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LGBT simmers

k_reeser1k_reeser1 Posts: 66 Member
any lgbt simmers in the house?
celebrate your pride!


  • ShadyboopShadyboop Posts: 6,486 Member
    A transguy who is questioning his sexuality... :neutral:
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  • xLunaSimsxxLunaSimsx Posts: 3,774 Member
    a bisexual female hereeee
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  • littlemissgogolittlemissgogo Posts: 1,766 Member
    a bisexual female hereeee

    same B)
  • DruddersDrudders Posts: 43 Member
    L in the LGBT community ;) Happy pride!
  • Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,058 Member
    Hopefully you don't mind someone straight to pop in and say hello.

    Everyone enjoy their pride! You are unique for who you are!
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  • AriaMad2AriaMad2 Posts: 399 Member
    Yes hello!
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  • the_greenplumbobthe_greenplumbob Posts: 5,208 Member
    Looks like I’m the first Gay Guy
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  • GxbbyCatGxbbyCat Posts: 49 Member
    Biromantic Asexual! <333
  • FlpAmaralFlpAmaral Posts: 37 Member
    Bisexual guy here! :p
  • youilivefor92youilivefor92 Posts: 25 Member
    Out and proud lesbian simmer! Cheers :)
  • DarkAngel1994DarkAngel1994 Posts: 177 Member
    This chica got Bi Pride! <3
  • ChocoCubChocoCub Posts: 5,739 Member
    Another gay guy here! :p
    Name's Keith but you can call me Choco :)
    Timezone: GMT
  • ShinzenShinzen Posts: 219 Member
    edited November 2018
    Ooooh, what a lovely thread!!

    Hey everyone! I used to be super confused about my gender (thought I was a trans guy) but turns out after a lot of soul searching I'm just a masculine girl! Gah, it's so confusing, idk, haha. Oh, and I'm also bi. Nice to meet you all! <3
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  • SapphisimsSapphisims Posts: 49 Member
    Lesbian simmer here! Which was kind of the inspiration for my Youtube channel. It can be kind of hard to find Let's Plays with LGBT characters so I wanted to do that on my own videos.
  • MilwayLangMilwayLang Posts: 109 Member
    Asexual simmer here!

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  • CharliecheesenurgersCharliecheesenurgers Posts: 3,607 Member
    Asexual here!
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  • CheetahAlyssaCheetahAlyssa Posts: 227 Member
    Lesbian here! At least I'm pretty sure at the moment. I am definitely attracted to girls, but who know? There could be some part of me that is also attracted to guys that just hasn't come out yet.
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  • PenguinColadaPenguinColada Posts: 75 Member
    Bisexual cis female here. :)
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  • SmallAureliusSmallAurelius Posts: 167 Member
    Cis female bisexual :smile:
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  • runicbeastrunicbeast Posts: 20 Member
    Bisexual Trans-dude here!
  • AriaMad2AriaMad2 Posts: 399 Member
    runicbeast wrote: »
    Bisexual Trans-dude here!

    Ayy, welcome to the forums!
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  • KausawolfKausawolf Posts: 69 Member
    edited January 24
    I used to identify as asexual (see profile picture) but I'm less sure now. I've given up figuring it out and just go with "queer/questioning". :3

    I should mention if you check out my CC in my signature I made a bunch of stuff for Pride last year!
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  • spongebobspongebob Posts: 35 Member
    im a proud butch lesbian! it's great to see some other lgbt simmers around! (=
  • ThatsSoLeslieThatsSoLeslie Posts: 9 New Member
    > @k_reeser1 said:
    > any lgbt simmers in the house?
    > celebrate your pride!

    Pansexual thats still in the closet
  • MaddyMcMoodyMaddyMcMoody Posts: 54 Member
    I use the sims to fuel my inner desire for the world to be like a gay village. The vast majority of my sims are gay and I have like two heterosexual couples in a sea of gayness. I made a drag queen the other day, she is fabulous! The dressing and pregnancy options in the sims 4 made me fall in love with the game all over again!
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