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One Month One World One Year Challenge 2022


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    You're welcome and sounds good to me! :) Thank you, I'm sure we'll all have a great time together. I'm mostly looking forward to spending time with our family for an entire week! Hopefully we can harvest a deer too, but that would just be frosting on the cake. <3

    Oh dear! I certainly wouldn't want to stand and cheer next to Oona with that in her hand! o.O Could be disasterous! It is hilarious though. hehe

    hehe Love Jon's cheeky comment about how he likes bad girls! Well, well, looks like Jon might have some competition! o.O Nah, I think she and Jon are too into each other at this point. Unless you're looking for some drama? :o

    Tsk, Ted! Give those back! :D Are any of the career day presenters Sims we should know? The Criminal or maybe it's business career gal looks familiar. Hey! Hi Milla! Aww, it almost looks like they are holding hands in front of the Culinary career booth! Future Chef makes sense to me for Oona since she loves gardening so much. Lots of fresh ingredients to bring out the best flavor in her culinary creations eh? Great update! :)

    See you Monday the 21st! *Hugs* <3
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    YAY, sound good, you enjoy your week <3

    Ted stole her meat, she had no time to get new plate , as her call to career thing came right then :) the villain career one is a dude, that Lou something from werevolves. there was one blonde lady presenting something handy work too.. she was one of dormies I downloaded.

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    November 13th: Bonding

    Today's Accomplishments:
    Master Maker - Complete
    - Complete 5 freelance gigs

    Not a lot happened today, so I'm just going to post some pictures again. Adam finally finished the Master Maker aspiration, and I'm working on building up his relationships with his pets for that aspiration.
    Gael brought Jacob home with him after school, and they kicked a ball around for a little bit before Jacob went upstairs and ransacked Pax's room. I had Adam go up to try to calm him down, but nothing worked so I sent him home.

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    November 10th Comments:

    Aww, look at Aaron a bit older now with that 'stach. And Hunter goes from curls to wavy. I like it.
    "I wonder what he knows about the whole situation..."

    hint from a previous daily image chapter:

    Oona and Jon make such a cute teenage heartthrob couple. And glad Jon got his brother(s) back. :grimace:

    Woot. Adam and Kaori made it to Sixam. And he found Allyson. I like the continued story of Adam's mother and now she's in soooo much trouble. :lol:

    Definitely a beautiful outdoors daily image. :smile:
    The bloody gauze is part of my storyline plan...muahahaha! Plus, I have to have it make sense for the upcoming pieces. I'm about close to done with this story arc. The ending is coming soon.

    Oh, yay! Glad to know Cale is full sun-resistant as a vampire. I'm guessing Marley is, too? And do vampire children get effected by the sun? Never played a vampire child before. Hopefully the next faire isn't glitched if Cale enters again.

    November 11th Comments:

    Glad Oona didn't get an ice cream headache. You are right, Sims tend to get those a lot.

    I want to be able to show speech and thought bubbles for the next round, but don't want to show the plumbob. So, I'll have Dante's parents in the household, but won't be playing them much. Dante is the main character. This will allow me to switch to one of his parents before taking a screenshot and keeping any shown bubbles over Dante + friends heads and not show the plumbob. :smile:
    I like how Oona is staring at all the boys in one of your spoiler tag images. :joy: But she only has the hots for one of them. But I bet she likes to look.

    Ha, ha, Adam got pulled in by the kitty. Success! And the others were wearing cute lil outfits, so they must have had owners. I wonder if someone lives in the lighthouse and owns them. That was a beautiful scenic walk with Adam. Especially in the winter.

    Is that a bat cap that Colt is wearing while he draws his monster bunny? lol ... I love it. Cale doesn't want to go out and get struck by lightning and then takes a chance later. *Boom!* But he looks proud. Like you mentioned, he's been out and about in many storms and never got struck. Maybe he's looking that way cause he finally did get struck.

    November 12th Comments:

    With Ted's facial expression, I think he knew the meatballs were for Oona. Little cheeky grin thief. :joy: That was a neat career day.

