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Style - Fashion Competition Sims 3 & 4 WINNER ANNOUNCED !!

InaMac69InaMac69 Posts: 1,422 Member
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- A SIMS 3/4 Modeling YAF Competition Styling Your Model Using Specified Fashion Finds/Items/Pieces
(EITHER Sims 3 or 4 models can enter! You MUST specify which game you will be using for your model & cannot change once competition has started.)

- This is a fashion/styling Sims modeling competition focusing on using 1 specific fashion item in the shots/pics you submit for each assignment/Round
(items to use for every assignment will vary from shoes, clothing, accessories, etc.)


- Example pics will be provided each Round using RL examples so as not to take away any creative ides for your in-game styling, set-up, shots/pics, and/or staging.
- Each assignment turned in for Rounds MUST have the featured fashion item clearly used & displayed as the focal point or in good use in your shot/pic submitted.
- You can fashion your model in any attire: casual, formal, swimwear, etc. However, the styling MUST make sense for the fashion item that is to be featured in each assignment/Round.
- Your background, staging, lighting, props, styling, colors, makeup, poses, etc. is all whatever you choose to use for your entry, but should make fashion sense.
(EXAMPLE: You shouldn't have your model wearing black boots walking on a beach with a bikini...boots should be worn with winter or fall attire or with a casual theme/setting.)---very important to keep in mind for scoring!
- Assignments will be posted every 7-10 days and you will have 7 days to submit.
- First picture submitted will be the one judges use to score. Check, double or triple check it is the right one before uploading!


- Setting/Background _ /10
- Visibity of Garment _ /10
- Creativity _/10
- Pose & Style: _ /10
- Quality: _ /10


- No arguing with judges, other models, or yourself! If you have questions about your scores, etc. PLEASE pm that judge.
- We want everyone to have fun & enjoy seeing the creativity of simmers everywhere!
- CC Can be used but not essential.
- Edited Background and In Game shots permitted.
- Lastly, HAVE FUN!!! (We know we said this twice, but it is the MOST important rule)



- You can enter here on this thread OR @Simtech Community Forum Or Simmetry Design
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