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Tibor and Leo in Vargfjell

Meet Tibor Trahan and his dog Leo
They moved into a sleazy house on the edge of a steep cliff in Vargfjell
Tibor was once born in the town, but life took him elsewhere, now he´s back and tries to assert his claims
he looks friendly, but inside it seethes in him, we´ll see what the future holds for him...

The first path took Tibor and Leo to the cemetery, where Tibor's father was buried.
Tibor thought about the past and Leo sensed that his best friend needed a hug, good boy!
at his father´s grave Tibor sweared vengeance for the death and for his lost life.
Because of his dad´s early death Tibor had to leave Vargfjell. He was just 13 and totally alone. His mother died during his birth, he had no siblings or grandparents. Tibor was a witch at the beginning of his education so he could survive alone, but it wasn´t a good life he lead after his father´s death. It was such a different life he had before, his family was very rich and they lived in the biggest house in Vargfjell.
After Tibor renewed his promise to his father, he began to investigate.
He went to the gym where he worked out and watched the townies.
always guarded by Leo
when they began to get hungry they went home
By the way, Tibor is so pale because he has become a vampire, too, he is now a hybrid witch/vampire


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