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💜 Quick Creativity CAS Challenge 💜 GLovelysQCC


  • ChristineRose5ChristineRose5 Posts: 36 Member

    Trashy but cute romance? Sign me right up! I was inspired by the book Wands of Desire, written by T.R. Ashy, to make this household.

    In Wands of Desire, ice meets fire as Julia, who has always been cold to showing her feelings, meets a dashing old spellcaster who melts her heart. If you asked Julie Clawroot how she'd describe herself, she'd say: smart, ambitious, capable. If you'd asked others? Cold-hearted. Pah! She'd say. She had goals in life, lofty ones at that. Julie was going to be the youngest sage the world ever saw, and no one was going to stand in her way. When she's accepted to study sorcery at the Will Wright School of Magic she meets Magus Forespire. A fellow student, Magus is everything she's not: sweet, goofy, thoughtful -- and much older. And, she has to admit, absurdly attractive. It's not long until she can barely remember the difference between her scrubaroo and furio spells! Julie can already tell this is going to be a long semester...



    Gallery link:

    Also, petition for the gallery to give us longer descriptions to write because there's so much more I wanted to tell with their story than it'd let me, lol :D
  • NeoFelis22NeoFelis22 Posts: 194 Member
    I've made a good start on my entry. I hope to finish it in the next day or so. I may upload my entry first, then get to the extras here (I went in game and got most of the images I wanted) later. 🙂

    @ChristineRose5 , that's what the forum is for! You can write more of your story here. As far as I know, the only limit is 4 screenshots; there's no limit on amount of text. I'd love to see more and I'm sure others would too! 💛
  • ZebSimsZebSims Posts: 67 Member
    I had a lot of fun making Conductor Yura for the The Little Train That Couldn't book.

    Here is the book's in-game summary: "I think I can't" is the motto of this children’s story that will help prepare your child for a life of obstacles, disappointment, and ultimately, failure. A somber reminder that there are only winners because there are losers.

    My description for the gallery:

    “I think I can’t, I think I can’t, I think I can’t,”
    is the motto Conductor Yura says in a rant
    on page one of The Little Train That Couldn’t.
    In this children's book, the conductor wouldn’t
    so much as attempt to take his tiny train uphill
    for anything steeper than a measly molehill,
    citing engine codes and rising insurance rates.
    According to Yura, failure is all that awaits
    anyone who tries their best to come out on top—
    better to quit early and admit you’re a flop.



  • SimsirellaSimsirella Posts: 11 New Member
    Hello! I just joined the forum for this specific challenges you have! I've participated one of these challenges once now it will be my second time. I will post my sims as soon as I become a Member of the forum. (New Member here :p so i have to write a few comments, get some points and wait just for a day!) By the way I loved all of your work friends! You are so creative and to be honest I am a bit anxious because I am not as creative as you are at all! But I promise I will try my best <3333
  • CamkatCamkat Posts: 2,329 Member
    Origin ID: Peapod79
  • NeoFelis22NeoFelis22 Posts: 194 Member
    edited June 2021
    I couldn't decide which book to use, so I posted two entries. @GLovely1 , I hope it's not too much trouble to choose the one you think is the better entry. Here are links with their descriptions and gallery photos for each:

    Baby Bill and the Bobcat
    Cute! Journey at night to the woods and the thicket where Baby Bill and the Bobcat are in a sticky wicket. What's all this junk on the ground, the Bobcat wonders, while Bill heads under a bush & finds plunder. "What's that you got there, Baby Bill?" Bill shows off a rusty grate from an old grill. The Bobcat moves forward in a mighty jump, then comes quickly back, saying,"We found the town dump!" They head home, their adventure over for now. What will they find next time, maybe a cow?

    Gina > Sandwiches?
    Romance? Humor? Yes! "Tiny" Tino & Gina fell in love as teens, but her parents forbid their union. They planned for her to marry a family friend with a successful business. Gina agreed with a heavy heart. Tino turned to food & found a Love in the Time of Sandwiches. Over a decade later, Gina becomes a widow & Tino is no longer so tiny. Can she love Tino again? Can she see that his heart beats only for her & not for those oh so delicious sandwiches? Well, mostly for her.

