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aricarai's little pixel place | My Favorite CAS Items in Get Famous [Video] | p. 19

aricaraiaricarai Posts: 8,838 Member
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Howdy-dee-do! I'm Arica, but you can call me Ari if you like. I'm just a quirky, long time Simmer with a love for tuna casserole, storytelling and grammar-nerding (former editor and review writer here!), a touch of OCD (probably why I'm such a slow builder) and a habit of rambling that needed an architecture and interior design fix, so I turned to pixels and started sharing my creations 5 years ago (though I've been playing since 2000). In my little pixel place, I'll be sharing my builds, renovations, and Sims, which are CC free unless otherwise stated. I recently ventured into YouTube, creating under the name theplumdot (I've got a penchant for plums and dots) so I will also be posting my videos here, too!

I'm also part of the DNA Request Team (link below) and had the pleasure of working as part of the SLM (SIMplified Living Magazine) team!

After 4 years, I finally invested in a new gaming PC, which I dubbed PHINNEY (yes, Gertie is still alive!), so I'm back in the mindset of "new computer = new creative thread." If you would like to check out any of my previous creations, please visit my old thread.

Thank you so much for stopping by my little pixel place and having a gander.



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    Anything from contests that I'm hosting or participating in to any exciting news that I happen across.

    March 18th 2017: Builder Spotlight
    May 4th 2017: Megalos Bachelorette Challenge [WARNING: Picture heavy and BRIGHT colors!]
    May 21st 2017: First YouTube Video
    August 6th 2017: Sweet SIMtember
    November 18th 2017: The Holiday - A Cabin Build & CAS Contest
    December 10th 2017: 2017 Simmas Showcase
    February 16th 2018: Build & Buy Design Star
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  • aricaraiaricarai Posts: 8,838 Member
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    Click on the thumbnails for more pictures.

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  • aricaraiaricarai Posts: 8,838 Member
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    Click on the thumbnails for more pictures.

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    Click on the thumbnails for more pictures.

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  • aricaraiaricarai Posts: 8,838 Member
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    Thumbnails will take you to YouTube
    y7zwkquq tfhjv6b ya8n5ol4 y76vkqv6 y9qyqmte ybhb6kn7 y7pysql3 ycawcyjp yd7nqr2d ydhcpruj y956rnnz y75xw4z5 yddaxvnd yc7xfodx yamn8kwk y8sgaoop ydxq6jng ybyu3ehr yaboxcoz y7yeacwn y7uuq5ub yautr4jk y7d2n3lm
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    y6v7r2j7 yatma3vq y8l58tee ybgk9y8z
    ycks74z6 y86fo8ku ycozym5t yddu4dn7 ya7e7vr7 y7geqraj
    Click on thumbnails for a tour of the transformations [plus YouTube video].

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    I joined the twittersphere recently and because I'm a glutton for challenges, I decided to participate in @RoryPlaysTheSims' Monthly Build Challenge. She provides a floor plan and Simmers build it. It's mostly Sims 4 Simmers, but I asked if I could participate with TS3 and Rory kindly obliged.

    I had to amend the roof/floor plan a little because, let's be honest, the roofing tool in TS3 is the bane of my life and that dreaded eave overhang makes me want to rip out my hair sometimes, but I think it turned out ok.

    I'll stop rambling now and get to sharing!

    Introducing: The Birches

    The Birches is a 2 double bedroom, 1 bathroom cottage with unfinished basement. Although small in size, it is decorated to a high standard, featuring exposed brick feature walls throughout. Other features include: high end kitchen, cozy front room, spa-like modern bathroom and a one car parking space at the front. Built for RoryPlaysTheSims Build Challenge. cc free by aricarai. Playtested and upgraded by The Quartet



















    I hope you enjoyed looking at The Birches. When I get my act together, there will be a speed build of this :mrgreen:
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 140,096 Member
    It is great that you have started a new showcase thread for your creations :)
    The Birches is a very nice home! :) Very nice exterior of the home! The flowers and shrubs along the front edges of the home look pretty! Very nice layout and furnishing of the interior of the home! The living room and study area looks great! Sims will enjoy sitting resting on the sofa there watching tv or enjoy using the computer at the study desk table. The shelves with a variety of items on them on the study desk wall and under the tv looks very nice! The combination of the blue walls and brick wall texture in the rooms gives a very nice look and feel to the rooms. Very nice design of the kitchen! The cooking themed wall pictures are nice touches in the room. The bar stool, sink and dishwasher counter is great! Nice corner nook dining area for sims to enjoy eating their meals. It is nice that there nectar rack shelving there. Very nice furnishing of the master bedroom! The double mirror vanity table is very nice! The cosmetic, jewellery and beauty items are nice touches on it. The clothes, shoes and bags closet looks very great! The colour scheme of the rooms looks very nice.
    It is a very nice home! :)
  • SandraelleSandraelle Posts: 3,398 Member
    Your thread looks great Arica, I've got it bookmarked. And The Birches is so cute!!!!
  • aricaraiaricarai Posts: 8,838 Member
    @rosemow - nothing escapes your attention! Thank you so much for your in depth compliments! I appreciate them!

