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My Disney Princess Challenge

Hi, guys! And welcome to my attempt at the Disney Princess Challenge! I'll be posting updates to the challenge in this discussion as soon as I manage to make full member (because otherwise, I'd be unable to post pictures). Now, this is the first challenge I've tried to post in this sort of style, so I appreciate all the advice you can give, and I hope to really develop my creative skills from this! This is also the time I've taken so many pictures of my sims before, so, if you have any advice for them too, I'd really appreciate it.

Rules for Generation 1:

Generation 1: Snow White "I'm wishing for the one I love to find me today"
Founders have humble beginnings, so what's better than Snow White? To start, create Snow White. Storytellers may create her as a teenager and make her evil stepmother, but this is not a requirement. When Snow White becomes a young adult, this story begins.
- Must be female
- Must have 7 children (dwarfs)
- Each child must have one bad trait (e.g Mean Spirited) and no children may have the same traits
- Each child must have the same baby daddy
- Snow may only marry once her 7th child is a teenager
- Snow may never answer the door to strangers or talk to elderly women

Hopefully I'll post the very first chapter soon! It's already in the works :smiley:


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    I realize that I should have phrased the title of this discussion better. This is my ATTEMPT at the Disney Princess Challenge. I'd post the link to the original challenge, but I can't just yet. I will, eventually.
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    @hp_enchantress I look forward to seeing your first chapter!

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    This definitely sounds interesting
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    Snow White

    Chapter 1.1


    Poor Snow had no idea what she was going to do after running away from her stepmother's horrible kingdom. The woman had seemingly gone mad, and had sent a hunter after Snow, determined to end the one person more beautiful than she was. Luckily, the hunter had been faithful to Snow's father before he'd died, and he'd allowed Snow to live, asking only that she run away so that the Queen might never find her.

    Snow agreed, and she walked for what seemed like days until arriving in a quaint little town called Riverview. After talking to a few of the seemingly friendly individuals, she realized that they'd never heard of the Evil Queen, and, as such, were probably far from the crazy woman's reach. Unfortunately, Snow realized that if she wanted to stay there, she needed a place to live. Reluctantly, she pawned her jewelry, knowing that a roof over her head was more important than diamonds around her neck.


    The house was small to say the least, but Snow felt confident that she'd be able to make it grow with just a little money. And therein was the problem. So far, she'd been a pampered princess in a lovely castle. What could she do to earn money in a town like this? When picking up the newspaper, she realized that many jobs sounded like nothing she'd ever done before: Medical Career (she fainted at the sight of blood, so no), Science Career (what was Science, anyway? Was it like magic?), Sports Career (she could hardly run for five minutes without getting winded)... It was at the bottom of the paper where she found something she could do: Daycare Career. She'd babysat a few times (princesses need pocket money too!), she was a Nurturing soul, and she absolutely adored children. It was the perfect job!

    But then she saw the pay. She'd need quite a bit of time to spruce up the house with that! Maybe there was something else she could do... Wait! She'd always loved gardening!


    Snow hurried to the grocery store, where she was certain she'd find a few things to plant. And there they were! Lettuce, apples, grapes! She could plant those!

    Thrilled with her findings, she began to head home, when a building caught her eye.


    It was a greenhouse, and Snow hoped it would be all right if she gathered some (or all) of the plants inside it. In fact, she was gathering for so long that it was much past midnight when Snow realized how the time had flown!

    Glancing at her watch, she giggled. "Well-behaved princesses are always home before midnight. Well, I suppose I'm not longer a princess, so I shouldn't worry about that anymore."

    Gathering all her fruit and vegetables (which fit surprisingly well in her pocket), she headed home.


    That night, she slept soundly, knowing that her new life had begun.

    In fact, she slept so soundly that the next morning she got up in a fantastic mood.


    True to her namesake, she was singing in the shower. (I may have squealed a little at this development)

    It wasn't long before the doorbell rang and two frantic mothers dropped their children off. "I'll be by this evening to pick him up," one of them called back. Snow could have sworn she heard the sound of relief in the woman's voice as she left.


