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How Do You Prefer to Play The Sims- Vanilla/Mods/CC?


  • simlicious2015simlicious2015 Posts: 354 Member
    Mods & CC
    I use CC, mainly because the game severely lacks Urban hairstyles (and its been like that throughout the entire series).I dont really overdose on CC furniture as much as i would clothes or hairstyles. As far as Mods go, I've used them before but I dont think I will be using as much this time around.
  • VikVik Posts: 17 Member
    Mods & CC
    I don't know how people play vanilla, the game is pretty boring and lacks a lot. I can't afford to buy a bunch of packs to improve game play too. I do like to add mods and cc in to my game, but don't try to over due to so it's not too much for my little old HP pc. I love using cc things, especially hair because the clay hair just doesn't look good most of the time. However, there are times where the hair looks better and I can't find an equivalent alpha version. These people are very talented, sims would never create a fridge with an AI system, but a cc creator can.
  • BohoFlowerBohoFlower Posts: 97 Member
    edited May 25
    I mostly played TS1 as Vanilla i had Double Deluxe and Vacation but i didn't use it but then TS2 came along and i must have jumped in some time after Open For Business came out but i played that with 5 Expansions plus the Happy Festive Stuff, then i got all the packs for free on Origin, but now since i can i'm going back to Vanilla but there's some definite need of a bit of CC for Walls and Makeup and maybe a bit of flooring too. It's too risky installing Mods too because they frequently break peoples games although sometimes CC can too but i never wanted to risk it and glad i never, definitely doesn't work out as great on TS4 now either.
  • DeadManHBKDeadManHBK Posts: 116 Member
    It honestly depends on the version. TS4 I recently began adding custom content to. Having the extra options is nice. (Although, maybe it's mods I am adding? I am going to be honest, I am not fully sure I know the difference, it's new to

    I don't know how to add additional content to the other versions, so with 1-3 I play it just as is, but I do have all the expansion packs, so honestly those add enough extras to keep me fairly content. :)

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  • MagdaleenaMagdaleena Posts: 858 Member
    A couple of mods to improve gameplay, but lots of maxis-match CC. So honestly, I could have picked the "Mods and CC" option, but I felt I didn't have enough mods to justify it?
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  • wrswrs2wrswrs2 Posts: 923 Member
    Mods & CC
    I use Mods and CC. I really dislike Alpha CC, but I have it. I am more into the Maxis Match stuff personally. I do like using mods as well. They make the game more playable. Generally I just use the mods for super natural Sims, but I did find some from YouTube reviews for regular sims that are good too. Slice of Life is a fun one, though I only used it for a couple of days before the patch and I haven’t checked if it was updated yet. --- Simblr + Im Kreis Custom Content --- Top Model Magazine Cover Archive
  • DonLandgraabDonLandgraab Posts: 20 Member
    Mods & CC
    I usually have a ton of CC (Hairstyles/Clothes) in my game but after years of scrolling through 100s of items in CAS, I'm actually enjoying playing with no mods and CC... much easier to find things and the game runs a lot smoother/faster.
  • bryanovensbryanovens Posts: 39 Member
    I've never found the mods to enhance the experience too much for me, but content creators are truly really talented and the clothes and hairstyles you can find are always super fun.
  • IvyeyedIvyeyed Posts: 348 Member
    CC is a rabbit hole which I know better than to fall into. One time I needed one (1) CC hair for a game I was playing (there are now like 3 hairs that would work, but not at the time). I probably lost three hours downloading possible hairstyles in just that one specific category (maxis match with space buns). Just! Buns! If I let myself go wild my game would be overloaded and I’d spend more time with CC than gameplay.

    But unfortunately, imo, Sims 4 needs script mods to be fun. If nothing else I always have MCCC and RoBurky’s Meaningful Stories in my game. The former for story progression and risky woohoo (and just occasional personal tinkering, like making occult genetics pass on according to my preferences, custom age lengths for specific games, etc.) and the latter to make the emotion system more tolerable and to give emotions some real gameplay.

    I wish the game didn’t feel so hollow and incomplete to me without those mods. I remember TS3 in-game menu had a lot of the option you now need MCCC for. I wish that stuff could just be in the game instead of needing a mod for it.

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  • MollyG1997MollyG1997 Posts: 294 Member
    I've been in every option of this poll one time or another, but lately, I just have a few essential script mods. These are things such as MCCC, UI Extension, SOL, Bank loans, higher-paid acting, SimDa dating app, etc.