    The two kitties seem to be getting along. Not so much with Mira and her new hamster. :joy:

    Cale is wishing you for a fun vacation in that daily image. I hope you have a great time. Share with us the fun you had with the fam fam when you get back. :smile:
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    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge: The Adventures of Dash Joseph Faireborn
    Table of Contents

    October 18: DNA!

    Special Appearances By: Hunter Mulligan ( @afai1261 )
    Stiles approaches Scott with the gauze in hand from the previous day.

    "You're not going to believe this." Stiles says to Scott.
    "What's that?" Scott asks.
    "I went to the school science lab and did some testing on this. I found two different blood samples. One of D.J.'s and the other has to be that werewolf's. But here's the kicker. Both have the same DNA strand."
    "They're related somehow, Scott."
    "Are you sure?"
    "Yes. I did multiple tests just to make sure. I didn't believe it myself at first. That's why I took more tests."
    "That's crazy!"
    "I also think this werewolf hasn't been a werewolf for too long. They weren't born this way."


    Later, Scott gives Aaron and Hunter a call. Aaron wasn't home, but Hunter tells Scott he'll be right over. Scott shares the same news that Stiles had told him earlier.

    "Oh, no." Hunter replies. "I think Anton is D.J.'s kid."


    "What?" Scott ask in amazement.
    "If Anton is a teen, it only makes sense." Hunter confirms. "He mentioned to me and Aaron awhile back he used to date Anton's mom for a short while. He thought Anton was her baby brother. If they share the same DNA, it has to be his kid."
    "He needs to know."
    "I'll talk to Aaron first. We need a plan of action first."
    "Let me know how we can help. Since most of us here are werewolves, we can approach Anton if need be."

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    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge: The Adventures of Dash Joseph Faireborn
    Table of Contents

    October 19: Novella Faireborn!

    Side Note:
    No storytelling for this daily image. In-game day was the day for Novella to age up to a child. I gave her the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration and Self-Assured trait. The only thing I changed was her hair and wardrobe. I kept the facial features the game gave her.
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  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 3,909 Member

    @LegacySims2017 , thanks for your comments :) Ted just simply took the meatball dish and walked away looking proud, poor oona had her dish vanished from queue xd

    Novella looks a lot like her mom :)

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  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,107 Member
    November 13th Comments:

    That kitty is so cute. I forgot what name you gave it or what it had. :frowning: Wow, Jacob over there ruining everything of Pax's. Rude. :lol: Hopefully Adam fixed up the room before Pax arrived back to his room.

    Another sneak peek for you. Been working on some imaging for my next year's start of this challenge. I'm going to be posting it on the forums, but also on my WordPress blog for Dante.

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    November 14: All about the furbabies

    Still working up Adam's relationship with his pets. There was a blizzard raging all day, so everyone stuck to indoor activities.
    Oh, and it was also a full moon.

  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 3,909 Member
    edited November 15
    @LegacySims2017 , Really cool pic! Cannot wait to read and see how Dante will do on both challenges :p

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    Oona Medicci , day 34
    She only needs to sell outfit, after that she has last goal, 250 followers at social bunny.
    And she needs to get lvl 3 of her career to finish her last aspiration!
    And go to prom, she skipped first and second ones, but now they will go :P

    Before that... Oona was at cheerleeder practice.. Hunter brothers really like to hang around when reunited again :P

    Bob and Eliza, those kids sure know how to get attention..

    What would grown up vampiredudes do in girly tiny house? fishing.....
    Oh, Oona is home, off to thrift store...

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    November 15th: A day at the park

    Carol had called the night before asking if we could watch Arielle as she was due to give birth today. Of course we agreed! Since it was Saturday we decided to head to the park to get out and get some fresh air. Pax asked if he could invite some friends, and soon we had a group of six children running around, shrieking, and having a good time.


    I still really wanted to see the lighthouse up close, so Kaori and I asked Mira if she could watch the kids for a bit before sneaking off to do a little exploring.


