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How did your first Sims 3 death happen or the first accidental killing of your own sim?


  • suzsessuzses Posts: 1,628 Member
    edited February 2018
    meteor srike or mummy's curse
    Not sure which was first actually, but I had two memorable deaths early on, both related to WA play. A female sim I had just made and really liked got squished by a meteor in Shang Simla, and a male sim died of mummy's curse before I figured out any way to deal with it. He was a single sim household, so that was kind of the end of that one.

    Edited to add: I do know the meteors were added with Ambitions, but I still kind of think it occurred before the mummy's curse in my game. I may have bought them together or close together anyway - I was usually behind with expansion purchases early on.
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  • TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,320 Member
    It was from when I started in TS2 and didn't know enough to not have stoves in houses when my sims had no cooking skill at all as I was starting in Sims 2.I never had stoves in starter homes with unskilled sims since then.
    My first TS3 death was Claire Ursine while I was with my own family and I didn't know that the social worker took her baby away in that save until it started showing signs of save corruption and I had to quit when it threw a serious error while I was saving after careers got messed up.
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 22,592 Member
    I cannot remember my first death in TS3 and that might have not even been an accident anyway!

    But I remember when University Life was released and I had a rebel Sim rant bout death with the megaphone and he then got killed. That really took me by surprise! :no_mouth:
  • 3KNPen3KNPen Posts: 2,717 Member
    I had a sim in the Singer career and was still an incredible newbie player and she ended up setting herself on fire during a sing-o-gram and I had no idea how to get her to put herself out so she died. I quit without saving. Ended up happening to her again and I quit without saving and didn’t let her do that type again lol. Now a days I’d roll with the death and not quit.
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  • WaterdragonWaterdragon Posts: 655 Member
    old age
    My first sim married Leighton Sekemoto and Sam and Yumi moved in with them. Yumi then died of old age one day. I was pretty shook up, even though I was expecting it.

    My first accidental death was starvation of a vampire - he stayed out in the sun too long, then he went to bed without eating. He had a death flower, though.
  • ChocoCubChocoCub Posts: 5,991 Member
    old age
    I took great care of my sims and guaranteed to have all their basic needs fulfilled and wishes granted. I let them live in great comfort.

    My first sim died of old age and of course I missed her very much and that's probably why I've seldom played with ageing on ever since.
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  • korsetkorset Posts: 370 Member
    death by drowning my sim wanted the rich life without working so hard. so like any true gold digger, she tricked some poor rich sim into marrying her he didnt make it past the honeymoon.
  • Chi5678Chi5678 Posts: 188 Member
    I originally had the sims 3 for wii and I had created my mom and I’s Simselves and built up our house quite a bit and then I just finished building and got into the game play and the first meal I had my mom cook caught on fire and instead of running to the lake next door or rolling to put out fire or anything similar she just stood there freaking out at the fire in front of her as if she wasn’t on fire. I had my simself run back to try to save her but by then it was too late, the grim came and then my sim caught on fire and I just quit XD that was ages ago yet I still don’t trust ovens/stoves. Every time my sims prepare a meal on the pc version I like to watch them like a hawk. I’ve yet to see a fire on ts3 on the PC ...other than one I started when trying to kill someone by fire in a 1x1 room with a fire place and rug
  • TinySpaceFoxTinySpaceFox Posts: 998 Member
    Chi5678 wrote: »
    I originally had the sims 3 for wii and I had created my mom and I’s Simselves and built up our house quite a bit and then I just finished building and got into the game play and the first meal I had my mom cook caught on fire and instead of running to the lake next door or rolling to put out fire or anything similar she just stood there freaking out at the fire in front of her as if she wasn’t on fire. I had my simself run back to try to save her but by then it was too late, the grim came and then my sim caught on fire and I just quit XD that was ages ago yet I still don’t trust ovens/stoves. Every time my sims prepare a meal on the pc version I like to watch them like a hawk.

    Man, I relate to you a lot xD I've never actually had anyone die from fire in my game, but I remember before I started playing TS3, I was reading up about all the ways Sims could die and how to prevent them. I was especially paranoid when it came to fires. In my early days of playing the game, a lot of the Sims I made had the Natural Cook trait because I was just so scared that they'd start a fire otherwise. Nowadays I don't use that trait as much. I just make my Sims live off autumn salad and PB&J until they can afford the expensive fireproof stove. Guess that paranoia never fully went away :D Fortunately for them though, that phase doesn't last long, because the stove tends to be one of the first few household items to be replaced with a better version.
  • Chi5678Chi5678 Posts: 188 Member
    @TinySpaceFox lol I used to give them the natural cook trait all the time too, but then I just started playing with TCE and static needs, my houses turned into just party places and skill stuff so I got rid of stoves all together for a while XD I've just gotten back to actual game play with dynamic needs and my founder married a guy with the natural cook trait so he's like always cooking -_-
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 5,226 Member
    Oh boy, I had to think hard on this one because I honestly can't remember... :confused:

    After a while of thinking I believe my first Sims 3 death was a fire. I love having the fire places lit. <3

    And it definitely wasn't an accident. :cry:
  • GoulsquashGoulsquash Posts: 667 Member
    I'm pretty sure it was repairing the TV. I figured my sim could do it cause they had a few handyness (handiness? Spell check doesn't like either way) skill points. They failed, but I'm no quitter, so I had them try again. I didn't understand that it was the being singed and failing that killed them, so I just avoided repairing objects from that point forward for awhile.
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  • Bettyboop55Bettyboop55 Posts: 2,384 Member
    old age
    Am really not a fan of killing off my sims so most of mine die of old age after a long and happy life. Even then I tend to keep saved copies so I can play them again. :)

