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LGBT simmers



  • SamuraiLadySamuraiLady Posts: 34 Member
    > @Sapphisims said:
    > Lesbian simmer here! Which was kind of the inspiration for my Youtube channel. It can be kind of hard to find Let's Plays with LGBT characters so I wanted to do that on my own videos.

    Pansexual, cis female here (I also live in Texas and got to attend a Pride Parade in a big city when I was young, as well as know a few LGBTQ+ adults so while I understand that feeling, I can also reassure there are many who exist in this big state, from big city to tiny towns where I currently am.)

    Anyways on that note of Let Plays, and I hope this isn't off-topic but - does anyone have and Let's Play with LGBTQ+ characters they'd like to share? I don't think I've seen many where they were in the main household and want to find some new LP's to watch and maybe listen to at work.

    I also don't know if there's a thread sharing LGBTQ+ sim stories but would love to read that and share my own :smiley:
  • Jameseydude_101Jameseydude_101 Posts: 21 Member
  • silverdustsilverdust Posts: 34 Member
    Bi cis female! :))
  • tiny_ikaratiny_ikara Posts: 199 Member
    Pansexual exgender, though I fancy myself more as an omnisexual. I tend to show interest in everyone that's interesting and/or pretty. It is also highly preferred that they don't exist. :joy:
  • RebeckaGabriellaRebeckaGabriella Posts: 9 New Member
    Bisexual cis female
  • chamtongchamtong Posts: 6 New Member
    Agender who likes women here, I've been struggling to find a word for that for a year since neither gay nor straight fit. i generally use queer.

    i make a whole buncha queer sims
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