    We found the lighthouse open to the public, so we climbed the stairs and emerged at the top. The view was breathtaking!


    In fact it was so amazing that it got both of us in the mood, and before I knew it Kaori had pulled me inside for a little woohoo!


    It was pretty amazing.


    When we returned to the park, we found Pax, Arielle and Alina having a snowball fight.


    It looked like fun and I was tempted to jump in, but it was lunch time and I knew the kids would be getting hungry.


    I pulled out some hotdogs and grilled them before placing them on the table and calling everyone to come and eat.


    We crowded around three picnic tables and chowed down.


    The rest of the afternoon was spent playing and having a good time.


    As evening set in, we rounded everyone up and sent them home. We dropped Gael and Rusty at the house before everyone else returned home with Arielle to meet her new brother.


    Carol welcomed us and lead us upstairs to their room where she introduced us to baby Stewart.


    Ahh, what a cutie!


    We were also introduced to the cat they'd recently adopted, Nika.


    She was also a cutie.


    We spent an hour oohing, awing, and chatting before saying goodnight and heading home.
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    November 16th Becoming companions

    Today's Accomplishments:

    Friend of the Animals:
    - Become companions with a pet
    - Train out two misbehaviors

    Just got over a migraine so just some pictures today.

    (Adam made Kipper his familiar)
  • RememberJoyRememberJoy Posts: 1,032 Member
    November 17th: Feeling the Love

    Today's Accomplishments:
    Friend of the Animals
    - Be companions with 2 pets
    - Feel the love 5 times

    Just posting pictures today.

  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 3,909 Member

    I played the save till right before prom, its too late time irl to play their prom too , but small other things..
    I did not played Oona, I loaded Adan and Johanna.. or they werent at home, they were at Oonas lot o.O .. not in as guests.. but close.
    At first it did looked like nobody home, but then I spotted movement from garden..
    Jon in the pond and Josh doing gardening. Fence faded as I put camera closer, because Adam and Johanna did not knock the door.
    Jon, you really went there with a bike?????

    No oona or pets anywhere, but they were at home.


    Extra stuff
    Okay, there was a reason I loaded Adam and Johanna...
    These two had to do this, long long time ..
    and... hey, finally Oona! makes appearance in update :D
    and of course we need normal rares..

    and then I saw it...
    her belly!!!

    cant wait to show the apartment xd I had to remove the sad moodlet of catching a buddy fish all the time.. I tried to told them I wont kill the fishies :D

    @Karababy52 , when you are back, I figured you get a laugh out of this.. in my empty NewCrest.. your vampire dude, my vampire lady, married by MCCC, thats normal... but 4 black cats and a baby on the way xd

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
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    Oona Medicci , day 35

    I know, prom still to do, had a busy day, and now I could not resist...
    Next world.. I will combine UNI and ROM , like last time.. now only with Oona, as Jon is already vampire.


    Still lots to do :P

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    November 18th: A trip to the city

    Today's Accomplishments:

    City Native - Complete
    - Donate to protester
    - Win contest at Geek Con

    Musical Genius - Complete
    - Mentor someone in music for 3 hours

    It was the day before Winterfest and Kaori still had a list of gifts she needed to buy, so I volunteered to teleport over to San Myshuno to pick them up for her since she had to work today.

    I arrived at my old hunting grounds and immediately ran into Callie. She was standing out in the commons holding a sign and shouting about ending mischief.

    Of course I had to go see what she was up to.


    She seemed surprised to see me, but when I asked what she was protesting she quickly filled me in. Apparently she had joined a political group and one of her tasks was to go out and raise awareness for their cause as well as hopefully receive some donations. I wasn't overly familiar with their fight against mischief, but Callie was an old friend, so I gladly gave her some money.

    She thanked me and we chatted for a few minutes about what we were up to these days. She reported that she and Omari were still living in San Myshuno and were hoping to start a family soon, and I ended up telling her a little about my time as a werewolf and how I was now living in Brindleton Bay with my mixed family.


