Secret Obsession: a Sims 3 Story...Complete.

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**Just take note, this is not a cheerful bunnies and buttercups story at all. I wrote and played through this story a few years back but lost my screenshots on a laptop that had to be wiped so decided to replay it. For anyone reading my other story "Misunderstood" I am still working on it, it will not be abandoned. ;)

Part One, The Beginning:

Becky Black was looking forward to another boring year of High School. She had just turned 17 and being not only a strait A student but a bit of a loner who had no use for other Sims, she preferred to hide behind a book rather than making friends.


One day while vegging down at the beach after school a strange boy wandered over and introduced himself as Light Yagami, new student, his parents had moved into town from Japan. (my version of Light from Death Note, I only used these two for reasons that will be disclosed later ;) ).

"You're blocking my sun!" was Becky's reply..


after Light chuckled at the smarty pants reaction to his introduction the two became fast friends, they had quite a few traits in common and started doing everything together as their friendship developed.


Becky didn't realize it but Light was developing serious feeling for her..


She had been trying to hide her feeling for Light for weeks, it was a great relief when he stated acting more romantically towards her. He was moving slow, he knew Becky would get spooked if he just grabbed her and kissed her which is exactly what he wanted to do, but it would have to wait, hugs were as far as it went for weeks.


Light was trying to get Becky to enjoy sports more, soon she was pretty darn good at shooting hoops.


Becky still enjoyed just vegging around more, being a bit of a sloth.


She brought out Light's childish side, he hadn't played on swings since he was 8, but with her pushing it was fun once again.



After Light got off of the swings he went in for a hug...


But Becky had other ideas..


From that moment on they were inseparable and liplocked 85% of the time.



Light thought it only logical that he ask Becky to the Junior prom..


She of course said she would love to go with him.


Prom night came in late April, Becky made a special effort to pick a dress she hoped Light would like (not being a dress kind of gal), He told her she looked beautiful so she assumed he was pleased.



They arrived at the Prom and remarkably both had a wonderful time, everyone commented on how handsome Light looked and pretty Becky looked.


By a stroke of fate Light's parents were on vacation for the next three days and Light was home alone, he asked Becky if she would like to spend the night. There was no way the word "No" would cross her lips..


It started out innocently enough..just chatting and cuddling.



it rapidly grew to a hormonally driven make out session...






Neither had regrets and they slept cuddled up with each other after the fact.


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    Secret Obsession Part 2, The Little Surprise:

    After Prom everything changed, Becky and Light began sneaking out of their houses and meeting in various places just to be together, this backfired a few times and both wound up in deep trouble more than once.



    Their parents were not thrilled but the kids always found a way out, unlocked windows were wonderful for escaping..



    Soon they were on first name basis with the cops in town, Audrey took it easy on the kids she drove them home without the "you're rotten kids for sneaking out" speech, she found their trysts romantic.


    Soon Becky found out she was pregnant, as they were dumb kids and protection was not something they thought of. Luckily in the folly of youth Light was thrilled, he had no idea what was involved with taking care of another human being.



    Time flew by fast and Becky was showing, they had to break the news to their parents not expecting anything but to be screamed at..



    Their parents did yell and scream about how stooped the kids were but both sets of parents decided to teach them a lesson, they bought them a little furnished starter house and told them they would get not help, they would have to make it on their own. The kids were shocked but thought they could do it. The house was adorable, they both loved it. The parents did pad their bank account and gave them a POS starter car with baby car seat...(yeah some "lesson" parents!! :lol: )



    Moving in day was tiring and both fell asleep on their nice comfy bed, but after a few hours Becky started getting pains...the baby was on the way!




    Meghan (Meggie) Alice Yagami arrived in the early hours of the morning on a pretty May day.


    Light seemed more interested in sleeping than in meeting his daughter...


    She was a good baby, her traits were Good and Friendly.


    Light turned out to be a great father! He loved feeding Meggie and snuggling with her.



    Light bonded more with his daughter than Becky did, he even ventured giving her a bath.



    Neither expected having a baby to be so difficult and the relationship was beginning to crack..


    They had a long talk about what was bothering them and worked a few wrinkles out of the relationship, things were good..


    Light told Becky he would like to save up for a guitar as he wanted to learn how to play.


    Becky surprised him by gifting him with a guitar and guitar lessons, she had been saving her pennies (part time job at the bookstore) and was going to give the gift to Light for his Birthday but decided to surprise him early.


    He was thrilled!



    A few years flew by and Meggie was a toddler...

    She had her daddy's hair and her mom's eyes...


    Becky and Light also turned 20 in the next few months..



    Getting older seemed to agree with the pair..



    Light still loved being a dad..


    One thing was missing though....


    They married in a nice private little ceremony..




    They were now officially The Yagami family..each hoped for many years of wedded bliss...






    .......but fate has a funny way of rearing it's ugly head just as you get comfortable....

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    Secret Obsession Part 3: Everything Changes..

    While Light was still the outstanding father he had been since Meggie's birth:




    Becky was pulling away, she sensed something was off..she got her dream job in journalism and sunk all her free time at the office. Light was moving up the ladder in his job with the business investors in town.



    Light became friends with his boss Jinn and his workmate Thayer, Becky was friendly with Thayer but something about Jinn gave her the creeps.



    Light had started swimming for fun and to work off some stress from the office and keep in shape, Jinn often accompanied him to the pool after work.



    Years passed in the work/come home/sleep/wake up/work loop, Meggie had aged up to a lovely 10 year old, she was a strait A student and becoming a major bookworm. Her favorite place in town was the library..


    She was good friends with a girl she knew from school named Jamie..



    Becky and Light were stressed, they had to sell their nice starter house and move into a smaller one because they couldn't pay the bills when Meggie was about 6, their parents refused to help, they wanted the kids to learn responsibility. Becky and Light went through phases where they actually started fighting with each other, but they usually made up pretty quick.




    The major problem was the jealousy, if Becky even dared talk to another male the you know what would hit the fan.

    Talking very innocently with Ciel...




    After Light thoroughly embarrassed Becky he ran home to sulk..


    She of course chased him like a puppy to try and make things better.


    "Why are you crying, I was just talking to him!"


    He grabbed her into a hug...

    "I'm going to lose you, you're going to find someone better one of these days..." he sniffled


    "No I won't Light, I love you, I'm staying with you forever..." she whispered into his ear



    "I have an idea...." he snickered...


    so they had their typical make up "relations"...



    A few months later...the fighting making up had continued Light was drawing away now too, they just couldn't seem to find happiness with each other anymore. The make up s*ex was the only time they ever even did it anymore. Becky still loved Light but was considering couples therapy to try and figure out what had gone wrong.


    Light had started going to the neighborhood bar after work "for a few drinks with the guys" he also snuck out in the middle of the night to visit the bar at times..





    Does that mean you want to play Doctor with her??



    Dancing with the barfly...





