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If Sims 5 is truly coming out, what is your top 4 requests?


  • filipomelfilipomel Posts: 1,522 Member
    1. In depth personality
    2. In depth relationships
    3. Extreme freedom with customization
    4. Stability, I don't care if I need to upgrade my computer in order to play the game, bug free is a priority

  • cody6268cody6268 Posts: 453 Member
    edited July 2020
    1: Take their sweet time developing it. Too many times in TS4; packs are loaded with bugs, and patches that rectify those bugs often bring about further bugs. Those bugs should be gone by release.
    2: Online gameplay should not be a major part of the main game.
    3: NO LOOT BOX MECHANICS! Partly, see above.
    4: I'd like to see something like the Steam Workshop integrated, where mods do update themselves. With the huge amount of mods in TS4; it's hard keeping up with them when a patch breaks most of them at once.
  • zorba2357zorba2357 Posts: 6,103 Member
    1) A "save" game system that doesn't make me insane every time I think of the game or load it up! Maybe I am crazy. I've googled and you tubed and googled again and I still can't Completely wrap my head around "save", "save as" and whether I am saving ONE "world" or every world IN the game in one save. Yes you heard it LOL. Puh - lease just let me load up one sims 5 town, neighborhood, world , what have you, and know when I hit "save" that it will just do that and be exactly the same as I left it. I guess I'm a control freak in this area. I want to actually understand it but that may be too much to ask. LOL.

    2) Easier CAS. Sometimes less is more. Sims 2 was perfect.

    3) A little more leeway with 'hoods. While I Do like the smaller , simpler worlds, I Really miss having an assortment of empty lots to place or build houses on.

    4) More "Adult". My kids played sims 1 , but it wasn't FOR kids, it was for every age group. There's a difference.
  • quilterkpquilterkp Posts: 12 New Member
    I would love to see:

    1. Larger neighborhoods with more empty lots I can build on. I would have loved to have put an industrial tiny house in the latest pack, but I would have to tear down a building, which I did not want to do.
    2. Aging - I would like to be given the opportunity to change one trait as a Sim reaches a different life stage. People change - our SIms should, too!
    3. Even more crafty things - I love that we are getting knitting, but would love to see sewing, quilting (maybe even on a longarm!), weaving, making items on a printer, etc.
    4. I would love to be able to set attractions for my Sims -- hair color, personality traits, interests, etc.
  • SimsAddict_244SimsAddict_244 Posts: 266 Member
    edited July 2020
    1. More in-depth personality/relationships than in S2
    2. No online or multiplayer
    3. Free updates, no store
    4. Giving us in-game tools that we can use to manage the game without the need of mods or cheats
  • ChatsaChatsa Posts: 13 New Member
    1. Single player
    2. Travel between worlds
    3. Better packs
    4.Ore attention to the details
  • WolfNateWolfNate Posts: 2,340 Member
    1: Better Occults
    2: Dragon pets
    3: More Interactive Careers
    4: Skills we not seen
    5: 'expanded' JA esque pack
    Occultism in Sims is family-friendly and should not be watered down to cater to realism players
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 6,638 Member
    1/ Give me the world or selection of them and let me choose the size of lots I want to use in it.
    2/ Let me choose the size, height, width of Sims and whether they slouch or stand up straight (eg: elders).
    3/ No completely lifelike Sims just an improvement on the Sims 4 style, but less exaggerated walk styles.
    4/ I want to be able to walk from one house to another or community lot in the same world without screens. I don't mind a screen if going to
    another world if needed to stop lag.

  • SheepilingSheepiling Posts: 377 Member
    I want more content to be in the base game, stuff that was EPs for 4/3/2/1. I'd like Seasons to be base game. Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, My Time at Portia, Rune Factory, Story of Seasons, and etc. life simulation games are able to have both seasons and holiday gameplay in their game without selling it separately. Include pets in base game as well. Family content shouldn't be DLC either. Things that are normal to every day life for most people should be in the base game. Then the DLC we get after that could be things that are genuinely unique and new to the franchise.

    I would like the base game for Sims 5 to actually have the amount of content you would expect from AAA games. If that's not the case, I've already put a lot of money into both 3 and 4, and I don't want to dish out that kind of cash for all of the same expansions yet again.
  • StrawberryYogurtStrawberryYogurt Posts: 2,409 Member
    WolfNate wrote: »
    5: 'expanded' JA esque pack

    What is JA?
    The Sims has currently lost its identity. Bring it back for TS5


  • OnverserOnverser Posts: 2,773 Member
    edited July 2020
    1. Interesting worlds. This game is popular globally, for the love of god stop making every world American inspired.

