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If Sims 5 is truly coming out, what is your top 4 requests?


  • EliteGirlEliteGirl Posts: 78 Member
    edited June 6
    1) Keep Create A Sim the way it is. I don't want a color wheel.
    2) The Supernatural Creatures Werewolves, Vampires and Werevamps
    3) Keep the "cas.fulleditmode" cheat as well as "motherlode" and the one cheat that maximizes Sim's needs.
    4) Be able to customize the relationships of sims with each other, such as maximize the relationship of two sims to make them a couple, friends or enemies with easy to remember cheats.
  • ReaganboganReaganbogan Posts: 17 New Member
    1)Story progression
    2)Improved relationship/ attraction system
    3) Babies are Sims not objects
    4) A major feature like weather or pets in the base game.
  • WugriWugri Posts: 23 Member
    1) Open world
    2) World Editor/Creator
    3) Create a style
    4) Keep it offline!
  • SuRihtanilSuRihtanil Posts: 1,448 Member
    Buying clothing and jewelry etc. again at in game retail stores, better graphics, smoother flowing animations, ai pathing, open world, no loading when placing homes on lots, no emotion system, legacy gameplay and a evolving world including sims marrying.
  • 2011simone2011simone Posts: 2,442 Member
    open world, story progression and the color wheel.
    My origin id is sim2011
  • barracuda1574barracuda1574 Posts: 61 Member
    1) Meaningful, in-depth personalities & traits (akin to TS2)
    2) Aging
    3) Family trees
    4) More romantic interactions (also more realistic)
  • matthewrodneymatthewrodney Posts: 150 Member
    1. TS2 like storytelling.
    2. Weather and pets in base game.
    3. Deep family trees and story progression
    4. Open world
  • james64468james64468 Posts: 1,268 Member
    1. No traits- As in let people tell their own story. Use the zodiac signs.
    2. Deeper family ties
    3. I would like school for child and another school for Teen. Prom included for Teens
    4. Get rid of current emotions. Replace it with Sims 2 emotions and make them deeper.
  • ClarionOfJoyClarionOfJoy Posts: 1,020 Member
    EliteGirl wrote: »
    1) Keep Create A Sim the way it is. I don't want a color wheel.

    Just curious - why would you NOT want a color wheel???

  • Lady_BalloraLady_Ballora Posts: 366 Member
    edited June 24
    1-Create a World,and no more poinless deco buldings

    2-Multi purpose lots(like in Sims 1). No more pointless and annoying checklists for lots-all public lots should be multi-purpose only.

    3-Sims should take about 30 seconds to eat(like in Sims 1)

    4-NO MORE BARS BEING PLUNKED INTO EVERY SINGLE NEW PACK THAT'S RELEASED! Seriously-I am so sick and tired of EA not listening to people are asking repeatedly for new types of public lots,and giving us boring base game venues in every new pack that's released!

    5-Let us create/control/play he way WE want to,NOT EA's restrictive ways. We want to make our own worlds,aparments,festivals,etc the way we want.
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    Sims 3 is great!
  • _000key_000key Posts: 168 Member
    Everything we have in the sims 4 and more. No more stuff packs or game packs only expansion packs. This ranks of packs is a cash grab and you can see the difference between an empty stuff pack and a very complete expansion pack. This makes games slow and demand constant patches this system does not work. Definitely a good basegame is the most important thing. Also the next generation consoles will not be bought by anyone because during these times every one is spending money on the important things. I would say to stick to console and If you want to play with mouse and keyboard console already has that option. This way you will never have to upgrade your PC again. But if you already updated your PC you should have access to the Sims 5 as well but it should run smoothly this would be a way of showing appreciation to all of players who have updated their machines for this game.
  • AnnikaperiAnnikaperi Posts: 534 Member
    1. Open World, with large neighborhoods like in past games. Even Sims 1 had neighborhoods of some size.

    2. Sims with fleshed out personalities, lots of traits, and maybe some specific identifying features like Sims 2 is said to have.

    3. A detailed CAS, with advanced slider capabilities, additional sliders like head shape, chin width, narrower faces, etc., so that you could sculpt just about anyone, make good likenesses, but still have them look like Sims. Also, lots of different clothing, fashionable things for males, retro styles like stylish '60s Carnaby fashions (okay I'm showing my age here), or Punk, or Club Attire, some modest choices included for women, Create-A-Style with textures and color wheel so that you could give your Sim that paisley Carnaby shirt or checkered ska shirt you want them to have, or the dark ash blonde hair they require, long hair for men, curly hair, or maybe the ability for modders to be able to give us some of those things.

