September 18 - Everyone ready for the Friday Highlight? It's ready for you here!

Friday Highlight September 20th - A week on The Sims Forums

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Hey Simmers!

How are your Spellcasters doing? :)

My week was a bit crazy, but I'm really happy to be here once again, ready to highlight some of the great discussions you need to take a look at this week!
  • Let me start by showing you a thread which is great to discover family houses, and to challenge yourself as well: 'Affordable family housing challenge'! Thanks for opening that one, @Sweet_Italy!
  • Next, I'd like to show you a discussion started by @elanorbreton. They'd like to learn about your 'Unusual home locations' - show us that special place your Sims' live at!
  • Without leaving build mode, I've always wanted to hear your tips to create a lovely greenhouse. @NADYSOPHIE's thread is exactly for that - and a great source of inspiration! Check out 'I need greenhouses', and share your secret tips!
  • If you prefer to download your Sims' homes from the Gallery, I have some suggestions for you as well! Lots of lots (:tongue:) to choose from in '@Serbchick25 's creations' <3
  • Last but not least - has anyone noticed we didn't have a poll yet today? Let me fix that! Moving on to The Sims 3 section, @nerdfashion's is looking for recommendations in 'Which Expansion Pack to get?'. Share your best ideas for them to discover The Sims 3!

My Simself enjoying the Sun in Sulani :)

I hope you had fun with those threads - now it's your turn to share your list below! ;)

This is it from me this week! Talk to you in a couple weeks (going on holidays). Happy Simming, and happy weekend!
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