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💜 Quick Creativity CAS Challenge 💜 GLovelysQCC


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    GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 797 Member
    NeoFelis22 wrote: »
    @GLovely1 , I don't have Get Famous, and I suspect there are a few others here who don't either. Can we still participate?

    Yes, yes, please @NeoFelis22 .. You can still do some fab red carpet style and answer all of the questions as you pretend to get interviewed by Ryan Seacrisp ;) Don't let this one pack stop you from entering this round ok! 💜

    I absolutely LOVE your collaborated power couple @nightlioness and @LukasCreatesSims! They will create a sensation on the red carpet. I can already see the flash of paparazzi cameras surrounding them. Thank you for styling such a stunning example as a sample entry! 💜
    Please join my 💜 Quick Creativity Challenge 💜 forum thread

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    MeowchaFrappeMeowchaFrappe Posts: 840 Member
    Ahh, I wasn't able to enter the last round since I lacked inspiration, but I do indeed have an idea for THIS round. Or at least a partial idea.
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    MeowchaFrappeMeowchaFrappe Posts: 840 Member
    Like, I know a few details about my Sim, but not everything yet...
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    CatharinaSophiaCatharinaSophia Posts: 98 Member
    edited May 2021
    Mack couldn't believe it when he got an invite for the Academy Awards. Unfortunately it was for Simder (again), a live dating show for celebrities. He'd been in the show for years, only because the producers promised to "find a suiting partner for every participant". He often tried to find a way to break the contract, but to no avail. He did love the attention of the Awards, so he chose to wear a bold (borrowed) outfit by one of his Simder dates (he felt like she owed him, after she tore his clothes).

    Ryan Seacrisp: Who are you wearing?
    Mack Rupp: Oh, I can't actually tell you due to my NDA, but I'll make an exception just for you. We're currently shooting for the next season of Simder and one of the participants tore my clothes while we were having a romantic dinner.

    Ryan Seacrisp: Why did you choose this designer?
    Mack Rupp: ... *ehhh* ... was I supposed to show up without clothes?

    Ryan Seacrisp: How challenging was this role to play?
    Mack Rupp: Well, as you might know, I've been in Simder for several years now. It's rather challenging to see how horrible the taste of ladies is nowadays, though I'm not getting younger either.

    Ryan Seacrisp: What was it like acting/creating music with your co-star/co-writer?
    Mack Rupp: Oh they're challenging. Definitely. And usually way too cheap, ugly and untalented for me.

    Ryan Seacrisp: What will be your next project?
    Mack Rupp: Oh you know I'm just doing Simder as a little side project. I also have a lead role in "🐸🐸🐸🐸 in Boots" and a lead role in "Shrek".

    Ryan Seacrisp: Lead roles? I thought you're... playing the cat and the donkey?
    Mack Rupp: Yes, as I said: the lead roles.
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    MenaBuchnerMenaBuchner Posts: 179 Member
    @CatharinaSophia Great interview! 😉
    @nightlioness & @LukasCreatesSims Love your Dream Team combo!

    Loving the theme of this QCC @GLovely1 ❤️
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    NeoFelis22NeoFelis22 Posts: 194 Member
    GLovely1 wrote: »
    Yes, yes, please @NeoFelis22 .. You can still do some fab red carpet style and answer all of the questions as you pretend to get interviewed by Ryan Seacrisp ;) Don't let this one pack stop you from entering this round ok! 💜

    Thank you! Now all I have to do is think of an idea. 😊
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    MenaBuchnerMenaBuchner Posts: 179 Member

    Global Superstar Annalise's claim to fame is the gripping '10 Shades of Yawn, a Study in Sleeping through the Night', where the biggest challenge was actually falling asleep! It didn't help that her co-star was none other than Rip Van Winkle & slept like a log! Her red carpet outfit is made by teen sensation & fashion prodigy, Pixie a La Mode, accompanying her to the event. Annalise won the Best Actress Award! Her next project? SulaniLoveIsland!

    A scene from the award-winning film '10 Shades of Yawn'.

    Annalise posing for the paparazzi before leaving her mansion for the Simscademy Awards in the silver Jaguar.

    Everyone is waiting in anticipation for the winners to be announced!

    And the winner of Best Actress is....... Annalise Weston!

    Time for the winner and her red carpet designer to Strike A Pose for the cameras!

    The people's darling.