    Snow understood as soon as she realized that both of the toddlers were in pretty bad moods, so Snow spent a very large portion of her day tending to their needs, instead of watching them play, as she'd originally intended.


    But, luckily they were easy to take care of. Snow was even able to get away for a few minutes and tend to her new garden outside. She was excited to see it grow, but she knew she'd have to be patient.

    Speaking of patience, Snow was almost all out of that by the time the mothers came to pick up their children. Snow had enjoyed spending time with the toddlers, but it was quite a tiring job. Luckily, she'd made a tidy little sum, and now she felt like she deserved a reward.

    The previous day, she'd read in the newspaper that there was a Summer Festival coming to town. If she hurried, she'd make it before it closed!

    She was a little disappointed when she arrived, as it was taking place in a warehouse instead of a beautiful park. Well, Riverview seemed to lack nice parks, that was true. But, she still decided to participate in the festivities.


    There was a hotdog eating contest going on, and, on a whim, Snow decided to join. She almost choked on her first one, but after thumping her chest a few times, she was fine. Peeking over at the other contestants, Snow realized how much better they were doing than she was, and she resolved to hurry.


    The resolution (and her pretty intense hunger) worked! Snow was the first to clean her plate! Looking around, she grinned as she was presented with the award: more hotdogs. Really? They were starting to make her stomach queasy, so Snow put them in her pocket so she wouldn't have to look at them.


    Unfortunately, the Summer Festival had ended at this point, and, dejected, Snow turned to head home. It was then when a young man caught her eye. She approached, deciding to meet him. He introduced himself as Florian Prince, and Snow immediately liked him.


    They hit it off, and, in fact, they got along so well together that they headed to the diner to continue their conversation. (No, Snow did NOT have any more hotdogs there. In fact, she had a salad, since she still felt really full from the enormous meal she'd eaten before)

    But, time passed quickly, and they both had work in the morning, so, after some time, they said goodbye and went home.


    Thinking of Florian got Snow through the next day. Even while dealing with the worst parts of working in the Daycare Career, she had him to think about. In fact, as soon as the toddlers had been picked up by their mothers, Snow picked up her phone and called him.


    The first thing that was on Snow's mind when he arrived was having a pillow-fight with him, and, luckily, he seemed to be into it. (Sim wishes, amiright?) He won (I think), and Snow realized just how bad of an idea it was when she saw all the feathers discarded on the floor.


    They soon began to talk, and soon, Snow couldn't hold it in much longer. "Florian, I just have to tell you that I find you to be the most handsome sim I have ever encountered," she admitted.

    "You're so sweet, Snow," Florian replied. "I think you're gorgeous too. But, you see, I'm dating this girl, Lucille."

    Snow felt her heart drop, but, being the Hopeless Romantic she was, she knew that she had to fight for this, for him. "Do you love Lucille?"

    Florian hesitated. "I don't think so," he admitted.

    "Do you love me?"

    Florian groaned. "I don't know," he said.

    Understanding, Snow nodded. "Do you like me more than you like Lucille?"

    Florian paused, and then nodded. "I think I do. I think I really do."

    Snow didn't know how to say this, so she just went ahead and did it. "Do you think it's fair to her for you to like me so much?"

    Florian shook his head. "You're right, Snow. It isn't fair. I'll let Lucille know that it's over."

    Snow could hardly stop herself from jumping up and down with glee. But she did, thankfully, since Florian would have probably immediately regretted his decision.

    Instead, she did something else.


    Florian seemed surprised, but responded.

    "Was that OK?" Snow asked hesitantly.

    Florian nodded (he did that a lot. "Definitely OK."

    Snow nodded, and then blurted out something once more. "Do you want to stay the night?"


    Snow blushed. "I didn't mean, not that. Just, to talk and stuff."

    Florian smiled at that. "Sure."


    And talk they did. They talked until they fell asleep.


