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Lucky's 2 Week Build Challenges


  • Pepper61Pepper61 Posts: 67 Member
    edited January 19
    Entry Form
    Challenge number: 1
    Origin ID: Pepper6661
    Gallery Name: Photographer's Tiny Home
    Gallery Link: https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/79E75AD43A7E11EA87C62E6E0A167AB9?category=all&searchtype=ea_origin_id&sortby=newest&time=all&searchquery=pepper6661&max=50&maxis=false
    Notes: Thanks you #babewire and #fruitloops40 for the artwork.
    Screenshots: B60hOV8.png

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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,141 Member
    Photographer’s Tiny Home is a very creatively great camera themed home! @Pepper61 :) The camera exterior design shape looks very great! The flowers are pretty! Very nice pool and outdoors living patio! The interior furnishings and layout are very nice! Very pretty pink and black colour scheme! The study desk nook is very nice! Sims will enjoy using the computer there, and the lights edged camera wallart looks great! Very nice design of the kitchen, with the eat in dining nook. Very nice corner nook area with the microwave and mini fridge nook. The items on the shelving are homely kitchen touches. The canopy bed is pretty!
    It is lovely camera themed home! :)
    This link explains how to do spoilers
  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 13,634 Member
    rosemow wrote: »
    Congratulations on your challenge thread being featured in this weeks forums highlights thread! :)

    Thank you so much @rosemow for telling me about my thread being in the Friday Highlight, I am so thrilled! Im actually lost for words :o:p
  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 13,634 Member

    Thanks very much @AIRIS6962 for the Congrats :) A big Happy face for me today
  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 13,634 Member
    edited January 19
    Photographer’s Tiny Home is an amazing camera themed home @Pepper61 I love the design of the house and the wonderful private fenced in rear garden with pool, wooden decking and pretty pink blossom tree. ;) The inside is stunning with those pop's of gorgeous pink, I love the dresser and pink curtains, plus the perfect Art all around, especially the London bus and telephone box as I am from London. :)
    Thank you for entering the challenge and I hope you find rosemows Spoiler Link helps you and by the way I will be adding all entries into the recommendations for maxis fave forum thread :)
    Btw @Pepper61 could you please put your house's Gallery Link where you have the imgur slideshow link, thanks.
  • Pepper61Pepper61 Posts: 67 Member
    Thanks @rosemow for the awesome comment. also thank you for the link. I Always know i can count on you :smiley: Thanks @luckyheather for the great comments as well and yes i will get my link stuff figured out.
  • GwinielGwiniel Posts: 970 Member
    edited January 19
    Amazing @Pepper61 - so beautifully done. Love all those pink pops and cool details <3<3<3

    Yay! Congrats @luckyheather for being featured in Friday highlight <3<3<3

    And thank you @rosemow @luckyheather and @AIRIS6962 for the reviews <3<3<3
  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 13,634 Member

    I am so pleased you worked it all out @Pepper61 ;):)

    Thanks @Gwiniel I am thrilled :) being in the Friday highlight feeling on the clouds :)

    I am glad you liked my little review, I will never be as good as rosemow though ;)<3
  • TaoronTaoron Posts: 1,649 Member
    Both, wonderful homes, @Gwiniel & @luckyheather and congrats on being featured in the Highlights!

    Great design and execution @Pepper61
  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 13,634 Member

    :) Thank you @Taoron
  • Nooboo_GirlNooboo_Girl Posts: 12 New Member
    Oh this is exciting! I cannot wait to post something...gonna go work on a build right now! Thank you for this thread :) @luckyheather
  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 13,634 Member

    I cant wait to see what you create @Nooboo_Girl :) I am pleased you found my challenge, I hope you have fun :)
  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 13,634 Member
    edited January 23
    :) just moving this along, I look forward to seeing more Camera builds and I will nominate for a Maxis Fave each entry into my challenge ;)
  • shakerellashakerella Posts: 297 Member
    @luckyheather , @Gwiniel , and @Pepper61 these builds are cool! I hope to have one done in time!!
    My Current Challenge: Drifter House Challenge
  • AliSim19AliSim19 Posts: 357 Member
    edited January 26
    Entry Form
    Challenge number: 1
    Origin ID: Aliana101
    Gallery Name: Life in Film
    Gallery Link: Here
    I had fun with this, thank you for the challenge idea @luckyheather :) Decided to try to make the inside of a Polaroid camera into a micro home - not the most original or pretty layout but it fit, which for me is an achievement! I was short on inspiration for the landscaping, 3 developing tray pools and I was done, so went with that & kept it that simple ;)

    Edit -forgot to add, it's a 30 tile building but I only actually had 11 of them available for the home, the rest were just to make the camera :D

    Short slideshow here







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  • AliSim19AliSim19 Posts: 357 Member
    Beautiful builds @luckyheather @Gwiniel and @Pepper61 !!! You've each had such great ideas in making camera buildings, and so well executed <3 Glad I didn't peek or I'd have been tempted to put a lot work into mine and then would have seriously run out of time!!

    Missed the Friday highlights that included this thread, I had no idea - belated congrats @luckyheather B)
  • GwinielGwiniel Posts: 970 Member
    That's amazing @AliSim19! Love it <3<3<3
  • AliSim19AliSim19 Posts: 357 Member
    Thank you @Gwiniel :)<3
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 153,141 Member
    edited January 26
    Life in Film is a lovely and creatively designed Polaroid camera themed micro home! @AliSim19 :) The camera exterior design with the flash looks very great! The three developing tray pools are great!Very nice garden beds! Very nice layout and furnishing of the interior! The black and white colors to reflect black and white photos is very nice!The touches of blue adds a very nice look to the home. The new pack items look very nice how you have used in the home! The mini fridge and microwave are great for Sims to get food and drinks from. The black and white photos on the wall look very nice!
    It is a very nice camera themed home! :)
    I was unable to access the slideshow as the link page said I needed to log in.
  • AliSim19AliSim19 Posts: 357 Member
    Thank you so much @rosemow :)<3

    I checked my slideshow link and it was correct, but when I logged out of imgur and tried again it wouldn't let me through no matter how often I ticked I'm over 18 (maybe there is something racy about Polaroid cameras I didn't realise!!). There aren't many more pics anyway so I'll just add a night shot to my post above. Thanks for the heads up :)
  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 13,634 Member
    shakerella wrote: »
    @luckyheather , @Gwiniel , and @Pepper61 these builds are cool! I hope to have one done in time!!

    Thank you @shakerella :) I hope you do, but if you cant you can add it here when its done ;)
  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 13,634 Member
    edited January 26
    Thanks for the Congrats @AliSim19 and thank you for that amazing camera! the inside is tiny but a great little home :) atrractive coloured furniture, nice and bright. The group of pictures is just perfect! I Love the garden pools as the trays, so clever and unique. Thank you so much for entering my 1st challenge :) Life in Film has been added to the nomination list.
  • TaoronTaoron Posts: 1,649 Member
    Awesome Camera @AliSim19 I love how you stepped back 40 years, for that one.
  • AliSim19AliSim19 Posts: 357 Member
    Thank you @luckyheather and @Taoron 🙏😊 Tried to find something different - and they actually sell these things again now!
  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 13,634 Member
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    @AliSim19 I was amazed at how many different cameras there are now.... these are the Pictures I found looking for inspiration :) I love the 1 with sticker's as I have a thing for stickers Lol.

    Pink (my inspiration)
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