    1) Who are you wearing? Designer gown created by Pixie a La Mode, teen designer, and fashion prodigy.
    2) Why did you choose this designer? She's an up-and-coming celebrity in her own right (and Annalise's cousin!) and needed a break.
    3) How challenging was this role to play? Extremely challenging when you are an insomniac!
    4) What was it like acting/creating music with your co-star/co-writer? It drove us crazy because Rip (Van Winkle) would just fall asleep at the drop of a hat before 'scene!' was called!
    5)What will be your next project? Sulani Love Island! Annalise needs some sun, sand and surf..... and hot bodies baking on a chaise... If that leads to another Simscademy nomination, we won't complain 😉

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    pagounispagounis Posts: 369 Member
    edited May 2021
    Hello everyone!

    My entry for this week's QCC are Deidre & Romain, a set of actors nominated for the movie, "Secrets of the West".

    Title: Shinin' On Gold
    Origin ID: mikrolactaki3
    Gallery Link:


    After getting their award, Deidre and Romain were asked questions by the Red Carpet reporter, Ryan Seacrisp.

    Who are you wearing?

    Deidre & Romain: We are wearing black & gold attire and jewelry.

    Why did you choose this designer?

    Deidre & Romain: We wanted to take a break from the usual colorful outfits we used to wear on previous ceremonies, so we chose something different and sometimes can be proven luxuriously stylish, perfect for large ceremonies like this!
    Deidre: black & gold is my favorite designer, their pieces include black & gold, and I wear them a lot!

    How challenging was this role to play?

    Deidre: I was so nervous in some parts of the movie, which were really challenging to do. My co-star Romain helped me a lot with stress and how I eased it. Afterwards, I seemed to attribute better on my role and performance, and all proved fine at the end.
    Romain: I showed off confidence during my performance, but outside the set, I helped Deidre destress.

    What was it like acting/creating music with your co-star/co-writer?

    Deidre & Romain: It was very fun!

    What will be your next project?

    Deidre & Romain: The Secret Experiments. It's a science movie!
    Joanne | 22 | Greece. Informatics student. I'm mikrolactaki3 on the gallery. Using 2 computers! My Blog:
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    NeoFelis22NeoFelis22 Posts: 194 Member
    @GLovely1 , if I use two sims in this QCC, do they have to be a couple or are co-stars sufficient?
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    GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 797 Member
    Co-stars are great too @NeoFelis22 💜 Go in the direction your creativity takes you and I hope you have a great time creating for this one!

    Awesome extras you've posted here @pagounis and @CatharinaSophia ~ I get an even better feel for your characters now. 💜

    I love your pair @MenaBuchner and your humorous movie theme cracked me up! The extras are always best over here and I can easily see how she's the people's darling. 💜

    Please join my 💜 Quick Creativity Challenge 💜 forum thread

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    NeoFelis22NeoFelis22 Posts: 194 Member
    @GLovely1 , thank you! 💛 I hope to have mine up before the weekend's over, then I'll look at the ones on the gallery! 😊
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    ChristineRose5ChristineRose5 Posts: 37 Member


    "You and I know this isn't your first walk down the red carpet, Ms. Audrey."

    "It is my first with you, Mr. Bradley."

    Bradley chuckled, a deep, throaty sound. "Come on." He gave Audrey's hand a brief squeeze before opening the limo door for her. "Let's sell this thing."

    The flashing lights from the paparazzi always blind her, but Audrey offers up a winning smile. Smile, pose for a picture, take a step down the carpet. Smile, pose for a picture, take a step down the carpet. Repeat until complete. It was where Audrey thrived.

    It's not long until she has a microphone shoved in her face. This, she doesn't always love as much.

    "Ms. Douglas! Mr. Parsons! A few questions, please!"

    "Of course," Mr. Parsons replies, flashing a dazzling smile. For a moment, Audrey feels the breath leave her chest. She can tell why all of Simland voted Bradley World's Most Attractive Sim three years running.

    "Who are you two wearing?"

    "Landgraab and Co, of course. Malcom's an old friend of mine and I promised I'd promote his brand."

    "For me it's Always Alto," Audrey interjected. "It's comfortable and Holly's truly an up and coming visionary in her field."

    "Now, how challenging was this role to play? What's it like working together?"

    Audrey thought back to all the workout sessions it took to fit perfectly into those tight-fitting outfits, all the hours she spend memorizing her lines, all the travel to different destinations to film. Not only that but the sleepless nights, the stress, the director that definitely got stuck with a mean trait sometime in CAS-

    "It was the easiest film I've ever made." Bradley answered. He gave Audrey's hand a brief squeeze. "Because I got to work with my newest friend in Simwood."

    Audrey rolled her eyes, giving him a playful shove. "Speak for yourself. If I never have to fit into another rubber spandex costume in my life I'll die a happy woman."

