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Rebuild: A Sims 4 Genetics + Building Challenge


  • MionaxMionax Posts: 105 Member
    @debjameswhite Losing Sims is sad. I like how you ended your update on a positive note, one that looks towards the future.

    @blondiebabe923 Your choice of house plan looks good.
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  • blondiebabe923blondiebabe923 Posts: 197 Member
    @Mionax thank you. I did have to tweak some things, i couldn't get windows on the foundation like in the blueprint. It took me 3 hours and there is 2 bedrooms I haven't furnished and an unfinished basement lol. Will definitely upload pics tomorrow.
  • mattiemayhemmattiemayhem Posts: 47 Member
    hi guys!! haven't been online in a moment, skyrim caught my full attention recently LOL.

    @Awenya your update was suuuuper cute omg! The little cafe looks so cozy <3 and i love the family dynamic you write, that dad is the SWEETEST ugh

    @JordanNicoleJJ thats super exciting, a whole new woooooorld *sings off key* lol. the starting lot already has so much personality! I can't wait to see what those two build it up to be!

    @debjameswhite NOOO so many deaths!! oh wow though, the sudden connection at the end, only for it all to END! :0 !!!

    @blondiebabe923 woah i love these blueprints you find! I'm sure it'll look great!!

    im gunna hop back into my Brenninger family and see what they're up to- I'll be introducing y'all to the newest addition and a tour of the completed neighborhood in whatever post I do next!
  • blondiebabe923blondiebabe923 Posts: 197 Member

    I need help! I cant choose an heir. Should it be Draco 06-11-20-11-37-35-AM.png He has his moms lips and hair color but has his dads skin tone. He also has the Cameron Baehr chin. Or Reign 06-11-20-11-37-24-AM.png Reign has his moms hair, and nose, and his dads mouth and skin tone he also has the Cameron Baehr chin. They both have a mix between moms and dads eyes. And a sneak peak at the outside of the heir's house 06-11-20-11-04-45-AM.png
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    @Mionax Thank you! I like Harbor! I may use that for one of their last names :smile:

    @debjameswhite I'm so glad you like my founders! I was going to use Mac, but I want to go back to Willow Creek after I do the 5-gen-fixer-upper in Evergreen Harbor, so I'm just going to leave that save alone for now. They aren't a couple because I totally forgot to make them one in CAS :lol: So I just wrote that into the story, and it works because 1) they can't afford kids whatsoever right now, and 2) they physically can't try for a baby when they don't have a romance bar :lol: They definitely act like 'just friends' right now - they keep getting embarrassed seeing each other in the camping shower (which I thought wasn't supposed to do that??) and sometimes they won't sleep in the tent at the same time lol. I'm not going to force them into a relationship if they don't ever act romantic toward each other. I have another storyline in mind for kids if that's the case :smirk: And thanks for the name suggestions! I will totally use Calfuray for Nona - I looked up the meaning and it has a nature meaning, so it's even more perfect!

    Oh what a sad update...but it's the circle of life - babies are born, elder pass on. I'm glad the family is so close, so they can comfort each other during hard times like that. Also I really love the 'dream scenes' you use - getting little pieces of the family's history and seeing old familiar faces as ghosts, it's really interesting!

    @blondiebabe923 Thank you for the kind comments! That floorplan looks great! Man that is a hard heir choice...I'm gonna vote for Draco because I like his hair :lol: The house looks great!!

    @mattiemayhem I recently started playing Skyrim!! I love it because there are good stopping points. I can jump on, do a quest, then jump off. Whereas sims sucks me in for days on end, and I only stop because my boyfriend yells at me for not sleeping or eating :grimace::lol: And thanks for the nice comments :heart:
  • blondiebabe923blondiebabe923 Posts: 197 Member
    edited June 11
    Here are the Galloway teens. Up first Astrid. I feel she is her mother with her dads skin and hair color. 06-11-20-2-35-20-PM.png Next Cosmo. He looks a lot like Sam, he has Coco's eyes and is a spell caster like Coco. 06-11-20-2-32-13-PM.png Then we have Draco, he has Coco's skin, his lips are a mix between Coco and Sam. 06-11-20-2-33-56-PM.png Here is Lucious Draco's twin. They are close to being identical but they do have their differences 06-11-20-2-34-12-PM.png This is Regin he is Reign's twin they are also almost identical 06-11-20-2-34-35-PM.png Last we have Reign, I thought he was a good mix between both parents, but looking at him it looks like he is almost a spitting image of Cameron 06-11-20-2-34-43-PM.png Here is Cameron with Hope 05-19-19-1-44-20-PM.png And oh man, do I miss Hope and Cameron in my game. Edited to add the Genealogy from my founder to now Geneology.pngGeneology2.png
  • blondiebabe923blondiebabe923 Posts: 197 Member