    He came home in the wee hours of the morning stinking of cheap perfume and tequila...(no idea if tequila smells like anything)


    Becky was worried about him...


    Until she took a whiff of him, then rage boiled over!


    "You reek, you son of a biscuit...who is she???"


    "She was no one! I just danced with her.." Light mumbled

    "I swear if you touch another woman I'll leave your butt!" Becky growled..


    "I swear I'll never ever touch another woman as long as I live" He promised.

    "I want to believe you"


    "You're the only woman for me, I promise!"



    Ewww, my parent figures were just making out thought Meggie as she walked by, I'll never do that it's unsanitary...



    Life went on....

    Dang raccoon...




    Will save the good stuff for tomorrow... :mrgreen:

    Parting shot...still in love?




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    Secret Obsession Part 4: Sadness...

    Light was breaking, he couldn't take his marriage crumbling, he felt lost, he was having thoughts about one of his work mates, it was all driving him mad..he needed a break and asked Becky and Meggie if they wanted to go to the library. He and Meggie always headed to the library to decompress it was a haven.

    Meggie dug right in..



    Becky met a guy named Connor who worked in Journalism but not with her, they had a nice chat.


    She also met Jared Connor's brother, interesting fellow...


    ..he got a bit too friendly for Light's taste...



    "Can't all you jerks just stay away from my wife??" he bellowed..


    Another fight broke out at home when they got home...


    Becky had had enough..."Light why don't you just pee on me to lay your claim! I'm not going to cheat on you with anyone unless you keep embarrassing me when some random guy tries to talk to me, you're going to drive me away!!"


    "But...." he stuttered..


    Then he grabbed was Light's way of solving problems, not the best way but he knew Becky couldn't resist...



    They were on a roll of "solving problems"



    Becky wasn't dumb she knew this was solving nothing, if anything it was cover for something that was bugging Light, she knew him too well and something was bothering him big time.


    Light was invited out by his boss Jinn, they were celebrating the company's tenth year anniversary, and had gone out to a nice restaurant with a group from work. Jinn, Thayer and Light decided to go out afterwards for drinks.


    The bouncer cracked me up...


    Jinn and Thayer were pretty big drinkers..


    Light was a bit of a lightweight and was soon very tipsy..



    After his fourth drink all logic was absent...


    and a thoroughly inebriated Light did what he had been wanting to do for months but would never admit to anyone especially himself.


    Jinn was not amused...



    Reason slowly crept up into Light's fuzzy brain and he was mortified!


    Thayer was not pleased with the display either...




    Light has to get out of there but knew going home was a bad idea..


    He ran to the first place his feet took him.


    He didn't know Thayer was following him...


    The pool, where he and Jinn had had some happier times, he realized he would have to squelch his feelings for Jinn again he didn't know if he could handle that. He really felt he was in love with him. His life was a complete mess.



    Thayer was fuming...why had Light tried to kiss Jinn?


    Thayer got right in Light's face and demanded "Light, why the he*ll were you kissing my boyfriend!?" Light was stunned, in all the years he had known Jinn and Thayer he never knew they were a couple.


    Light couldn't answer, he was too shell shocked, not only had he kissed his boss but his taken boss!

    Thayer meanwhile was shaking with rage and yelled at him..."Is THIS what you wanted out of him??" He grabbed Light and drew him right in for a scorching kiss, it hurt as he was rough and it wasn't Jinn but Light found himself responding..



    Thayer pushed him away and screamed in his face.."Well you'll never get that from Jinn so leave him alone, he's MINE!" he then attacked Light..






    Neither was sure how it happened but one minute they were ripping each other limb from limb the next minute Light had fallen in the pool..


    Light was battered and tired and still very drunk and despite being an excellent swimmer just couldn't manage to keep his head above the water..


    Thayer was screaming for help, he didn't know how to swim so was useless...


    Light Yagami died that Friday..



    Thayer was broken up, he didn't want the man to die! He called the police immediately..



    Billy hated this part of his job...


    ..informing the relatives of their loved ones death...


    Becky needless to say was crushed...regardless of his flaws she adored Light.





    Light was buried in the backyard, Becky and Meggie were taking it very hard. Meggie even put her favorite teddy bear out by her dad's grave to keep him company.


    She felt beyond sad by the loss of her beloved father, she would never ever forget him.



    She would miss snuggling with him on Sunday mornings most of all.






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    Secret Obsession Part 5: Thayer's POV...

    I wanted to stay away from side stories but I thought Thayer's point of view on the day of Light's death was pretty interesting, it is all I will cover of Jinn and Thayer.

    Jinn and Thayer's's The Monotone expanded a bit.



    I love their house, the bedroom especially, I think it suits them perfectly.


    They have been a couple for three years, they decided to keep it to themselves though as they figured it was nobody's business but theirs and they weren't big on public displays of affection so it didn't matter anyways, they were happy as they were.


    The night of Light's death....Thayer caught something fishy out of the corner of his eye...Light's face was glued to Jinn's, WTH???



    Thayer had a very short fuse and immediately attacked Jinn..



    "He kissed ME!!" Jinn bellowed back to the screaming Thayer..


    "Why the he*ll would he do That??" Thayer yelled right back not quite believing what he was hearing..though he did see Jinn yell at Light right after he kissed Jinn.


    Two short fuses......


    Thayer was peeved beyond belief that Light would try to kiss his boyfriend so he followed Light to confront him.


    Why the he*ck would he go to the pool thought Thayer as he quietly followed Light.


    Light started crying quietly, this maddened Thayer even more than he was originally, weakness was something Thayer was not a fan of. Without a thought in his head except rage he grabbed Light and kissed him brutally, he did not enjoy it but he could tell after a few second Light did..



    Light enjoying it would not he attacked him..yelling for Light to stay the he*ck away from his boyfriend!




    Light was battered, tired and still very drunk...



    He slipped on his own foot and fell into the pool...Thayer just stood there gasping in horror, he didn't know how to swim and was also drunk so no help what so ever..



    Thayer couldn't believe it when Light went under and didn't come back up...



    Thayer knew Light was dead, Grim showed up and did his business...


    He immediately called 911...Billy showed up a few minutes and escorted him to the Police Department...there was reason for him to be suspicious of Thayer..


    Billy did a complete interview..




    Billy didn't see any reason to press charges, it was dubbed an accident, Thayer told him truthfully all he could remember, but he was so drunk certain key activities did get forgotten..Billy knew Thayer was feeling bad and sent him home with a hug and a warning to sober up (Billy and Thayer were friends so he might have gotten a little nicer treatment than most would).




    Thayer went home to break the sad news to Jinn.


    Becky showed up at the Police Station after a few days to read the police report, Thayer had visited her and told her how sorry he was, he left out everything about Light kissing Jinn, Becky didn't need to know that, and made up a story about drinking and falling into the pool, he knew the truth would kill her, and he was one of her best friends. she told him it was not his fault. The police report said Accidental Drowning...





