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Let's have a big ol' roleplay (because why not?)

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Let's have our sims prank each other and stuff! @simscognito @LyricSimsz15 @nani @Shadami @Bugsie2016 and anyone else who joined (Because, we can)

Edit: Since @simscognito gave all of us some rules and limits, I'm kinda okay with it.
  1. Follow forum rules.
  2. People should respect each other's characters. No harassing. If someone says they are uncomfortable with something, you stop doing the thing that is making them feel uncomfortable.
  3. Don't add backstories to other people's characters that don't exist. It is up to the author to decide what has happened to their characters.
  4. Characters shouldn't have a power that can't be overriden by anything, or has a permanent unremovable effect. No character should be that OP.
  5. Try to listen to the other players and their characters, and be aware of the current plots and subplots. This should help your timing should you wish to add a major plot detail or create drama.
  6. If you're unsure what is happening in the roleplay, or whether it is the right time to add another plot or drama, feel free to ask, but please be polite when responding to someone's question. No question is a dumb question.

Mark: I'm gonna go practice *closes the door*
Katrina: Why are we here?
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