    Ok, this might be my last picture spam for today lol.

    I picked an heir, its Reign. I just loved how he looked like his late grandfather Cameron. Here is Reign and Sam 06-11-20-3-48-51-PM.png Reign with Coco 06-11-20-3-49-23-PM.png I just loved this picture of Astrid looking up to no good 06-11-20-3-50-28-PM.png And now the moment I've been waiting for, the house tour

    The outside 06-11-20-4-15-26-PM.png The living room 06-11-20-4-16-29-PM.png The dinning room 06-11-20-4-16-38-PM.png The kitchen 06-11-20-4-17-16-PM.png06-11-20-4-17-28-PM.png The hallway 06-11-20-4-17-37-PM.png Stairs to the basement 06-11-20-4-17-44-PM.png Master bedroom 06-11-20-4-17-53-PM.png06-11-20-4-18-02-PM.png06-11-20-4-18-11-PM.png Walk-in closet 06-11-20-4-18-18-PM.png06-11-20-4-18-28-PM.png Bathroom 06-11-20-4-18-47-PM.png06-11-20-4-18-55-PM.png Bathroom and door to laundry 06-11-20-4-19-06-PM.png Laundry room 06-11-20-4-19-16-PM.png06-11-20-4-19-49-PM.png Basement 06-11-20-4-20-33-PM.png06-11-20-4-21-42-PM.png

    And lastly Reign and Bianca 06-11-20-4-28-42-PM.png
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    @blondiebabe923 Incredible house! Congrats on choosing an heir. He was one of my favorites too.
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    @blondiebabe923 I really like the floor plan and picture of the house you're planning to do. I love all the different textures on the exterior. It looks like it will be a fun build. When you showed the 2 kids you were considering for heir I thought but I need to see them as teens! Your very next post gave me that wish! Also the sneak peak at your house was super cute. Reign does look an awful lot like Cameron!! <3<3 Look at that amazing genealogy! How fun! I was glad to see you picked Reign. How can you not go with Cameron look-a-like? :D Then came my favorite! House tour!! You did such a good job! I love it. I see some shelving I think is from the new pack but I haven't done a build yet. It looks really good. I especially liked your closet. Oh and then Bianca...my heart...I loved her when she was in my game. Watch her if she gets too playful! That's how she died in my game and left her husband with 6 small children to raise!!
  • blondiebabe923blondiebabe923 Posts: 197 Member
    @debjameswhite thank you so much! After I uploaded the pictures and went back in game I noticed one of my shelves disappeared so I added it back in. And the kitchen and dinning room the walls got changed so I changed them back. Once I finish the bedrooms I'll upload it to the gallery. I normally go with 2 story houses but this one was my favorite to build. The shelving is from the new pack. I've noticed most of my houses I always use the parenthood pack. I did change the stairs to the basement. It was supposed to be straight down but I didn't like the way it looked.
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    It is all EA's fault that I want to start a new save! But I have an idea ;)
    Origin ID: Ojenn | Rebuild
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,402 Member

    Before Lia went off to college she had one more date with Jay.

    Some little girl was very interested in Jay. Lia was thinking, ME TOO LITTLE GIRL, ME TOO!

    They share a good night kiss, and then Lia was off.

    One last night with Maddie.

    Then she was hard at work!

    She joined the debate team.

    She’s planning to make a lot of change so she thought this would be a good skill, even if she was majoring in flower arranging!

    She met Knox Greenburg who really inspired her.

    He was really sad though and Lia really wanted to help him with that.

    They parted good friends.

    She once again was hard at work.

    She is the queen of selfies and she loves her mascot.