    She then apologized and said she needed to get back to work, so we hugged and went our separate ways.


    After picking up Kaori's packages, I found myself outside of a festival I hadn't been to yet; Geek Con.

    I noticed another one of my old friends dancing along to the festival's music, and went over to say hi.


    Sofia looked a little embarrassed that I'd caught her dancing, but soon we were laughing and catching up. She too was in town to do a little last minute Winterfest shopping, and had stopped at the festival when she'd heard one of her favorite songs playing.

    Just then there was an announcement that the gaming tournament was about to begin, and Sofia got a twinkle in her eye and dared me to enter it with her.


    Ugh. I hate video games.

    But I couldn't resist her pleading eyes, and before I knew what was happening, we were both entered and frantically stacking virtual boxes on top of each other.


    The video gaming knowledge I'd been gifted at the wishing well all those years ago really came in handy though, as I ended up winning the contest. Sofia looked impressed and congratulated me before wishing me a happy Winterfest and hugging me goodbye.


    I figured it was time for me to be getting home too, so I found a quite corner and teleported back to Brindleton Bay.

    As I approached our front door, I noticed some Winterfest decorations already up, and upon entering the house, found the tree and other decor already scattered about.


    I grinned, scooped up a cluster of mistletoe, and went looking for Kaori.

    When I found her in the kitchen she brightened up, asking if I'd been able to find everything. I nodded solemnly and told her I'd gotten her something that couldn't wait until tomorrow, pulling out the mistletoe and holding it above our heads.


    She just laughed and pulled me in for a kiss.


    The rest of the evening was spent helping Pax learn how to play a couple of Winterfest songs on the keyboard.


    He's actually getting pretty good.
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    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge: The Adventures of Dash Joseph Faireborn
    Table of Contents

    October 20: Reunion!

    Special Appearances By: Aaron Winterson & Hunter Mulligan ( @afai1261 )
    Aaron and Hunter visit D.J. at his place rather than calling him to visit them.

    "We found something out a couple days ago. We weren't sure how or when to tell you." Aaron started explaining to D.J. "Talking to Hunter, we were going to try and resolve this on our own before getting you involved but decided you should know now rather than later."
    "What is it?" D.J. asks.
    "Hunter gave a piece of the gauze you were wearing the other day to Scott. We wanted to get Anton's blood sample from it to maybe find out more about him and which wolf clan he could be a part of. But we found more."
    "Which is?"


    Hunter blurts out, "I think Anton is your kid."
    "Wait, what?" D.J. asks.

    Aaron stares at Hunter for a brief moment and then turns his attention to D.J.

    "Your blood was also on the gauze." Aaron states. "They did a lab test. Both blood samples have the same DNA strand. Multiple samples were taken to confirm this. You are related to Anton, D.J. And from the stories you've told us during our times at the University, it only makes sense he is your son."
    "But why wouldn't Caitlin tell me when I visited?" D.J. asks.
    "I don't know. You did say her dad also closed the door on you when you went to visit. Maybe there's daddy issues there. I don't know. That's between you and them. But we're here to ask you not to do anything irrational as well."


    "Can I at least talk to them?" D.J. asks.
    "It's also believed Anton was turned and that his mother and grandparents might not be werewolves themselves. We are looking into this. So, if you do talk to them, proceed with caution." Aaron replies.
    "I will."
    "We're going to head back to Moonwood Mill and see if Scott has anything else for us. Do you want to join us?"
    "No, I need time to think."
    "Let us know if we can help."

    Aaron stands and raises his arms as a cloud of blackish smoke around him appear as he turns into bat form. Hunter follows suit and soon the two disappear out of sight.


    Later that evening, D.J. approaches the Von Haunt Estate. He is hoping either Caitlin or Anton answers. He's not sure how Caitlin's parents are going to react with him showing up at their doorstep. He considers Anton maybe already told the other three about his visit.

    D.J. knocks on the door and much to his relief, Caitlin answers.

