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💜 Quick Creativity CAS Challenge 💜 GLovelysQCC


  • MinraedMinraed Posts: 1,157 Member
    ooh fun. I have to start dreaming up ideas.
  • divanthesimmerdivanthesimmer Posts: 1,462 Member
    My entry for the latest challenge: It's In Her Blood

    Backstory: Adopted and raised by an Asian family, June never knew her biological parents. She grew up under a lot of pressure from her parents and they had different ideas for her career than the one she chose to persue.


    She won a scholarship to Ward University and she's thrilled to start her college journey.


    But does a socially awkward and clumsy,


    ...yet beautiful and talented young woman like June have what it takes to become a master actress one day?

    Check out my SimLit blog here:
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    Origin ID: divanthesimmer
  • MenaBuchnerMenaBuchner Posts: 176 Member
    I’m so excited about this collaboration! #WardUniversity by @BoiSimmer is my favorite series on YT right now and absolutely a must-watch!
    I hope I’ll be able to upload an entry in time ...
    Good luck everyone! Don’t forget to go watch the series!
  • ErenSparklesErenSparkles Posts: 5 New Member
    I am incredibly excited as well! This is such a great challenge idea!
  • PalgoonsPalgoons Posts: 20 Member
    it's time for me to jump in the CAS to join this challenge
  • CatharinaSophiaCatharinaSophia Posts: 98 Member
    Hi lovelies! What an inspiring theme this week! I hope y'all like Coni Retiste, I had a lot of fun creating her. (PS excuse me @GLovely1, I may or may not have used your name, I hope that's ok)

    Coni's eyes landed on one of the headlines in the morning paper: "Mysterious Graffiti Artist GiLo Strikes Again!" Quickly Coni ran to her closet, grabbed her spray paint and sprayed a little bit of paint on her fingers and hands. Spray painting her fingers started as a way to show support for the risky political messages in GiLo's art. But one day Coni's roommate took her on a surprise visit to Ward University. He looked at her hands, winked and said: 'I know who you are, but your secret is safe with me. I just hope you'll consider my help and explore and further develop your talents here.'
    Over the summer, her roommate told all of their friends, and even her parents about Coni possibly going to Ward University. And - as expected - everyone was very excited for her. But would anyone notice? And would she be good enough?

  • tatselktatselk Posts: 454 Member

    What a fun challenge! And what a fantastic series this is! The storyline is really compelling and I feel totally invested in the characters. In fact, I binge-watched the whole thing over a couple of days and when I was done, I just re-watched the whole thing again. ;)

    ANYWAY, without further ado, here’s my entry for the GLovelysQCC Ward University challenge!

    Eduardo “Eddy” Heredia

    Description: A fine arts major at the prestigious Ward University, Eddy was keen to start his freshman year and learn all that he can to advance his career in costume design. But now that Eddy’s university admission and scholarship are suspected of being related to some sort of involvement in the Ward-Bailey-Jeong Scandal, how will this affect Eddy’s time at university?

    Gallery Link:



    To escape the harsh realities of growing up in an underprivileged neighbourhood in Del Sol Valley, Eduardo “Eddy” Heredia had always immersed himself in the cinematic world. With his passion for fashion, the Creative Eddy dreamt of making it big in the film industry as a costume designer.

    After graduating from high school, Eddy did odd jobs at Plumbob Pictures whilst taking night classes in art and design. Whilst Eddy was working as a production assistant in one of Judith Ward’s latest films, the temperamental costume designer had abruptly quit right before filming was scheduled to begin and destroyed all the sketches and costumes which have been prepared for the film. Luckily, Eddy had helped to save the day with his spare sketches and savvy sewing skills.

    To everyone’s surprise, Ms Ward had demanded that Eddy be promoted to the role of costume designer for that film. After all, he had never been credited on any film before! To everyone’s even greater surprise, soon after filming ended, Eddy had been admitted to the prestigious Ward University School of Arts’ fine arts major on a full scholarship.


    Eddy had a great start to his freshman year at Ward University.

    On the scholastic side of things, Eddy’s Perfectionist trait had him constantly honing his craft, even in much of his spare time. This helped him to breeze through all his tests and assignments.