    "So, I'm guessing no sequels planned, then?"

    For the first time, perhaps ever, Audrey saw Bradley go quiet. Audrey knows there's more to that answer than Bradley will be willing to share with the public. "My wife's has been offered a role that films in Windenberg, so it likely won't be for some time."

    Audrey already knew this, but it still didn't make it fun to hear again. Get a hold of yourself, Douglas. You knew he was married getting into this.

    "That's a shame. A lot of people really liked seeing you two together on the big screen."

    "Well...who knows what the future holds, right?" Audrey says, giving the interviewer a wink. "Now, if you'll excuse us - the Starlight Accolades awaits."

    Gallery link:
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    illusieillusie Posts: 13,823 Member
    Mauve Laurent

    Mauve’s star has been rising fast. Maube has been staring in Sim White. The camera loves her, and so does Mauve. She can’t get enough of herself, which is why she is wearing a dress by Mirror Mirror. Because she is the pretiest of them all. The most challenging were the scenes where Mauve wasn’t part of, she kept trying to write herself into it and the director actually had to ban her for a while! Costar? The only star is Mauve! Mauve’s next project will be Sleepless in San Myshuno.

    Traits: Self-absorved, Perfectionist and Romantic
    Aspiration: Master Actress


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    MeowchaFrappeMeowchaFrappe Posts: 840 Member
    I'm going to have to answer the questions tomorrow. I hope that's okay.

    I'm sorry, but I just had a super busy day and I'm kind of tired tonight.
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    NeoFelis22NeoFelis22 Posts: 194 Member
    edited May 2021
    Simcademy Awards

    Before the awards, Chris Masters and Ava Hart got ready, separately, at a salon a few miles from where the awards will be held. After the ordeal of having their hair and makeup people, as well as their stylists, fuss over them, they're happy to see their limousine pull up. They'll soon be off to the Simcademy Awards!

    Ryan Seacrisp announces to the camera, "And her come Chris Masters and Ava Hart. They're nominated for Best Actor and Best Actress for their roles in 'Baa Baa Land.'" He greets the two as they approach and asks, "You arrived together tonight; are you two dating?"

    "We discussed how we'd handle this question on the way over here. And Chris is gentleman enough to let me answer." Ava laughs, then continues. "We're definitely not dating. We're not each other's type. But since neither of us is seeing anyone, we decided to escort each other." Chris nods firmly.

    Ryan shakes a finger at them both. "You know rumors will start anyway." He then asks. "Who are you wearing and why did you choose the designer?"

    "I'm wearing Iridescence." Ava smiles and gestures to her dress as she replies. "He uses recycled materials to add shimmering details."

    As Ryan turns to Chris, he says, "Sim's Wearhouse Elite Collection: You're going to like the way sims look at you." He whispers to Ava, seemingly not caring if the microphone picks up his voice, "I get to keep the suit by saying that." He looks back at Ryan. "I chose the suit because it was, it looks so great on me and Ava asked me to get something with a purple accent. I had to ditch the tie though. I can't stand those things unless they're for a role."

    Ryan asks, "How challenging was your role to play?"

    "Not at all!" Ava replies enthusiastically. "They say never to work with children or animals, but we worked with both in this movie, and it was a blast!" She beams at Ryan.

    Ryan returns Ava's infectious smile, then turns to Chris.

    Chris gives his co-star a sour look and answers, "It was very difficult at times. You try to stay in character while sheep are in the shot. Doing sheep things." Chris shudders just a little, then frowns in that brooding way his agent said the fans love.

    Ryan nods and looks briefly sympathetic. "And what was it like working together?"

    "Everything they say about Ava and pranks is true." Chris straightens his shoulders manfully. "But I can handle some silliness. And she never ruined a take. That's more than I can say about the sheep."

    Ryan gestures toward the camera. "Well, you can't leave the millions of sims watching in suspense. What kind of pranks did she pull?"

    "The worst was the day she showed up with her hair cut and dyed with the signature gap in her teeth fixed; that was bad. She was going on and on about how she'd, 'Had a revelation about the character that required her to change her look.' We were so close to finishing the location work, and I thought we were going to have to do re-shoots. The thought of that many more days with the sheep; I was kind of upset." Chris uses the frown again.

    Ava laughs. "He almost fainted. I had to pull my wig off and take out the dental prop the FX department made me quick." She smiles unrepentedly. "Seriously, though, we got along quite well, and Chris really had a way with the sheep." Ava winks.

    "Hey!" Chris exclaims.

    Ryan clears his throat. "Moving on. What's next for each of you?"