    4. Story Progression that does not get in the way of the stories that I want to tell for certain Sims. I also hope that they keep things like the adjustable lifespan and the Epic Lifespan, so that you could play normally and try to achieve everything in a Sim’s lifetime, but you could also just hang with your Sims for a long time, tell their story, or watch what happens.

    A lot of people want continuous, gradual lifestages, but I’m not sure what I think about that. I wouldn’t mind it if they decided they wanted to have an extra lifestage or two, but the distinct lifestages and birthdays make sense to me gamewise and storywise, and make a Sim very recognizable and coherent.

    And it goes without saying that the game should be single player. I hope it will be new and improved, but with the great classic, retro quality that the game has had from the beginning, and essentially the same, quirky Sims that we know and love.
  • AnnikaperiAnnikaperi Posts: 534 Member
    edited June 17
    @windweaver said:
    My biggest hope is the way the sims act. I hope it's just like the Sims in The Sims 2. I love how they look up at me, and signal to me what they want or don't want. How they tell me if they don't like what I asked them to do. I loved and love, since I still play that game more than any other, how they behave. It just seems like they are alive and I think it's very cool. I wish I could take my sims in ts2 and let them go to the world in ts3 minus the rabbit holes.

    I really hope that is what the sims 5 will be, but I have no expectations, since I seem to be a minority in this wish.

    Actually, that sounds like a lot of fun. Even Sims 1 Sims would try and wave you down when they were miserable. I bought The Sims 2 and University, but I was put off at first by how the Sims seemed to look, and I never actually installed it because I never got a computer that would run it, but I have become a little intrigued by it over the years. I didn't catch up with the game again until 2011. Hopefully we will get very lively Sims and some compelling gameplay in the new game.
  • AnnikaperiAnnikaperi Posts: 534 Member
    @Cinebar said:
    1. No multiplayer
    2. No online all the time
    3. No Origin
    4. No Cloud Saves

    Cinebar, I agree wholeheartedly.

    @BradyGalaxy said:
    3. Wacky and odd events, not over the top wacky, but just enough to balance out the realism

    I loved some of the funny things that would happen in The Sims 1. I hope that they put in a lot of little surprises for us, and Sims will do little unexpected, but in character things, and Easter eggs, too. I hope they are waking up in the middle of the night and writing down little surprises they want to include for us.
  • NationalPokedexNationalPokedex Posts: 416 Member
    edited June 17
    1. Create a world
    2. More customization in CAS, especially for occults. I got this idea from a thread by @SimsLovinLycan. Occults really could be a lot more interesting and therefore more fun. This also means Smarter AI/more in-depth Sim personalities.
    3. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more jobs/careers and hobbies. It can have the standard stuff -- business career, writing career, painting skill, charisma skill, etc., but I want more things like wrestling, tennis, pottery, weaving, playing waaaay more instruments, martial arts, etc. Basically every Olympic sport, every orchestral instrument, every obscure art form I want as options for my Sims to do.
    4. Weather/seasons and pets in the base game

    BTW, how would gradual aging work? It seems like it would be a cool feature, but I don't understand exactly how it would look or play out.
  • Cavapoo_KingCavapoo_King Posts: 315 Member
    Bunk beds
    Story progression
  • LdywarlockLdywarlock Posts: 1 New Member
    Would love a construction ep that let you change roads, rezone lots, more lot sizes. I want to build my own apartments! And I want working pool slides!!!! I own every pack there is for sims 4 no pool slides I feel robbed.
  • ZazzyKittynZazzyKittyn Posts: 27 Member
    Create worlds & open world CASt
    sims more lifelike and occult sims from T1 to T4 in base
    more careers for full part time free lance work at home and for children and teens
    Able to import sims houses etc from past sims or at least S3 and S4
  • TheGreatGorlonTheGreatGorlon Posts: 281 Member
    edited June 23
    For The Sims 5 I want:

    1. TS2 gameplay, animations, and game depth with the color wheel and design tools and open world of TS3 and the graphics style, CAS, and build mode of TS4. There are several elements of TS4 I like though, like the Manage Neighborhoods function for editing townies and all.