    She did a lot of bike riding.

    Jools was missing her only daughter.

    She really stayed for a long time.

    She did not get in the way of Lia’s homework though.

    Then they had some fun.

    Lia was lucky enough to get a single.

    She was full of spirit for her school.

    She even TP’d the other school’s statue!

    She also gifted random gravestones to random strangers (THANK YOU) and had fun doing it.

    She went home for Harvestfest, but the town had shut off the power to conserve energy. After she played a sad song on the piano about how there was no turkey on Harvestfest Day.

    They went to her grandparents’ house and had Harvestfest with her aunt and uncle.

    Jay was so happy about this!

    Luckily when she went home for Winterfest, there was power at the house.

    Just before graduating we got some surprise news. Her twin Tristan had gotten married.

    And her parents…no…just no.

    The night before graduation they had a good time.

    This time Lia actually was friends with the people she graduated with!

    She hugged her mascot goodbye.

    She spent one night at home, New Year’s again, before moving into her own place.
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,402 Member
    @EVERYONE Guys! Are you having issues? I'm so frustrated! Random people kept coming into the dorm and stealing things. Not things sims can even carry in their inventory. Cabinets, sinks, sofas, desk chairs, computers, tables so many stools. I am so fed up. Then, the sims in the dorm just don't shower until they get to the point they're having a melt down. I had a fridge for a little bit but people just kept going into it and taking out food and just leaving it. The clay and the future cube kept randomly spawning everywhere.

    This guy came in and I caught him stealing and he doesn't even have the klepto trait.

    Look at these poor dirty sims!

    I had been at a bar that got ransacked so badly it couldn't be a bar anymore. Lia went to her parents house and someone had come in and stolen their kitchen island. I'm terrified someones going to steal some of Greysen's masterpieces! I hope they fix this soon!!

    Oh and cooking! I was at Harrison's house for a holiday and everyone had to make a white cake, and get water and leave it about. Trash piles were just appearing out of nowhere and romance! OH the romance! Thank goodness Lia did not get mad at Jay when there were like 3 girls flirting with him and he very openly was flirting back especially since the same thing happened to her while she was at school!

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    Hudson had settled into her room and got to meet the first of her roommates. His name was Jack and it was his second term for his culinary degree. He was glad to offer advice on where to find her classes and the hours of the student quad.

    She got straight to work on her debate skill and her homework. She was taking four classes this term for her honors psychology degree and she knew she would be running a bit ragged.

    She soon learned however that her other roommates were party animals. People over all the time and into the early morning, she spent a lot of that term in the commons.

    Despite the craziness at home she got A+ in all her classes and even found time to attend a few guest lectures. As her lease was for two terms she was still on campus housing for her second term but on the plus side, Jack would be living there as well and they had become best of friends.

    Her second term while busy(again with four classes) was a lot easier to navigate. She even signed up as a tutor to help her fellow students. While waiting for a class to start she met the most beautiful lady, who worked for a company responsible for the campus landscaping. Her name was Nabila and Hudson was smitten!

    Juggling classes and dates with Nabila was hard but Hudson managed and once again completed a term with straight A+! Being free from her lease she decided to live off campus in the nearby town and the same day she asked Nabila to be her girlfriend officially, she also asked her to move in together. Time for her final term!

    Before term began Hudson went home for Henry and Heidi's birthday and their weddings to their high school sweethearts. The Saturday and Sunday before term several of her siblings came by to visit her new place and meet her girlfriend. Hudson still got an early start on school work though.

    Her twin Hilden came for a visit after the first day of term along with Jack, who had graduated the term before and was now working for a catering business. Unknown to Hudson the visit would set a trend toward a rocky future.

    By the third day of term Nabila had news for Hudson that meant they would have to quickly elope if she wanted legit heirs.(Not the kind of stress she needed in her final term!)

    Hudson tried to focus on school, getting as much done as she could but on Thursday night while trying to study for her final exam the next morning there was no more time!

    Good thing today was her final exam and she would be done with school since she and Nabila would be quite busy from now on. Time to speedup the building plans for their new home back in Willow Creek. Welcome to the family: Catherine, Clarissa and Carson Lovell!

    Tired to the point of dropping Hudson finished her last exam and her last term to come home to this!

