lighting objects, slightly reposition the chairs and recolor the TV stand.

    Everything is different in this part of the bathroom except the original sink, toilet, rug and a painting. The creator had a custom sink area design using a lot of pieces which looked good, but I replaced it with a console table. It's been my experience the sink will still be useable. Added all other visible decorations.

    Removed a custom shelving unit and objects from between the tub and windows. It looked cool, but I prefer a simpler design.

    Replaced a custom made shower room design with my own. The original used a bunch of windows, which looked cool, but I thought using those IL windows and the frosted door looked more fitting for the area. Plus, it's now an enclosed room so someone can shower while another is taking a bath, etc. without embarrassment.

    I love how it turned out. Original objects in here include; the shower, robe and towels. The original was also two tiles wide which seemed unnecessary to me.

    Original Second Floor Layout

    Partially renovated Second Floor Layout - The empty room was the toddler nursery. I have not touched the Master Bedroom or the bathroom.

    However, I did change the teen bedroom quite a bit. Original objects include; the rug, custom paintings, basket of bedding, recolored desk, easel and candles/book/plant on the dresser.

    I tried to make it look like an artistic nature-loving teen's room to suit Colt, including the leafy curtains, gnomes and cat statue he has in the HoB bedroom.

    Love the platforms the creator made for this room! Colt also has plain fairy lights on the windows in HoB, so I gave him some here too, but used the flip flops version. I thought it was more fitting for Sulani.

    Added the bench so Colt could play video games, watch TV or perhaps sneak a cuddle with a romantic interest.

    Colt already has a laptop, but if they move to this house, he'll swap it for this one. Added some wall décor and that's it! The original room design was very cool, but it seemed more suited to a 'goth' type teen with all the Grim patterned EL fabricated furnishings.
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    Finally... now , found the mod, it was one of the mods I hoped it to not to be, but found a solution where I can bake the cake and eat it too.
    Took one night, but this time solution was better than I expected :)

    Prom pic above out of date, here new ones, there was some weird choises for formal wear, but okay:p

    Oona Medicci , day 38
    All party ongoing in there when they arrived... Ted , please... celeb poses later, ty.
    Mike, maybe formal in Sulani, but... argh...
    Mike trying to talk to Ted, who is.... studying for exam?????
    "You asked me to do something else?"



    Ehm... Jared.. formal is same as everyday? Mona does not mind :P



    Ted, meh... Oona voted Jon... well maybe fame has some meaning here, Ted is 5 stars.
    Awwww... <3 He was so happy for Oona, never mind he was not crowned, he had been there before.

    TED!! I so wish now I would of taken off the double royalty mod.. jester would of suited him well... hihii.

    Marcus Masters! (Essa's youngest) what are you wearing???????????????????????????????

    Eh.. Oona, having all meatballs in the world now??
    Jon is eating as company, naturally he does not have to eat food.

    too much fruit bunch


    at rainy pier with friends

    Jon sang to her <3

    and of course, Ice cream :D

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    *Updated my November 29th post above! I apologize for not updating this sooner! We lost power soon after I posted my daily pic last night. We just got it restored a short while ago. I have not had a chance to play yet for today's post, but will be doing that to start on finishing the lot I've decided to use for Cale, Marley and Colt. I'll reveal which one then.

    Also, our furnace part came early! Yay! \o/ So I'll be helping Hubby install it which might mean only a daily post pic for today. Anyway, comments/replies coming up next! I hope y'all had a fantastic day/night! <3

    EDIT: I'm guessing due to my internet lagging from the wind, not all images are loading as fast as they normally would. Hubby wants to fix the furnace now, so comments will be delayed while we do that and I wait for images to load.
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