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25 Days of Christmas lotto 2 (Closed)

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I've decided to do my 25 days of Christmas lotto again this year. The rules and everything will be the same as last years. The only difference right now is the prizes for December 25. Those prizes have not been decided upon yet. I currently have 14050 points of my own to giveaway. I haven't been watching ads and don't plan to watch any more.

Welcome to my 25 days of Christmas lotto. This lotto is to help everybody enjoy the Christmas / holiday season. 1 prize winner will be selected everyday up to December 24. The final prize drawing will happen on December 25. There is a limit of 1 daily prize winner per person. Everybody will be in the final drawing even if they already won a daily prize. Prizes right now will be announced at a later date. If anybody would like to sponsor any prizes or points, please let me know. Right now everybody can enter this lotto all the way up to December 24 at 9pm CT.

The Christmas Day drawing will be held around 5pm or later my time.

New rule for this year. Winners have a week to claim their prize. To claim your prize please make a post on here to say what you would like gifted. After a week and the winner hasn't been heard from yet, whom every sponsored the prize that you won will just pick what ever you won from your wishlist.

Just a reminder for all prize winners (Old and New):

1. Please place all items you are requesting in your wishlist.
2. Sponsors are charged full prices for items and are reflected in your wishlist.
3. Items that are on sale (on the daily or weekly page) can not be gifted.

Entry form:
Favorite thing about Christmas/holidays:
Sim pictures (optional):

December 1 - 24:
250 sim point prize each day.
(December 1 - 8 sponsor: rnramey)
(December 9 sponsor: JoeJude16)
(December 10-11: Mine)
(December 12-21 sponsor: despina53)
(December 22-23 sponsor: Mine)
(December 24 sponsor: MariTomKaulitZ)

December 25: (Final Prize List)
1) World (Standard or Gold) (mine)
2) World (Standard or Gold) (Sponsor: Taw3001)
3) World (Standard or Gold) (Sponsor: Taw3001)
4) World (Standard or Gold) (Sponsor: Taw3001)
5) World (Standard or Gold) (Sponsor: Taw3001)
6) Venue (mine)
7) Venue (mine)
8) Venue or up to 1900 sim points (mine)
9) Venue (Sponsor: JoeJude16)
10) Venue (Sponsor: AlphaFen)
11) Venue (Sponsor: AlphaFen)
12) 1900 sim points (Sponsor: Taw3001)
13) 1900 sim points (Sponsor: Taw3001)
14) 1900 sim points (Sponsor: Taw3001)
15) 1900 sim points (Sponsor: Taw3001)
16) 1000 sim points (mine)
17) 1000 sim points (mine)
18) 1000 sim points (mine)
19) 100 sim points (Sponsor: MariTomKaulitZ) + 250 sim points (Sponsor: Faith_Andhope) + 100 sim points (Sponsor: Katbagal) + 450 sim points (Sponsor: Taw3001)

Consolation Prize: 900 sim points (Sponsor: Santa Sim/Taw3001)

@AlphaFen (5000 sp)
@despina53 (2500 sp)
@Faith_Andhope (250 sp)
@JoeJude16 (250 sp + Venue)
@Katbagal (100 sp)
@MariTomKaulitZ (350 sp)
@rnramey (2000 sp)
@Taw3001 (25000+ sp)
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