    How could they! Her beloved and her own twin! How long was this going on?! Were her children actually hers?! The screaming match that followed was of epic proportions! How long was apparently since the first night of term. They at least had the decency to not sleep together till now, so the kids were indeed hers. When all the yelling was over, Nabila agreed to a quick divorce and that Hudson would have full custody of the kids. Hilden had divorced his spouse already and they were planning to move far away together to start a new life. Hudson told them it would be many years before she was willing to see either of them again but if this was the path they wanted she would wish them well(being the better person for sure, my dear).

    It was now after midnight and Hudson was alone with her torment. She called Jack hoping he was not at work. He came right over, they spent time talking with Hudson crying till he convinced her to go to bed. He would stay and watch the kids the next morning while she attended her graduation. She had worked so hard, getting not only an honors degree but with straight A+ for all three terms she deserved that walk.

    Not only did Hudson graduate but she was hired by the head of her old department for a teaching position! Such a great day compared to the last one.

    Jack ended up staying to help with the kids and be there for Hudson. He would watch them during the day while Hudson was teaching and she then would have them at night when he went on his catering gigs. After changing the plans around with Jack and three kids in mind construction of their new house was under way and Hudson could not wait to leave this place with it's sweet and sour memories. Their last night before the big move was celebrating the kids birthday into todds. There was now a clear generation 10 heir: Carson Lovell!

    Catherine Lovell

    Clarissa Lovell

    Carson Lovell-Gen 10 heir

    The next update will be their new house pics and uploaded to the gallery. Happy simming despite all the bugs!

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    Rebuild Evergreen Harbor: Gen 1

    Garbage is truly living the high life...whole plates of food to gorge herself on, nice picnic table to scratch up and sleep on, heaven.

    Thanks to the Greenburgs, Nona got a job as a civil engineer. She hoped it would give her some influence in town, so she can start taking it in a more green direction. She woke up bright and early Monday morning, put on her hard hat, and set off to work with a smile on her face.


    Finn woke up...eventually :lol: He's a homebody. He did notice one of their solar panels was looking pretty grimy, so he spent the morning giving it a good scrub.

    Then he did some laundry, though I'm not sure it was any cleaner afterward... :grimace: He got distracted by a surprise visitor...

    The local NAP inspector stopped by to announce that 'clean energy' won!! Of course they passed their inspection with flying colors and got a nice discount on their bills as a result :smiley:

    She also mentioned that the neighborhood voted to turn an old abandoned factory into a 'maker space.' Finn headed over to check it out immediately. He met and quickly befriended the leader of the project, 'Master Maker' Tina Tinker. Then he got the best news of all -- apparenly "freelance maker" is a career! Tina helped him register online and he got his first job: make a fabricated rug for 200 simoleons!


    Tina showed him around all the work stations, but all he really wanted to try out was the fabricator and get right to work making a rug.

    It...didn't go so well... I love how he's getting spray painted and drowned by this crazy machine, while everyone else is just hanging out casually chatting :joy:


    They just watched him get thrown across the whole studio!!! :joy: This poor dude just can't catch a break... :joy::bawling:

    Sorry for the short update, I just couldn't wait to share the craziness going on in my game. I'm still dying of laughter about the fabricator incident... :joy: Here's to hoping things start getting better for these crazy environmental kids :tongue:
  • blondiebabe923blondiebabe923 Posts: 197 Member
    @EMSimmer30 Hudson is so gorgeous. I can't believe her wife cheated with her brother! I love that you chose Carson. He is going to be a looker.

    @JordanNicoleJJ your founders are so amazing. I love your pictures they are always so bright and lively. Poor fin getting thrown over the market place.
  • MionaxMionax Posts: 105 Member
    @JordanNicoleJJ LOL awesome
    "I can not become what I need to be by remaining what I am." - anonymous
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    @debjameswhite - University came with its own set of issues, dirty sims and dishes being one of them. I think maybe its got something to do with the fairly recent patches. I am hoping they try and put out another patch but I am also not expecting too much lol.

    @EMSimmer30 - I love that Hudson is settling in nicely and Uni, too bad she can't get any peace and quiet for studying. Nabila looks so good in your game ♥ Oh wow things definitely got Rocky for Husdon and Nabila, yikes! Poor Hudson getting her heartbroken and by her own twin :( All in the all the kiddos are adorable and I love that you picked Carson for your heir.