    And, in the morning, just before she woke up, Snow could have sworn that she felt him hugging her to his chest, as if to make sure that she was both protected and warm. it was the best feeling.


    After breakfast, they both started flirting again.

    "I can't believe you're here," Snow breathed. "I don't think I've ever been this happy."

    "Me neither," Florian admitted. He held her face between his hands carefully, stroking her cheek and brushing her dark hair out of her face. "You're so beautiful."

    They kissed, flirted some more, made out a bit, and...


    Snow didn't even hesitate. And neither did he.


    Snow had never expected that to be so much fun. And, she could have sworn she'd actually heard music near the end...
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    Thanks @Rena18 and @Cskye92 ! I hope you liked my first chapter! If you, or anybody really, has any advice, please let me know. I'm actually wondering at this point if there's a way to shrink these massive pictures!
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    Snow White

    Chapter 1.2

    What a day. Snow couldn't stop thinking about it as she went through her workday as normal. It was too bad Florian had had to go to work right after, since Snow would have really enjoyed spending more time with him.


    After dealing with toddlers in their terrible twos all day, Snow decided that she deserved to go back to the Festival. Remembering the hot dog contest, this time she opted to go skating in the rink. She was pretty wobbly, and she fell a few times, but by the time the Festival closed its doors, she felt she was getting the hang of it, and so she returned home.


    For some reason, Snow could barely sleep that night, and she was up bright and early, making herself some pancakes. She seemed to have tickles in her stomach, and Florian on her mind. Was she falling in love? Was this what it felt like? It wasn't that unpleasant... she could do without the nausea, though.


    The nausea was explained as soon as Snow stepped outside to greet the parents that were dropping kids off for the day, and she realized that her pants were uncomfortably tight. "I'm having a baby?!" she gasped out.

    "Oh, dear, congratulations!" the moms offered. "You have so much to deal with, we'll come back when your kid has been born. Good luck! You're going to need it!"

    "That was nice of them," Snow told herself, feeling her belly. She couldn't believe that her night with Florian had yielded such unexpected fruit. Snow could only hope to be as good a mother as hers had been (her real mother, not her stepmother).

    At that moment, Snow came to a sudden realization. "I don't know how to be a mother!"


    She ran to the bookstore, knowing that, without a computer, that was the best she could do. "I need every book you have on pregnancy and parenting!" she called.

    "Chill, lady. Looks like you're only a bit into your pregnancy. You'll be fine, take your time. Stress is bad for the baby, ya know," the very chill hippie-like cashier told her.

    Snow took a few deep breaths. He was right, after all. She then picked up the two pregnancy books they had and paid for them. "Thank you," she told the man, before heading out.


    The first thing she did upon arriving home was sit down and read. "Babies can hear my voice in utero? That's fascinating! I'll have to sing all the time, so that they love to sing too," she resolved.


    Then, she got a phone call. "Oh, Florian," Snow answered the phone breathlessly.

    "Hi, Snow. I just wanted to tell you I was thinking of you."

    Snow smiled. "You're so sweet."

    "Anyway, I have to get back to work, but I just wanted to tell you that."

    "Oh, OK, Florian. Bye."

    They hung up, and Snow had a feeling of dread in the pit of her stomach. Should she have told him about the baby? Well, there was nothing to do about it now. She went to bed.


    The next morning, after she'd woken up and was tending to her garden, Florian called again. "Oh, hello, Florian."

    "You don't sound happy, Snow. Is something wrong?"

    "Oh no, of course not," she chirped back. "I just, I was wondering, Florian, just out of curiosity, not relevant to anything whatsoever, this is just me asking random questions here... what do you think of babies?"

    There was a pause on the other end of the line.


    "Well, Snow, I'm Family-Oriented, so of course I love them. Why are you asking me, though?"

    "Oh, no reason," she said. "Just curious."

    "Well, I gotta go."


    With a groan, Snow hung up the phone. "Come ON, Snow, stop being a chicken," she told herself.

