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Searching For An Elvish Princess - A Selection Challenge *on hiatus*

The elvish kingdom of Nythvenore has been ruled by the wise and fair King Deldrach Eilrieth for almost two thousand years, during which there has been nothing but peace and prosperity. But now, Deldrach feels the call of Valinor, the land of the undying, from which the first elves came and to which all elves must ultimately return. The King's only child, Faeranduil, is his heir apparent, but there is a barrier to his inheritance: Elvish law states that a new ruler may not ascend to the throne unless they are married.

Unless Faeranduil can find a wife before his father's death, the throne will pass to his cousin, Wyrran. Wyrran and his wife, Alenia, have a reputation for viciousness and senseless cruelty.

Faeranduil always thought that he would marry for love. But, he knows that with in Wyrran in charge the kingdom would soon descend into chaos and eventually, total ruin. So, his sense of duty compels him to take a wife.

The Queen, Faeranduil's mother Loreleia, wants her son to be happy and so has decided to arrange a selection for him in the hope that he will find true love like she has known with Eldric.

TLDR: The Elvish Prince, Faeranduil Eilrieth needs to find a wife. So, a selection is being held for him,

I will following the rules here (probably die hard version):

Prince Faeranduil Eilrieth by @afai1261
Traits: Outgoing, Creative, Loves Outdoors
Faeranduil's family:
King Deldrach Eilrieth:
Traits: Genius, Self-Assured, Ambitious

Queen Loreleia Eilrieth:
Traits: Family Oriented, Music Lover, Snob

Wyrran Eilrieth, cousin of Faeranduil:
Traits: Mean, Evil, Ambitious

Wyrran's wife, Alenia Eilrieth:
Traits: Erratic, Evil, Materialistic

Selection participants:
1. Chenusa Ogromish (elf) by @VanPelt81
Traits: Romantic, Goofball, Creative
Chenusa Ogromish is of elven royalty to an extent in that she is a decendent of Sauron of Mordor (it's very, very complicated). This makes her a dark elf. Cenusa is kind hearted and wants peace for all (unlike her infamous distant relative). Chenusa is passionate about writing sagas from her life hoping the story of her life is different than that of her famous ancestor. Now she is looking for love from a prince. Since she knows almost nothing about being a princess, she has enisted her brother Andra to help mentor her all the finer points to being a princess. Andra is a Half-Elf thanks to their father having a fling with a human bartender so thanks to that (and being biologically male) Andra isn't elligable to be a princess (even though that is his dream). He will teach his sister everything he knows to being a princess to make sure his sister wins the heart of the prince (and hoping that maybe there is a way he can be a duchess or countess as a result).

2. Duvaineth Morderai (elf) by @NyteRose
Traits: Snob, Materialistic, Self-Assured
Duvaineth is the product of the union between a vampiric dark elven Lord and a high-class courtesan of a rival vampire clan. From a young age, Duvaineth displayed an aptitude for magic- and rarer still, for a vampire, necromantic power. The Vampire Lord, Aelwynn, kidnaps his daughter and raises her in a lavish lifestyle, teaching her the dark magic that runs in her veins, and later awakens her dormant vampiric power through a ritual at her coming of age ceremony on her twentieth birthday.
Now a creature of the night, Duvaineth isn't faltering in following her father's footsteps- her name means "beautiful darkness" after all. She lusts after power, blood, and money- though not necessarily in that order. And marrying a prince is a sure path to power and money. She's alluring and knows it- and she isn't afraid to use her assets in her quest.

3. Solana Faren'Rai (elf) by @Sapphisims
Traits: Ambitious, Athletic, Hot Headed
Born fifth in line with little hope of inheriting a throne of her own, Solana has traveled far from her native land, the formidable High Sun Empire, in hope of winning Prince Faeranduil's heart. To the Sun Elves, physical fitness is prized over all, as they have historically had to defend themselves from the much physically larger Orcish inhabitants of the mountain region slightly north of the High Sun Empire. From a young age, Solana would get in to fights with her older siblings, desperate to prove herself to her parents, the Emperor and Empress, who were too preoccupied with their eldest son to give attention to their youngest daughter. Because of this, Solana grew up angry, resentful, and power obsessed. Her father's previous attempts to have her married off have failed miserably, with potential suitors finding her too firey even by Sun Elf standards. She knows very little about the art of love, but finds herself wondering if it will hold any similarities to the art of war.