    @JordanNicoleJJ - I am enjoying your Eco Living gameplay, I still haven't jumped in yet but I am itching to. The new job looks so cool and perfect for the pack. Tina is so adorable omg and I love her name (makes me think of Borderlands).
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    Talk about working outside your comfort zone! I hope you guys like this one because I’m pretty pleased. I do have to say it I’m much more used to an open floor plan though so this was a challenge!

    Lia loved flowers. She always had, and she dreamed of growing her own food, living off the grid and selling her own flowers. This wasn’t the most practical idea she knew, but she was young. What better time to dream and take a chance. Also, she was fortunate that because of her families rough beginnings, there was plenty of money to fund her dream.

    She set her sights on Port Promise. Her father was completely supportive, but her mom was a little worried. She saw the characters walking around down there and it didn’t look safe. “How will you even breathe?” She lamented. “You’ll see Mom!” Lia reassured her. “I’m going to change the world!”

    To start this journey, she did not go small, but she did go green. She wanted to be here for a long time and if she eventually had a family, she did not want that to be the end of her dreams. Her house is off the grid. Dream #2 – check. The rest will follow she hopes with some trial and experimentation.

    Outside Views:
    She only planted a few flowers in the actual ground because so far they don’t do well. To keep her spirits up she planted bright beautiful flowers around the property in old whiskey barrels.

    What’s that little pink side building you ask?

    Lia’s home is constructed from three 40 foot shipping containers that she purchased from the Port Authority. The sales man saw her eying the pink one and offered it to her for half price. It was a smaller container and she couldn’t resist. Now she had a nice dry place to work on her crafts. Wood working, flower arranging and candle making all happen here.

    The back is equally interesting. Lots of big windows to look out at the harbor. She’s positive that some day it will be a beautiful view.

    Since we’re outside, let’s take a peek at the roof. She will have lots of fun up there!

    Inside Views:
    One thing Lia could not give up on was a place for family. She had to have a table to gather around.

    The only thing that doesn’t work off grid in this kitchen is the sink. She’s hoping this and her washer dryer will work with the energy and water she collects.

    If they don’t, this sink does work off grid and she will improvise. Also not sure about that thermostat!

    On the other side of that wall there is a bit of storage behind the stairs. That’s her old trunk from college!

    Lia’s room is simple. The main feature here is her family’s art. She has beautiful pictures that her great grandfather Greysen did as well as pictures from both her parents.

    Her master bath is simple too. Everything here works off the grid.

    On the other side of the house, in the 2nd container are 2 other bedrooms and a bathroom. Again, in the bathroom, everything works off grid. You can’t be worried about if you have enough power when you gotta go!

    The smaller of the two rooms is currently serving as Lia’s office. She has her mother’s old desk and a bunch of unfinished paintings from her great grandfather. She did some painting in school and while she likes it OK it’s not her passion. She hopes these will help inspire her though.

    The guestroom is simple. All the windows on the first floor are high up in the bedrooms for privacy in the busy harbor.