    But she kept putting it off.


    One morning, Snow woke up in excruciating pain. Her sheets were wet, and her abdomen was cramping. She realized, to her horror, that the baby was coming. She called a cab first. The poor driver was so terrified when he got there, as Snow couldn't help but scream in the backseat every time a contraction came. It was from the cab that she called Florian.



    Florian was at a loss for words, but Snow didn't care at the moment, so she hung up and hung on until the taxi finally dropped her off. She waddled into the hospital, and, a little into the labor, Florian showed up.

    "Florian! You came!" Snow gasped between contractions.

    "How could I not," Florian whispered to her tenderly. "But, Snow, you should have told me. You shouldn't have to deal with this by yourself."

    "I know, but I was afraid."

    "Don't be afraid," he said, kissing her forehead. "I'll help you, and our baby, I swear it."


    A few hours later, Snow and Florian were the proud parents of a little baby boy, Derek (Doc, the clumsy genius)

    Florian accompanied Snow home, to help her out with Derek. Snow couldn't stop staring at his little face the entire cab ride home. "He's so beautiful," she said. Florian agreed.


    Florian made himself useful as soon as they arrived. Snow's heart melted just from looking at him holding Derek, playing with him, feeding him, even changing his diapers! It was all so much for Snow to handle...


    Oops. What can I say? Sims, you know what I mean?

    Florian did have to go home, but Snow spent the whole day in a happy daze, taking care of Derek, and...


    making more than one trip to the bathroom. "Again?" she asked herself.


    Indeed again! Baby on the way! This time, Snow knew what to do. She called Florian and invited him out, promising him a surprise.

    "Another baby, Snow?" he exclaimed, thrilled. He felt her tummy, and Snow knew that she could trust him with anything.


    Towards the end of their date, they sat down to watch the stars together. Unfortunately for the stars, the couple could hardly keep their eyes off each other. It was quite the magical evening, and Snow felt as if she was walking on clouds the time afterwards.


    Oh what a rude awakening to suddenly feel agony in one's abdomen yet again.

    This time, Snow decided to give birth at home, and soon, a little girl was born. Snow named her Giselle (Grumpy, the hot-headed grump).


    Poor Derek's birthday was ignored as his sister had so rudely chosen to be born on the same day. Luckily, Derek got what he considered to be a pretty cool present. Snow couldn't remember the relative who'd given the present at all, but she was glad that her son had gotten something special on his birthday.

    Florian was so thrilled about his new baby girl that he threw a party at his house. A Halloween party.


    Snow had seen plenty of doctors at the hospital while she'd been there, so she was able to easily replicate a costume to go to the party.


    "Hi, Florian. Thank you for inviting me."

    "You're welcome, Snow! That's a great doctor costume!"

    "Thanks! I like your... um..."

    "It's a cowplant, Snow."

    "Oh, yes, of course."

    Poor Florian wasn't as popular as he'd hoped. Nobody else had come to his party.


    So, logically, Snow and Florian took it upstairs.




    "Wait, Snow, talk to him," Snow told herself after they were done. It was a little crazy that most of their encounters seemed to end up in the bedroom.

    "Now that's what I call a party," she teased him.

    Florian grinned, but before he could say anything, a voice came from outside.


    Snow winced. "Who is that?"

    Florian had gone pale. "Lucille."

    "What?! What's she doing here?"

    "She keeps trying to convince me that the baby is hers, but it can't be. I broke up with her when we got together, so it couldn't have happened. I swear I didn't cheat on you, Snow."

    Snow nodded.


    Florian's face changed. "Wait here," he told her.


    Snow heard everything from the bedroom.

    "Really, Lucille. You should be ashamed of yourself! We broke up ages ago! Stop coming to my house!"

    "But, Babe, we're meant to be!"

    "No, Lucille. I'm with someone else now, and clearly, you are too."

    Lucille left in a huff, and Snow rushed downstairs.


    "Oh, Florian! Are you all right?"