    I'll look at the other entries thus far tonight. I can't wait to see what everyone's come up with!
  • MenaBuchnerMenaBuchner Posts: 176 Member
    "How I Dumped Your Father" Genevieve Serene - Children's & MysteryKids book. "This story involves corgis, a slap bet, & a convincing Bella Goth imposter. Buckle up!" Mateo is obsessed with #Stangerville & solving the mysterious disappearance of legendary #BellaGoth, so when he ran into fellow conspiracy theorist, Isabella Falcone, he was dazzled by her likeness to Bella & fell head-over-heels. Until she too disappears. His obsession to find her was too much for Courtney, who leaves. #GLovelysQCC[/
  • illusieillusie Posts: 13,615 Member
    Real Her In by Hank Billabong

    Hank Billabong
    Age: Adult
    Traits: Green Friend, Loves the Outdoors, Cheerful
    Aspiration: Angling Ace

    Meet Hank Billabong, author of Reel Her In. He had difficulties getting a girlfriend until he realised dating is like fishing. Both just require the right bait and they fall at your feet! Fishing for compliments, hooking her with a big fish story and reel her in with a fishy meal. Easy peasy! worked too well. Woman of Willow Creek love him and chase him. Literally. He attracted too many! Now what to do?! Time to write a sequel.

  • NeoFelis22NeoFelis22 Posts: 194 Member
    edited June 2021
    I'm caught up (so far) and I have to commend everyone for all the awesome entries! For those who see a book that you wanted to use for your entry has already been done, there's no reason that you can't do your own version; I've seen a few different versions of the same book and they're all wonderful in their own way! 💛

    Edited for clarity.
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  • illusieillusie Posts: 13,615 Member
    edited June 2021
    I couldn't resist making characters from another book.

    Point Farmer No More: The Downfall of Grant Rodiek
    Grant and Peaches

    Grant Rodiek had a cowplant farm, but Bessie trying to eat him was the last straw. For many years he was paranoid to be eaten by cowplants. Until he fell in love with a Corgi named Peaches. It gave him a new direction and strength to move on from farming. Now he neglects to farm points. Every waking moment is spend with Peaches. He happily gives in to every whim of his dog. Some say this was his downfall, but was it really?


    Grant Rodiek
    Age: Elder
    Traits: Dog Lover, Loves the Outdoors, Paranoid
    Aspiration: Freelance Boranist

    Age: Puppy
    Breed: Corgi
    Traits: Vocal, Playful, Stubborn
  • x4m1r4x4m1r4 Posts: 3,899 Member
    Ever wonder what are the 'Untold Mysteries of the Strangerville". Here is one of them.

    Legend says that there was a scientist who once fell in love with an alien princess. Their first encounter was so unique & out of the world. He was deeply in love. Let's call him, Dr Jack.


    The princess comes from The Flora Planet (If you remember, there's 3 clumsy aliens before? Yes, she was their princess). Her name is Princess Xaria.


    Most of the time, she enjoys being in her disguise form to avoid unnecessary attention towards her. The only person that knew she's an alien, is Dr Jack.


    However, their forbidden love has caused the princess life. Her "disguise" was discovered by the jealous investors. The scientist tried to resurrect her, but it was a massive failure. Yes, she is ₮ⱧɆ ₥Ø₮ⱧɆⱤ.

    And there goes, The Untold Mystery No.1 of Strangerville!

    OID:- x4m1r4
  • divanthesimmerdivanthesimmer Posts: 1,462 Member
    edited June 2021
    My entry to the latest challenge: A Game of Groans

    Description: "An epic fantasy series of feuding kingdoms, fascinating characters, and the complex power struggles to control those kingdoms. Characters groan as one by one they perish, and with a plethora of viewpoints, interwoven storylines, and plot twists, you too will groan as you try to keep it all straight." - By Greg Q.Q Vartin.

    After the King's sudden death, his son Prince Taranath, was crowned the new ruler of Fairdells. But he is wicked as can be and some suspect he murdered his own father, including his younger sister, Princess Raina, who'd much rather explore the world than deal with politics or get married to a handsome prince.


