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Spouse poll (CLOSED)

MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,752 Member
As some of you probably know, I am doing a breed out the ugly challenge. I am trying to pick a partner for my gen 3 heir who is now a teen.

My heir, Juliet. Her traits are: goofball, loves the outdoors.

Possible partners:

1. Melanie Vilareal, daughter of Travis Scott and Luna Lilareal. Traits: cheerful, romantic.

2. Chester Kim-Lewis, son of Olivia Kim-Lewis and a townie.

In making your vote, please choose the sim you think will make the most attractive kids with Juliet, since this is the object of the challenge I am doing.

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Spouse poll (CLOSED) 57 votes

Melanie Villareal
icmnfrshPlayerSinger2010mcruddStrangerthanEmoFlowersJestTruMissSassyScarbo27mitchiebanjoChelleJoFlexono1kittymeowlittlemissgogoluxsylvanKathykinsRedDestiny92Sims_for_lifeHermioneGranger73BreazonaSimtown15 30 votes
Chester Kim-Lewis
Lianuh1104LaBlue0314Sid1701D9Writin_Regjoelygirlsims2Bagoas77loubyloulouVuloriBriel24duhboy2u2fallenangel66GrandRailx_Always_Heart_xcatmando830WulfsimmerGoofhead2doedearGodleyjeansLadyLana1Madachan88 27 votes


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