4. Shaela Amaya (elf) by @Munterbacon
Traits: Genius, Loves Outdoors, Self-Assured
Technically, Shaela is a Princess amongst her own people, the Sea Elves of the Sea of Daggers. The captain of each ship is a King or Queen in their own right, and their children make up the officers of the ship. That being said, the laws of the sea are not recognised outside of the domain of the sea.

Shaela is the First-Mate on the Blood Zephyr, a notorious ship known for piracy. Shaela wants to escape from this life of crime and slipped away when the ship was docked for repairs. Although the Selection Challenge is a very popular and public affair, the Sea Elves do not have access to any form of media that would show it and Shaela believes that she'll be safe from their wrath when they find her missing. That and a few hundred royal guards between her and her family would help too!

5. Estoden Alkinour (elf) by @VanPelt81
Traits: Genius, Evil, Mean
Estoden Alkinour is a Thalmor princess. Her mission is to marry an elvish prince so the claim to other elvish kingdoms becomes part of the Altmeri Dominion (this the new way for the Thamor to regain power after they were driven off of Tamriel thanks to losing the Second Great War of Tamirel to what would be the 2nd Empire of Tamirel led by Vegard The Viking*). She is said to be the crown beauty of the Altmeri Dominion but then again considering how historically strict the Altmer were with breeding, your milage may vary. Estoden also is very arrogant and thinks highly of herself and little of anyone that isn't an Altmer (another side effect of being an Altmer).

6. Emmalyn Padgett (human) by @MissSassy
Traits: Gloomy, Genius, Mean
Once upon a time, Emmalyn had been powerful, humankind had feared her and where ever she had walked, life had been over. She had enjoyed being a blood-thirsty vampire, spreading terror all around her.

But one unfortunate day, her boyfriend - the man she had loved deeply and who had been the only one allowed to call her 'Em' - had stabbed her in the back. She had lost all her mighty power, and her immortality.

Her life was a burden as a mortal human being. She hated everyone around her and she missed the fearful respect they had shown her before. She swore revenge on the man she had loved and almost succeeded.

Seeing how love was stronger than any other (evil) force in the world, she forgot about her hatred and turned sad. Until she heard about Elfheim's heir to the throne.

The chance of getting both, love and immortality, was too tempting to think about the risks. And so Emmalyn applied for the Elfheim Selection, not knowing what will await her...

7. Elentári Niquessë (elf) by @Damaro
Traits: Vegetarian, Squeamish, Music Lover
Elentári, often instead called Elen, El or Tári or 'little star' by her parents, is the fruit born from the union of the ruling families of the moon elves and the snow elves. Both tribes arranged Elentáris' noble parents marriage in hopes that they would produce offspring which could improve the standing of both clans. As the daughter of both tribes and their noble bloodlines, Tári holds claims to either of them. With that she is elligible to linger with the high nobilty and maybe even the royality, giving her chance to champion for her people on the political ballroom. The moon and snow elves nurtured little Elen and had the best tutors they could afford teach her. For some time Elentári had even be a ward to other tribes of elves so that she could broaden her horizon.
Still, they would have never imagined that Elentári could may have the chance to ensnare the heir to the throne! Without another second passing Elentári was send on her way to the capital to debut and compete in the selection challenge.

8. Noemi Ravenwood (elf) by @PinkWorld
Traits: Mean, Self-Assured, Snob
Noemi was born into a wealthy and powerful elf family in the south. When the ambitious Ravenwood family heard of the challenge.. they were quick to send their most cunning daughter. The Ravenwood family have always resented that they lacked noble blood - and dearly hope Noemi will win the crown the Prince. Noemi is quite ambitious - but she's forever struggling to control her tongue.

