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Sims 3 aMAYzing Gift Exchange ~ DONE :)


  • friendsfan367friendsfan367 Posts: 27,107 Member
    ciane wrote: »
    @suzses - someone had fun with floor tiles and CASting! Love the light beige and turquoise!

    And just in case you missed it, @ADWilson - I did finally get gift 3.5 to upload and updated my earlier gift post with Gift#3.

    i've actually seen that not what suzes i hope i spelled that right my eyes are still half closed i saw it in real life. probably a sample mom had. when dad was alive mom had a habit of redoing the house. :)

    i'm gonna go make coffee. usually its made already but i kept waking up and falling asleep after yesterday so it still needs made.
  • suzsessuzses Posts: 2,114 Member
    ciane wrote: »
    @suzses - someone had fun with floor tiles and CASting! Love the light beige and turquoise!

    Actually, we'll have to give EA's creator credit for the tiles I think you mean. Let's just say I knew which parts to keep. ;)

  • suzsessuzses Posts: 2,114 Member
    MsPrissy88 wrote: »
    I’m back with news. Not about my monitor.

    A very dear friend of mine - and brother to my ex best friend - is about to lose his gf. We don’t know how much longer she may have, but if my friend texts/messages me any more, I will surely not be on here. This lady is such a sweetheart. She has been battling with so much, since my friend has known here.

    Maybe it’s a good thing I can’t get my monitor to work. I would be ugly crying all over my keyboard; instead of on my phone (which is wipeable).

    Hugs, MsPrissy. Sorry to hear this sad news.

  • equuestequuest Posts: 714 Member
    Buddy, almost done :) Just upgrading objects!
  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 7,894 Member
    @suzses, your La Valeriana Roja is lovely and beautiful!
    @MsPrissy88 sorry about your monitor and sorry to hear about your friend, I hope all works out and everyone will be okay!
  • cianeciane Posts: 16,434 Member
    So sorry about your monitor @MsPrissy88. Computers can sometimes be hooked up a television if you have the connections available and just get the cable needed. Then, there's the library option, if that's possible. If you backed up on a thumb drive, you could possibly use that at the library to just upload the files to a file share site and share the link.

    It's always hard to know that people we like and admire have to face rough times. Hopefully, she doesn't have much pain.

    We are expecting more severe weather again this afternoon and evening, as if one tornado wasn't enough. So, I am diligently trying to get tomorrow's gift all packed up and maybe delivered early.
  • KgaffKgaff Posts: 1,613 Member

    Gift 2
    What do you think of when you hear the word "Scandinavian"? I'll bet it was Sauna, am I right.

    Well, so did I until I started researching for this exchange. Turns out Scandinavian encompasses Sweden, Norway, Denmark and sometimes Finland and Iceland. So when I found out that sauna is mostly a Finnish thing I was very surprised.

    Anyhow, I digress. I also learned a lot about Scandinavian design and architecture.

    Scandinavian interior design focuses on simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Lighting is most important because there is as little as seven daylight hours in winter months. Usually modern teetering on industrial in style, light fixtures vary from pendants to wall sconces. Candle light is also a must.

    Inside color schemes are kept very light with only touches of color scattered about. Light flooring is also used to keep the spaces light and airy.
    Windows abound in Scandi design to let in sunlight but also to bring the outdoors in. Plants are very popular for inside greenery.
    Sauna is a ritual in most countries either taken alone, with friends or with the entire family.

    When the weather is fine Scandis love to be outdoors so landscaping comes in handy and outdoor activities are a must.
    Using these design guides I came up with your next gift.



    Ouside view, a bike for recreation

    (sorry about the typo :# )

    One thing I found difficult was the fact that windows are typically left uncovered to allow more light in.



    Stairs lead to the basement with a couple of games to pass the cold winter months and yes, the sauna.


    Out in the back yard you find a covered seating area, some garden space, lots of blooming plants and a hot tub.


