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Shadami's Sims-lits: New simulated Life part! [2-26-18]

ShadamiShadami Posts: 2,948 Member
This is a collection of Sims lits that aren't directly connected to specific challenges exactly. Though they may have some challenges that I used as Ideas.

DBG Legacy : This was the first family I 'made' when I got sims, and I'm very fond of the entire save file. I've been writing a bit of a sims-lit for it. The first few chapters/parts are not amazing, but its when I was still learning.
Disney Bachelor/ette: A fun story based off of a few bachelor challenges I've seen out there. It may turn into winners having their own legacy stories written about them later on.
Simulated Life: A more serious story that's first draft came from Nanowrimo 2017
1 Room, Week, Theme Stories: sims and buildings made based on the 1 room 1 week 1 theme challenge. Each story starts with the introduction of part of their house and will eventually continue with gameplay.
7 Sins : the 7 deadly sins have returned to try to make amends, but their evil traits still control their actions. They're ghosts, they're broke, and they're miserable.
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