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How to - Spoilers on the forum

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Sometimes we want to share some information on the forums but we are not sure everyone will want to read it. For example, you might have found Sylvan Glade and want to share how to access it, but other players may prefer not to read any hints and find it themselves. Time to use spoiler tags!

Spoiler tags hide the content you place inside, giving other Simmers the option to click to reveal the content.

Another good example on when to use spoilers could be when you want to post a lot of pictures in a single post. It's better if you post 2-3, and then hide the others inside a spoiler tag - that way who wants to check those pictures will be able to do so, but the topic won't be soooo long :smiley:

Spoilers look like this:
This text is hidden by default :)


How can you insert your own spoilers?

While writing your comment, select the text and/or images you want to hide inside the spoiler and then use the following option:


Want to test? I'm leaving this topic open so you can use it for trying this feature!
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