    Finally we go to the second floor. On the walls are pictures that her relatives have painted (Including portraits of all the heirs so far). It’s a beautiful place to sit and watch the world, no TV needed.
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    Reign moved into his new house, but after paying all that money for it, he knew he needed a roommate. He knew Bianca from school and she had just aged into a young adult and he decided to ask her to be his roommate. She agreed. 06-12-20-12-09-32-PM.png They were having a lovely conversation about it being new years and than Bianca gave him this lovely face 06-12-20-12-11-11-PM.png They tried to watch the ball drop but were a bit late. They did enjoy their time on the couch though 06-12-20-12-12-39-PM.png Reign always had a crush on her and he thought he was over it. When she moved in he knew that he was indeed not over it. He tried the sneaky over the arm cuddle 06-12-20-12-16-47-PM.png Points for Reign it worked! 06-12-20-12-17-23-PM.png They were getting along very well. Thats when Bianca dropped the bomb that she had a crush on him in high school. Reign couldn't believe his luck! 06-12-20-12-17-32-PM.png He decided to stare deeply in her eyes. Um Reign its supposed to be cute not crazy staring 06-12-20-12-17-51-PM.png It was getting late and Reign decided that he would kiss Bianca for the first time. She was shocked 06-12-20-12-18-34-PM-2.png After their kiss Bianca went out back and decided to make a snow angel. 06-12-20-12-20-27-PM.png She called Reign over and they started having a snowball fight 06-12-20-12-21-14-PM.png She got him good in the eye once or twice 06-12-20-12-30-50-PM.png He got her too. And just like that winter was gone and spring had come around 06-12-20-12-31-10-PM.png They decided to kiss and make up after that snowball fight 06-12-20-12-31-43-PM.png Well Bianca I thought I did well at decorating, I guess I did not live up to your standards bianca.png The next day the welcome wagon came and it was Coco, Athena, and Sam. Bianca decided to get to know Reigns parents. She took a selfie with Coco 06-13-20-1-29-06-PM.png and one with Sam 06-13-20-1-29-58-PM.png Everyone gathered around the couches some at fruit cake, while others just talked 06-13-20-1-31-49-PM.png Oh Sam, always looking so photogenic 06-13-20-1-32-06-PM.png After everyone left, Reign took the opportunity to ask Bianca to be his girlfriend 06-13-20-1-34-09-PM.png She said yes! 06-13-20-1-34-10-PM.png They had to make it offical ;)06-13-20-1-34-37-PM.png The next day, they were relaxing in their living room, and Reign told Bianca that he got a job in the engineering career and he was going for computer engineering. Bianca told him that she also got a job, just a part time one as a barista 06-13-20-1-44-29-PM.png They were so excited for each other 06-13-20-1-45-42-PM.png What better way to acknowledge each others successes than a selfie 06-13-20-1-45-46-PM.png A few days later Reign knew something was missing. He called the adoption agency and requested to see 3 puppies 06-13-20-1-51-03-PM.png The light tan little guy did not like him or Bianca, the dark tan little one did not like Bianca 06-13-20-1-52-14-PM.png But this little guy loved them both 06-13-20-1-54-17-PM.png So they adopted him. Meet Oreo the Dalmation 06-13-20-1-54-28-PM.png Bianca was working on getting him to use the bathroom outside but could not help but adore his cuteness 06-13-20-2-08-35-PM.png (I had to take out the hanging pots and pans rack, it was blocking the stove) Bianca has been practicing her cooking skills and made this vegetarian dumpling dish 06-13-20-2-26-56-PM.png A few days later Oreo aged up into an adult 06-13-20-2-39-19-PM.png Bianca made sure to give him lots of walks 06-13-20-2-41-56-PM.png After Reign got home from work he invited Bianca on a date. While there he got sick but he knew that now was the time. 06-13-20-3-07-04-PM.png He confessed his love for her and got down on one knee 06-13-20-3-07-05-PM.png And asked Bianca if she would make him the happiest man on earth and marry him 06-13-20-3-07-05-PM.png Of course she said yes 06-13-20-3-07-08-PM.png She was even shocked at how big the ring was 06-13-20-3-07-11-PM.png06-13-20-3-07-14-PM.png After their date and back at home Reign decided to teach Oreo to roll over 06-13-20-3-16-27-PM.png He has the stubborn trait, but after a little while he figured it out 06-13-20-3-16-30-PM.png Well ok Bess, you do not need to be so aggressive. Heres a dollar bess.png The next night before Reign was due home Bianca got even more exciting news! 06-13-20-3-25-03-PM.png She rushed out when she saw Reign home. He was a little shocked she came running outside he thought something bad happened 06-13-20-3-26-14-PM.png When she told him he was going to be a dad he became so excited 06-13-20-3-26-19-PM.png Poor Bianca she has had morning sickness for the last day 06-13-20-3-31-24-PM.png When she wasn't working she was teaching Oreo fetch. He did not care for it 06-13-20-3-33-33-PM.png Later that night Reign and Bianca talked. They didn't want a big wedding. They decided to Elope in their living room 06-13-20-3-39-42-PM.png Reign and Bianca were so happy 06-13-20-3-40-01-PM.png They said their I do's and Reign kissed the bride 06-13-20-3-40-31-PM.png By the way, this is Bianca in her second trimester! I hope there is one baby in there 06-13-20-3-51-34-PM.png
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    Super Shore Update (I am so over Uni)

    Sage was just as over college life as I was, she's an A student but dorm life has been trying with all the dirty dishes and trash.