    "I'm all right, Snow. A little tired. See you later?"



    Snow proudly strutted home, making me laugh so hard.


    Giselle was a noisy baby. She was rarely happy and cried often, but what can you expect from a grumpy baby? She was so cute, though, that Snow didn't mind (much).


    It was a crazy time. Snow spent every spare moment taking care of her plants, as now they were her only income.


    But she spent most of her time with her babies, especially with Derek, who needed to learn to use the potty, walk, and talk.


    Soon, she realized something again. "On for number three," she told herself.


    Giselle then became a toddler, and she seemed to be even more grumpy now that she was older. She'd also received one of those weird toys. Snow was creeped out by them, since they moved around by themselves.


    They were definitely creepy. Snow did not like them at all.
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    Wow that's fast, but I suppose you got to have seven. Happy Simming!
  • lunabellelunabelle Posts: 176 Member
    loving your story ♡
  • lunabellelunabelle Posts: 176 Member
    loving your story ♡
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    It was crazy how quickly time was flying. It seemed to be only days later that Snow noticed pain in her lower belly.


    It was the dead of winter, so Snow dressed herself warmly before calling a babysitter (she had to call her from the cab; the baby was coming way too quickly) and heading to the hospital. In fact, she was so preoccupied calling a babysitter for her two babies, that she completely forgot about calling the one person that she should have called.



    Those were the screams that greeted Snow as she stepped out of her cab and walked towards the hospital doors.

    “Really, it’s just labor. Why are they so terrified?” Snow asked herself, cool as a cucumber, as she carefully walked over and entered the hospital.

    At the hospital, she was greeted with a huge surprise…


    A few days later, Florian invited her over to a pool party… even if he had no pool… and it was the dead of winter. Snow was beginning to think that, Florian was a nice guy and all, but he was terrible at planning parties.

    “Wow, Snow. You look a lot skinnier,” Florian said.

    “Yeah. I forgot to tell you about that, Florian,” Snow said. “I gave birth a few days ago. And, you wouldn’t believe it. It’s TWINS!”

    “Twins?” Florian gasped.

    Snow nodded excitedly. “Yes. I named them Henry and Selena." (Happy: excitable, Sleepy: couch-potato, deep sleeper)

    “Those are beautiful names, Snow,” Florian said. “I can’t believe we have four kids already.”

    “I can’t believe it either,” Snow said.

    Time was really flying! It seemed like just a few days ago that the twins had been born, and already they’d become little toddlers.


    Derek had also grown up into a child, and he was a model big brother to his siblings. (Aren’t the two boys adorable?)


    Snow was thrilled for her children, but she found herself busier than ever before. Luckily, they were pretty good at entertaining themselves.


    Derek loved building snowmen.


    He was pretty good at it too.


    Genius that he was, he also enjoyed reading a good book every once in a while


    Or playing tag with what Snow thought was the empty air…


    “Um, Rags, you do know that you’re supposed to run, right?”


    Snow was so busy, in fact, that, one day, she realized it was her birthday! Why she remembered in the bathroom, that’s anybody’s guess. The point is she remembered.


    And then, she aged up. She didn’t really look very different, she thought. Of course, her mirror was so cheap that she could barely tell the shape of her hair most days. Maybe she needed to get a better one.


    Giselle aged up in the bathroom too. (What is it with these sims and bathrooms?!) She thought she looked alright, although she was happier now that she could reach things.


    It was also pretty cool to play in the snow, she grudgingly admitted.


    Snow headed over to Florian’s to share the good news.


    “Florian! Guess what? I’m middle-aged!”


    “That’s wonderful, Snow! Wait, let me change into something more comfortable.”


    “Wow, Florian… That certainly looks comfortable.”

    “You like it?”


    “I love it!”


    “Anyway, Florian, I didn’t come over just to make out with you. I have to ask you something.” Snow had been thinking about this for a while. “I wanted to ask, now that we have four kids and all, do you want to move in with me?”


