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The People of the Light Tribe - A Sims 4 Tribe Based Story (Ending | 09/12/2019)

ForgottenPixelsForgottenPixels Posts: 11,344 Member
So, I've had the idea for this story for a little while as I've been reading a few amazon challenge stories, the first of which was @MrsRacooney 's DoW story. I always wonder what the other non amazon tribes are doing and so I thought I'd have a go at writing my own non amazon tribe. It was originally meant to be an amazon tribe story but the story line didn't fit in the least, so we just have a tribe story. :smile::lol:
When you think of a King or a Queen, you usually think of an adult. Someone with some experience in the world. Someone who doesn't still answer to their parents. Well, Melete is none of those things. She's a teenager who is also a Queen. Did I mention this is set in the early medieval period but with quite a bit of Ancient Greek/Roman influence?
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A big thanks to @simscognito for proof reading the first few chapters for me. :)
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