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How did your first Sims 3 death happen or the first accidental killing of your own sim?


  • puzzlezaddictpuzzlezaddict Posts: 1,054 Member
    meteor srike or mummy's curse
    I get so attached to my sims that these days I don't "let" them die from anything other than old age (and sometimes not even that, at least for a while), and I've certainly never gone out of my way to kill them, unless you count the occasional observation right before I quit without saving. So I was wondering: What does a ghost from a force-killed sim look like? (Not MC Total Annihilation—I know the whole point is that all traces of them disappear.) If a sim isn't an elder and didn't do actually do anything fatal, what does the game assign as cause of death?
  • ScottDemonScottDemon Posts: 402 Member
    meteor srike or mummy's curse
    I get so attached to my sims that these days I don't "let" them die from anything other than old age (and sometimes not even that, at least for a while), and I've certainly never gone out of my way to kill them, unless you count the occasional observation right before I quit without saving. So I was wondering: What does a ghost from a force-killed sim look like? (Not MC Total Annihilation—I know the whole point is that all traces of them disappear.) If a sim isn't an elder and didn't do actually do anything fatal, what does the game assign as cause of death?

    Depends on the type of death you give them using that option ie Blunt Force, Electrocution, Drowning etc...
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  • SimsophoniqueSimsophonique Posts: 1,170 Member
    edited February 2018
    I killed Michelle-Angela by my own mistake. She was frying something and the fryer turned into fire. She burnt when she was trying to extinguish the fire. She isn't as Lucky as my simself (who is a firefighter who doesn't know herself) she died burnt turned into ashed just before taking a shower.
    I didn't save and I was right to do it I was inspired to write her a short story.

    My second death in the game is Nathan. Nathan was starving he didn't eat blood. He was dead by thirst and we got a special tumb for vampires they are a bit red. I didn't play him. I didn't save and I was right to do. Now Nathan is a witch.

    and very very very early in a very old saved corruped and lost since. I had a kill by fire when my simself who is a witch casted the spell of fire on her own lot.
  • DampenedLeavesDampenedLeaves Posts: 25 Member
    I left a vampire sim outside for about two seconds too long, sent him in to have a drink, his thirst motive was dealt with, but he still died of thirst? Fair to say I quit without saving in order to resurrect him because honestly I don't think that was fair.
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  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 5,459 Member
    Left the game running while I headed off to go and pick up my daughter from school IRL. Come back to find my sim a pile of ash on the kitchen floor.

    SimmerChars are evil, I tell you.
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  • inochikageinochikage Posts: 19 Member
    Actually have never had a played sim in The Sims 3 die on me in my 600 hours. I've had sims die around me. One save in particular had some sort of glitch where a park in the city neighborhood had a HUGE thunder death rate. Seriously over 20 tombstones in that park when I discovered it, so I just stayed away from the park during thunderstorms
  • KitCattDGKitCattDG Posts: 26 Member
    He drowned, it was kinda funny though. So when the mother and father come home after she gave birth to triplets and they had 3 kids already, well the father who was hydrophobic, so they drown easier if you don't know already, runs over to the pool and jumps in drowning himself, the triplets have no idea who there dad is and will never know. :( but i never liked him, and i was gonna have the mother divorce him anyway so its okay right? xD
  • TempurranceTempurrance Posts: 44 Member
    I'm sure I've posted this before, but I was playing a sim that I based off one of my best friends. She was the founder of my favorite legacy. One day, I sent her to go repair the stove or dishwasher because it broke. I didn't realize that the puddle in front of it would have any effect. She was electrocuted and died. I started laughing. And then I was disturbed because I was laughing at the death of the sim-self of one of my best friends. I told her at school the next day and she thought it was hilarious.
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  • jillbgjillbg Posts: 4,054 Member
    edited February 2018
    It was awful - the place was crowded with a party and because of routing issues my sim didn't get to the shower in time... Never mind the hot tub! They were quite a few to succumb... Very bad pics though!