    There was a moment of silence. Snow nervously smiled at Florian, hoping he’d say yes.


    “Of course I’ll move in with you, Snow! I’m so excited!”

    He really had no idea what he was getting himself into.

    “Whew! This place needs a lot of work!” he said, as soon as he walked in. He immediately made himself useful.


    He fixed the broken pipe in the shower.


    He unclogged the toilet.


    And then, to celebrate…




    Is it an omen that they were both dreaming about babies?


    Giselle, for some reason, was not thrilled by this development.


    She took to destroying her brother’s snowmen, egged on by some invisible force.


    She also began destroying her pillows by beating them against thin air.


    Snow wasn’t doing that great either. Was it the waffles she’d eaten?


    “Why is that thing still here?!”

    But, anyway, Florian was really adapting to living with Snow. They started tag-teaming teaching the twins (say that five times fast!).


    Snow would teach them to talk.


    And Florian, to walk.

    They made an adorable team.


    One night, Snow woke up with a strange feeling. “I guess another one is on its way,” she whispered to herself, before laying back in bed and going back to sleep.
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    Snow eventually gave birth to not just one, but TWO baby girls. She named them Beatrice (Bashful) and Susanne (Sneezy). These two little girls were both lovely, but a handful, and Snow found her life hectic as she tried to figure out how to care for 2 babies, 2 toddlers, and 2 children. Luckily, time passes
  • hp_enchantresshp_enchantress Posts: 62 Member
    Snow eventually gave birth to not just one, but TWO baby girls. She named them Beatrice (Bashful) and Susanne (Sneezy). These two little girls were both lovely, but a handful, and Snow found her life hectic as she tried to figure out how to care for 2 babies, 2 toddlers, and 2 children. Luckily, time passes quickly, and soon Henry and Selena had become children, and it was time for somebody else's birthday:


    Derek was becoming a teenager! That's Selena standing next to him. Isn't she adorable?


    Derek seemed pretty pleased with being a teenager. He's not bad-looking, I guess.

    That night, a strange visitor arrived.


    The visitor seemed content with admiring Snow's trees and looking inside through the window, and never actually rang the doorbell.


    He also made careful notes of the gnome (maybe he can answer why they move around so much!).


    Eventually, he left in a strange vehicle. This was actually the first time I've ever seen aliens in my game, so forgive me for being a little excited :blush:

    In the morning, Snow got a phone call.

    "Congratulations! You've won!"

    "What have I won?" she answered groggily (she'd stayed up taking care of the twins).

    "A free vacation for two!"

    Immediately, Snow's jaw dropped, and she turned to Florian. "Pack your bags! We're going on vacation!"


    They wasted no time, and in what seemed like a few minutes, a taxi was waiting for them at the door. Snow and Florian hurried to leave to the airport, although stopping long enough to remind Derek that he was in charge of all of his younger siblings, and the house had better be intact when they return.

    "Of course, Mom, Dad," Derek told them. "Scout's Honor."

    Of course, Derek had never been a Scout, so that was worthless.


    As soon as they left, he began plans (and apparently twisting his arm into all sorts of strange positions).

    Giselle was unfortunately the main sufferer of most of these plans.


    Derek had obviously been in the bathroom, since when Giselle went to flush the toilet it backfired onto her.


    So she decided to take a shower only to discover that Derek had been there too.

    Frustrated at all of this, she grabbed Selena and Henry and took them to the Festival, to get away from their older brother.



    Henry and Giselle spent most of the time skating around, but that was fine with me.


    Meanwhile, Selena was -ahem- "tearing up the dance floor."

    And back at the house, Henry had called a few people and...


    Yup, you guessed it, thrown a party. He spent most of the time talking to the girls in the hopes of scoring a date to prom.


    Unfortunately, hitting on girls when your baby sisters are screaming in the background is a little complicated. And, the later it got, the worse it got. Eventually, all the kids returned from the Festival, and Henry and Selena went straight to bed, leaving Derek and Giselle to deal with everything.