    2. "Core expansion packs" already as part of the base game. It's been 20 years now. We shouldn't still be getting pets, weather, seasons, laundry, university, witches/vampires, and active jobs as expansion packs everytime a new game comes out. That kind of stuff NEEDS to be base game now, it is known that people deeply desire these elements for the game to start feeling complete. Once this kind of stuff is out of the way and no longer clogging production pipelines, actual new and unique content can start being made for the game series to take it in new directions.

    3. This deserved it's own note - roads and cars. They've been integrated seamlessly into TS1-TS3 from the start. I miss carpools, taxis, buses, etc. This needs to come back and be part of the game again. Along with it, ownable cars from the start. Kinda related - but I want the ability to place lots again like we could do in TS2 and TS3.

    4. No more stuff packs unless there are major overhauls. Outside of like Laundry Day and Tiny Living, and probably Nifty Knitting when it arrives, most stuff packs haven't offered that much in terms of new gameplay or even CAS and BB objects. This needs to change, or their prices need to drop, or they need to go entirely. I feel like GPs and EPs would be a lot more substantial if less time was spent on small packs.

    5. This one is MASSIVELY IMPORTANT. Blacklists for townie CAS generation AND THE REMOVAL OF "SITUATIONAL OUTFITS." I need to have the capability to shut off specific CAS items when the game generates random Sims. No more Sims appearing wearing clown hair and star glasses. No more Sims wearing stuff I didn't give them to wear.
  • SimzSizzleSimzSizzle Posts: 357 Member
    edited June 23
    Some of what I'd like to see in Sims 5.
    Know you said 4 but have more than 4.
    Can take the first one of each category.

    1. Gameplay:

    Traits combined with skills, and college degrees so they work together toward life aspirations and a career in a more streamlined way.

    example: you have someone with the inappropriate trait they can be a stripper
    someone with the pensive, deep thinker trait, they could be an author
    someone with the sloppy trait could be a janitor, or house cleaner
    someone with the night owl trait could be a song writer
    someone with the active trait could be in sports etc, and it continues.

    There will be colleges with degrees in these areas, sciences, literature, music, psychology, biology, dentistry, medical doctor, veterinarian, botanist, and more.
    Each of these degrees will feed off the traits the Sim has, and the aspirations will be their final goal in life, and it will feed off the college degrees. No piece meal.

    Offline for independent game play, single player, open world, lots of things to do, maybe seasons.

    Can wait for Pets.

    Good building system, small or medium learning curve, possibly a terrain tool.

    Color wheel, with ability to save colors created on hard drive, not in game.

    Ability to place lots !

    Indicators on every task so we know how much time we have to spend on it. Some tasks in Sims 4 don't have them.

    The ability for the Sim to relax on bed, keep naps.

    Would also like to see the needs decay a little bit slower to be more in sync with the time they have to fulfill each task.

    Another way to fill social, write in diary or journal is good, can't remember if its been taken out of Sims 4, and the ability
    for Sims to send emails has been taken out but that's another good way to fill social needs.

    2. Dating, relationships:

    Ability to create a will and leave an inheritance, and file it with the courts.

    Ability to change names, file for divorce.

    Old memories, relationships purged.

    Decent way to meet single Sims for possible dating, no strange calls in the middle of the night and sometimes from married Sims.

    Online dating is good where they can post information about themselves up, but there were a lot of married Sims on there.

    Doesn't help a single Sim find a wife or husband. They can add a name to text if Sim is interested, or an email address to send an email. This will count as first contact and they will be added to Sims list of people they've met.
    They will also show up in the phone book list of people your Sim can call after this contact.
    In Sims 2 sometimes the Sim was there and sometimes they weren't depending on how well your Sim knew the Sim, but in this game they should be there if they were texted, emailed or called, so they can have more interactions.

    After the text or email, a phone call and after that a first date.

    3. Careers: (these in addition to ones we already have, many of them good)

    A Judge career, and possible a court room system where some go on trial and some serve as jurors.

    Ability to register as self employed.

    Auto mechanics and garage for car break down (the game should have car break downs & even bicycle flat tires)

    House building.