    "As I'm sure you've heard, I've been cast as the new Jane Bund. The film will start shooting this fall. Would you like to be the newest Bund boy, Chris?" Ava gives Chris a mischievous look.

    "Ha ha. Very flattering, but I'll be shooting the new 'Supersim: Sim of Metal'. As you can see, I've already started training for it." Chris starts to flex, but then realizes he might tear his suit and stops.

    "Thank you for stopping to talk and good luck at the awards tonight." As the two stars walk off, Ryan Seacrisp turns to the camera and smiles. "And that was Chris Masters and Ava Hart, stars of 'Baa Baa Land.' Here come our next nominees!"

    Obviously, things happened and it took longer for me to finish and get my entry uploaded than I expected. I don't know if having Get Famous would've helped, but I couldn't think of a way to get some good in-game images. As it is, I used every pack I have except for the child-focused SPs! I came up with Chris and Ava waiting for the limo at the last minute. 🙂

    It's too late for me to look at the gallery tonight, so I'll have to leave that until I've had some sleep. I can't wait to see what everyone's come up with so far. Judging by what I've seen here, I'm sure they'll be great! 👍

    Edit: Ugh. I messed up the hashtag, so I took the original down and put up one with the correct one. Sorry about that. I really am going to bed now. 🥱
    Edit 2: I forgot to mention, that what Chris says about his suit is a play on a commercial I've seen way too many times. I don't know if the company is regional or national in the United States. Anyway, at the end, the owner(?) of the company says, "Men's Wearhouse: You're going to like the way you look." Until I took a moment to look it up just now, I thought they spelled it "Warehouse." If I'd known, I would've changed the name in the extras above. I'm going to leave it be though. So, I just threw in that as a little joke that I figured only a few, if any, people would get. 😊
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    NeoFelis22NeoFelis22 Posts: 194 Member
    I've caught up on all of the entries so far I think. As I thought, they're great! 💛

    I didn't realize how close I was when uploading to missing the deadline on the challenge! I just read the rules again and see it ends today, and not on the 28th like I thought! I'm glad that I got mine in before it ended. 😊 No idea how I got that date in my head.
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    MeowchaFrappeMeowchaFrappe Posts: 840 Member
    Broken Wings frontman, and musician Ramiel Harrison and "master" actress Maria Demarco are an unlikely couple... probably because they broke up months ago and Ramiel can't even stand her. Maria is best known for playing the title character, Joan in Joan Pucker Must Die, Marina Gorge in Mean Sims, and of course for her role as Katherine Evergreene in The Plumbob Games. The latter for which she has been nominated for Best Actress in the 93rd Annual Simcademy Awards. And Ramiel's claim to fame being the lead singer & back up guitarist for the Alt-Rock band, Broken Wings.

    The pair met while working together on The Plumbob Games with Maria being the lead actress and Ramiel writing and performing "World of Darkness" for the film, which became an instant hit and is universally regarded as the anthem of The Plumbob Games earning him and his band a nomination for Best Original Song at the Simcademy Awards. While the relationship had a pretty normal start, three months later Ramiel found out that Maria was cheating on him and called it quits. Maria however, wasn't quite ready to let go of him... seeing as he is, quote "the hottest man she's ever met."

    Here's where things get tricky... even though they're both up for a Simcademy award for The Plumbob Games they're only attending together because Ramiel has a secret... he's actually a Fallen Angel, cast out centuries ago after following his leader Samyaza, courting a mortal woman (not Maria) and teaching humans knowledge that was considered "forbidden" by heaven. Although he refused to reveal what knowledge he specifically taught, some of his "brothers" were cast out for teaching astrology, the stars and constellations and weapons. And the other reason they're attending together? Because Maria blackmailed him of course. By threatening to tell everyone his secret, unless he escorted her to the Simcademy awards as her date.



    Ryan Seacrisp: Here we have Ramiel Harrison, lead singer of Broken Wings. And Maria Demarco, who is of course... Katherine Evergreene from The Plumbob Games.

    *Crowd Cheers and Ramiel smiles. Maria blows a kiss *

    Ryan: First things first though... Ramiel? How the PLUM do you pronounce your name.

    Ramiel: *chuckles*
    It's Ruh-mee-uhl.

    Ryan Seacrisp: Thank you! Now that we got that out of the way... so tell me, who are you guys wearing?

    Ramiel: I'm wearing a piece from Giovanni Prego's latest collection.
    Maria: And I'm wearing a custom from Kat Jenkins

    Ryan: Why did you choose this designer?