    On the social side of things, despite being a Loner, Eddy thought that he had done pretty well with living in the university’s communal environment.

    For example, he had managed to not get TOO annoyed at his roommate, a creative writing major who always seems to be talking the head off of anyone and everyone in the vicinity.


    Eddy had even been able to steer clear of all the drama with the castings/rehearsals for the school musical whilst designing and creating the costumes for it.



    Unfortunately, everything changed when the press found out about the possible link between Judith Ward, Thorne Bailey and Venessa Jeong’s murder (AKA the Ward-Bailey-Jeong Scandal).

    Someone noted that the film which Eddy had worked on as the costume designer was also the first and last film which Judith Ward and Venessa Jeong had appeared in together. Someone else pointed out that the notoriously Mean Snob, Judith Ward, seemed to be suspiciously helpful in helping a nobody like Eddy to advance his career.

    Conspiracies began flying about how Eddy may have been involved in some way or at least knows SOMETHING major about what went down in the Ward-Bailey-Jeong Scandal, such that Judith Ward had to buy his silence with his university admission/scholarship.

    Not only was Eddy stalked by the press whenever he tried to leave campus, they have even taken to emailing him, texting him and calling him to get his comments on the Ward-Bailey-Jeong Scandal.

    How will this affect Eddy’s time at Ward University? Will he able to complete his freshman year in peace? Or will he be sucked into the swirling vortex of scandal and glamour at Ward University?


  • SueSimmingSueSimming Posts: 42 Member
    Nobody pays attention to the girl who dresses like a grandma & that's the way she wants it. Attending #WardUniversity on a scholarship for writing, she always has a notebook with her but this undercover wallflower isn't writing stories, she's making a list. See, Mare Fallon isn't Mare Fallon & she's not here to learn but rather to teach someone a lesson. Those calling "nerd" don't know just how dangerous this sweet looking bookworm is. But who at Ward does Mare have on her list? #GLovelyQCC
  • PalgoonsPalgoons Posts: 20 Member
    amazing entries!!
  • illusieillusie Posts: 13,615 Member
    Kaley Pineda

    Kaley is the niece of the headmaster of Ward University. That is how she got accepted into University, at least that is what everyone is saying behind her back. This made Kaley unpopular with the other art students. They say she has got no talent. Kaley will have to work hard to prove that she deserves to be here, and hopefully will be able to make some friends and have a fun time at uni.

    Age: YA
    Traits: Bookworm, Art Lover, Creative
    Aspiration: Academic

  • NeoFelis22NeoFelis22 Posts: 194 Member
    I finally uploaded my entry for this week's QCC. I had hoped to finish my extras for the forum first, but got bogged down by too much pain. I'll try to get them up before the challenge ends. I have my screenshots and my notes, but I still have a bit of writing to do. Until then, here's the link to my entry:

    Ward Uni Challenge

    The description:
    Amy's always loved reading. She began writing her own stories when she was 9. Even with the stress of her parents separation & divorce, she managed to write the winning story in the 'Young Writers to Watch' contest. Her prize was a full scholarship in Creative Writing at Ward Uni. She's been staying out of all the drama around her and keeping to herself. She's glad to be where no one cares about how much or what she eats or when.

    And the gallery image:

    I went in a serious direction for my entry. The idea has been percolating in my brain even before this challenge, and so when I saw what the QCC was about, I didn't try to come up with anything else. I doubt this is the sort of entry that will win, which is fine. I just wanted to do it and this seemed like the right time.

    I can't wait until I get to see all of the other entries! The ones on the forum are wonderful! 👍
  • QueenV815QueenV815 Posts: 163 Member
    Mara Luisa Delgado Ortiz

    Description: Mara grew up in Selvadorada with her parents Maria and Juan. Her parents were very religious and strict so Mara grew up in a very modest setting. Her personal style reflect this with very modest clothes and she never shows alot of skin. Mara's family lived off-the-grid and with very modest means so she grew up without TV or a computer. She developed a great skill for drawing and painting as a result. Her skills were so great that she actually received a full scholarship to Ward University for Painting/Drawing! She's very proud of her heritage and loves to express that in her art and her style. She often wears her mother's heirloom traditional necklace. Her mother also gifted her an Evil Eye Ring to help ward off bad juju and provide Mara with protection while she is off in an unfamiliar setting far from home. How will she fare in the great big world?