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    Secret Obsession Part 6: Secrets and a Kiss..

    Becky and Thayer were instant friends since the first second they met, they would do anything for the other, trusted each other completely and in reality loved each other, Thayer had once said that if Becky were male they would be married. Thayer always wondered about Light, Becky's husband, Thayer's gaydar was constantly twitching when he was observing Light, he was a major overcompensator and something in Thayer's opinion was "off" about Light.


    Thayer told Becky of his concerns, she brushed them off saying Thayer was just being protective, which she appreciated, but she felt it was unnecessary as her husband was not even close to gay, not even Bi.. Thayer just told her to keep her eyes open, he didn't want Becky to get hurt.



    .........A few weeks later.......

    Becky was switching out Summer clothes for Winter ones, everything had to be taken from the dresser and boxed up making room for the new seasonal clothes. She got to Light's cheat of drawers and found some magazines stuffed under his casual shirts.



    She quickly flipped through one and her jaw dropped to the floor, there in all their glory were pictures of nekked male Sims! Curiosity got her and she took one to the bed to get a better look..

    The words Geeze and Yikes slipped from her lips a few times, then her brain actually clicked on and she started wondering WHY Light had necked male Sims magazines hidden in his drawer.



    She went out to the yard as Meggie did not need to hear this conversation and quickly called Thayer and told him to come over.


    She explained to Thayer what she found...


    ...he was very sympathetic to Becky but inside was screaming 'I knew it!!'

    "What do you want to do about it?" he asked her...


    "Can you somehow find out if he really" she said in a little voice.


    She had no problem with gay guys obviously but didn't want to be married to someone hiding such secrets..Becky was very upset by all this and her being upset was setting off Thayer...he would get the creep even if he had to set a trap or play a few mind games.


    She told Thayer he could do whatever he wanted but she had to know either way.


    Becky said he could hang around Light would be home in a few minutes, she would take Meggie to the library to get her out of the house.

    "I need to talk to you Light" Thayer said as he walked uninvited into the house.


    "What are you doing here Thayer, Becky and Meggie are at the library, they left a note they will be home in an hour"


    "I need to talk to You..."

    "What about...." Light Questioned


    "The magazines, Becky found"

    "Those aren't mine, I would never read that filth!!" Light yelled


    "I didn't even mention what magazines she found Light...a bit nervous aren't we?"

    "I'm not nervous!!"


    "Admit that you're attracted to guys Light, admit it and break it off with Becky before you really hurt her and Meggie!"


    "But I'm not! I'm just holding those magazines for..a!" Light stuttered...



    "Sure you are Light" Thayer whispered as he stepped closer to Light..."Just admit it, you want to be kissed by a guy, you want to know what it would feel like"


    Light was then pulled right up close to Thayer and Thayer whispered directly into his ear seductively "One of these days I'm going to kiss you and you are going to love it!" then gave Light's arm a squeeze, he felt Light's whole body tense up...


    "NO!!" Yelled Light, "I'll never kiss you, I'm not the slightest bit attracted to you I'm only attracted to...." The name of the one who he wanted was luckily stuck in his throat..he fell silent.


    "You'll kiss me Light, I don't care if you enjoy it or not!! Becky will know the truth.." Thayer stated confidently and left...leaving a thoroughly annoyed, and confused Light standing there dumbly.




    The night of the Anniversary party was the next day, Light kissed Jinn, Jinn rejected Light, and Thayer did get that kiss that he demanded out of Light, it was not for pleasure it was to prove a point and because Thayer was thoroughly mad at Light for kissing Jinn, and for Becky having to put up with a lying coward of a husband, he wanted to embarrass him as much as possible. Light falling in the pool and dying was not supposed to happen so Thayer did feel horrible about the events after the fact....for a few hours.


    What you don't know was after the kiss and before the fight...

    "I always win Light, Becky will be divorcing you because she will know what you did to Jinn, and you will never ever touch him or hurt Becky again!"



    That was going to happen in the future, Meggie was going to find the magazines stuffed way back in a corner of the closet *snicker* when she was a teenager. I hadn't figured out the details as of yet as it was a bunch of updates off but I'm glad it's done as I want to sign off on Jinn and Thayer. Now things will get to the main characters (in a few more updates), Meggie...someone else, someone else else, and Becky. ;)



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    Secret Obsession Part 7: Loneliness and adventures in dating..

    Right after Light's death Becky had a long talk with Thayer who she knew was the last one to see Light alive. Morbid curiosity took over she asked if had admitted to anything before he fell in the pool. Thayer couldn't lie to her but she didn't need to be upset by the complete truth for the rest of her life, he compromised and answered...


    "He told me he was holding those magazines for a friend" which wasn't a lie at all, he had said that.


    Becky of course saw right through that, she knew dang well those were Light's secret magazines. She also decided in that very moment she really didn't want to know anything more, what would knowing anything more was time to move on and remember the good times she and Meggie had while Light was alive.



    6 months went by...Becky slipped into a mild depression, she was used to having Light around when she need to talk to a grown up. Thayer was there but he and Jinn were doing a lot of traveling lately so Becky was a bit lonely. Meggie sensed her mom's loneliness and decided to play matchmaker, Meggie gave her science teacher Mr. Winchester her mom's phone number without Becky's knowledge. He gave her a call and a few confusing moments later, a date was set up, he seemed a nice guy on the phone, Meggie was in deep trouble though if the date was a flop!

    They met a few days later...Meet Mr. Winchester...Shane (my me made brother for Odessa and Cedrick)..


    They got along great!



    Shane was a funny sweet guy...


    They were out a few times...they both adored Chess, Becky kind of stunk at it though.


    Odessa in the background was being very silly..(keeping an eye on her little brother no doubt)


    On the third date things progressed..



    there was some smooching going on...




    They seemed happy enough but Becky decided he was more a friend than a romantic interest and eventually broke it off with him. Though she did have some sweet dreams of him. (she was sleeping with Jinn, the house that I have 8 Sims crammed into only has one double bed and one loft bed)



    Becky took another few weeks off of dating, but she met a cute guy named L at a neighborhood party in the park...


    What really impressed her was that Meggie was still on occasion very visibly missing her dad...


    L noticed and talked to her trying to cheer the girl up, they played on the swings and sandbox for a little over an hour, Becky though that was very sweet.


    Her heart skipped a beat when she saw Meggie give L a big hug and tell him "Thank you..."


    Meggie would obviously approve of Becky's dating L as she already liked him.

    Becky mentioned to L that she was stressed when he picked her up for their first date, so L decided to change his dinner and a movie plans and surprise her taking her to the spa for a massage, since he worked as a masseur. Why he was wearing only a towel shocked me but was funny so I kept it..she was nervous at his choice of outfit for the massage..



    ...but eventually she just melted into a puddle of goo...


    they got dressed and a bit of flirting followed...



