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How Do You Prefer to Play The Sims- Vanilla/Mods/CC?

halihali Posts: 66 Member
A part of The Sims, as a series’, charm is that the player has a variety of ways to customize the game to his/her liking.

I was inspired to create this poll because I thought Stormy_Winter's now closed Vanilla/ Mods? thread was a missed opportunity for polling and others might be interested to know how other players like to play the game/s as well. My hope is that this thread can prove to be a helpful source of information, and not just satisfy a bit of curiosity. So--

How do you prefer to play The Sims?
  • Just as Maxis/EA releases it--no additions--‘vanilla’?
  • With mods to supplement the game?
  • With custom--oftentimes, fan created--content that’s designed using existing officially published assets? (CC)
  • Or do you enjoy making use of both mods and CC?

If you can spare the time, please share why you enjoy playing the game/s as you do.
All reads/votes/shares are appreciated, thank you!
*If you have pointers on how to make this thread more meaningful/relevant/engaging, I'd appreciate any suggestions (I'm new to participating in the forums and this is the first discussion I've started). Thanks!

How Do You Prefer to Play The Sims- Vanilla/Mods/CC? 14 votes

kittymeowannaliese39SpecialKHhaliSul_Sul 5 votes
nerdfashionSimSweety 2 votes
Felicity1169 1 vote
Mods & CC
Bluefairy286AnmirlaCrownSimsmunroeleleosunqueenEllupelluellu 6 votes
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  • halihali Posts: 66 Member
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    Someone else was kind enough to find and download CC hairstyles for me back when I was introduced to TS2. Since then, though, I’ve played TS3 and 4 only as they've been published--vanilla.

    I’m stunned when I see how clever, creative, diligent and thoughtful CC creators and modders are; so much of their work enhances The Sims gaming experience; and what little I’ve seen is astounding. But I’ve been keeping my games vanilla because The Sims games have enough issues on their own without me--the least technical person--fiddling around with a folder of stuff that needs to be kept up-to-date.

    And, while there are mods and CC out there which truly fill in some gaps, and/or fix some known issues or troublesome or lacking points of interest in the game/s--with regards to TS4--I’m waiting, with hope, for TS4 team to tackle core issues and bugs officially (e.g. in depth personality for the sims by implementing a likes/wants/fears/dislikes, etc system into the game). (I'd love to play TS3 again, but I lost the disk in a move and don't remember where I wrote the product code.)
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  • SpecialKHSpecialKH Posts: 31 Member
    Same, @hali
    I used to enjoy using cc a LOT but then there would be game updates and suddenly interactive bits didn't work, etc. And it became so annoying to have to replace all of the counters, showers, beds, etc when they stopped working. I could still use clutter/plants/wall decor that is cc I suppose but my PC only has 1T and runs slow when internet and sims are both running so I don't want to risk it. Plus I like to share to the gallery and make a lot of no cc stuff. Still waiting on a Maxis fav but it's hard to meet all of the criteria!
    I'm GND968 in the Gallery.
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 3,547 Member
    I use just a few mods by littlemssam, MC Command Center, and UI Cheats Extension.
  • halihali Posts: 66 Member
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    @SpecialKH - Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and voting! Great point regarding wishing to easily provide fuss-free content when sharing to the gallery; and, also, for mentioning a crucial point for remaining eligible for Maxis Faves consideration by keeping CC-free. Very best of luck to you, btw n__n! Hope you make it! Also, same - if I ignored the very bad idea of me fiddling with the mods folder whenever an update is necessary, my non-gaming computer does only have so much space, unfortunately.

    @nerdfashion - deaderpool's MC Command Center is a powerful tool for addressing issues in game, many times even before TS4 team will seek to address the issues. When the game wraps, if TS4 still hasn't addressed some issues deaderpool's mod can help to address, it's the one mod I would most likely consider adding to my game. Re: UI Cheats Extension- once saw a Game Changer accidentally kill a test sim (i.e it instantly died of starvation when she clicked on the hunger bar to fill the sim's need) whilst recommending the mod to viewers. So, whilst I love the idea of that mod, I can't help but worry that would 100% be me--accidental sim killer--all because I wanted to take a shortcut quickly. Would be pretty neat if the dev team allowed players a limited access version of the dev version of the game, specifically for UI cheats, via game options :]. Thanks for voting & commenting!
  • CrownSimsCrownSims Posts: 470 Member
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    Mods & CC
    I don't mean to sound dramatic, but the game would be unplayable for me without mods & cc. They keep the game interesting and not repetitive. Some also add things that should've been in the game to begin with.

    (Not to mention, the Sims 4 has a lack of content for minority sims (they're getting better tho), but being a black simmer myself, I was disappointed with the absence of hair/skins/makeup/clothing for underrepresented groups. Custom content really helped me w/ that issue.)

    With custom content, I can actually create diverse sims such as:
    vitiligo sims
    sims with heterochromia
    hijabi sims
    albino sims
    dark-skinned sims

    -things that seemed to have been overlooked by EA.
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