    Age: YA
    Traits: Loner, Creative, Ambitious
    Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire


    Mara loves her heritage and often uses that as inspiration for her art and personal style.

    She was often isolated at home, especially due to living off-the-grid, so she is quite shy as a result and tends to keep to herself (loner trait).

    She seems to be adjusting to University life well though due to her Ambitious/Creative traits:

    Mara is a very pretty girl with lots of "curves" despite her very modest style and has definitely gotten the attention of some of the guys at Ward which does make her a bit nervous.

    During one of her first weeks at Ward, Mara tried The JUICE, naively not knowing the effect it would have on her. The last thing she remembers of the night is some guy touching her arm and her feeling very uncomfortable. The next morning, she woke up on a couch in the Commons building and felt very sick. She has this terrible feeling she may have done something she regrets...
    Take a trip over to my Showcase thread to see some of my favorite builds I've done: :smiley:
  • NeoFelis22NeoFelis22 Posts: 194 Member
    edited April 2021
    Amy's story:

    Amy has always loved reading and books. Her first memories are of being read to by her mom and dad. She began writing her own stories as a child. She did it just for fun until she turned in one of her stories as part of English class assignment in middle school. Her teacher took her aside after class and told her that she was talented and that she should think about pursuing writing as a career. She began reading books about writing and worked on it every day.

    She'd thought things were going well with her parents until just over a year ago when they abruptly (to her) separated. Her father moved to San Myshuno, while Amy and her mother moved into a smaller, cheaper rental place. Even with all the stress, she managed to write the winning story in the 'Young Writers to Watch' contest. Her prize was a full scholarship in Creative Writing at Ward University.

    A few weeks before she leaves, Amy's father, Joseph, flies her out to the city for the weekend for a tour. She's dismayed to see that her father has gotten a bunch of new clothes. Apparently he thinks dressing in what he thinks young people wear is a good look for him.

    While they're out in the city, they sit down to take a break when he starts texting with someone, then asks her to excuse him for a few minutes. About five minutes later, he texts her to come around to the other side of the plaza so that she can meet someone. As she approaches, Amy can see that it looks like her father has gotten a girlfriend only a few years older than his daughter. As he introduces Amy to Lilah, she thinks with disgust that he's turned into a cliche.

    Amy goes home determined not to mention this to her mom unless asked.

    Her mom has had to take a part-time job in addition to her full-time one to make ends meet while the divorce proceedings continue They talk while her mom eats.

    "Honey, thank you for making me dinner before I head to Sim-Mart. Aren't you going to join me?" Amy's mom, Kirsten, asks.

    "I ate earlier," Amy says quickly. I'm not eating carbs. "Do you like it? I had to use frozen veggies with the pasta."

    "It's delicious. I don't know why you decided to start cooking, but I'm definitely benefitting." Kirsten smiled and took another bite. "You know that I get an employee discount at Sim-Mart if you need more clothes. You don't have to wear that baggy clothing, honey."

    "Mo-om." Amy replied, drawing the one-syllable word into two. "I like these clothes. And buying secondhand is good for the environment." And no one can see my body under them either.

    "Okay, okay! You win!" Kirsten laughed. I have such a thoughtful daughter. I know that she doesn't want me to spend more money on her.

    "So what are you up to this evening? Are you finished packing?"

    "Yeah, Mom. I'm all done. I'm going to do a bit of writing and then go to bed."

    "All right. Don't stay up too late. I'll text you when I get home. Love you!"

    "Love you too, Mom. Good luck at work."

    Amy manages to work on her writing for half an hour before she becomes too tired to continue. For some reason, she just doesn't have the energy that she used to have.

    Amy, while changing for bed, looks at herself in the mirror. I've got to lose more weight. I look so terrible.