    There are individuals who are already plotting the new King's death, which is bound to happen. But how will he meet his fate? Death by poison?


    Betrayal by those he most trusts and loves?


    The who's and the how's are unknown, but this King too, shall groan and be overthrown.

    Check out my SimLit blog here:
    Follow me on Twitter @divanthesimmer
    Follow me on Tumblr:
    Origin ID: divanthesimmer
  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 834 Member
    I am loving everyone's entries so far!!! They look amazing!!!
  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 834 Member
    Stay tuned to watch the premiere trailer for "The All Revealing Selfie" tomorrow!!

    I hope to have my entry posted tomorrow! Its been so fun creating them!
  • SueSimmingSueSimming Posts: 42 Member

    I chose this book in anticipation of Henford-on-Bagley's country theme(we hope) When humble family man Ira Strauss left the big city to start a farm, he never expected to find a dead French diplomat face-down in the hay. Can Ira's uncanny nose for detail and way with livestock help catch the killer before the FBI tears his barn apart? First in the epic Ira Strauss mystery series by Jim Scuttleson. #GLovelysQCC

  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 834 Member
    Hey everyone!!! I am absolutely loving everyone's entries for this challenge. This has been a fun to challenge to say the least! Its cool to see everyone's creative entries!
    With that said, here's mine. Included is a very poorly made movie "trailer" for it lol. Its awful but I had fun making it. Click the spoiler to find out what happens!
    Link to the Household "The All Revealing Selfie"
    I picked one of the book series written by "Helmuth Von Gluck"'s The All Revealing Selfie:
    Its spring in the quaint and usually quiet town of Hergstrom (which looks an awful lot like Brindleton Bay...)
    Local town photographer and occasional crime scene photographer, young Liz Schultz, is busy taking photos of the High School Prom King and Queen, Chad Rodriguez, and Brittany Belcher. Brittany happens to be Liz' niece. Its a lovely spring day! Perfect time to stroll the local beaches and hang out at the local park. Le2ndWG.png
    Bubbly Brittany and equally lively Liz love to spend time together. Time for a selfie!! KjBhyd1.png
    Maybe another one, rFbqwOM.png
    And another...Px5O7Rn.png
    KdeAwE9.png that a body!?!....Yep it sure is...AXqTBrA.png
    Liz immediately called her friend and "boss" broody police Inspector Helmuth Von Gluck. zoKDZyI.png
    Helmuth has had a hard life. He's seen a lot and has a lot of scars to show for it. Helmuth finds solace in writing his novels and hanging out at his remote cabin in the woods uZWI6u8.png
    He heads out to the crime scene. After investigating the body, and the surrounding area, Helmuth finds a cell phone thrown into the bushes. It reveals the face of the victim, Jabez Watanabe GacBGKZ.png
    Jabez apparently was taking a selfie of him and the lovely background when he captured some nefarious activity .What and who was that figure in the background? He sent it to the lab for processing
    Helmuth discovers that there are other potential witnesses, and all of them have a motive.
    He first interrogates a cheerful but unusual young man by the name of Alastor Cameron. lHotUet.png
    Alastor is new to Hergstrom and purchased a fixer upper house in the neighborhood. Not much was known about Alastor, except he spent a lot of time digging on the beach. Legend had it that an there was pirate treasure. Alastor was convinced he was the one to find it. Helmuth decided to run a background check. In the meantime he interrogated the other suspects.
    Snooty Desdemona Lynx is descended from the town founders. She has a bit of a strange and witchy reputation around town. bOddCfI.png
    She's known for her arcane knowledge and home brew cures. Jabez had purchased her family's old estate before she could get her hands on it. But further investigation reveals that Desdemona appreciated his purchasing her family's plantation home, as he had the funds to renovate it.

