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Disney Magic Kingdom Community Collaboration! * COMPLETED

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Well done everyone! Thank you for your wonderful contributions to this project. Your builds and sims have surpassed expectations and this collaboration will be a fond and special memory long after Sims 3 has faded. We've celebrated with a series of video walkthroughs! :D

Full video playlist:
Sims 3: Disney Magic Kingdom World Tours Playlist on YouTube

Individual videos:
Episode 1: Main Street Area - Part One
Episode 2: Main Street Area - Part Two
Episode 3: Bay Lake Area - Part One
Episode 4: Bay Lake Area - Part Two
Episode 5: Adventureland - Part One
Episode 6: Adventureland - Part Two
Episode 7: Frontierland
Episode 8: Liberty Square
Episode 9: Fantasyland - Part One
Episode 10: Fantasyland - Part Two
Episode 11: Tomorrowland (finale)

Congrats to @Me1620 , the winner of our closing celebrations Trivia Challenge with a perfect score!
Sandraelle wrote: »

Hello everyone!

We figure that most people will probably want to pick and choose what lots they'd like to add to their Magic Kingdom World, but if you'd like a world with all the lots, I have created a world save with all the lots for you. It's missing two lots (see my note below). Depending on your computer specs, you may experience game crashes with a fully outfitted world. But if you have a powerful computer (I do not, lol), our hope is that it will run smoothly. Another option to minimize the size, is to split up the world into two world saves by having two copies and editing each world to your liking. Or if you have a mod, you may be able to make them vacation worlds, however, I'm not sure exactly how to do that. :#

Just click on this zip file link to download the folder and place it in your "Electronic Arts/Sims 3/Saves" folder before launching your game.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don't already have the empty base Disney Magic Kingdom world downloaded and installed on your computer, you will need to do that first before loading up your game with my world save, otherwise it won't load the save. You can find the link to the world on page 1. :):):)

Happy simming!!!!

Note: Since I don't own Midnight Hollow's Golden Ticket Toy Shop, I wasn't able to place two of the lots. Here are the links for those two builds so you can add them in yourself.

Fantasia Emporium, 11 Main Street

Auntie Gravity's Goodies, 107 Tomorrowland

Download MAGIC KINGDOM EMPTY BASE WORLD (created by Hidehi)

Option A:
Download your choice of individual LOTS BY AREA (start with this post) ***** DISNEY CHARACTER SIMS (no cc)

Option B:
Download WORLD SAVE FILE INCLUDING ALL LOTS (except the two below which you need to download separately. Sims also need to be individually downloaded)

Fantasia Emporium, 11 Main Street

Auntie Gravity's Goodies, 107 Tomorrowland


Welcome to the Sims 3 Disney Magic Kingdom Community Collaboration!
Experience the magic of Disney as we invite you to collaborate in showcasing the talent within the Sims 3 community! Our launch on Oct 1/21 coincided with the official start of the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary celebrations.

This project began several months ago when @SPARKY1922 expressed her hope to me @soocoolsim of having a playable Disney world. This idea grew as the talented @Hidehi worked with my input and the official Disney map to create the Magic Kingdom world base. I think you'll agree that Hidehi did an awesome job, and we're hoping for your feedback as lots are added to ensure that world routing, etc works as intended. With the addition of @sandraelle and @romagi1 to the planning team, this community collaboration to create the Magic Kingdom is now open for your participation!

Apr 3/23 - EDIT! All lots have been claimed or accounted for so the rest of this post is no longer valid. Thanks to everyone who participated. Your submissions have brought this world ‘to life’. Thanks also to our supporters for your comments, likes and downloads. We have had a blast and hope you enjoyed being with us on this journey. Stay tuned for the grand finale to celebrate completion of this amazing project!

So now onto the fine print! Here's a chance to express your creativity with choices from a wide range of building styles. The rules are pretty simple:

  • Take a look at the list of lots available using either the forum posts or online spreadsheet as reference.
  • Indicate you're on board for the collab and sign up for your first claim by posting on this thread with your chosen lot and map reference #s.
  • I will update the list with your claim (as well as the download / media links when completed).
  • Every two weeks (approx the 1st and 15th of the month) a new sign-up period will begin.
  • You may claim a new lot during each sign-up period after your build is completed - as long as you don't have more than two builds underway at a time.