    "D.J., is that you?" Caitlin asks.
    "Hi Caitlin. Nice to see you again." D.J. responds.
    "What are you doing here?"
    "I'd like to talk to you. Can I come inside? I'm a bit sensitive to the sun right now?"
    "Come on in."


    "I'd like to play catch up, but I need to talk to you about other stuff first." D.J. says.
    "Is anything wrong?" Caitlin asks.
    "Possibly." D.J. answers. "Please forgive me ahead of time if I bring up a very touchy subject. When we were teenagers, I came and visited. You introduced me to the baby you were taking care of, Anton. Nothing much was said. I got you angry somehow and you had me leave. I assumed Anton was your baby brother. He's my child, isn't he?"
    "What makes you think that?"
    "We got into a physical fight the other day." D.J. carefully treads next on his words. "I followed him home from school. I had a few questions for him. I heard he might have done something not so good and wanted to talk to him about it. He got upset. He jumped me and we had a physical altercation."
    "You stalked my son?"

    D.J. at least now knew it was her child and not her baby brother from her comment.

    "No, I wasn't stalking him." D.J. replies. "Again, I approached him when he got home. I didn't want to startle him on his way. I wanted to wait until he did get home. Anyway, after we fought, he ran off. I think we were both bruised."
    "He did approach me with cuts and small bruises. He said that it was from a bully. That he had taken care of it." Caitlin sadly notes.
    "Friends of mine helped me get bandaged up. This is going to sound odd, but one of the bandages was taken to a lab for testing because of the blood stains on it. Both mine and Anton's blood were on it. After the results came back, I was told that Anton had the same DNA strand as me."

    Caitlin bit her lip.

    "Yes, Anton is your son." Caitlin confesses. "Are you mad at me?"
    "Of course not. You were probably going through a lot of emotions and then having to tell your parents on top of that. I'm a bit hurt, but not mad."


    D.J. doesn't want to mention anything about werewolves or vampires. He wants to see if Caitlin brings it up.

    "I think Anton is part of a gang. Either he or someone from this gang committed a serious crime." D.J. cautiously says.
    "What kind of crime?" Caitlin asks.
    "I'm really sorry you have to hear this, but it's murder. A good friend of mine was killed, and Anton may be involved." D.J. carefully says. "I asked Anton if he knew about my friend by mentioning her first name. He brushed it off. But when I mentioned her full name afterwards, he twitched. He then started to walk inside, and I grabbed his arm. That I take responsibility for. But then he became enraged. And that is when he jumped me."
    "Anton would never do such a thing. He may be hot-headed sometimes, but he's not a murderer."
    "And I believe you, Caitlin. But he knows who did kill my friend."


    Anton was in his bedroom. Caitlin calls him out. He notices D.J.

    "What is he doing here? Anton furiously asks.
    "Anton, calm down." Caitlin responds. "D.J. told me all about what happened between you and him. But we do need to talk."
    "Wait! You're D.J.? Dash Joseph?"

    D.J. gives Anton a curious look.

    "I am." D.J. replies. "You know me?"
    "I don't know you, but I heard about you. You're a bad man."
    "How am I a bad man?"
    "I heard about you trying to get rid of were...." Anton looks over at his mom, Caitlin. "He's trying to get rid of special types of Sims. He follows another group. They are bad, too."

    At this point, D.J. knew Caitlin was not a werewolf and didn't know Anton was one himself.


    "Anton, that is not true." D.J. says looking at Anton straight in the eyes.
    "I grew up with D.J. in a way." Caitlin says to Anton. "We met in Mt. Komorebi. I was attracted to him. He was the sweet, nice guy with good looks. We ended up dating each other. He was not some bad boy type. I doubt he is now. But as we were dating, things happened and..."

    Caitlin looks down. D.J. places a hand on her leg.

    Caitlin continues, "...we ended up having woohoo. I found out I was pregnant from that. Your grandpa was so angry. He told me never to see D.J. again."
    Anton looks at his mom in shock. "Are you saying that..."
    "Yes. I am your dad, Anton." D.J. finishes.

