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    Thanks @JojoMOMSTER :)
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    Hello @AndyMeadeson I am at last looking at your 'Homeward Tavern' and I must say it looks remarkably similar to the original Lego building. As I have a lot of reviews to do I will keep them shorter (well try to) and make the feedback, tips and ideas more important as you know already what is there. You did so well building something larger than you usually do and its so clever that it can be residential or a community lot.
    Inside the ground level bar area it looks very welcoming with the warm red coloured seating and I love all the vintage style pictures on the walls, I can imagine siting or standing looking at them all. I was pleased to see the sink behind the bar for cleaning up and 2 public toilets close by. A lovely little outdoor area so people can sit outside in warmer weather and if its chilly there is a heater out there too.
    To go up to the apartment levels the front door is outside on the left and 1st floor is a nicely furnished living room, kitchen and bathroom, up again you come to a large bedroom with a desk, computer and bookcases. Also there is another bathroom and a laundry room that leads out onto a little balcony with pretty plants and a bench making a lovely place to sit and admire the view.

    Now for some Feedback, Tips and ideas I hope are useful to you. First I was surprised you managed to use the smallest lot as it looks much larger. as there is still room at the rear of the lot I personally would have used it to create more of an outdoor area, possibly add swings and some pretty flower beds and steps down so you could add more tables out there or a picnic table. A little water fountain would be nice too for some movement and a small tree or two to sway in the breeze.
    Inside is so nice but I would have only had 1 television and 1 source of music or it may be rather noisy in there as sims tend to switch everything on. The Bar room is a little old fashioned and it is well lit but the lights over the bar were too modern for the rest of the room I thought. I do like the little area out the back but I dont know if you realize that the heater can set sims on fire if not upgraded.
    Upstairs is great on both levels you used and the laundry room is a great touch but I dont know if the Dryer was deleted or you forgot to add one. Anyway you did a great build and thank you so much for creating it for the challenge and sharing it here, I hope you join in again sometime. Just remember I do not mind if it is late for any of the themes, just enjoy yourself. Thanks again and I am sorry for taking so long to do the review.
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    Hi @Archer_Girl thank you for creating 'Havana Cafe - Hotel Cuba' its so wonderful and colourful I would not have attempted that build and you did such an amazing job of recreating that Lego version. It looks like a great street Cafe for our sims to visit and there is so much to see even at the rear of the buildings. Inside the ground floor is the Cafe itself with tables and chairs and in the next room you can sit on a sofa or armchairs and have a read while drinking your beverage. I the room at the end is the fun bubble blower plus music speaker or a TV to watch from the alcove seating.
    Upstairs via the attractive blue stairs is a hall then a kitchen area and bathroom. In the central area very pretty tables and chairs plus romantic candles and a bar close t a music speaker, such a lovely area to sit with friends or a date. The end room is great for musicians as it has a keyboard, guitar, violin and microphone in a pretty coloured room for great atmosphere for wonderful times here day or in the evenings.
    Up the central stairs is an apartment for the Cafe owners I gather as it has a bedroom, bathroom and an outdoor area to wash and hang clothes in the sun to dry. The owners or visitors can use the loungers to relax or go into the living room to watch television or read a book, plus there is a chess set on a small balcony as well.
    At the rear of the Cafe is a buskers stage ready for a talented sim to earn some tips while others use the BBQ and picnic table while enjoying the views from this realistic street area that even has some vehicles to add to the realism.

    Now for some feedback I hope is of use to you, its a lovely Cafe and I would change very little I feel. One thing I would have done was add some toys for children of different ages such as a toy box at least and possibly a potty on the lowest level in case there are any toddlers visiting. I think some more clutter/ornaments could have been added to a few places such as the top floor apartment living room and the kitchen shelves etc. Also that upper living room needed some more lights it was a bit dark in there later in the day. Oh and by the way the wall art and clock by the bubble blower were placed over the window on the inside, its a good idea to look at all rooms in a build with walls up before uploading, if you remember that is Lol as I try to remember to myself! Btw a little Tip, when I use a big roof sign it looks good if you repeat the sign back to back so it is the same both sides, I will add a couple of screenshots below.
    Well thanks for such a stunning Cafe and all its colourful rooms on all levels and amazing outside areas and decorations, thank you for entering it and I hope you will enjoy entering other themes I dream up.

    Double Sign
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    The Challenge 13 1st July to 15th July has now been added to the Post Link here https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/comment/17369182/#Comment_17369182
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