    Amy arrives at Ward University, and happens to overhear some guy with a huge mohawk's description of four girls who are the center of attention in the middle of a hallway. She figures he's right on the money about them. She already knows how to deal with that type: stay out of their way, say as little as possible if confronted, then get away as quickly as possible. She stops by the first party on her way back to her dorm room just long enough to see that it's offering disgusting junk food and students getting buzzed or worse; it's pretty much what she expected. She's not here to party anyway. She intends to avoid drama, keep to herself, and work hard. At least here, she shouldn't have to worry about anyone caring about how much or how often she eats.

    I hope it's obvious from the story that Amy has body dysmorphic disorder as well as anorexia nervosa. I don't mean to suggest that her parents' separation and divorce caused her illness. She's at a stressful point in her life in general, already, with so many things changing for her. I leave it up to the readers' interpretation of how she ended up like this. As I said in my previous post, I've had this idea in mind for a while, though I didn't think about the full story until I read the challenge. This is not based on personal experience by the way. I sincerely hope that I represented an example of someone with these conditions well.

    If anyone thinks that I should put a trigger warning on this, please let me know.

    Edited to change a small detail in the last paragraph of the story.
    Edited again to fix a couple things in my comment paragraph. Hopefully that's it!
    Edit: I forgot something important: how she got in! I added it and I really really hope that I'm done.
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  • NeoFelis22NeoFelis22 Posts: 194 Member
    Just wanted to add that I'm going to look at as many of the other entries tonight as I can. I'm sure they'll be great! 👍 With so much typing today, I probably won't do my normal, personalized comments. I'm sorry about that. 🙁
  • LaTalpaVolanteLaTalpaVolante Posts: 22 Member
    edited April 2021
    Hello! Love all these creative and intriguing entries so far!! The theme of this week's challenge is awesome, and I'm generally so glad to have learned about this fantastic series, it's so well made and I really love the characters and the storyline! Can't wait for the next episode! <3

    Considering this, I really wanted to create something for this week's round of the QCC, but because of my work I didn't have much time for playing recently (and when I happened to have time, I usually was too tired, lol...) So I think I'll have to miss this turn...

    Good luck to everyone taking part!! Very excited to see who'll make it on the show! :)
    Wish you all a wonderful week!
  • ChristineRose5ChristineRose5 Posts: 36 Member

    Growing up, there was nothing Joshua Wiles wanted more than to become a teacher. More specifically, a teacher at the prestigious Ward University. Getting accepted there as a student there was a dream come true. His passion for art history and mentoring students drove his life, and he was soon selected as the youngest person to ever lecture at Ward University.


    Fast forward twenty years, Professor Wiles has become disenchanted with the entire system. The students are too vapid, there's too much drama, no one appreciates art history the way they should. The students aren't even "Student-ing" right! Wiles always feels like he's chasing an elusive memory - maybe a dream - of happier times with his friends at university.


    Professor Wiles finds himself looking forward to his nightly trip down to Pepper's Pub more and more, frequenting the bar he went to as a student himself. A glass of juice (or two, or three) seems to be the only thing to get him through the lonely nights. Soon enough, it becomes the only thing that can get him through the days as well.


    When a student is unexpectedly murdered, it turns life at the University upside down. Worse yet, possibly? Wiles - too dazed from too many days of drinking salty llamas and ridgeports - isn't 100% sure he didn't have anything to do with it....



    Gallery link:
  • MenaBuchnerMenaBuchner Posts: 176 Member
    Loving the detailed stories and wonderful entries by everyone! I think this is going to be a very difficult choice!
    Good luck everyone!
  • ZebSimsZebSims Posts: 67 Member
    I couldn't resist making a Ward University student who would have known Lori back in StrangerVille, so singer-songwriter Belle, an exchange student from StrangerVille, came to be.



    Belle attends Ward University as a music major and has loved to sing since she was a teenager. An exchange student from wacky StrangerVille, she has more than her fair share of tea to spill. When it comes to gossiping, Belle wears the crown: she knows all the secrets of her hometown. She writes saucy tell-all songs about the odd locals but fears other students hearing her vocals. When she talked herself into auditioning for a band, her voice cracked at the microphone stand.
  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 834 Member
    edited April 2021
    Hey all!!! Here I am submitting my dude just under the wire!! I am loving everyone's creations for this challenge and can't wait to see them all!!!