    At this point Caitlin looks miserable.


    "Anton, can we talk in private over there?" D.J. requests to Anton before turning to Caitlin. "It's going to be okay. Let me just talk to him really quick. Like I said, I believe you about him."

    D.J. and Anton go to the corner of the room.

    "Your mom thinks highly of you. I trust her. But I think you know more about Phoebe Halliwell. We need to talk about it. Please. And I want to know more about what you were told about me. But we can talk later. Your secret is safe with me about being a werewolf, but you must do the same in return about me being a vampire to your mom. I was not one when I met her."
    "!" Anton says. "I can't believe you're my father."
    "I can't believe you're my son. Not that it's a bad thing. I just wish I knew earlier. I only found out today, myself."
    "Meet me at the gym tomorrow after school. I usually hang out with my friends there. We can talk for a little bit then."
    "Are your friends werewolves, too? Am I just running into a trap?"
    "Not that I'd tell you if it was the case. But I see how much you mean to mom. My friends at school are not werewolves and don't know I am one. I keep it from everyone except the clan I am in."
    "Thank you, Anton. And I am sorry about the other day. I didn't mean for us to get off on the wrong foot. We need to share information. I think you are being played and for some reason I am involved."


    D.J. and Anton make their way back to Caitlin. The three talk for a couple hours before D.J. tells them he must be on his way. He reminds Anton that they'll talk again soon.

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    November 14th Comments:

    Novella definitely does look like her mom. :smile:

    I loved the title. Fun to see all them "furbabies". Even the big werewolf one. :joy:

    November 15th Comments:

    Thanks. This next year will be a lot easier for me. No real storytelling besides what the extra images and captions say. Otherwise, the readers can come up with their own story.
    Wait. Are the two baby pets named Bob and Eliza? :joy: Very stylish clothes Oona got at the thrift store. Or at least tried on. What is going on with the principal in that first image? lol

    I hope Adam and Kaori had safe woohoo in the lighthouse. They have enough children they are taking care of. :blush: I think the winter season is one of my favorites in the Sims game. Aww, a new furbaby and real baby.

    November 16th Comments:

    Oh, finally get to know the name of the tuxedo kitty. Not sure if you mentioned it earlier. Could have and I just missed it. I like that name Kipper.

    November 17th Comments:

    I think Kipper wanted a ride in the space rocket. Poor kitty. Only room for the two lovebirds, though.

    Oh, I like that little garden area. Very nice. Was fun to see Challenge Sim Adam. I wonder if he's excited about the pregnancy. He looks like it.

    November 18th Comments:

    What a pretty little cottage. :smile:

    Hopefully Callie got all the supporters she needed on her side and a bit of donations. What a fun festive looking decorated house. Of course, Adam would find some mistletoe. :blush: Looks like it's going to be a grand Winterfest.
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    November 19th: Winterfest is here again!

  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 3,909 Member
    @LegacySims2017 ,
    wow, in your story too sims take so calmly the "I am your father" thing :P I would of not. but not a sim , lol :disappointed: thank you for your comments :) yes indeed puppy is called Bob and kitten is Eliza :P

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    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge: The Adventures of Dash Joseph Faireborn
    Table of Contents

    October 21: The Talk!

    D.J. arrives at the gym in Windenburg a little after three o'clock. He knew Anton would have been out of school by then. He saw Anton on the treadmill talking to others who were also on treadmills. He walks over and greets Anton.

    "I'm glad you showed up." D.J. says.
    "I told you, I come here after school almost every day." Anton replies annoyed. "But if we're going to chat, let's move to a different area. I need to do other workout training."


    He tells his friends he'll meet up with them at school tomorrow, and then Anton leads D.J. to another room with more workout equipment. He begins working out again.