    FINALLY the big day had arrived, I don't think I care for University all that much. The semesters seem to just drag on (I might need a mod to shorten these because I want my sims to get the degrees for career advancement).

    It also happened to be Winterfest so her diploma was a nice present.

    And now that she is all moved out, I will get started on her new place!
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    edited June 16
    Since the Last Episode~.. (long post ahead xD)





    The night they got together~

    Then, in the next coming week, Brianna finally wondered if Johnny would like to come live with her!

    He said yes, of course~ Her building project had already helped so many people, and he wanted to be a part of it!



    They upgraded the house- It finally looks like a HOUSE, both on the outside, and the inside!



    The first group party at the house was a hit! Mortimer especially enjoyed Johnny's jokes xD What a good cheerleader!


    Once they settled in, cozy days at the house began looking like this. Johnny working on his routines, Brianna schmoozing with the locals to see who wants to join her neighborhood...


    Brianna started to think, maybe she wants one more household member?



    After finding out she was indeed pregnant, she got straight to work in filling the last few slots of the neighborhood!


    Research, messaging... Getting a bit distracted...


    Checking on the neighborhood- Huh. It seems like only Malcom lives here now.

    I legit had to check the household manager because like- Where the heck did Nancy go???

    I had the image, but I can't find it anymore- But Nancy was found pregnant in this screencap,


    (Which I found out was Mr. Rocca's child)

    And then with one mans baby, she went and married another dude in Windenburg and changed her last name to England!!! Was that her dastardly plan all along? Free housing for her teenage- Now young adult- Son, so she could go and ruin other mens lives???


    Even at a baby shower someone threw for Brianna, Nancy was giving everyone the cold shoulder!



    At this same baby shower, Lily Feng insulted Johnny's body type.


    And got caught!


    Brianna had to take her sweetie into a bathroom to calm him down and assure him how handsome he is! It helped his mood tremendously.

    The next day, they decided to hit up the humor and hijinks festival!


    Miss Lily Feng wee'd herself and Johnny thought it was sweet, sweet revenge.. Even if he picked the jokester side, he can laugh at a little mischief!!


    Katrina came in and interrupted a sweet moment between Johnny and herself towards the end of the night- I can hear Brianna trying to meditate the bloodlust away with how she closes her eyes sometimes xD She did the same thing with Lily, if you noticed!



    Ow, that pregnancy belly is gettin' pretty big..!


    Finally, the last house has been built! Actually, it's a three story apartment- Two studios and one shared laundry room! The first apartment is the one that got taken- By Mr. Rocca himself!



    It's called the Desert Park Apartments, and I'll be uploading these to the gallery soon under Mattiemae17 !! I think this is the cutest little bachelor pad xD

    Wow!! It's finally time to go and do the park that Brianna has been wanting to do this entire time. I made sure I took no stops on this. I wanted the cutest little mix of things, and maybe I sacrificed a few strands of sanity in taking screenshots of this place but that's okay.


    She started working on the playhouse, where events can be comfortably sheltered as well as where her club can go and sit. She was styling this after some sort of old fashioned place, I don't know.


    She lined the place in picket and hedge fence, and...


    Built a community garden..!


    Can't forget a wedding arch~!


    Viola! The fully finished Brenninger Park~


    The place got bumping pretty fast!!!


    Mortimer is having just as much fun as the teens are.


    There's a dog park! Even a cat litter tray, just in case.


    Getting home after a long days work, she saw Johnny was back from his own job, cooking them both dinner. This baby was gunna pop any day now, and with the first hurdle of their journey over, they needed to focus on the upbringing of the baby as much as possible. The idea they were gunna be parents was dawning on them now, and Brianna couldn't be more excited. She'd done everything she wanted to do, and had a cast of good friends around her, and she wanted to keep expanding the house soon enough..! When she wasn't pregnant anymore, preferably.