    Here is my dude and his backstory:)
    Gallery Name: Lucian
    Gallery ID: sarabeth6701d
    Gallery Link:
    Youtube CAS Creation:

    Acting outfit "Macbeth" HSgWbb3.png
    Knight Role fkSqCfY.png
    Warlock Role zQ64ciL.png
    Lucian's Everyday outfit RNzWAl3.png
    Formal OpEBPab.png
    Active hdhZQOr.png
    Sleep 4ekJE1w.png
    Party 5SCr2ap.png
    Swimwear ONJw9CY.png
    Hot txpwlpF.png
    Cold 4jcoUzj.png

    Meet Lucian Falcontree!
    Lucian was born and raised in the rural and remote community of Glimmerbrook. There has always been strange rumors about the inhabitants of Glimmerbrook, and Lucian's family is no exception. Lucian grew up as your typical teenager. He loved to hang out with friends, play videogames, basketball, and date. He was star on his basketball and soccer team. Despite appearing as the classic athletic "jock," Lucian harbored a secret passion for theater. He loved Shakespeare and secretly dreamed of becoming a Shakespearean actor. His theater teacher noticed his innate talent for acting and fostered it. He had long graduated from the Ward School years ago and wrote a recommendation letter for Lucian. 3XnAglx.png

    After Lucian graduated high school, he managed to get a part time job and attend community college. He hoped to attend the Ward School of Fine Arts and finish his degree in acting.
    However, Lucian had another problem he would have to overcome...his parents!
    And...his secret elven heritage...
    Lucian's human mother Amina, originally from Selvadorada, is descended from a long and powerful line of witches. She and Lucian are the last of the line. She hopes that Lucian will settle down with a nice young witch and have lots of grandchildren she can spoil to her heart's content. LccHdXi.png
    Lucian's father, Rogelio Falcontree, is a wood elf originally from the Sylvan Glade. Rogelio is a powerful spellcaster and quickly rose through the ranks as the Mage of Untamed Magic. He has high hopes that his half-elven son will stay and follow in his footsteps. He constantly expresses his concerns over his son's lack of interest in learning magic. They often argue it for hours. Lucian often wears his hair long to hide his pointed ears. f9RwI92.png

    But Lucian has other ideas...if only he can hide his magical heritage

    Some screenshots of Lucian acting in a "Macbeth" type play
    Preparing for his role b3rbL8R.png
    He doubled/tripled (?) as one of the witches jUcP6G7.png

    Confronting the "Enemy" 3VeFrdx.png
    Swordfight j4kwRTq.png

    Epic death scene
    I was really happy when he actually fell on the debug sword I put on the floor. It made for an authentic looking screenshot! :)

    Lucian is a bro, creative, and self-assured with the Aspiring Actor aspiration. He has some life skills and some acting skills. He won't burn the house down when he makes mac'n'cheese , he can unclog a toilet, and can finish most acting scenes-but definitely needs some practice lol. He has the ancient bloodline but has not fostered any of his magical powers and does not know any spells. Enjoy!!
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  • NeoFelis22NeoFelis22 Posts: 194 Member
    Between the extras here and what I saw on the gallery, I agree with @MenaBuchner that this is going to be difficult for the judges. Really great job, everybody! 👍 Good luck to everyone who entered! 💛
  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 751 Member
    edited May 2021
    Whew! I made it here .. barely! But I've finally gotten in some time to relax with some outstanding sim story creativity from everyone here! You all make this thread look GOOD! 🤩 I know I have my favorites .. and you probably do too ;) .. but I decided to let @BoiSimmer choose the official winners for this special anniversary event. She's got huge plans for some of your amazing sims and tomorrow I'll share the winners on stream! I hope you can make it! 💜 5/8 at 11 am EST 💜

    Also, I'm so glad I checked here tonight as I totally missed yours @SSSue1106 ! You accidentally left off an "s" in the hashtag ;) Thanks for sharing here too as it always helps me find all the entries!
    Please join my 💜 Quick Creativity Challenge 💜 forum thread

  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 751 Member

    At the end of last month, the stars of music, stage and screen arrived at the 93rd Academy Awards. There, celebrities in many categories were acknowledged for their outstanding roles in the best movies of the past year. The events leading up to this star studded show is where our attentions will actually go. Namely, the red carpet activities!