    "So?" Anton asks.
    "First, I want to say I am sorry again about not being there when you were growing up. I wish I knew you were my son back then." D.J. replies.
    "It's not whatever. What did your mom say about me?"
    "She didn't. My grandpa was the one who talked to me before I became a teenager. He said my dad abandoned us."
    "I didn't abandon you. I didn't even know you were mine."
    "You said that already."
    "I just want to clear the air with you."


    "Can I ask how you became a werewolf?" D.J. asks. "And how come your mom doesn't know?"
    Looking down at his feet as he pushes the weights up with his legs, "She doesn't need to know. I don't want to scare her. I don't want to scare anyone when I turn. I was walking home one day. I heard someone behind me, so I walked faster and turned a corner and waited. No one showed up. As I walked back out from around the corner, this big white hairy monster attacked me and pinned me on the ground. He asked me my name. Once I told him, he bit me on the arm and said he'll be seeing me soon.
    "Later that night in bed, I was getting cold sweats. I didn't feel good. Mom said it was probably just a fever and I needed to rest. Overnight, I heard a howl and looked out my window. There was that white beast again motioning me to come out. They told me I was going to be a werewolf soon and might not want to be inside when it happens. It grabbed my arm and made me run into a wooded area of Windenburg. Soon, my eyes watered and everything was turning red. I fell to the ground and noticed my body was changing. Next thing I knew, I looked just like the white beast, but I was brown. It laughed with excitement. I felt nothing but rage inside me. I don't know what happened after that. I woke up back inside my house. I don't know when I returned home.
    "The white werewolf visited me again the next day. He trained me for days how to control the beast inside me. I was introduced to the pack. They were known as the WildFangs. I asked why I was made into a werewolf. He told me that I was special. I was like a chosen one to help take down the Spellcasters as they were trying to destroy all werewolves. The leader of the Spellcasters was Dash Joseph and went by D.J. for short.

    D.J. looks dumbfounded but also shocked.

    "I used to be a spellcaster. It disappeared when I became a vampire." D.J. remarks.
    "Why are you a vampire? I do know they are pretty much enemies of werewolves. It makes the pack leader more convincing. Do you want to rid werewolves?" Anton asks starting to get worked up.
    "No. I didn't even know werewolves existed until I found out about my friend being killed. And before she died, she mentioned my name and also said 'my son'. I have two little ones. One is a boy. I figured she was talking about him. But now, I think she was talking about you."


    "Do you know if this werewolf killed my friend, Phoebe Halliwell?" D.J. asks.
    Anton responds, "I didn't know she would die. He brought us all to this place in Glimmerbrook. He said that is where D.J. lived. He lived with three other Spellcasters who were very powerful, known as Sages. As she came out, he said her name to the rest of us. That she too wanted to kill all werewolves. She tried to cast a spell on him, but it failed. Then he attacked her. He was growling at her and might have been talking to her. I didn't know what he was saying. He then moved off from her and said she is calling for reinforcements and we needed to go."
    "I think he was framing you. Somehow, he figured out you were my child. I have an idea who this might be and I'm afraid he's not a good Sim."
    "He's really strong, physically and mentally. You can't face him alone. His pack is pretty strong, too."
    "When are you seeing him again?"
    "The pack meets on weekends. We have a meeting in a couple days."
    "Whatever you do, do not tell him we met up. We can't let him know that we discussed anything. Your life will be in danger. Your mom's and grandparents could be as well if the rest of the pack finds out. I'll talk to you more next week. I need to talk to my friends. Play dumb and do as they say."
    "I can do that. I do that anyway with them. I seem to be the weakest of the group and they don't include me on much."
    "I'm serious. Don't do anything to get yourself killed. Especially now that I know that you're my son. I'm going to find a way to get you out of there."

    D.J. says his goodbye to Anton and leaves him be at the gym.

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    November 19th Comments:

    Loved the house decorations. I especially loved the dinner table setting with all of them eating a grand meal together. So many snowpals. Nice to see they were all able to participate in forming them together. And one cannot end Winterfest without Father Winter. That was fun to look at. Good job!
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    November 20th: Feeling creative

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    November 21st: Going out to celebrate Mira's graduation!

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