    But there were no sparks, he was cute, but just friend material again...they did part on good terms..


    L was seen flirting with some Chick named Emily a few days later.. :D



    L suggested Becky enroll in the Martial arts class at the gym he frequented, she though that was a great idea...Thayer decided to enroll with her. Becky flew up the ranks in her MA classes, she was the best at sparring in her class (repressed rage no doubt) but her board braking needed some work..


    Ciel had recently joined the class, Becky checking him out, she wondered if he remembered her..


    He did remember her and talked to her after class..


    He asked if she would like to go on a date...and since he is MY favorite Sim she said yes.. ;)

    was it a little morbid he asked her to meet him at the cemetery? They had a nice conversation...


    But Ciel seemed to be interested in groping more than talking...he was putting the moves on her within 15 minutes!




    Becky thought he was adorable if not a bit on the fast side, but threw caution to the wind and decided to go with it...




    ending here...... :mrgreen:

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    WOW What a great read, I started reading out of curiosity from your title and couldn't stop!
    Excellent work, I so cannot wait to read more!
    Will be bookmarking this. You had my attention from the beginning to the end!
    Brilliant Talent, fantastic story line and love the twist!
    Cannot wait for the next update... and btw side note... L is a hottie.... ;)
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    @bebasim , Thank you very much for the feedback, it means a lot, I'm glad you are enjoying the story so far.. :smiley:


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    Secret Obsession part 8: The One??

    Becky was a bit leery of Ciel's intentions as he did start making moves awfully fast but hey he was cute and she had been in a severe dry spell so...


    They had just had a nice date night with a spectacular dinner..


    Ciel walked Becky home...and gave her a goodnight hug.


    Becky went out to Light's gravestone and started crying uncontrollably, she was missing him horribly for some reason tonight.


    She's not a pretty crier..



    She had to see Ciel, she knew why. She went fast so she couldn't change her mind..she barged right into the house and woke him up..


    He took one look at her and asked what happened, he seemed genuinely concerned.


    She just said "I'm lonely..." He understood..


    She stopped him and excused herself to "tidy up", she knew she looked horrible.


    After a face wash she almost looked decent again.


    She giggled to herself and decided to make an impression on Ciel...I think she was hoping Light's ghost wouldn't show up for the grand event..??


    They got right to it...



    Becky wanted to cuddle but Ciel was making no moves towards even trying to hold her..


    ..and he had no complaints when she decided to leave after a few minutes, Ciel was nice but it just wasn't in the cards for now, she needed sparks and there were none here.


    3 seconds after she left the bedroom...


    2 months passed Ciel never called not that she really expected him to, she suspected Ciel had serious commitment issues.

    Becky then met Garrett, it was true love right from the first second she set eyes on him, birds sang, kittens purred, unicorns pooped skittles! It was magic... <3 He was THE ONE!!


    In the mean time Meggie had aged up to a full fledged teenager..



    She was so busy with her friends and school Becky hardly ever saw her anymore..


    She still had time for L though, L was still considered one of her best friends.



    Becky and Garrett had plenty of dates and alone time, they were inseparable.











    Marriage was even discussed a couple times...things were fabulous, until...

    he first noticed her at a bar one night..



    She noticed him right back...


    Becky and Garrett were spending a quiet day at the beach...


    She was there too...


    Becky had to pee she told Garrett she would be right back..


    Being a little tramp and not having any issues with the guy in her sights having a girlfriend she noticed the girl walk away and made her move..



    Leaving it here... :mrgreen:


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    OMG NOOOOO lol Poor Becky cliff hangers love it!
    You really have a gift @Charlottesmom :smiley:
    You're style is fresh and alluring! Love it!
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    Secret Obsession Part 9: Just this once....

    We left off here, Tramporella (Zelda) was making her move on Garrett...



    Zelda flings around a few flattering comments, Garrett goes all gaga eyed and....



    Becky was not only stunned to see some blonde wench glued to her boyfriends lips but also a tad miffed..


    Words were exchanged (not good or polite words!)


    Becky walked away to calm down before she started using some really nasty words on bimbo blonde head...


    Blondie however wanted a round two...

    "If you had kept him satisfied he wouldn't have been making out with me!"

    Becky was once again stunned...


    "You're nothing but a low self esteem tramp!" she yelled accusingly to Zelda


    "And YOU should learn to keep it in your pants!!"


    "It wasn't OUT of my pants!!"


    "You KNOW what I mean Garrett!!" Becky screamed..


    Becky then hopped on Light's bike and tore out of there...



    A few days later...Becky was wishing death on the blonde Bimbo..


    Garrett was of course tailing right behind the a dang puppy! He started in on Becky...


    She didn't want to hear it, she was never going to trust him way a relationship was ever going to work out between them ever again.


    "You...stay the he*ck away from me you boyfriend swiper!"


    With that she excused herself and drove away...effectively ridding herself of Garrett forever...


    Garrett was actually torn apart about what happened...


    He didn't even LIKE Zelda! and now he would never get Becky back...what a mess. Anger bubbled up...


    "This is all your fault Zelda, why don't you just go back to flirting with your brother in law!!"


    Zelda was rendered speechless and Garrett waltzed out of her life forever. She was not worth his time.


    I do not flirt with Dustin she thought to herself...


    hmmm,....I wonder if he's home from work yet!


    Becky went to find the one person she could trust, she needed to unload all this drama on a guy who would listen patiently and with no judgement.

    He met her in the park later in the day...he brought Skye (his alien abduction daughter) as Becky hadn't seen her for awhile, she loved Skye, even if she did resemble a green bean.


    They chatted about Becky's twisted love life, or lack of love life that is...


    He couldn't believe her horrible luck with the males in this town.


    He told her she should just take a break, she agreed. They spent the next few hours passing Skye back and fourth, just enjoying each other's company.



    "Lets go out tonight, it will cheer you up" Connor suggested...

    "I'd like that"



    Becky was feeling bad again, why didn't anyone love her...the pity party started early, she told Meggie she was going out and headed right to the bar a few hours before she was meet Connor, she felt like getting a bit tipsy...


    One for the road!


    She got to their meeting spot a few minutes early she was tipsy but not tipsy enough to forget how to read...he favorite pastime.


    She looked at Connor and her filter blitzed out, the words "I love you" flew out of her mouth...


    She tried to take it back..."Um, that's not what I meant to say...I mean I Do love you but I don't love love you..." she sputtered..


    She flew out of her chair and covered her eyes hoping she would just disappear into the pavement.


    Connor felt so bad for her, he knew she had gone out for a few, she always had a bad case of verbal diarrhea when she drank.

    "I'm so sorry Connor just don't listen to me!"


    He decided on his own plan of action...


    This felt good she thought....


    "I want you to come back to my house..."


    "Okay" she whispered not quite believing what was happening.

    Back at his house..."are you sure about this?" she questioned..


