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Friday Highlight August 10th - A week on The Sims forums

EA_MageEA_Mage Posts: 1,354 EA Staff (retired)
Sul sul Simmers,

As my quest to acquirer more and more screenshots continues, I bring to you this lovely snap from @SILVIAEGIGIZINI ... I love the full moon magic! ql2z2lcics2l.png

This week was a little quieter all around, but that does not mean a lack of great threads. It was actually hard for me to narrow it down to 6! Thank you all for all the amazing stuff :smiley:<3

So without further ado, here are a few threads I noticed and thought you all might enjoy as well! And that's it....just kidding! I just thought I'd give the next 3 threads their own subsection as they are all somewhat fashion themed!
  • @mcrudd came up with a fun challenge - Dress Me Challenge! They created a base Sims and everyone was tasked with adding eyebrows, skin color, traits, name, hair, make up, clothes etc. Why not let your creativity run wild and join in!
  • @Limorz on the other had is looking for some inspiration! Jump in and share your looks for your elders and winter get ups.
  • And to finish it all off, why not share how you set up and use outfits! @irishluck1986 's Outfits poll is not only a great opportunity to share your current way of using outfits, but to find ideas for changing it up :smiley:
And now we are done :smiley: !

Screenshots continue to be very much loved <3<3<3

Have a lovely weekend all!



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