    Ramiel: I chose Giovanni because he makes suits that are suitable for red carpet events but are still comfortable and not too flashy, which is just the way I like it. And because a portion of each sale goes to charity.
    Maria: Because her dresses are top-notch and she actually listens to what her customers want.

    Ryan: Okay, this next question is for Maria... how challenging was this role to play? It's notably different than anything you've ever done before.

    Maria: Oh, the role itself was easy. It was what I had to go through that made it challenging. The worst part was defintely getting all sweaty and tired with sore muscles at the end of the day though. Luckily, I had a stunt double to do all of the really taxing parts and I got to relax in a epsim salt bath at the end of the day.

    Ryan: I see... Ramiel, what was it like creating music for The Plumbob Games and for your co-worker?
    Ramiel: It was a great, really unique experience. Usually when the guys and I write music, it's about our personal lives or real-world issues. This time around we got to stretch our imaginations and create a song about the issues of a fictional world and it was a lot of fun. It's defintely an experience I'd like to repeat at some point.

    Ryan: And... correct me if I'm wrong, don't you have a small cameo in the film?

    Ramiel: Oh yes, I defintely do. It's just for one scene, and I'm wearing a black wig but if you look closely, you should be able to spot me. :wink:
    Maria: And he looks really hot too, it's a shame his character gets killed.

    Ryan: Woah spoilers!

    Maria: Oh, please. The movie has been out for two months now, anyone who hasn't seen it is living under a rock.
    Ramiel: Or they're, you know... busy. Or maybe don't want to drop 20+ simoleons on a single ticket. And anyway, it's not that important of a role, so don't worry about it.

    Ryan: Such a humble man. Anyway, this is for both of you again. What will be your next project?

    Ramiel: The guys and I are working on our next album. Which, for those of you wondering will feature "World of Darkness." Just a slightly different arrangement than what you hear in the movie.
    Maria: The Plumbob Games sequel of course!

    Ryan: Sounds exciting. We'll all be looking forward to both those things. But, I do have one more question for you, Ramiel...

    Ramiel: Uh oh...

    Ryan: Why the name, Ramiel? Is there any significance behind it?

    Ramiel: ... let's save that story for another time...

    Ryan: And there you have it folks! Ramiel Harrison, up for Best Original Song and Maria Demarco, up for Best Actress stay tuned to see if they win.


    Note: I included this on the gallery entry, but I'll put it here too

    I wanted to make Ramiel a 3 star celebrity, and Maria a 4 star celebrity but for some reason the gallery can't recognize 3-4 stars and gives them one less. So I had to make Ramiel a 4 star and Maria 5 stars.

    Credit for the wings goes to SatiSim!

    Gallery Link: Scandal Has Fallen
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    MeowchaFrappeMeowchaFrappe Posts: 840 Member
    Finally got everything finished.

    Sorry if some of the links don't work or if there's typos. I've been working on getting that stuff up all day, so I kind of need a break from all of the "extras" stuff. :P
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    sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 849 Member
    edited May 2021
    Hello!!! I really enjoyed this challenge! Here’s my entry:)
    I really felt like I was cheating with this one, I have been actively playing this couple in my favorite save for almost 2 years, 3 years with my actress sim! But I felt like this challenge really fit them. Meet Trey O’Malley and Vivienne Fontenot. I post about them a lot on the “What Happened in your Game Today?” Thread.

    Gallery Name: Rising Stars
    Gallery ID: sarabeth6701d
    Gallery Link:
    Youtube SpeedCAS:
    Here’s some brief bio intro:
    Vivienne Fontenot
    is an alien from Sixam, who immigrated to Earth in her teens. She is 43, and an adult. She is proud of her heritage and prefers to show her true self rather than her human “disguise.” She works as an actress (I think silver icon). She’s a genius, outgoing, and self-confident. She aspires to be a master actress. She’s a bit of a super sim and has maxed a lot of skills-mostly because I’ve played her consistently for 3 years. Vivienne is quite talkative and loves to spend lots of time with her family. She recently started mentoring a townie sim Cherish, a fellow alien girl who wants to be an actress. Y’all might recognize her from our townie makeover challenge!! 46S4C1v.png

    Trey O’Malley
    is a random actor townie Viv met while on set one day. He's an adult, age 46. Believe it or not, I haven't changed his face besides facial hair and outfits! They are now married. Trey is a hoot. He’s outgoing, neat, and clumsy. I gave him the master actor aspiration. He’s kinda dumb, not gonna lie. He usually just sits there with a happy blank expression on his face all the time. But he makes me laugh and Viv loves him to bits. Unfortunately he is constantly setting himself on fire or breaking stuff. Fortunately Viv has top handiness skills. I have managed to give him some life skills over the year or so I’ve played him.