9. Elaria Ondomin (elf) by @kittymeow
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Self-Assured, Family Oriented
Elaria is a top warrior from the land of Eskistan, she puts her life on the line to fight the intruders that try to destroy her native land. She is very strong willed and will do just about anything to protect the place and people she loves. She may look sweet on the outside but this elven girl is one tough cookie. Elaria has a habit of putting her guard up around people she doesn't know but once you break down the walls around her, you'll have a friend in Elaria for life.

Often she will travel around Eskistan and look for collectables which include gems, rocks and other similar things. Elaria finds an enjoyment in collecting beautiful pieces that nature produces, she has a whole room in her house dedicated to what she has found on her journey's.

Elaria has the power to heal, when a fellow elf, human being or animal is injured she can heal their wound by placing her hand on the infected area. As she does this her eyes will shine a bright blue until the process is finished. Her power comes in handy for her fellow soldiers if they receive battle wounds.

The Ondomin family kept pressuring Elaria to join this selection, she finally caved in. She loves protecting her land and people but one day she hopes to find the love of her life and have a family with them.

10. Raela Selene (elf) by @Marsh
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Genius, Goofball
From a traveling elf family originally from Windenburg, she and her family have traveled all over the world in search of a place to call home. She is a goofball who loves the outdoors, but has a hidden genius about her too. Her dream is to settle down in a place with lots of space to cultivate a garden and a house to call home permanently.

11. Bristol DayDawn (elf) by @pammiechick
Traits: Art Lover, Romantic, Self-Assured
This elvin princess is as tough as she is beautiful. Her kingdom has fallen on hard times, cursed by an evil fairie of the Black Moor. Bristol's quest is to find a suitor that not only has a kingdom of his own, but also might have the power to help her family and their people out of trouble.

She loves to cook, play music, as well as she's skilled with a bow and arrow. If she needs to help her people, she'll join in any fight.

12. Eurwyn Mordithas (elf) by @afai1261
Traits: Snob, Ambitious, Self-Assured
Eurwyn's presence at the selection is shrouded in mystery; she is unknown to everyone there and when questioned about herself, she gives little away. In truth, Eurwyn is running from her past as a skilled assassin. A lot of people would like to see her dead - or worse - so she has crossed the sea to Nythvenore in the hopes of disappearing, and perhaps also securing royal protection.

13. Dirzrae Ni Baenre (drow - dark elf) by @JACKIEJOY
Traits: Hot Headed, Good, Bookworm
Consider an abomination by her family because she hates cruelty and evil she fled the underdark and is attempting to learn how to live on the surface. She means to model her life after the legendary Drizzt if her temper doesn't' ruin her chances.

14. Azure Brackenreid (human) by @MadameLee
Traits: Athletic, Art Lover, Loves Outdoors
Azure always had the pressure of being a descendant of the famous Brackenreids (From Murdoch Mysteries) and also the daughter of one of the Queen of Heaven's friends. So because of the pressure she wanted to become the oppisite of her parents and prefered to be the "Cool Kid".. but if she needs too she stands up to bullying.

15. Grace Sheep (human) by @MadameLee
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Cheerful, Outgoing
Grace and Azure's Moms were friends so they grew up together but they didn't get quite along and when Grace heard that Azure was going to try to win an Elf Prince's love she decided to try it as well.

16. Ember Sparks of the Setting Sun (elf) by @Irishsong
Traits: Loves the outdoors, Good, Bookworm

Background: Ember Sparks of the Setting Sun comes from the West, usually in a stage of twilight. The nation of elves travel everyday, trying to keep up with the sun. They’re a peaceful people, visiting the great forests and deserts alike, though Ember found the forests much more to her liking.

The peace is being tried lately. It has always been a way of life for the elves to cross into other’s land unannounced, and the people living there have never had a problem with it. It was written in the laws many generations ago that the band of elves could move freely on any land within the realm, but lately the territories have been wanting to keep their borders closed. Her grandfather, in his infinite wisdom, died in a riot between the band and a town they had camped in year after year for generations.