    Inspiration picture

    Download - https://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=9310287
  • cianeciane Posts: 16,434 Member
    @Kgaff - I loved all the info you shared as well as the inspiration picture. I love that home! Nice choice of modern doors and windows! And I love your wall choices too! I love Scandinavian design as well, so this is going my game too!
  • friendsfan367friendsfan367 Posts: 27,107 Member
    boo i lost my recing aity already i guess last night was a fluke.
  • cianeciane Posts: 16,434 Member
    Maybe you aren't logged in on your page @friendsfan367.
  • suzsessuzses Posts: 2,114 Member
    @Kgaff Ooh, what a great house. Thanks for sharing all that info. Some I knew and some not. I especially like the kitchen, your landscaping and the hot tub area. As for me, I don't mind the lack of curtains because I tend not to like very many of them. So, I'd relish the opportunity not to have to be worried about being criticized for skipping them. :D
  • friendsfan367friendsfan367 Posts: 27,107 Member
    ciane wrote: »
    Maybe you aren't logged in on your page @friendsfan367.

    i'm using the links here. so it should work cause here ive always been 367
  • cianeciane Posts: 16,434 Member
    edited May 2019
    @Hidehi - I know you haven't seen today's gift yet, but I've uploaded tomorrow's gift already as we have more severe weather headed here.
    So, you don't have to look at gift #4 until tomorrow. The link for it is already on http://cianesims.home.blog/builds/ at the bottom of the page. And the link to the download is here: https://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=9310309

    So, just in case you don't want to look until tomorrow, I will put the picture in a spoiler.
    The Iwami House
    Did you look already?
  • friendsfan367friendsfan367 Posts: 27,107 Member
    i did. i was answeing did you look already.

  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 7,894 Member
    @Kgaff, such a very beautiful and lovely home, love the colors you chose! <3
    @ciane another lovely home, you are doing them up so nicely! <3 Stay safe dear!
  • suzsessuzses Posts: 2,114 Member
    @ciane I love this as much as your other gift builds. You've certainly nailed the style. I won't "spoil" it any more for Hidehi in case she's planning to wait until tomorrow to peek. Hope the storms pass you by.
  • ADWilsonADWilson Posts: 6,376 Member
    Harvest Moon is architecturally pleasing and contains beautifully elegant apartments! Nice to have a place that is perfect for a single sim ... couple ... or small family. Glad you were able to get the sims uploaded! It will be interesting to see what happens with this odd couple.
  • KgaffKgaff Posts: 1,613 Member

    I am never going to catch up now - Last night I stopped at page 42 and it's already up to 46!!!If I miss commenting on someone's gift I totally apologize. There are so many wonderful things here. I haven't been able to open my game I've been so busy checking everything out and trying to rec them all. Whew!

    First @60smusicluvr Hello Sunshine! is adorable, wonderful and super colorful. I love the name and all the rooms being open makes it look huge! The I can't believe it's on a 20x15 lot! I like the big island in the kitchen and the angled walls make a cute eating area. I will be keeping your floor color forever. I'm sorry you had such trouble with fires and floods but the end result is great. Thank you once again.

    @Dinojr French Base Camp is a great sub-in for the EA version. I love all the walk ways and the overall design is great. And we all need single sims, Mango and Quinn will be in my game shortly.
    @BreeMiles Sand Oak Village looks like it is gonna be a lot of fun to play and I really like all the sims you made. I never have much luck designing sims but this group looks terrific.
    @Jessabeans Your story and screen shots of the Wren Sisters are awesome. I especally like when Clyde disps Mattie, great shot! Both sisters are a perfect fit for Roaring Heights and the Blue Note should have been there all along. I love the way you use pictures of the build as decorations on the wall. I have to learn how to do that.
    @Hidehi Great place to hangout at Mermaids. It fits nicely in the tropical climate. Nice layout and it's great to have fun things to do while you sell all your goodies.
    @Mmdrgtobldrgn Once again to keep up you I need a secret decoder ring. 5 versions of one build, you are incredible. Great story telling about Darya and the cats and I love the fixed up house.
    Another great story with the Prequel. I don't usually play such a large family but I have to see if the twins get along or not. You are good at leaving us with cliff hangers.
    @ciane Wow another giant apartment building. Harvest Moon Apartments is a great building. I like the way you spread out the communal areas and have some group things to do. I am really liking the colors you used and the layout of the apartments. You have really done a lot!
    @Suzses What a great make-over. This will certainly replace the EA one in my game. I like what you did with it. I always like having a lot of venue type things in one place. I detest having to run all over town to complete my simmies wishes. Beautiful lot.