    He just kissed her in reply...



    "That was wonderful but it can never happen again Connor..."

    "I know" he quietly agreed.

    Their friendship could withstand a one time occurrence, there were no regrets..






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    Secret Obsession Part 10..Beautiful Boy..

    Since I will have very little computer time for the next few days I thought I should post this one today too (since some of you peekers look at my pictures early!!) ;)

    Where we left off..Becky leaving Connor's house after their hopefully not regret filled night..



    Weeks passed, Connor was busy with work and Skye, Becky was busy with work and Meggie...they did frequently call and text though. Becky had to talk to Connor, she asked him to meet her by the old fortune teller...


    This time she wasn't drunk but she did blurt..."I'mpregnantandyour'rethefather!"


    Luckily he was happy about the news!




    It was his turn to blurt..."I want you to move in with me!"

    Becky smiled and said "But I have to stay with Meggie, she's only 16 and can't live by herself!"

    Connor laughed, "I would never make you leave your daughter, it will be nice to finally meet her, I was beginning to think she didn't really exist as I've known you for years and never met her!"


    So it was decided that Becky and Meggie would move in with Connor and Jared right after the baby was born.


    It was finally time for Skye to age up to a toddler...


    Cute for a green bean!




    Oh Good God how cute is she!!


    Connor may have never met Meggie but Jared was already getting to know her. Jared had met Becky once a while back at the library and saw her and a teenaged girl he assumed was her daughter in the park one day, Connor had told him that they would be moving in after the baby's birth. So he went over and introduced himself again.


    Jared handed Skye to Meggie as she just kept staring at the child, he could tell she was itching to play with the child. Skye seemed to like Meggie too.


    "We will be moving in with Jared and his brother Connor after the baby arrives" Becky told Meggie, Meggie considered this and told her mom that was fine but she couldn't sell the house they had with her dad, "Dad is buried in the backyard and I love that house, can we keep it so I can move there when I go out on my own?" Becky agreed that was a fine idea as the house was paid off, they could rent it out in the mean time. This news made Meggie very happy.


    They spent a few hours getting to know Jared as he would be a constant presence in their lives for at least a few years..


    Meggie fell in love with Skye...she hoped her new brother or sister was as great as Skye.


    Meggie and Becky both sat out by Light's grave that night...Becky missed him horribly! She had taken to wearing her wedding ring again, she wanted him back regardless of what he may have felt for other guys..he was her best friend even now, sometimes Becky even wondered if she would see him again when she died.




    Time flew by and the baby was due in a few days...

    Her worst nightmare was coming true labor in the middle of a huge crowd, this had to be a bad dream!!



    She finally managed to waddle her way over to the hospital...

    and Edward Frio was born..


    Becky brought him over to Connor's house to meet his dad...



    One big happy family??



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    The "What will she do to Becky next?" thread :D

    But for real, I want her to be happy with Connor but I know you said this wasn't going to be happy... Seeing as I read most of the recent ones and then came to this thread to read what happened beforehand, it was actually an interesting road for me. Like I read the part where she investigated Light's death and found new guys, then I found out what happened with Light and how he died. :D Then I found out she was having Connor's baby. A wild road for my mind to patch that together in order.

    My own fault of course, I was gone so long :D

    I do love the way this story is being told! It's a very bumpy life Becky and Meggie are living, and sadly, I know Becky is going to be thanking her lucky stars she kept her house. Though, it would be cute for her to be happy :)
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    I finally read the parts of your story I had missed - and I had missed Light's death, which is a really key part! I hope life in the Frio house will finally be a peaceful time for Becky. She has such a startled expression in the last two pictures! Skye is a cutie. :)
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    Secret Obsession Part 11: Goodbye....

    Becky was not feeling very well after the birth of Edward she told Connor they would move in in a week or so as she was feeling pretty sick. Meggie was very helpful with taking care of not only Edward but also her mom who had been in bed for 2 days, only getting out of bed to go to the bathroom.


    On the third day she started hallucinating about Light visiting her, she had some heartfelt conversations with him or not she wasn't really sure, everything was blurry, everything echoed, and standing took a great deal of work, so she stayed in bed and "talked" to her husband's ghost.




    "Mom who were you talking to?"

    "Your dad...didn't you see him?

    "Mom there was nobody in the room with you..."

    "He was sitting in bed with me right where you are now..."


    "I'm bringing you to the hospital, you're hallucinating!"

    "Fine...I do feel pretty cr*ap*py..."

    Luckily Meggie sort of knew how to drive, she didn't have her license but this was an emergency..


    12 Hours and a pint of blood later the doctor said she had a minor infection from having Edward but should be on the mend in a few days, and to take the antibiotics he handed her.


    Later that night Meggie went upstairs to check on Edward and found her mother having a conversation with nobody, she was talking to herself again..Meggie went downstairs to get her mom's medication..


    Becky picked up Edward gave him a cuddle...


    she rocked him for a second, but it made her dizzy...


    She stumbled over to his crib tucked him in and told him she loved him very much..


    She made it 3 steps backwards and passed out..Meggie saw her and called the doctor in a panic immediately...


    It was too late...the infection had spread..there was nothing anyone could do.


    Becky was graceful about it, Light told her the kids would be well taken care of..


    Meggie of course was taking it very very hard.


    Becky and Light were reunited, she was back with her best friend.


    They had a very quiet burial, Becky and Light both hated seeing Meggie so sad but it was nice they could still peer into their daughter's life from time to time. She seemed to be a very good big sister to her baby brother.


    It was nice to feel loved again...they did love each other in spite of their problems, which now didn't mean anything.






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    Secret Obsession Part 12: New Beginnings....

    Connor had been out and about with some friends from work..


    He got an urgent text from Jared and rushed right home..



    When Connor got home he told him that Becky had died from a massive infection from having Edward, there was to be a very private burial the next day and Meggie and Edward would be moving in later that night. Connor was stunned and went into a kind of silent mourning, luckily he was kept busy moving around the nursery for Edward. Meggie would also have to be squished in there as the other two bedrooms were occupied by Connor and Jared.


    The next day, Meggie brought L with her, he would be staying at least one night until she felt comfortable with Jared and Connor. She knew Jared a little but had never met Connor, it would be traumatic to just be dumped off with two virtual strangers even if Connor was her brother's father.

    "I really don't want to do this L, why can't we just stay at my old house!!"


    "Because your mom wanted you to stay with them and Connor is Edward's father, do you want him to just take Edward from you, he could do that as his father, oh and because you're only 16 and can't live by yourself!" L was trying to be the voice of reason.

    "What if I hate them!!" Meggie protested loudly..

    Just then Connor came to the door..


    "Welcome to your new home, I hope you don't hate us, at least not right away, we're pretty nice guys." Connor said as he opened the door smiling at L, L smiled back knowing he said what he said for Meggie's benefit.