    The Interview
    Let’s sit in on them during a lucrative interview with Ryan Seascrisp in their small but lovely home in Oasis Springs-eKQ3H26.png
    Ryan Seacrisp was finally able to get an account of Vivienne’s life story. She was born as Viv-N, an alien and native to planet Sixam. She grew up watching the tv shows and movies broadcasting from that strange planet Earth so many light years away. Its society looked so different from planet Sixam. She dreamed of moving there and becoming a famous actress. She vowed to herself that she would. Her older brother Clint always supported her dreams.
    Unfortunately for Viv-N, her dreams would not happen for a long time. When Viv-N first entered Sixam “high school” she developed a crush on a handsome boy, Hah-re. He reciprocated, and to their surprise, Viv-N at barely 16, became a teen mother. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Vincent (she named him after the famous Earth actor, Vincent Price). Their parents were both horrified and shamed, but rather than support their children, they pressured the teens into marriage. Meanwhile, her brother Clint had entered the Sixam Space Force and was soon patrolling the galaxy.
    Soon after, tragedy struck. Viv-N’s parents were tragically eaten by a Sixam Pit Beast. She had no family aside from her son and young husband Hah-re. Hah-re was an orphan at the time as well. He had a sizable trust fund from his deceased parents and decided to go to medical school. With nothing keeping them on Sixam, the couple immigrated to Earth when they came of age.
    Viv-N became Vivienne, and Hah-re became Harry. He soon graduated from med school and began his career as a doctor. Vivenne took a number of part time jobs to support them and took care of their son. At the same time, she took acting classes along the way. Their marriage was less than ideal, and Harry often strayed. He finally came to her one evening and asked for a divorce. He had found another love and wanted to settle down.
    Devastated, Vivienne moved out to a dinky apartment in San Myshuno with little Vincent, who was still a toddler. She was so poor and hungry. Life was hard as a struggling actor and with a kid to raise. She took small parts for commercials and took part time jobs to make ends meet. Until, one evening, her older brother appeared at her apartment door in San Myshuno! He had left the Sixam Space Force, and defected to Earth! He was now working as a Space Ranger for Earth. He was trying to track down an old girlfriend of his he met while working as a pollination technician. Clint was watching tv when he saw his little sister on a commercial! He had no idea she was still alive! He thought she had died along with his parents in that Sixam Pit Beast accident.
    They decided to move into a larger apartment together to help with finances. Little Vincent grew up into a fine strapping young man who joined the military. Vivenne’s career grew and she soon graduated from commercials to regular gigs for local television. Meanwhile, Clint reunited with his old flame Rosemarie and discovered he was a father! He married her and is currently growing his family. Vivienne continued to live with her brother and sister-in-law. She loved being an aunt and watching her nephew and nieces grow and thrive.
    Her son Vincent was soon an officer in the military and a decorated hero after he defeated some nasty motherplant creature in Strangerville. He had married a lovely young lady named Joanna. Vivenne soon found herself a very young grandmother! Vincent had a stepson, adopted 2 children, and had a biological son with Joanna.
    Vivienne never really dated after her divorce and never put much thought into romance, until she met Trey O’Malley that is! They met while on scene at a western shoot. Trey knew she was the lady for him. Both were over 40 by this point and decided to let their romance build and thrive. Trey asked Vivenne to be his girlfriend and he moved in with her (and her brother’s family mind you!!-full house!!)

    Trey grew up in rural Strangertown and had always dreamed of being an actor and film producer/director. He took acting and media production classes throughout high school and his young adult years. He moved to Del Sol Valley to pursue his career but was only ever to fine small parts. He was married, but it ended in divorce. He never had any children.
    Meanwhile, Trey got into film production and produced and directed a few indie films that were quite successful. Meanwhile, Vivienne landed a lucrative queen role in the highly acclaimed t.v. series, Game of Groans, based on the popular novel series. This launched her almost immediately into stardom.
    Trey and Vivenne soon got engaged and had a lovely wedding surrounded by friends and family. Trey and Vivenne wanted a family over their own, and soon set about making that happen. They wanted to start soon since both were over 40. Vivienne soon became pregnant. They welcomed baby Kevin shortly after their marriage and moved into a new house.
    Despite their recent happiness, Death reared its ugly head. Vivenne’s son Vincent soon died due to a freak poison pufferfish nigiri incident.
    *I was actually playing another family (I play rotationally) when I saw Vincent order pufferfish nigiri from a food stall during one of the festivals. Poor dude started choking and foaming at the mouth and died. I was devastated!! The poor sim I was playing begged Grimmie for a second chance to no avail.
    Anyway, Vincent left a young widow with 4 kids and an utterly devastated family. Vivienne was beyond grief. She spent a sizable mourning period. I was grateful she had a new baby to love. She threw herself into her career as well. She and Trey started a new film project...
    Which leads us to the the interview with Ryan Seacrisp (or Diego Lobo in this case lol)