    @MsPrissy88 Sorry about all you are going through, best wishes going out to you.

    @ADWilson I hope you daughter is okay, and thank you so much for doing yet another gift exchange. It's been really fun.
  • ADWilsonADWilson Posts: 6,376 Member
    Thank you for the thoughts, supports and prayers. It means a lot to us.

    She isn't sure what triggered her reaction at work but having trouble breathing isn't something to be ignored. 911 was called after she administered her epi pen and then taken to the hospital for further care. She's fine and is now home, comfortably sleeping since those medications tend to wipe her out.

    She's allergic to dust (Did you know that shrimp has a protein that is similar to that found in dust? Needless to say she avoids eating shrimp or cross-contaminated foods); slight reaction to dog dander; and is highly allergic to fire ants.
  • ADWilsonADWilson Posts: 6,376 Member
    La Valeriana Roja (LOVE the name!) has plenty of things for sims to do and in such a beautiful environment! The architectural style fits perfectly in with the overall theme of Isla Paradiso and would be as at home in Sunlit Tides.
  • ADWilsonADWilson Posts: 6,376 Member
    Scandia is beautiful and would look right at home in Aurora Skies or even Hidden Springs! LOVE the clean lines and comfortable, practical furnishings. Easy to imagine adventurous sims who enjoy being outdoors and puttering in the garden between their adventures/vacations living here.
  • ADWilsonADWilson Posts: 6,376 Member
    The Iwami House in innovative in its use and efficient design! The exterior is as pleasing to the senses as the interior.

    Hopefully those storms pass by and don't cause further frights for your one dog.
  • ADWilsonADWilson Posts: 6,376 Member
    Here are a couple of gifts for the Community!

    Mister Fixit
    Salvadore Felipe Fissure is a self-taught sim. He can fix just about anything and relishes the challenge in learning new things!
    No job is too small.

    Download Link: Mister Fixit

    No CAP
    No CC
    No Store Content
    Custard checked

    Add him to your game to learn more about him while playing or peek at the spoiler if you need to know more now!

    This Taurus graduated from high school and works part-time at the bookstore (He's a Book Club Moderator and earns $94 per hour due to earning a couple of raises in addition to his promotions).

    He's mastered Handiness and all three challenges associated with that skill so he should be able to assist with future building projects.
    He also has learned a few things in Cooking (L3); Fishing (L1); Gardening (L1) and Logic (L2).
    Basically, we followed his whims and saw where that led us!
    He aspires to master Handiness and Logic so he's well on his way to achieving his LTW!


    He's glad to fix things for others but when he stumbled across this "diamond in the rough", he snatched it up and is determined to make it sparkle again!

    Download Links:
    House (unoccupied): Fixer Upper
    House with sim: Fixit and the Fixer Upper

    No CAP
    No CC
    No Store Content
    Custard checked

    Jump right in and start setting things right or take a look and see some of the hurdles that will have to be overcome.

  • cianeciane Posts: 16,434 Member
    The first thing that goes is that bed! I tried to have a slob use it and the hygiene killer was so atrocious. You have to get a sim up in the middle of the night to shower. Oh very nice job @ADWilson. You know I'm aching to begin this.

    I think I've enough sims to last the whole summer!
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