    "Crud..." Meggie muttered under her breath, L snickered...


    Connor then disappeared when Jared came downstairs, Meggie already liked Jared he was a sweet guy, after talking to him for awhile L seemed at ease with him.



    Jared started talking about Meggie's mom saying how nice she was and Meggie and L both started tearing up.




    Meggie was losing it rapidly.

    "L, I have to get out of here..."

    L followed her he knew Edward would be safe with Jared.



    L knew where they would wind up, back at Meggie's house in front of her parent's graves...he didn't blame her one bit, he let her cry until she was all cried out.


    L was her best friend, he was so good at making her feel better, and was always there for her. Meggie had a few good friends at school but she didn't even know if they knew about her mother's death, it had been so sudden, none of them had called her any ways, and she hadn't told any of them, she just couldn't...not yet.


    L was not taking this very well either..but he had to be strong for Meggie.


    "I think we should head back..."

    "Just a few more minutes" Meggie said quietly.



    "Where did they go?" Connor asked concerned..


    "I think they might just need some time alone, this is pretty overwhelming for Meggie.."

    "Is that L guy her boyfriend?" Connor enquired..

    "I'm not sure, he does seem very attached to her." Jared offered...


    "Yeah, he does......"


    L and Meggie caught a cab back to Connor and Jared's house..her house now too, she would have to get used to that.

    Meggie went right back to crying..


    The poor girl was heartbroken...



    L went to get Edward..


    Meggie told L she wanted him to stay tonight, she felt okay but would feel better with him there.


    Meggie said she wanted to get to know Connor, she needed to know both the brothers so she would feel a bit more at ease. L thought that was a good idea, he was going to play pool with Jared, he was very competitive and told her he knew he could whoop his butt, he mostly said that to get a smile out of Meggie.



    Connor had gone outside by the pool 10 minutes ago, Meggie too a deep breath and went out to try to talk to him, she had a feeling Jared was the more outgoing of the brothers, Connor seemed really shy.

    She found him reading by the pool, it was a really nice pool she noted to herself.


    She didn't want to disturb him so she just sat quietly, watching him.


    He put down his book and just stared at her...


    "You look like her...." he finally said.

    "Everyone says that, I have my dad's nose though..."


    He just sat there for awhile and she was getting creeped out by the total silence, she couldn't think of a single thing to say to him. She go up and was walking away, she had planned on going back to the house to talk to Jared and L, two people who actually liked talking.

    Connor cut her off...he apologized for not saying anything but talking was tough for him and he didn't want to upset Meggie by talking about Becky.


    She said she really wanted to get to know him...

    "What do you want to know?"


    "What are your hobbies, what do you like doing?"


    "I like reading, always have...I'm a bit of a loner and books tend to be my salvation" he said excitedly..

    Finally some emotion she thought to herself..and something in common, "I adore books too!" she exclaimed..


    "Mom loved reading too...." then she suddenly found he face buried in Connor's shirt crying quietly...


    "Sorry...." she said tearily

    "Don't be...." he said softly.




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    @Charlottesmom I am going to comment here because I have WAY too much catching up to do on the forum and your story is more important right now. ;) :p <3
    Oh my goodness!!!! :astonished: I was NOT expecting you to kill of Becky! Good one there... ;)
    I like how sickly you made her look. ;) And it seemed like Light was just lingering around, chatting with her, waiting for the time when he would guide her to the next life. :(
    I knew a gal who got some kind of infection right after giving birth and they barely caught it in time or it would've taken her life. :cry: Scary stuff!
    Poor Edward will never get to know his mom, and poor Meggie! :cry: I can't imagine the whirlwind of emotions going through her right now. I see that she noticed how nice the pool was and...I hope she doesn't get any ideas about jumping in and... :flushed:
    L is a real nice guy and I hope he can be there for Meggie and provide comfort, as well as Connor.
    So intriguing...can't wait for more! You are such a great storyteller! :smiley:
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    I havent been on for a while and just caught up to the rest of the story and i'm gobsmacked, omg Becky noooooo :(
    Wow the twists in the story has left me speechless and wanting more more more... lol
    You have a huge fan and i cannot wait for the update now, i can't begin to imagine what twists will take place now.
    I certainly did not see some of these events coming
    Awesome story telling! I agree with @emorrill you are a awesome storyteller!!!
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    OMG...I just got done reading the entire thing and just WOW....that was quite a shock. Poor Meggie first she loses her father, then she gains a baby brother and loses her mother. That poor poor girl she has had quite the roller coaster ride so far. I am rooting for her! I'm sticking with this story your skills are even better than mine and I'm really trying with my 50 Foals Challenge. I am so looking forward to the next update. *Stalks thread silently*
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    Secret Obsession Part 13: Please.....don't go.

    A week had passed but Meggie wasn't dealing with her mother's death very well, she was sad all the time, pretty much hated living in Connor and Jared's house and only wanted to spend time with L, he was the only one who understood what she was feeling.


    He tried to cheer her up....


    She tried to cheer him up...


    L knew what could really cheer Meggie up, he caught some butterflies for her collection, she was one of those strange girls who actually liked all sorts of bugs, and creepy creatures, she was hoping to go to college for entomology. Her collection was housed at his house for now as there was no room in her shared room with Edward and Skye.



    Connor showed up in the park shortly thereafter, Meggie was embarrassed about her crying outburst the other day and had avoided him since, she barely knew him and just wanted to keep to her close circle of friends right now.

    L wanted to get to know him though and went over to chat...he needed to know the brothers to make sure Meggie was okay living with them, he was very protective of her.


    They had a nice talk about hobbies and small talk but then Connor asked... "How long have you and Meggie been together?"


    L was taken by surprise, he and Meggie were not a couple!

    "We aren't together..she's only 16 for cripes sakes, we've just been friends since her dad died..."


    'you sure look like you're together' Connor muttered to himself. and went back to reading, efficiently shutting down the conversation.


    Meggie came over and plopped down dramatically...


    "Want to get out of here?" L asked her..

    "Yes......" was all Meggie said completely ignoring Connor

    L couldn't figure out why Meggie was being so cold to Connor, he was a bit strange and did pry a bit too much but in general he seemed harmless. They all got up and L told Connor he would bring Meggie home by midnight.



    L and Meggie went to the Diner for supper then Maggie wanted to hang out at the park and L wanted to hit the bookstore, they agreed to meet up again in about an hour.

    Meggie saw one of her friends from school at the park...Parker came over and didn't quite know what to say. Meggie had been out of school for the past week and everyone now knew why.

    all he could think to say was "I'm so sorry...."


    "Parker, I'm okay don't worry about me.." Meggie was most certainly not okay but she didn't want to burden her friends. They went for a little walk and he caught her up with what her group of friends had been up to for the time Meggie was out of school, mostly small talk but he was trying to cheer her up too, he could sense her sadness, it radiated off her.


    L had finished up in the bookstore and was watching Meggie and Parker curiously...