    The most traumatic and avoidable death happened in TS2. Being new to the game I did not realise you needed both telephone and smoke detector for the fire brigade to arrive. Poor Patrick literally went up in smoke while his wife looked on in horror. I know much better now and all my houses come fitted with smoke alarms.
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  • micheleimichelei Posts: 389 Member
    meteor srike or mummy's curse
    My very first family was decimated by a meteor strike. I had know idea that that could happen. I was stunned. It was a fabulous introduction to the Sims. First I cried and then I went out and bought my own copy of the game. I could not wait to play again.
  • Missa_SissaMissa_Sissa Posts: 323 Member
    Mine was actually probably in 2007 when I played Sims Bustin Out and made my sim jump off the high dive diving board repeatedly.
  • Missa_SissaMissa_Sissa Posts: 323 Member
    Sims 3... Fire most likely cause sims are dumb.
  • Odonata68Odonata68 Posts: 1,075 Member
    meteor srike or mummy's curse
    @CravenLestat I'm so digging your new avi! ;)
  • EgonVMEgonVM Posts: 2,706 Member
    My sim just gave birth to a baby, then a kitchen fire started. Mother went in to save the baby, but she got caught in fire. She just stood there, doing nothing, burning and holding her baby. Other sims didn't even have an option to save her. She was doomed to die because she were holding a baby. Sad...
    But after she died and turned into a ghost, she got a gardening opportunity. I chose not to complete it and exited the game without saving it.
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  • marstinsonmarstinson Posts: 366 Member
    old age
    My world-famous spy just couldn't hang. Forced retirement followed shortly by a visit from Grim. N00bie just hadn't learned the ins and outs, so no family either, and it was game over.
  • 5782341b77vl5782341b77vl Posts: 4,902 Member
    old age
    Old age!

    In Sims3, my Sim was named Jetta Burns and my VERY FIRST Sim ever made. She was married to a (randomly generated) townie named Reuben Rocha, who ended up being the biggest cheater that I've seen - 5 other girls while married to Jetta!

    Jetta and Reuben ended up with twins - Mary and Miranda Burns.

    Reuben also got Morgana Wolff pregnant, and she also had twins - Bill and Rochelle Wolff. I ended up building a second house on the same lot, moved Morgana in, and forced Reuben to take care of ALL four children that HE helped make!

    Years passed - the children are grown and Morgana and Jetta are now elders. Reuben has been evicted, due to his cheating ways (dunno about the other girls he was with)!

    Jetta is outside of the theater, playing her guitar. THIS would be her LAST day alive. Other Sims are coming over and giving tips. It seemed like a normal day...


    Jetta stopped playing and died right in front of several other Sims! The Grim Reaper came and Jetta made no attempt to plead with him. I guess she knew her time was up.

    Ever since then, I've not only played with "Aging Off", but (in fear and superstition) I absolutely refused to allow any of my other Sims play their instruments in Jetta's "death spot"!
  • stepbot153stepbot153 Posts: 268 Member
    In all my sims games, my sim has only died once and it was from electrocution. :D
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  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 19,399 Member
    My first Sims 3 sim death that I can remember clearly was a death at work. My born in game sim got a job in the military career. Then one day I got a note that he'd died at work. I avoided that career for a long time after that. I think EA stopped that from happening in one of the early patches. I don't remember if I was playing his household or another household at the time. It was the first time I'd had a family grow up and move out of their parent's house and I could have been playing with one of his brothers in a different house - the brother had mysteriously gained a motherless baby. It was all a bit difficult to keep track of back then.
  • AellaniiAellanii Posts: 88 Member
    edited February 2018
    My first sims experience was Sims 2, and from what I can recall, I'd only been playing a single sim for a few days when she caught fire to the oven while making breakfast one morning. I knew sims could burn food in the oven, but had no idea appliances could catch fire like that. Let alone kill your sim. Poor thing didn't have a smoke alarm and died trying to put out the fire while I sat trying to piece together what was happening.

    @polrbear The sim in your avi is so pretty! c:
  • electricution
    Hey there! My very first Sim who died was Ethan Bunch.


    I've started to play The Sims 3 kinda late, since I needed to discover how to play rotationally with whole town (every family in SV + bin families) to create The Real Sunset Valley story. It was my 11th episode of the game (11th week with frozen aging, as I age everyone after playing them all one week) witch was the Bunch Household. It was totally unexpected! The radio was broken so I took Ethan to repair it. The only family member, who wasnt at home that time was Lisa, who was with VJ Alvi on a date in the Graveyard (seriously!).


    And the suddenly on my monitor I saw dead Ethan body lying on the floor.


    It was so unexpected After Grimm took his soul, I clicked "save" and decided to continue my game.





    Judy was pregnant that time with her 5th child, and gave birth just after (few hours) Ethan death, so little baby girl Cheryl was on funeral as well.







    I didnt know at that time, that Ethan was counted for Judy's LTW because he was teenager already do I decided in next episode make Judy pregnant one more time (baby girl Janet), so she has 6 children in general (counting dead Ethan) in my game.

    And here's last photo of Ethan alive playing video games with Lisa and Bella Bachelor.


    To see whole episode click the link bellow:

  • ScottDemonScottDemon Posts: 402 Member
    meteor srike or mummy's curse
    Meteor Strike happened right after I installed Ambitions.
    I'm just a little bit crazy LOL
    Okay actually I'm totally and completely nuts LOL :p
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