The band had never given any cause for alarm in any town or village they stopped in, but suddenly, as the chieftain's daughter, Ember feels that she should try to get the prince’s ear and find a solution to the problem. So Ember Sparks of the Setting Sun turned East, away from her family and friends, and into the unknown of the east and what lie there. Will she win the prince’s favor and get help for her clan, or will she go home to her people empty handed with defeat for their way of life?

17. Aenwyn Stark (half elf) by @Irishsong
Traits: Loves the outdoors, Cheerful, Vegetarian

Background: Aenwyn comes from a humble farm in a small village not too far but not too close to the castle town. The story is, one of the lords of the court decided to take what he felt was his and bedded a human. He didn’t think that she would have a daughter with pointed ears and that the daughter would come back to the castle where he visited, demanding justice and swear revenge on the curse he had laid on their lives.

To the high elves, Aenwyn, on the best days is just an anomaly, and a blite to be gotten rid of on the worst. Will she avenge her mother or will she die trying, taken out by those wishing to keep her quiet? (or, maybe live a happy life? Quiet? That’d be nice too)

18. Midna Mindful (pixie) by @Irishsong
Traits: Squeamish, Goofball, Self assured

Background: Oh great, now they’re letting Pixies in too? What next, nymphs? Dwarves? Isn’t she going to steal the prince away or something? Isn’t that what Pixies do?

Um, no. That hasn’t been done in over a century, and that was fairies, not pixies. Get your facts straight.

Midna is rather bubbly. Cleaning is beneath her, and she won’t go anywhere near a dirty toilet, or frogs, or people being sick, or- you know, the list goes on for a while. She keeps her white clothes clean and she won’t be doing any manual labor anytime soon. She’s from the high class among pixies, you know.

19. Willow Fisher (half-elf) by @Munterbacon
Traits: Cheerful, Loves Outdoors, Loner

Willow was abandoned as a baby for being the abomination that she is amongst her elven village... a Half-Elf. Sent down the river towards the human village, she was found under a willow tree by a kindly fisherman who took her in as his own daughter. Over the years, Willow developed the same love for fishing as her father but the simple fact of what she was kept her aloof from the majority of the human village.

Eventually, the stares and barely concealed whispers got too much for her and she left her village, taking up a job as a maid in the royal castle. It was there that she was spotted by one of the organisers for the Selection Challenge, and Willow was entered on the spot. She's not sure about this, the spotlight isn't really her thing, but if she's lucky, her Elven parent will be watching, and she can prove to them that she's not an abomination... if she can win.

20. Ashlyn Thorne (human) by @dreamprisoner
Traits: Erratic, Dance Machine, Loves Outdoors
An insatiable adrenaline junkie, if there was a rapid stream to swim in, or crumbling cliff to scale, that's what Ashlyn would do. That urge lead her to venture into the forest at night, with just a lamp to ward away bears, or protruding tree roots. But as she stumbled deeper, more light began to show between the trees. Soon she was faced with strangely dressed people dancing around a fire, gorging on banquets and plucking at string instruments.

She couldn't stop from being lulled into their thrall. She danced till her feet hurt, but she didn't care. Minutes turned to hours, turned to...? But all that mattered were the sweet tasting fruits, and the beautiful faces of the people twirling her around and around. Finally Ashlyn had found somewhere that made her feel full. But that place didn't want her. After the festivities, she awoke, discarded at the edge of the forest. She didn't know how long she'd been gone, just that it wasn't long enough.

Returning to her life was unbearable, food was bland, conversation boring in comparison. Emotion? Barely a memory. She lived her life on remote, and at night, scrambled through the forest searching for what she'd lost. But the doors were closed to her forever.

Ashlyn had given up hope, but then she heard whispers of the selection. A permanent ticket into that world, and she'll do anything to keep it from slipping through her fingers a second time.

Tagging those who have entered girls to the selection: @VanPelt81 @NyteRose @Sapphisims @Munterbacon @MissSassy @Damaro @PinkWorld @kittymeow @Marsh @pammiechick @afai1261 @JACKIEJOY @MadameLee @Irishsong @dreamprisoner

I will be posting the chapters on my blog here:

Chapter 1.1 (First Encounters Part 1):
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Chapter 1.3 (Getting to know you):
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