    He determined the boy was not upsetting Meggie and went to find a place to sit down, he suddenly felt so tired.


    Meggie spotted L walking away and followed him..


    "Who was that boy?" L asked gently..


    "A friend from school, his name is Parker.."

    "He seems to like you..."

    " almost sound know I love you!" she said laughing and gave him a big bear hug.

    "I love you too..." he whispered into her hair way too quiet for her to hear.


    Just then L's phone rang...


    "Mom slow down.....what happened exactly?" he said to the person on the other end of the call. Meggie noticed the concerned look on L's face.


    "For how long do you think? I can use some vacation time..." Meggie could only hear half of the conversation.


    Meggie listened she determined L's dad had had an accident of some sort and was in the hospital, it sounded like L was going to be needed to help his mom and would be leaving tomorrow morning.


    L hung up, sat next to Meggie and told her what had happened with his dad...


    "You're leaving...." Meggie sniffled, she knew L's mom was elderly, she had had L when she was almost 50 and he was 29, she knew he was needed at home until they could arrange for a visiting nurse or other care giver for his dad while he healed up from his surgery, a broken hip was nothing to joke about. She still couldn't help but feel sad and rejected about the whole thing. L was her source of comfort, she would be lost without him.


    Meggie threw her arm around L and dragged him close..

    "I'm going to miss you! How long do you think you're going to be gone?"


    "Hopefully only a week or so and I'm going to miss you too!"


    They sat together for a few more minutes then headed back to Connor and Jared's house, Meggie doubted she would ever consider it "her house".

    The next morning they hung out on the brand new swings that were just put up for Skye.



    Meggie got off the swings and looked worried, "How am I going to make it a week without you..."


    "I'll call you and text're going to be fine."


    L grabbed hold of her hands and gave a squeeze..


    He gathered her up for a hug...


    He told Meggie he would call her when he got to his parents house...and then he was gone. Meggie was beyond sad, she knew she would be counting the hours until she could see him again.




    Meggie was okay for a couple of days, she missed L but he did call and text her all the time so that was comforting. Monday rolled around and she was supposed to go to school for the first time since her mother's death. She woke up and decided she couldn't hack it...


    so she snuck out, it was easy, Connor had already left for work and Jared was taking a shower...the kids were still asleep so she quietly got dressed and ran to her old house to sit with her parents.


    She felt so tired all of a sudden and laid down and took a nap, she could almost feel her parents around her, keeping her safe.


    After she woke up she decided to head off to the library, maybe a good book would take he mind off everything. Unfortunatly she ran into Connor there and it was only noon, she didn't know that he had gotten a call from the school that Meggie hadn't shown up. Connor called Jared but Jared couldn't get a sitter so Connor would have to skip work to look for Meggie..he headed for the library first, he was relieved to find her there...


    Unfortunately the relief was short lived and he gave her a full chewing out about skipping school..


    Meggie was not used to getting screamed at like this...


    She broke down crying from anger and embarrassment, she was really starting to hate Connor.


    She walked out and decided to ignore him completely, maybe she could stay at one of her friends houses...because she was NOT going back to THAT house ever again...



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    Secret Obsession Part 14: Just give him a chance...

    Connor chased after a crying Meggie, he was sure he knew exactly where she would be her old house, to the backyard to be precise. When Maggie saw that Connor had followed her she screamed at him to just go home and leave her alone!



    She stopped herself from further yelling when she could have swore she heard someone who sounded very much like her mother say "Meggie, stop...give him a chance..."


    She was thoroughly confused and looked around for the source of the voice but there was nobody else around. Meggie suddenly felt very bad for blowing up at Connor, she shouldn't have skipped school, it was his right to be mad at her for not showing up as she should have. She apologized to him...


    Then he apologized to her for being so mad about skipping school, he told her he should have asked her if she needed a few more days off as he knew she was having a very tough time with Becky's death.


    Meggie felt a bit better about Connor and calmed down significantly..


    He asked if she would like to go do something together, she suggested the library, he of course thought that was a great idea.


    I always plop the dinosaur on top of the Appaloosa library! ;)



    They read together in silence...


    Then Meggie said she was hungry so they went over to the diner for some supper...they chatted afterwards, mostly about Skye and Edward and Maggie's lack of space in the too small bedroom she shared with them.


    Meggie then got a call from L who was still in Bridgeport with his parents.


    He told her he was going to have to stay for another week, she was obviously disappointed but tried to not sound too sad about his news.


    He promised he would be back as soon as he could, she hung up feeling very lonely...she missed him tremendously.




    A few days later Connor met Meggie at the book store after she got out of school and he got out of work...he was trying to make every effort to cheer Meggie up even though he was in mourning too...he missed Becky a lot too but didn't dare try to talk to Meggie about her, not quite yet, he could tell she was not ready to talk about her yet.


    It was always mostly small talk but they were slowly learning more about each other and Meggie was opening up to him more.



    Meggie loved the outdoors and they went over to the field to see if they could find any butterflies to watch or catch. They did spy a parakeet (Appaloosa must be near Australia! ;) )


    Connor said he knew a much better field, the one over by the bowling alley..they drove over before the sun set...


    He caught one right away and gave it to Meggie for her collection...


    Unfortunately that set off her memories of L as he always caught butterflies and bugs for her, she was missing him a lot...she needed him to hurry home.


    She told Connor what was bothering her and he gave her and understanding hug.


    He actually made her feel much better, this surprised Meggie...


    She spontaneously leaned in and clung to him, it felt good to actually feel good again, even if only for a few minutes.



    Connor and Jared gave her permission to attend the Prom, they both agreed it would cheer her up at least for one night. Meggie was going by herself as she liked a couple of guys but neither one asked her to go.




    She walked out as the official girlfriend of Parker (which I had nothing to do with but worked out awesome as that was the direction I was headed)..


    When she got home Connor and Jared had about 5 billion questions!


    Since her evil sarcasm was returning she almost wanted to make a comment about Parker taking her virginity but felt she didn't know these guys well enough for that yet.... (though L would have though it was hysterical!)


    Connor was inquisitive about her prom night news but didn't ask anything too personal (she kept her news of Parker to herself), but Jared loved the update about the dance, he asked tons of questions, he used to love dances at high school!



    She dragged herself up to bed, kicked Sparkle off her bed and was out like a light...


    Her mom visited early in the morning...and whispered to Meggie who was very much asleep that she was making her and dad very proud, she was a very good girl...


    Meggie murmured "I love you mom..." in her sleep.



    L showed up the next day wanting to surprise Meggie...

    She was getting the mail for Jared, when she looked over saw him dropped all the mail and ran right to him and grabbed him into a big hug...



    L had been scouting around outside the house for butterflies, he had called last night and told Jared he wanted to surprise Meggie the next morning and to have Meggie get the mail right at 9:30...

    He collected two new butterflies for her.