    Back to the interview:
    Ryan: “Vivienne, I absolutely love this ensemble. Tell me more about it. Its so glamorous and chic. Who’s the designer?”
    Vivienne: “Well Ryan, its House Vatore of course! I adore Lilith’s designs. I almost exclusively wear her line. She has a lovely little store in Magnolia Promenade. She personally designed my summer wedding dress.”
    “And of course the dress I wore to the Starlight Accolades awards ceremony last night. She also designed Trey’s tuxedo” I absolutely love that gown.” Fy5H0QY.png
    Ryan: I saw that! And who can ever forget that plunging backline! You were a sensation! xx2f2Pj.png
    Ryan: “Why did you choose Lilith Vatore’s as your preferred designer?”
    Vivienne: “Do I even have to explain? Lilith has been a fashion design icon for decades, longer than I’ve been alive! Being a vampire, she’s had a long time to develop her unique look and an eye for design.”
    Ryan: “Tell me more about the film you two starred in together. Trey you not only produced and directed the film, but you co-starred in it together! You tend to be known for your western roles Trey, the “Strong-but-Silent-Type” who rescues the town only to then disappear into the sunset without a word. This time you portrayed the verbose romantic figure for this Georgian period romance? GEucMda.png
    Was it a challenging role for you?
    Trey: “Nope” :)
    Ryan: “Okay...Tell me, what was it like acting alongside Vivienne?” Was it enjoyable?”
    Trey: “Yep.” :)
    Vivenne: “What Trey means to say is, that he enjoyed the change of scene. The death of my oldest son Vincent was very difficult for me. I went through a deep depression for a period of time. Trey decided to produce this film as a love letter for me and a tribute to Vincent. The film of course, “Untamed Treachery of the Heart” was based on the book of the same name. Vincent absolutely adored that novel and was constantly lamenting that it had never appeared on the silver screen. Trey decided to make that happen. We had costarred before in a western some years ago, but as protagonist/antagonist roles. This was our first romance film together. It was quite fun.”
    Ryan: “Yes! Your onscreen chemistry was palpable!”
    Vivienne: “Of course! We have incredible chemistry to begin with, its only natural it translates to the screen! dixee5Q.png
    Ryan: “Can you tell us a brief description of the film for those who are unfamiliar with the novel?”
    Vivienne: “Yes! Its about a spinster aunt, Miss Prudence Lovelace, who must escort her wily nieces to a country party and ball. She is supposed to act as chaperone and matchmaker for her nieces. There’s a number of fine young men to choose from, but the most eligible bachelor, Lord Simon Lamore, is a "mature" gentleman who happens to be a lord and quite rich, not to mention handsome. All the nieces and ladies at the ball must vie for his eye and they betray each other in the most delightful ways. But the "old" spinster aunt is the one who lands him of course!” jaNmpF4.png
    Ryan: “I loved it! I especially love the set design and your fabulous ball gown. P2i4N3u.png
    “I would love to see more from you two in the future! Please tell me you have more in store for the public. We can’t get enough of you two! Will you be starring together soon?
    Trey: “Yep.” :)
    Ryan: “Er...what will be your next project?”
    Vivenne: “We plan on costaring in a film based on the book written by the same author, Seduction by the Sea. Its about the pirate captain, Pink Ruffles, and his new love interest, Annie.”
    Ryan: “How delightful! Well that concludes this interview, congratulations on your awards last night! We look forward to seeing what you two create in the future!

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    GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 797 Member
    edited September 2021

    Our last theme continually got me thinking about our wonderfully silly novels sitting on our sim shelves! I've always loved reading the book titles. The best part, I believe, are the book summaries! If you've never yet read them all through right now is your chance to! 😂 During the red carpet event I kept thinking how can I invent a new QCC connected to our wittily written Sims 4 book themes. Thanks to @sarabeth2984, the idea solidified in my mind during our last stream. Finally, I'm getting around to creating the official write up 😉

    Creative Direction & Rules:

    Shop the shelves in your sims homes to find the one book to call your own! The very one that calls to you, then get in CAS to do what you do best 😉 Or, if you'd rather take a look at this handy link to pick your book ~ SimsWiki List of Books ~ Read and laugh at the titles and summaries!