Map areas: The following posts list the world lots along with reference maps and a short description about each area. You can also view everything consolidated in the spreadsheet linked below. Thanks to Sandraelle for creating the reference maps.

Optional! View the on-line Sims 3 Magic Kingdom spreadsheet (Lots on tab 1. Maps on tab 2):

Community lots / Disney attractions: The intent is to replicate the exterior of the actual attractions as best as you can. The interior design is more flexible as you see fit for the use of the lot and Sims 3 game play. Please do stay with the overall theme of the area for the decor and include any special lot designation requirements. You can Google pictures of your claimed lot and we've also included some inspiration links below which may be helpful.

Residential builds: Again, please stay with the general look and overall theme of the area including your chosen lot. You have creative freedom otherwise.
  • No third-party Custom Content allowed — please Custard Check your lots before uploading to double check. Helpful notes
  • All Expansion Packs OK for use.
  • All Stuff Packs OK for use.
  • All purchasable Store Items OK for use.
  • Free Store items can be used if they can still be downloaded.
  • Post link(s) to your lot download / media when available. You can also include a cover shot.


If building is not quite up your alley and you much prefer playing or testing, you can also participate by downloading the world and lots at they become available. We would greatly appreciate feedback on any positive experiences or concerns you may experience as the world gets populated.

At this stage, we do not plan to provide a completed world. It is up to players to download and populate as desired when builds become available. Once the world is full / almost full we may provide a game save file, but first things first... to create the lots 😀

Feb 9/22 - New opportunity! This is mainly for those folks who love to decorate but find building daunting. See page 14 for available shells.

Now it works!
  • Post your claim on this thread (Map #, Ref #) and download the relevant shell.
  • Decorate as you wish using the following guidelines.
  • In the final lot description, we request you keep the credit to the shell creator.
  • Upload your completed build and circle back here with the link(s) to your file and (optional) screenshots.

Residential shell décor guidelines
No budget limitations! All EPs, SPs, store items allowed. No 3rd party CC allowed.

For the exterior... You can change the colours of the siding, roofing and flooring and move/delete/add windows and doors. Create your own landscaping as you wish including adding/modifying driveways, gardens, etc.

For the interior... You have free rein to modify everything! Window, door or wall in the way of your fab design? No worries... just move or delete it. Want to switch a bedroom to a study? Go right ahead... the power is with you to change the layout as you see fit.

Several lots have been designated for building starter homes. Of course, other appropriate lots can be used to create a starter. Check with a planning team member if uncertain. EDIT Oct 9/22 - All designated starter homes completed! Visit this post on page 12 for the list of builds.


Players are encouraged to share links to their Disney Magic Kingdom in game stories. Please touch base with @soocoolsim via PM with your blog / story link(s) for approval by the planning team.

Visit this post to read stories submitted by DMK world players.


Jan 16/23 - New Opportunity! As we're getting closer to completing the lots for DMK, it's a great time to highlight Disney character sims for those players who may wish to add them to their game. While a search on the Exchange and other sites can provide great options, it would be nice to have links here to ones we've already created, or may now like to create for this project.

The planning team recognizes it can be difficult getting the perfect hair or outfit, however we’re staying with the NO CC rule for sims as well. As usual, any official EA store content, EPs and SPs are perfectly fine for use. CAS creators are free to submit their NO CC sims even if not participating in the lot builds.

Just submit links and a screenshot for your NO CC, Custard Checked, Disney sim download(s) for addition to the list. Deadline for submissions = April 9/23

Visit this post to find links to NO CC Disney character sims available for download.

Edit! You can create any Disney sim you like even if not listed. I will add new categories and related characters as new submissions are received.

For those simmers comfortable with the risk of using CC content in their own game... Sil Sharkie (Sil Fantasy) has a wonderful selection of Disney custom clothing, poses, etc which you can find listed in her Blog Archive. Note: If you are submitting your download link for inclusion, the Exchange version cannot have CC.
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