    So, guys! Told ya I wouldn't come back until things were done LOL. What should I name the next heir? I already have ideas on what they'll be doing in their generation, but I feel like I've focused on Brianna so much I totally forgot she was pregnant. Or the fact that her and johnny aren't even married yet, so that's something else to do xD. She literally had the ??? labor status when I finished building the park, so some rest and focusing on, yknow- The idea of a baby and husband is super important!! I hope it's a girl!!!
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    Whoops!! Baby has been born sooner than I thought! Welcome Julius Brenninger to the sims world xD Son of Johnny and Brianna!
  • JordanNicoleJJJordanNicoleJJ Posts: 1,561 Member
    @blondiebabe923 Reign definitely does look like Cameron, which just means he's super cute too :wink: All of Coco's kids are super cute. The new house looks great! The kitchen and laundry room are my fav rooms - I love the colors you used. Bianca is so pretty! They're gonna have such cute kids :blush: Omg I love Oreo. Adopting puppies or kittens is the best. Congrats to the happy couple on their engagement/elopement! And congrats on their pregnancy!!

    @debjameswhite Aww it's a little sad that Lia will be away from Jay for awhile, but good for her for getting an education and thinking about her future. She's so cute in her little debate uniform! Isn't Knox the best? He's my fav new townie. Omg I've never gotten that phone call before! I love it :lol: I'm glad she got to go home for Harvestfest and see Jay!! Oh no...another sibling :lol: Lia's container house is AWESOME! I love it!! My fav part is the little pink hobby container and outdoor garden area -- so pretty.

    I haven't had those issues, but I also avoid the dorms like the plague. I just can't stand all of the sims and horrible violin playing that dorms spawn :lol:

    @EMSimmer30 Looks like Hudson had a pretty good college experience -- and sooo worth it cause she met Nabila! Nabila is so gorgeous. Oh man! Surprise pregnancy, elopement, and triplets all before graduating college - yikes! Oh no!! Poor Hudson... At least she got some really cute kids out of the whole ordeal, especially Carson.

    @OJenn I totally understand your pain - I enjoyed playing through uni for a couple semesters, then it just got stressful and draining like real life college :grimace: I can't wait to see what Sage does next!

    @mattiemayhem Aww Brianna and Johnny look so happy together :blush: Their house is coming along nicely, and a baby on the way -- so exciting!! Oooo I called it - Nancy IS evil! I'm glad Brianna finally realizes that now. The neighborhood is looking so good! I love the apartments, and the community garden is perfect for family outings. Congrats on a baby boy! Julius is a great name.
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    Rebuild Evergreen Harbor: Gen 1

    Picking up where we left off last time -- it was a little awkward the morning after they got cozy in the tent. They spent the morning catching up on their chores to avoid each other :sweat_smile:

    Nona couldn't help but notice she had more energy than usual, having finally gotten a good night's rest...

    ...though no one could ever sleep as well as a fat & happy Garbage :lol:

    Finn noticed it too. He had so much energy that he cleaned out the entire dumpster behind their lot! That's an accomplishment, believe me lol.

    He also took the extra time to make & grill up some veggie burgers for lunch. They were both in a surprisingly good mood, so Nona took the opportunity to be direct about her thoughts: "I know our living arrangement makes things awkward sometimes...but it doesn't have to be awkward...it could just be 'normal' for us. I mean, it kind of is our 'normal,' whether we like it or not. I'm just saying that I feel comfortable around you, and it won't be awkward for me as long as I know you're comfortable too... What do you think?" Finn appreciated the candor and agreed wholeheartedly. It wasn't a traditional relationship by any means, but it worked for them, and that's all that mattered :blush:

    Feeling much better and much closer after their talk, they walked over to the maker space to do some work. Nona wanted to poll the neighbors about some new city designs she was working on, and Finn needed to make some more rugs -- people really like fabricated rugs!


    Later that evening, Knox stopped by to say hi and see how their home was coming along. Nona took the opportunity to run her designs by him as well.

    She was really excited about it -- nothing gets this girl going like civil planning :lol: He loved her idea, so she sent it off for review by the city board. All in all, it was a good day.

    The day wasn't quite over yet, though... A male raccoon finally answered the call of lurve...

    Who else is excited for raccoon babies??? :smiley::heart:
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