    Your Challenge:

    Create sims who are the specific characters from the book you choose. Ask yourself, after reading the title & summary, just who could these sim characters be? If they were actually real sim people, what would we see? How are they dressed? Do your best to sculpt your sims face and bodies into the image of the characters these books represent. Let your book dictate the total sim number of your household to include ages & pets.

    In your description, name the book title and write your reason(s) why you selected this book. Creative hook? Big laughs? Silly antics? Great advice? A wonderful love life? Sadness & strife? Additionally, please provide at least one actual quote direct from the made up book summary that gives us the best vision of what your book selection is about. Then, if you have more space in the teeny description, take your chosen book further into any creative direction. Continue the story with twists, turns, happy ever afters, dramatic deception .. anything that feels right for the characters you choose. 💜

    🎉✨ PRIZE ROUND 🎉✨

    Of course there will be at least one prize 😉 I'm sure it will be related to the new game pack being released soon!

    Please include the hashtag #GLovelysQCC when you share your entry to the gallery.

    ENDS ~ FRIDAY 6/11/21 ~ However, it's very helpful to share your creations early so we can have some households full of aweSIM creativity to nominate for a Maxis Fav!

    1. Create 1-8 sims or pets that are specifically related to a real The Sims 4 book title.
    2. In your description, name the book title, write the main reason you chose this book and share at least one direct quote from the book summary.
    3. Style ALL of your sims fashions to give us a connected vision of the characters in your selected sim novel.
    4. Make sure your sims 1st outfits, which show in the gallery photo, clearly reflect their book character(s).
    5. NoCC and no defaults (defaults replace the original Maxis skin/eyes but are not officially tagged as CC).
    6. For fairness, please only use Maxis poses. Custom posed entries are permitted as "just for fun" entries only. Posed entries do not have an opportunity to earn a Maxis nomination or fav. In addition, posed entries would not qualify for prize round challenges.
    7. Re-uploaded entries, in other words entries copied from other simmers creations, will be disqualified.
    8. Have a blast creating for our forum and gallery friends!

    Please continue posting all your awesome extras like additional story line, pictures, screenshots (limit 4) and the link to your creation in the gallery here! Please tag #GLovelysQCC if you post on Twitter or Instagram!

    💜 As always, thank you so much for your thoughtfully fun energy you give to these QCC's! Happy CAS creating! 💜
    Post edited by GLovely1 on
    Please join my 💜 Quick Creativity Challenge 💜 forum thread

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    CarolcolorsCarolcolors Posts: 16 Member
    Great creative challenge idea !! This should be full of creative fun!! Thanks so much for another wonderful challenge I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!
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    Patchy_AKPatchy_AK Posts: 5 New Member
    I adore books so this will be fun!
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    CatharinaSophiaCatharinaSophia Posts: 98 Member
    Hello lovelies! I have chosen to create Lucas Dark from the book Lucas Dark and The Increasingly Unlikely Series of Coincidences.

    Summary of the book:
    This gripping mystery tells the tale of Lucas Dark, an exceedingly attractive author with nothing left to lose but his mind. Written by future award winner Lucas Dark, this--but wait, that's the main character's name too! What a coincidence!

    My description:
    "Lucas Dark is an exceedingly attractive author with nothing left to lose but his mind. - Written by future award winner Lucas Dark." As the medium looked at Lucas, she quickly came to the conclusion the guy in front of her indeed didn't have much to lose: poor, smelly, often sick and no success so far. She wondered if the award were to be for his book but then her crystal ball showed a hotdog. Oh yes, she was hungry for sure, but could it have another meaning?

    Extra info because character limit and I aren't friends:
    I have selected this book simply because it sounds... odd. At least weird enough to make my imagination go completely crazy. And the more I think, the more stories my brain comes up with. Now, in the description it says he's an award winning author. I - ehh - no. That's not going to happen. Our dear Lucas might have won some eating competitions - hot dogs, anyone? - to make sure he can afford some basic needs (he has nothing to lose, so in my mind he's homeless, doesn't have the newest/cleanest outfits, is unemployed and owns basically nothing except for strange diseases). I highly doubt poor Lucas will win any writing related awards though, as someone is secretly sabotaging his career. Whether that is the hotdog guy, the medium or someone else... that's up to y'all to find out.

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    Amuni50Amuni50 Posts: 113 Member
    What a fun idea! The next three weeks will be very busy for me, but I will give it my best shot because I love books so much!
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    NeoFelis22NeoFelis22 Posts: 194 Member
    Congratulations to @CatharinaSophia and @Carolcolors on your Maxis faves! 🎉✨

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