  • dothesmustledothesmustle Posts: 1,840 Member
    old age
    It was my self sim and she died of old age, very old age I was getting really frustrated she wouldn't pop her cookies because I had plans for her toyboy husband which turned him into a bit of a letch after his period of mourning.
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  • Bubbz3388Bubbz3388 Posts: 3,257 Member
    This was way back in the sims 2... I had no idea that it was very easy for sims to die in that game.. shortly after that Mary-Sue Pleasant and her twin daughters died in a fire as well.
  • Minx11Minx11 Posts: 1,322 Member
    edited July 2018
    old age
    As far as I can remember, I wanted another space in my household (I already had the maximum and I love kids :)), so I decided to bid what's-his-name (It was something weird, like "Margon" or something (I 90% sure his name was "Marvo" of some description) goodbye, as the old non-related-grandpa to the other child. It crushed me. I loved him.
    I no longer play that household :D
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  • NabrilNabril Posts: 174 Member
    meteor srike or mummy's curse
    My very first was a meteor strike. I was absolutely taken by surprise... if surprise very slowly crept up to you out in the open before suddenly punching you in the face.

    My Sim was outside having just left a rabbit hole building (don't recall which) and the music suddenly changed. I was looking around trying to find the source and I walked my Sim to the back of the building as I attempted to track it down. It suddenly got a bit darker and after a long pause, suddenly a large meteor came down exactly where my Sim was standing and vaporized him!

    I reloaded the game when I quit laughing!
  • KatNipKatNip Posts: 960 Member
    starvation or vampire thrist
    I was really into cheating back then, and tried to move my sims hunger meter to high.
    My hand had a spasm and it went all the way down. She died, I cried, and proceeded to destroy the family in trying to revive her. I deleted that world, of course.
  • peterlouis999peterlouis999 Posts: 22 Member
    When i first started playing the sims back in 2012 I remember Removing all the doors in the house and Burning my Sim (Which was named after me Lol)
  • RodJohnRodJohn Posts: 405 Member
    Those darn cheap ovens!
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 35,441 Member
    It was the stereo opportunity... she had to fix it for her boss. I kept making her try, with a few breaks, and she died from electrocution. :lol: :blush:
  • EvalenEvalen Posts: 9,484 Member
    When I first got the game, my Granddaughter gave me the sims for my Birthday, well I put this couple in a house, they went to bed and the husband got up and was cooking breakfast for his wife, and caught on fire. Well I did not know what to do, the wife got up and ran to the urn and kept crying. all the time she kept crying and I did not know how to stop her. I told my friends, that I have this game and this women is always crying. Well finally someone on line told me to put the urn in the cemetery, so I did, I then got her a new husband and he got up in the morning and went to the hot tub and as he was getting out he got electrocuted and off we went again. I kept telling people wow I got this game and the women's husbands keep dying. Crazy game. well she finally married and life went on and I became addicted. and have played ever since. Love the Sims.
  • Rhiannon58Rhiannon58 Posts: 591 Member
    My very first Sim death was in TS1. I had named one of my very first Sims my daughter's name. The family got hungry so of course she started cooking them a meal. And the stove caught on fire! What??? I watched in horror as my daughter's namesake perished in flames. I deleted that save and started over. Since that day, I have not named a single Sim the same name of someone I know.

    My first TS2 accidental death was by meteorite. A child no less. I have no idea that there WERE meteorites and certainly not that children could die accidentally! Upsetting but I let it play out as I always do.

    I don't think I've had any accidental TS3 deaths yet. I was concerned when my first gen dad got WAY into red for energy AND MOOD around 3 hours before he was due home from work in a rabbit hole job. But he made it home ok and went straight to bed. Shew! That was close!
  • AvataritAvatarit Posts: 674 Member
    Death by story progression
  • AmphoraAmphora Posts: 3,906 Member
    One that stuck with me was my first Sims 2 death. I had one of the prospective bachelors I had in mind for my legacy heiress cook himself some pork chops for dinner and when he ate it I was shocked to see him start choking and then fall over and die due to his bad cooking. I freaked out and quit without saving :D

