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Why the sims 4 will never be as good as The Sims 2



  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 29,783 Member
    violaineT wrote: »
    It would be a big spoiler to describe all the specific interaction you have more in the Sims 2, just go play it!

    The Sims 2 isn't a mmo or rpg, so no need for spoilers. :)
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    The Sims Life Simulator Is Dead

  • HeyItsKoffeeHeyItsKoffee Posts: 43 Member
    edited March 13
    Sims 2 was a huge step forward for the sims, it introduced 3D! it felt amazing on release day and it definitely had the most depth into it, but for me sims 4 is the best right now, although it is not a finished game, once it is, the sims 4 will be amazing, and people say the sims 4 is a failure which btw is not true at all, if you look on the gallery it says how many players are currently logged onto the game, when the game is on sale it reaches past 100,000 players where as sims 2 & 3 probably has 30,000 combined. as much as i love the sims 2 and 3, they are incredibly dated and the closest to sims 2 for me is sims 4, thats why i love it so much!
    i miss alot of the features in the sims 2 though, the babies were so adorable, and the baby changing tables, sims 4 is dull with children, thats my only problem with the game.
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