    Many said that Jabez' neighbor, the Baron Drake Huxley could possibly have a vendetta against Jabez. The mysterious Baron is fairly reclusive, not much is known about him besides the fact he is a pipe organ composer J2rRX6w.png. No one was quite sure about the nature of their relationship. Several people heard a loud argument coming from the Watanabe' home, with Drake storming out the front door shortly after the evening before Jabez' death. mZNuKRb.pngKJ0oJmu.png

    Meanwhile, Liz had been getting some nasty threats posted on her timeline and email sent to her work. She grew nervous. 25HjIib.png
    She voiced her concerns to Helmuth omybSzo.png
    Unusual things had been happening at her house as well. Such as the lights turning off and on 8HwInAE.png
    She was out for her usual late night stroll on the beach when she spotted a dark shadow following her. She grew frightened and raced home
    At this point, Helmuth had finally received the lab results analyzing the cell phone as well as the back ground check on Alastor. He was wanted for extortion. His DNA and prints matched that found on the body. The police raided his home, but he was not there, but a stash of pirate treasures was hidden in the closet . Apparently Alastor had found that gold after all. He knew Jabez had witnessed him digging on the beach and grew suspicious.
    But Alastor was not at his house....

    Helmuth rushed to Liz's home. Just in the nick of time!! fvNnIhO.png

    Liz was quite appreciative NhTotuM.png
    Much to Helmuth's surprise! OSDePAt.png

    So what happened to Drake and Desdemona?

    Well...I think Desdemona had a trick or two up her sleeve xzKF0Pr.png
    Why yes....I think my spell worked! YgffoG1.png

    I think it did...fh1g1Md.png
    So did Drake's
    You think this'll work? W3lfbq8.png
    Together at last 8C4SNXD.png
  • MinraedMinraed Posts: 1,157 Member
    Oh these are so great so far. I had a LONG list of possibilities, and two of those were already done here so I am glad I didn't end up selecting that one. I may end up with two because I love this, but my first should probably be my official entry. Coming soon.
  • Patchy_AKPatchy_AK Posts: 5 New Member
    Such a fun challenge! I adore books and the Sims 4 books are amazing. I chose the book The Night the Moon Forgot to Shine from Outdoor Retreat
  • FighterWolf00FighterWolf00 Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi everyone!For this challenge I created two families inspired by two different books:
    -Sir Woof and his owner Lord Dudley from the book Gentlemen Corgi:a Memoir
    -The Mantis and the explorer Leila Raider from the book The Mantis Wars
    I'd love to hear your feedbacks and comments on the gallery,I used the hastag #GLovelysQCC
  • Dahliasims4Dahliasims4 Posts: 16 Member
    edited June 2021
    I adore all these entries! So creative and wonderful, every one of them! After months of deliberating on entering these challenges, this one really spoke to me, as an avid bookworm and adoring the Sims book descriptions, I knew I had to make a sim!
    Meet Genesis Dukes, a tough, strong and independent heroine, who works on her own and trusts no-one...well you have to be, to survive 'The Plunder Games'
    Based on the Sci Fi book written by Zane Trollins!
  • sadie_lalalasadie_lalala Posts: 21 Member
    Have you ever heard of "The Frequntly Ending Story" by Mike Trende? I was wondering why this story ended so frequently and decided to go on a mission to discover the heroes behind the story.

    Arch and Keliena - Have you ever seen a pair quite as contrary? Two warriors, different as sun and moon and as the two worlds they are from. As different they might seem at first glance, so much stronger is the common cause that brought Arch and Keliena together by fate. After The Something destroyed both their worlds, the unlike pair sought refuge in Unfantastica. But luck would never be on each of their sides. The Something persuited them throughout the universe and finally tracked them down. In an attempt to spare Unfantastica from the same fate their own worlds met, Arch and Keliena join forces to rid Unfantastica from The Something once and for all. Each with their unique strenghts and powers they were able to maybe save Unfantastica or maybe not. I am not completely sure myself since the tale becomes gradually less realistic and frustratingly almost comes to an end on every page.

    Gallery Link:

    Original blurb:
    The Frequently Ending Story - Mike Trende
    An old warrior and a girl from parallel worlds are out to save the world Unfantastica from an inexplicable power known as The Something. The tale becomes gradually less realistic and frustratingly almost comes to an end on every page.