    Creative Direction & Rules:

    Imagine your sim star is up for one of the coveted Simcademy awards. Of course, they must be dressed to impress! Wearing the top of the line fashions by the best designers in town. Or, they could take a risk and don an up and coming fashion artist to make everyone ask "ohhh who's that they have on?!" No matter what you choose, be sure it's not something that will make you lose on the red carpet. Mentioning that, now I can tell you that's where all the action will be at! The paparazzi will flash as you dash through the red carpet gauntlet of interviewers & stars .. hoping you'll be stopped by at least one for an exclusive interview and the top paparazzi shot.

    Your Challenge:

    Create a young adult, adult or elder sim (1 or 2) in the acting or music career as either an actor, director or music writer/producer. Increase their "fame points" either by playing them or using the cheat codes found HERE 💜 Imagine they are up for one of the following awards: Best Director, Best Supporting Actor/Actress, Best Actress, Best Original Song.

    In your description, name which category they've been nominated in and also name the sim movie they're nominated for. If you chose music, then tell us the name of their original song score and what sim movie it's in. You may choose to pick a sim movie that actually plays on our sims TV's like "Simder" or "Roaring Vice". Or, get even more creative and imagine up your own movie title. Then, as they walk the red carpet, imagine they were stopped by the most famous interviewer, Ryan Seacrisp 😂 Pretend Ryan is asking your sim the following questions as if you (your sim) is actively being interviewed on the red carpet:
    1. Who are you wearing?
    2. Why did you choose this designer?
    3. How challenging was this role to play?
    4. What was it like acting/creating music with your co-star/co-writer?
    5. What will be your next project?

    Please include the hashtag #GLovelysQCC when you share your entry to the gallery.

    ENDS ~ FRIDAY 5/21/21 ~ However, it's very helpful to share your creations early so we can have some households full of aweSIM creativity to nominate for a Maxis Fav!

    1. Create a single or couple (1 or 2) young adult, adult or elder sim(s) actor/actress/musician with at least 3 fame points. Feel free to add other special skills/qualities if you'd like.
    2. In your description, name the movie they've starred in & the role they play OR name the song they wrote and the movie soundtrack it's in.
    3. Also, in your description, answer the specific questions above.
    4. Make sure your sims 1st outfits, which show in the gallery photo shine in red carpet finest! Make sure they dazzle and drip with glamour!
    5. Make sure all other outfit categories are styled with star quality as well.
    6. NoCC and no defaults (defaults replace the original Maxis skin/eyes but are not officially tagged as CC).
    7. For fairness, please only use Maxis poses. Custom posed entries are permitted as "just for fun" entries only. Posed entries do not have an opportunity to earn a Maxis nomination or fav. In addition, posed entries would not qualify for prize round challenges.
    8. Re-uploaded entries, in other words entries copied from other simmers creations, will be disqualified.
    9. Have a blast creating for our forum and gallery friends!

    🤩 Have the most fabulous time creating your red carpet stars who will attend the Simcademy Awards during my next Twitch Stream 🤩

    Please continue posting all your awesome extras like additional story line, pictures, screenshots (limit 4) and the link to your creation in the gallery here! Please tag #GLovelysQCC if you post on Twitter or Instagram!

    💜 Special thanks to @LukasCreatesSims for sharing this super glam challenge idea with me! It's going to be a star-studded red carpet stream event on Saturday 5/22/21 at 11:00 am EST 💜
    Please join my 💜 Quick Creativity Challenge 💜 forum thread

  • NeoFelis22NeoFelis22 Posts: 194 Member
    @GLovely1 , I don't have Get Famous, and I suspect there are a few others here who don't either. Can we still participate?
  • nightlionessnightlioness Posts: 55 Member
    @LukasCreatesSims and I had a blast with this QCC! Thanks @GLovely1 for another fun challenge! See ya on the red carpet!
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