    I do have to say though. If I ever fall into a CC rabbit hole, I only go for Maxis Match as it fits the gameplay a lot better. Alpha bugs me IMO and should be left in TS3, where it fits more into that style.

    I've been playing vanilla in the sense where there is no CC for furniture or CAS, as I fall into a rabbit hole, and like someone else said, I spend more time in CAS and not playing - plus, mods and cc seems to lengthen the loading screen time, so I'm keeping it at a minimal.

    PLUS, it'll be so much easier to update my mods on the next patch instead of sifting through 100's.
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  • 2011simone2011simone Posts: 2,442 Member
    I only use MCCC
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  • ZazzyKittynZazzyKittyn Posts: 49 Member
    Mods & CC
    TS1 vanilla
    TS2 & TS3 cc
    TS4 mods and cc
  • Chicklet453681Chicklet453681 Posts: 433 Member
    Mods & CC
    Mods and CC both, but it also depends on the game:

    TS2 - CC because their furniture was not good and the hairs were 🌺🌺🌺🌺! (I always played the hair stylist in Open for Business)
    TS3 - Mods to fix EA's messes, like gaps in windows and doors, wallpaper being backwards, a ceiling lamp you couldn't underneath, I also used default overrides of hair textures but pretty much everything else I would just use the packs and store content and make it look good by CASt'ing it
    TS4 - TONS of CC to change everything, from the roads, sidewalk, rocks, grass, lighting, and funiture walls/floors, and of course CAS stuff
  • Cassieb95Cassieb95 Posts: 235 Member
    Mods & CC
    Can't live without mods and CC. They make the whole experience more complete and intriguing.
  • Cabbie_BaritoneCabbie_Baritone Posts: 36 Member
    Why is there no "All of the Above" or "No Preference" option? I'd fall into that. There were many interesting objects that could be downloaded in the TS1 days, and some of those were modified. I had a Teleporter, but I don't remember where I got it from. Simslice, maybe? That site had a bunch of interesting modified objects. "Flippy the Clown" was another one from Simslice; he was Sunny's brother or cousin, who did all sorts of clumsy acrobatics, and would leave when asked.
  • ClousinatorsClousinators Posts: 70 Member
    Vanilla for me. I had a bad experience with getting a virus when I tried mods on the Sims 3 and haven't tried it again since.
  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 2,400 Member
    Mods & CC
    I have a million custom careers, traits, and aspirations in my game. They’re very important for my play style. I have a zillion cc items, especially hairs. I am beginning to have an awful lot of build/buy items now too. I have a few game fixing mods. The only thing I haven’t gotten into yet is custom poses. I guess I don’t really understand how they work in game play.
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  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 824 Member
    Mods & CC
    Just posting to see what I voted back then. (old thread)
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  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,095 Member
    Mods & CC
    Since TS2 was released in 2004, I do make some CC, use the more talent Creator's CC, and use mods.

    Since TS3 CAW needs a few mods to make things available and to be able to add Sims, I use mods but not CC.

    I don't play TS4 much. I have tried some mods for the lighting/fuzziness of it. If I had to play it, it would be modded/CC'd up.
  • EVANGELlNEEVANGELlNE Posts: 48 Member
    I play the game Vanilla. I'm on PS4 so I actually cannot use mods or CC even if I wanted to. However, I prefer not using them because they cause bugs and issues and sometime are not compatible with the new packs released. When I download gallery items, I prefer nocc items because things with mods/custom content may actually cause me to crash.
  • skybird14skybird14 Posts: 24 Member
    Mods & CC
    I play with both Mods and CC in my game and I honestly couldn't imagine playing TS4 without them. To me, the game either feels like it's lacking something or it's frustrating on the occassions I've disabled the mods and CC.
  • keekee53keekee53 Posts: 3,865 Member
    Mods & CC
    I have yet to play sims in vanilla in any iteration except maybe Sims 1 because I didn’t know about mods and such back then. There is always something that drives me insane that I have to find a mod to fix.
  • fruitsbasket101fruitsbasket101 Posts: 1,237 Member
    I used to only play vanilla but have recently started to play with mods. Now I can't play without them. I do have one or two pieces of cc but I don't really like cc too much.
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  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 3,853 Member
    I have the have cc the male clothing in this game is a joke the eyes and hair colors are so limited and all the skin tones are just so bad.
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  • SimsAddict_244SimsAddict_244 Posts: 235 Member
    Always vanilla. S3 is actually the only game I used mods and CC, I removed all the CC but kept a few mods mostly because I love playing with IP (I disabled notifications because they're annoying) and I don't want my game to lag too much, I'm still debating whether I will remove mods or not.
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