    Jeweler, stone setters (collectible gems can get cut & set in jewelry)

    4. Activities:

    Some type of transportation, roller blades, skate boards, bicycles.

    Ability for Sims to swim.

    Water aerobics, and Dancing classes.

    Keep bicycles and swimming counting toward athletic.

    One nice vacation world to start out for honey moons and vacations from job.

    Canning and jam, grandmas like this, and grandpas like to eat it.

    Lots of variety of fruits and vegetables to plant and harvest.

    Sims chewing gum, brushing hair, painting fingernails.

    Sherbert, snowcone, and ice cream for the summer.

    Festivals or something like it for something to do and look forward to.

    Maybe laundry.

    Remove the Sims 4 holidays or give us the option to opt out.

    Play soccer, catch, and other games with Sims like Sims 2.

    Like how the Sims 4 progresses in their dancing techniques, would like to keep that with some better dances.

  • ClarionOfJoyClarionOfJoy Posts: 1,020 Member
    I already made some requests, but I'm adding more:

    1) Better documentation and tutorials for features. I love the fact that TS3 has a ton of gameplay features, but Maxis doesn't publish a lot of documentation of its features at all. Also, SimGurus don't do enough tutorials on them either.

    What I'm implementing in my game right now is a homeworld university. The documentation for installing and running it is at NRAAS, but it is very basic. I don't fault them for that because there was no official documentation or tutorials from Maxis for implementing it in your homeworlds. So if you just follow the instructions exactly from NRAAS, sure, your sims will definitely graduate with the degree you want them to have - mainly to go to the rabbithole lectures and then taking the final. But depending on the major you choose for your sim, you might not get the active class lectures or class activities scheduled. Even if you get those things, you might not get the Meet & Greet which occurs on the first day of the semester, or the professor might not show up to the active class lectures.

    So I had to test my homeworld university setup over and over again. I've eventually learned from trial and error how to get all those things running: populating the university with students, the Meet & Greet on the first day of the semester, the rabbithole lectures, the active lectures WITH professor, and the classroom activities. Right now, I have to test for each major. There are 6 standard majors, but the NRAAS mod added a seventh - Education, so all that will take a while. I still have yet to test for graduation which was my original focus to begin with!

    This would all have taken a shorter time period if there was actual documentation from Maxis about how it all works. And this is just ONE game feature in TS3.

    2) Centralized data base for use by all. So I really hope that for TS5, that the devs also make the effort to more fully document and build tutorials for all the features they will add to the game as they develop it. Also put it all in a more organized data system that is searchable, which can be added to by simmers when they discover those features with notes of their own to share with others.

    TS3 has so many features to it and there are many simmers who've created webpages of their own about it, giving tutorials, etc. But they're scattered all over the internet and it takes quite a while to look for all the info that you need and sometimes it's just bare bones info. It would be nice if there was a central website for getting all the information one needs and that it isn't bare bones at all.

    The point of a better information system for the next game is that no features of a game will go wasted and unknown just because information on it is so little or even non-existent.

  • fruitsbasket101fruitsbasket101 Posts: 1,139 Member
    edited June 24
    1. In-depth personalities including attraction system, likes and dislikes, etc. Make traits have more of an impact on the sims choices and wants.
    2. Story progression that can be turned off for those who don't want it.
    3. More things inheritable from parent to child such as skin details(freckles, moles birthmarks, etc.), unnatural hair colors,
      unnatural eye colors, unnatural skin colors.
    4. Open world or at least open neighborhood. I don't want loading screens between areas (park, bar, museum, library, etc.) in the same neighborhood/world my sim is in or my neighbors themselves.
    Have a super fantastic awesome splendid amazing day! -TheQxxn
  • ohmyohmyohmyohmy Posts: 566 Member
    1. colorwheel for skin tones
    2. keep sims 4 cas
    3. keep traits
    4. ts2 style memory system
    5. rain in the base game. (:

  • Cavapoo_KingCavapoo_King Posts: 315 Member
    1. I want it so if you look at other houses you can see the occupants playing outside ect
    2. Mowable lawn
    3. Cars
    4. Base game seasons
  • fruitsbasket101fruitsbasket101 Posts: 1,139 Member
    I know that you said to only list four but I have one more for my list:
    Long term, impactful gameplay. Most important one.
    Have a super fantastic awesome splendid amazing day! -TheQxxn
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