    2. If we're staying closed world, then larger neighborhoods with 15+ lots in each one, so it feels like open world. I don't mind the loading screens between them if it makes the game run better. Open world would be nice if it's possible, but I also enjoy freely being able to go between worlds (for example if my sim lives in Sulani, I can just go to Oasis Springs - not possible in an open world)

    3. Lower prices for packs, or atleast complete packs with depth. Not gonna happen because EA, but I can dream. :#

    4. More focus on gameplay over visuals. I want a game that's fun at its core. I don't want gorgeous worlds with half baked gameplay like TS4
  • GoddessBylineGoddessByline Posts: 132 Member
    1. A game that comes filled with stuff for our sims to do so we don't have to wait five years and spend thousands of dollars to not get bored out of our sculls.
    2. As originally intended by Will Wright, for it to be a working AI simulation.
    3. True personalities for the sims. Se point 2.
    4. A world filled with empty lots for us builders to work on so we don't have to build and tear down the same handful lots over and over again.
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  • Sparrow1707Sparrow1707 Posts: 10 New Member
    I'd love to be able to create our own tag filters for items instead of having to scour for ages trying to remember where certain items are or what they're called and flicking between categories, instead, I can just filter in all the items I've tagged with something like Painting. If that makes sense?
    Also would be great if in CAS that shirts and jackets were separate.
  • Cassieb95Cassieb95 Posts: 323 Member
    I've already posted here but I wanted to add:

    all careers should be active.
  • wickichickwickichick Posts: 11,130 Member
    i would not want to see anything such as how it was in the sims 3 again ..there were too many issues with the majority of the sims community and the game became unplayable for too many folks as the game progressed with stuff and expansion packs..i have really liked the way the sims 4 is set up ..the game seems to flow better for the greater majority of folks this round...i have always used aging off in the game and progress the sims most important to me when i want to ...i would like to see the sims 5 begin with swimming pools ...i think the newborns should be more like in the sims 3...cribs and nursery furniture was fun and because of the activities available my babies actually had a life prior to becoming toddlers ...including the benefit of changing baby outfits would be nice and a first for the sims i think.
  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 4,319 Member
    The ability to customize worlds
    Offline ability
    Single player
    More aspirations and traits to choose from, plus more trait slots per Sim
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  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,923 Member
    • Great CAS
    • Easy to use BB
    • Great Worlds
    • Deep gameplay throughout it's entire lifetime.

  • stilljustme2stilljustme2 Posts: 25,056 Member
    edited August 2020
    1. All age stages fully developed and in the base game
    2. Traits should have more impact on Sims' behavior and interactions; related would be to be able to have more than three personality traits, maybe three primary ones and some secondary traits, like you might have a Creative Evil Genius Sim, but a secondary trait might be that she's Neat or Loves Children (the secondary ones show up but not the primary driver of Sim behavior)
    3. Open neighborhoods (I'm fine with loading screens when going to another neighborhood or world, but not when visiting my next-door neighbor)
    4. More world customization -- being able to add things like spawners to the "off lot" regions, or take away things like the auto-generated skating rinks
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  • IvyeyedIvyeyed Posts: 348 Member
    ciane wrote: »
    4. I'd LOVE to see the CAS 3D feature that lets you grab and pull applied to hair as well, or at least the ability to make longer or shorter and add side bangs or long, straight fringe.

    Yessss!!!! Set a sims haircut! That’s their haircut! Length, shaved parts, bangs, hairline, texture. Premade styles all take this into account, so you pick out a bun or ponytail and it incorporates your sims length and texture! And then an advanced hair styling with dragging and pulling - a part tool, place-able braids, etc.

    I want to bring the pull and drag tools to hair! And then when you make a style - upload it to the gallery, so you can look through the gallery for hairstyles the way you do for houses.

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  • bella_gothbella_goth Posts: 1,756 Member
    edited April 14
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  • TamakiSakura84TamakiSakura84 Posts: 543 Member
    1. Deeper personalities
    2. Actions have consequences
    3. Story Progression (with a toggle)
    4. Life stages feel unique
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 4,509 Member
    No to Sims 5, Yes to Paralives.
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 22,092 Member
    Yes to Sims 5. Yes to Paralives.
    Do more of what makes you happy. 🌞
  • aerdehelaerdehel Posts: 4 New Member
    1) Being able to choose to play with realistic Sims or with cartoon sims. (Realistic shaders for everything, HQ option)
    2) Material AND color wheels. Material wheels should be context dependant.
    3) Allow use of custom created sims to populate worlds
    4) Normal aging phases and growth (if possible)

    I'd also love bigger worlds, the return of cars, bikes, and motorbikes preferably electric powered. A way to apply a style/swatch to all outfits of a sim. (same makeup for all outfits, same hair, and hair color for all outfits.) A friendly approach for those of us who play family generations in the sims.
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