  • MeowchaFrappeMeowchaFrappe Posts: 829 Member
    edited June 2021
    (Extended) Description.
    Often considered the "Classic that started it all" and "Supernatural Romance at its best," Dusk Glow tells the story of 18-year-old Darla Crowe who moves in with her detective father, Samuel after being accepted at Crestwater University. Despite her love of romance novels, love is the last thing on Darla's mind and she just wants to focus on her studies. But as life would have it, she soon finds herself torn between Alexander "Lex" Marano, the mysterious vampire with a bad boy edge and the seemingly "nice guy" werewolf, Gavin Mckinnley who lives next door and is friends with her dad. And to make matters worse, Lex and Gavin are sworn enemies and this young aspiring romance novelist finds herself in a love triangle of her own. Two gorgeous men, both harboring a dark secret, bodies turning up at Crestwater Lake with Samuel as lead detective and one girl in the middle of it all, Dusk Glow is a dark, mysterious and sexy, paranormal romance written by Bella Jacobs. But who does Darla pick? Well, you will have to read the story to find out.

    I made two versions of the "Book Cover" since I couldn't decide which I liked better. :D

    Dusk Glow

    And although I was unable to actually write any more of a description or parts of the story, I did want to explain a few things and share what a few of my plans were. :)

    * Lex's aspiration is based off of what he wanted to be in his human life.
    * Sam's aspiration is the Strangerville Mystery because that's the closest to I could find to what his career in the story is
    * When bodies start turning up at Crestwater Lake, Gavin tries to lay suspcion on Lex, who despite not being a saint (as in he does drink human plasma but only with consent/from a blood bank) is in fact innocent.
    * And the killings are actually being done by a different gang of vampires, whose leader is tracking Darla because he believes she's his love from the past reincarnated due to their striking similarites (in appearence)

    Edit: Oops, I forgot to mention. The pose used in the book cover is by R-Jayden
  • NeonEastNeonEast Posts: 31 Member

    Hey y'all, here's my entry for this week's challenge! Even though The Sauntering Dead is obviously a parody of The Walking Dead, I had a lot more inspo from some British classic zombie flicks.

    The Sauntering Dead by Sin Hartley Gallery Link Origin ID: NeonEast


    A zombie outbreak spreads through the city of Britechester, and Simon goes into a coma at the worst possible time! 28 days later, he wakes up at the hospital with his best friend Jim at his bedside. Surprisingly, he finds the state of the world to be, just fine.


    Turns out "the dead are in no particular hurry to eat your brains!!", and are actually ideal recruitment for the service industry. Also Jim's a zombie now. But Jim wants you to know, before he's a zombie, he's a union worker first! Simon needs to reacclimate Jim to society while avoiding delegation to a mistreated job. He's already a zombie literally.

    The plan: Jim pretends to eat somebody,


    Jim goes into hiding, the service industry gets bad press, the lads play video games,


    And then, they have a nice cold pint at the Winchester, and wait 'til this all blows over!


    Origin ID: NeonEast ◊
  • MinraedMinraed Posts: 1,157 Member
    I am still running behind. I have uploaded Professor Sprocket, but I am going to get some pics done today I hope.

    Sprocket's esteemed guide, "So You Want to Be a Rocket Scientist?", secured her a tenure position at the university. Her students always ask her to autograph their textbook, despite her constant tormenting. "Don't worry that you didn't do your homework! It isn't as if it is Rocket Science.. oh wait, it IS Rocket Science!" She stops at nothing to be the top of her science craft, and she has the scars to prove it so don't push her.

    Socially awkward Professor Sprocket is a perfectionist genius with a paranoid streak because she is convinced that aliens are all around us trying to take over. She doesn't enjoy parties or social gatherings much, unless it is bowling so the bowling club parties is all she is comfortable attending. The university students revere her genius, even though she is more than just a bit strange and quirky.

    I will have my usual lookbook and little mini story as soon as possible.

  • MinraedMinraed Posts: 1,157 Member
    This was a brilliant idea. I need to do more of these.





    More on my blog at
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