    @Sandraelle - thank you much m'dear! I'm glad you like my new thread; still a work in progress. I still need to figure out how I'm going to do my thumbnails though! :mrgreen:

  • GreenCatsGreenCats Posts: 9,300 Member
    The new thread looks great, and this beautiful little house is a great start for it! Got the new link bookmarked :)
    You can still find me on my old My page (, and see more of my game-play pictures and CC-free uploads at
  • aricaraiaricarai Posts: 8,838 Member
    Thank you so much @GreenCats! I definitely needed a refresh for my thread. My old one was getting unorganised. :mrgreen:

  • AmiutzaAmiutza Posts: 1,798 Member
    I adore your take on the house, so much so I am now compelled to try it myself. Beautiful build!
    My tumblr - A world of clutter and color
  • aricaraiaricarai Posts: 8,838 Member
    Amiutza wrote: »
    I adore your take on the house, so much so I am now compelled to try it myself. Beautiful build!

    @Amiutza - aww thank you! You should definitely give it a go. I don't know if you're on twitter but Rory's second build challenge was put out on the 8th of March.

    I'll be tackling that at some point!

  • FaithofKaelaFaithofKaela Posts: 1,785 Member
    @aricarai - loving your new thread honey pie! The Birches is gorgeous, not that this surprises me at all ;) And I might just have to check out Rory's challenge. Thanks for the heads up!!
    Please feel free to stop by my showcase thread here
  • aricaraiaricarai Posts: 8,838 Member
    Thank you @FaithofKaela. I feel like it's cleaner than my old thread. Definitely check out the challenges - I really need to get on the second one! :mrgreen:

  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 2,955 Member

    Way to go in getting your new thread organized @aricarai . You certainly nailed the challenge with The Birches. I love the exposed brick pattern and all the cute details. Heading off to rec. Well done! :smiley:
  • aricaraiaricarai Posts: 8,838 Member
    Thank you @soocoolsim m'dear! I'm really loving the exposed look brick at the moment!

  • ChickenjichuChickenjichu Posts: 32 New Member
    Cute! Keep it up ^_^
  • aricaraiaricarai Posts: 8,838 Member
    Thank you @Chickenjichu for stopping by <3

  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 9,912 Member
    Congrats on being featured in the Sims 3 Builder's Spotlight at Sims Community! Your work is truly awesome. :)
    Tomorrow is not here until tomorrow.
    You only have today to enjoy the beauty of today.
  • aricaraiaricarai Posts: 8,838 Member
    Congrats on being featured in the Sims 3 Builder's Spotlight at Sims Community! Your work is truly awesome. :)

    @simgirl1010 - thank you so very much! Thank you for stopping by :mrgreen:

  • aricaraiaricarai Posts: 8,838 Member
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    Earlier this month, I was contacted by @JasonAnthonySterling who writes for The Sims Community. He asked if he could feature one of my build in the Builder Spotlight and do a little bit of an interview. To say I was humbled, honored, and stoked is an understatement.

    The article can be found here.

    For those that know me as a builder, I complain a lot about working to budgets; however, the build featured in the above article is an actual STARTER home. And I must say, it's one of my favorite builds that I've ever done. I love renovation shows and I've recently become fascinated with conversion buildings. This particular starter home was for The BuildnShare Challenge and I decided to write the back story like an old fire station had been converted into a home. I shall stop rambling now and share a few photos!

    Firestarter House

    Before the city was built up, this small firehouse serviced the community. As more residents moved in, the little firehouse was replaced by a larger version in the city centre. Now renovated into a 2 bed, 1 bath home with a decked out office, Firestarter House is a cozy place with little details paying homage to the building it once was. Should your Sims start to outgrow the firehouse, there is plenty of room to expand and upgrade. cc free by aricarai. Upgraded and playtested by The Quartet.

















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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 140,096 Member
    It is so exciting that you have been featured on the Sims Community site! :) It is a very nice and special article to read! It was very nice reading about you and your simming experiences. :) I will repost here what I wrote on another thread about your starter home and add a little more.

    Firestarter Home is very nice! :) It is a creative name for the build! It combines the background details of it being a renovated fire station with the starter price of the home, and also reflects that firemen need to attend to fire blazes that start! Very nice design of the exterior! The brown brick texture of the exterior and interior walls looks very nice! The red colour of the garage door looks great! It looks great how the stairs are placed in the bulld. Very nice layout and furnishing of the interior of the home! Very nice kitchen and dining nook area! The different coloured dining chairs is a nice touch. The type of stove used suits well the home type and the kitchen decor items are a nice touch on the wall shelf. Very nice fireplace sitting nook! Sims will enjoy resting on the seating in front of the fire. The design of the fireplace is very effective! The pictures and photos on the walls in the home add very nice looks to the room areas! The fireman jackets and the hose reel look great on the wall! The study room is very nice! It looks great how the bookshelves are placed in the room and the bundle of newspapers are a great touch in the room! Sims will enjoy sitting at the desk table using the tablet computer or reading a book., and listening to music through the wall speaker. The street art looks great on the study wall! Very nice furnishing of the bedrooms. The pictures look very nice on the walls !
    It is very nice firestation themed home! :)
  • SandraelleSandraelle Posts: 3,398 Member
    @aricarai , that is so awesome Arica! A big congrats to you for being featured on the Sims Community site. :smile:
  • aricaraiaricarai Posts: 8,838 Member
    Thank you so much @rosemow! I really appreciate the time you take to comment; nothing escapes your attention!

    @Sandraelle - thank you so much m'dear! I was so excited to be contacted to take part in it. And I love this home so I'm glad it was the one being featured!

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