    I was pretty young watching this, so that death somewhat bothered me enough to make me very wary whenever I would be eating pork chops for dinner. :D :D
  • LunBeautyLunBeauty Posts: 2,635 Member
    When I first got the game and packs back in 2012, I think, I had a large family. I sent half of them to the local pool for the day and the other half went to the Summer Festival. I set up actions for all of them and had everyone in the pool group swimming and having fun so that I could focus more on the Festival group. I sort of forgot about the pool group until way later when it was time for them all to converge and go eat somewhere. I transitioned back to the pool and saw that everyone else there was doing their own thing outside of the pool, but then I heard one of the sims screaming and found that he was drowning. He'd been swimming well past his fatigue and, unlike the others, who got out, when they started getting tired, he just kept swimming. I panicked and tried clicking on him to get him out of the pool, that didn't work. Keep in mind that I was fairly new to the game, so I didn't know other methods to keep it from happening. Anyways, long story short, Grim Reaper came and took him. I sat there briefly, wondering if I should exit without saving, but then realized that I hadn't saved for 3 sim days. I ended up leaving him dead, but after that I was much more careful and watch my sims like a hawk around the pool. Then again, all of my future sims have been smart enough to hop out whenever they start getting tired.
  • ThriorThrior Posts: 26 Member
    I got the game bundled with Late Night. So after focusing on Sunset Valley, I then decided to try out the city life. Created a female sim who moved into a high rise apartment. She immediately broke her stereos and... yeah. Now that was short.
    Didn't reload though. Instead I created a new sim and moved him into the same apartment which he now shared with a ghost.
  • SemaviLadySemaviLady Posts: 517 Member
    jelly bean plant or cow plant
    I've TS1, TS2 and when this happened, I had the first several expansions of TS3 and don't remember routine deaths.

    The most memorable (and shocking to me) experience with Grim occurred while exploring SuperNatural within minutes of installing the game.

    I started the game by selecting one sim individual from a random household I chose for game AND I did not save. What could go wrong?

    I started exploring the neighborhood. I immediately sent my sim to the elixir shop to visit this new game element that is so essential to being Supernatural. Out back in the garden were new interesting plants (yes, SQUEE!) and I was so delighted to find a cute potted plant with jelly beans that your sim could just casually pick! My sim put one into inventory. I was falling head over heals in love with this expansion.Wanted to make more wonderful and sweet discoveries.

    My sim went into the store and ate the bean while pondering this Tardis-like phone box in the room, and the beautiful antiques all over. Suddenly, to my great confusion, my exploration was interrupted as I learned that my barely 10 minute long, unsaved game was ending as the reaper came. My jaw dropped. What kind of nonsense is this?!! I was so surprised!

    I could not save my sim by backing out of game without saving.
    I hadn't even looked at the house my sim bought, nor do I remember who that poor sim was.

    All I remember is that mental marquee screaming: !!! GAME OVER !!!

    I had to start my game all over again. Humph.
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  • AuroraskiesAuroraskies Posts: 508 Member
    edited September 2018
    old age
    The very first save I played I knew nothing, and so my made sim died of old age from default time setting. I play on epic since then.
    Of course I went to the internet to search for info on the game when it happened, and there is a surprising, and a bit morbid, amount of posts, text and videos on how to kill off sims... and part of the game play I had to try it out.

    I made a grandma with a toddler, in Riverview, grandmama met adult lady, fell in love, married, but my plan was for the new household sim to act as a gold digger so 'mama had to go, but since she wouldn't, I invited to a birthday party and made her a cake. It was a very witty wake and we all sang her praise.
    Lady in the house now, quite easily, lured her way into the hearts of several townies until I found Aiden Jones, rich, nice house and fitting biography, and stole him from poor Hannah, whom I actually like. They broke up on my command, but since she remained in the house they were both lured to that extra space under it, which was given a floor, and then left there. I was really distraught by it and I could not keep the toddler, now teenager, and the gold digger in the house, but had them spend their time elsewhere.
    But I was on the other hand very fascinated by the Grim Reaper, and made their relationship a good one, cheated-aged Grim up to a, of all things, totally devoid of light teenage boy, and planned out a love story for my pink blondy american-style cheerleader teenie. Sadly I first sent her to university without saving and the save got corrupt.
    Before that, she and her loving stepmom made a habit of visiting every townie that they were alerted was about to die from old age, and played musical instruments, complimented them, made them dinner, and in other ways made sure their last moments where happy ones, until the Reaper ominously appeared and got chatted up.
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