    He led her to the backyard he said he some news...


    "The good news is my dad is doing well and we have a live in nurse for the next month"

    "Good then you're staying here with me right!" Meggie was excited...


    until L said, "Well I'm thinking about putting a new Spa in Bridgeport, I was scouting land while I was there and met with an architect to design the building, we break ground next week."

    "So you're moving FIVE days???" Meggie was confused..


    then was furious..."Da*mn it L!!!" she growled...


    ..then she burst into tears, she couldn't take this anymore, she was losing everyone she ever cared about, everyone she ever loved...her father, her mother, now L...


    She covered her eyes and whimpered "I can't lose you L, I love you, I need you around, you're the only person that makes me happy!"


    L looked at Meggie with sad eyes, he had been all excited about his new Spa in the big city that he hadn't even fully considered how Meggie would feel about his moving away, well he did, but he thought she would be happy for him.


    He scooped her up in a hug and said "You can visit me any time you want it's only a three hour bus ride, and hey maybe I can give you driving lessons before I leave so you can drive to see me!"


    "I'd really like that L!!"


    He tried his best to clown around with her and cheer her up, but in truth he was really sad about moving away too, he would miss her a lot. They really were best buds...






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    Secret Obsession Part 15: Goodbye....

    Meggie and L only had 5 days, but with Meggie in school, and L constantly on the phone making plans for his new Spa their alone time was severely limited, they tried to make every available moment count...though getting stuck baby sitting was not part of the equation.


    Poor L...and Meggie..



    L was great at putting Edward down for a nap though...


    Baby Luca was the easiest to settle...(Yes I'm keeping his name Luca @bekkasan talked me into it ;) ).


    After Connor came home L gave Meggie a driving lesson..


    L obviously swiped Connor's car!


    She was doing great, they were out for a few hours...


    Guess teaching Meggie how to drive wore him out!


    They went out again the next L's car. Connor's car was returned to him. ;)



    When they got back L tried to catch some fireflies for Meggie...



    While he was catching her fireflies Meggie got a call from Parker...



    At first it didn't bother L but as the conversation turned a bit more "friendly' he felt a twinge of something almost akin to jealousy..



    He decided to stomp down anything more than friendly feelings he had for Meggie, she was after all 13 years his junior and from the sound of it had a boyfriend...*that she had never mentioned to him before*, that fact hurt him more than anything.


    L had to ask....

    "Who is Parker?"


    Meggie was stuck...she had wanted to keep Parker a secret until after L left as she felt weird about the whole thing, she really only said yes to Parker when he asked if she would be his girlfriend because she kinda liked him and she was feeling lonely, to be honest she didn't know him all that well...not like she knew L.


    "He's kinda my boyfriend..." she muttered..

    "How long have you two been together?" L was very curious about this boyfriend fellow.

    "Only a few days...he's just one of my friends from school and he asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend so I said sure...." she tried to explain, but just wound up sounding a bit tongue tied about the whole situation.


    "Sounds serious..." L chuckled...

    "Oh it totally is, wedding bells, pregnancy tests, 3 dogs and a house in the suburbs!" Maggie laughed..


    "I know you're kidding you're a cat person!" L laughed...


    "Well duh!!" she laughed right back the tension gone...


    With that subject closed they decided to go swimming..




    Since L was leaving the next day Jared told Meggie to take the day off school and spend the whole day with L, Meggie was very grateful Jared let her spend the day with L as she wouldn't be seeing him for awhile. They made plans for Meggie to come out and see him for Christmas but that was a few weeks off.

    First stop was the library as Meggie wanted to take out a book out on photography. She had been taking pictures for awhile but wanted to up her skills.


    I Caught L checking out Odessa...LOL!


    They went back to Meggie's for lunch and a chat in the backyard...L was feeling bad about leaving her.


    Meggie had accepted the situation she knew that would be able to call and text all the time, she also felt that life had to go on. She was sad but felt some good might come out of them being separated for awhile, they had after all been joined at the hip for the last 6 years.


    She cheered L up a tiny bit...


    Later that night they went up to L's favorite star gazing spot, it was one of the first spots he took Meggie to watch the stars when they first became friends.


    It was pretty emotional for both of them...



    "It's going to be so lonely without you around.." L stated quietly

    "I'll call you so much you'll start screening your calls!" she countered with a slight sob...



    "Come over here...this is a good spot" he said...


    She grabbed his hand and squeezed lightly..L just looked at her and smiled.


    They looked at the stars for hours whispering silly things to each other every so often..


    It was a good night...


    He drove Meggie home they would be saying goodbye all too soon...


    "I'm going to miss you more than you know...I love you" L whispered.

    "I love you too...please don't forget me"


    "That will never happen..." L sniffled and grabbed her into a hug...


    They separated and just stood there staring at each other for a minute...


    L couldn't take it anymore and said "Goodbye Meggie..." and quickly got into his car and drove away.




    She was beyond sad and felt a hollow pit in her stomach like something had been ripped out of her.


    Later that night she was plagued by dreams of L...


    L drove through the night to get to his new apartment in Bridgeport, he collapsed into his nice comfy new bed which he had paid to have set up upon delivery and was out for about a minute when the dreams of Meggie started, he missed her too much.


    ************************************* :'(

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  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 510 Member
    edited December 2017
    OMG i'm having a massive crying session reading the stories i'm following and you're has topped the cake, i was screaming at the screen nooooo not L omg.... wow, what a turn of events. OMG poor Meggie it's breaking my heart!!
    I love your writing style, i love how this story is unfolding you truly have a talent @Charlottesmom i can't wait for the next update now.
    OMG so many things were running through my mind as the events were unfolding, event creepy ones and now i'm wondering what will happen. I hope L doesn't forget her omg heart breaking chapters wow!
  • CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 6,786 Member
    @bebasim , I just want to inform you and whomever else is reading that the story decided to go in a totally different direction from my original play through. I love they way it is going an am not stopping it so it will most likely have a very different ending from the original. I do plan on a true to Original story play thorough at some point, it will be a much different story than this one, which hadn't even hit where the original really ramped up. The addition of some extra characters that were not in the original story kicked this story out of kilter, in a good way I think. I am rewriting a good portion of it now but hope to still keep you on your toes, it will still be pretty emotional. :)

    It will still be called Secret Obsession...for reasons.. ;)


  • bebasimbebasim Posts: 510 Member
    @Charlottesmom , isn't it funny how we start a story off one angle but the sims decide to just go where ever they take us lol. I look forward to seeing your original one also, but this one has me on my toes which i do believe your other one would too. Just the title in itself is captivating!!!!
    You have a knack to enable the reader to live through the lives of the characters. That is art and talent my dear! Truly admire your writing style, and absolutely enjoy reading your story! Look forward to ready many more from you :)

    I am so glad i read your title and went hmmm let me see... now i'm hooked!!! Author in the making you are! ;)
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