    Needless to say, the party was not doing well.


    Also, something must have been in the food or something. First one...


    Then two more...


    And the first one again... Well, it's not a party until someone passes out? Either way, they must have been drunk before arriving, since Derek's party was as dry as a desert.


    One girl didn't pass out, and she spent the entire time helping Derek out with the twins. MARRY HER, DEREK!


    Despite there being so many people at the party, Giselle celebrated her birthday alone.


    She looked like quite the rebellious teenager... I blame the crazy party her brother was throwing...


    Despite looking so rebellious, the next morning (once all the guests had left), she spent a long time cleaning the house...


    ... something that was quite difficult when Henry went around, soiling everything... also, having a single bathroom for so many people is the worst.


    And that was when the family began constructing something in the back. They could only afford some foundation and a wall on one side, but eventually, hopefully, it would be a house.
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    Snow White

    Chapter 1.5

    When Snow and Florian returned from their impromptu holiday, they were pleased to see that the house was not only still standing, but also pretty clean, thanks to Giselle. They were so pleased that they didn't ground their children and let them go off to the prom that night.


    Yes, prom was indeed happening that night. Giselle and Derek piled into two vehicles, leaving their imaginary friends behind (I'm not sure why I can see TWO imaginary friends there, actually). Their imaginary friends had begged to join them, but, they didn't really belong in a high school prom.


    They were both dateless, but made a pretty big effort in their prom pictures.


    Poor kids. They were voted King and Queen of prom, however, so that was pretty cool. I have no idea how they succeeded at that, considering that Derek's party was a bust and Giselle knew nobody at all.


    A few days later, a few birthdays happened (they weren't celebrated, which was kind of sad, but oh well). Henry aged up into a teenager (is it just me, or does he look really grumpy?).


    Selena also aged up, and, I think she looks really pretty, but really tired. It kind of fits, considering she's a couch potato and a heavy sleeper.


    Derek aged up as well, and, as he wasn't too pleased with the extremely crowded house, he decided to take his stuff and just move out. The oldest had officially left, and now, there was one extra spot in the tiny home.


    "Wow, I think we're pretty good parents," Snow told Florian that night. "Our eldest was on the Honor Roll, and now he's striking out to build his own life."

    "I'm so proud of us," Florian said, pulling Snow in for a kiss. It never is just a kiss with these two, though...






    Snow was indeed now expecting another baby! Can you believe it? So many babies! She actually seemed happy about that, so that's good.

    To celebrate this new baby, Snow took the teenage members of the family and Florian to the Summer Festival. There was a hot dog eating contest while they were there, and, remembering how she'd won this once, Snow decided to participate.


    Selena, following in her mother's shoes, also signed up.


    Unfortunately, they'd eaten a rather large breakfast before coming, so they lost. They weren't too disappointed, though.


    After the contest, the unpregnant members of the family had a water-balloon fight. Snow watched from the sidelines, happily holding her belly and thinking of the next child who would join their lovely family.


    Once that fight was over, Selena seemed to be hanging around the tanning machine a little too much.


    The reason why was revealed when Henry stepped into the machine and came out as orange as a cheeto.


    Snow was not happy about that, and she yelled at Selena for pranking her brother.


    Being grounded didn't stop Selena from getting a tan herself, though. She looked great!

    Not long afterward, they all headed home.


    A few days later, Selena came across something really creepy in the bathroom. "Mom! There's a gnome staring into the shower! How am I supposed to shower with that thing looking at me?!"

    Snow walked into the bathroom, intent on removing it. She bent over and...


    "OH! My water! My water's broken!"

    The baby was coming! Florian immediately freaked out, not because the baby was coming, but because the shwoer was broken.


    "Oh, don't mind me. I'm just giving birth over here."


    And, at last, the baby was born! Damain (Dopey) was born with the Easily Impressed and Absent-Minded traits.


    Just after he was born, Giselle stood up. "It's my birthday too, guys!" she yelled out.


    I think she's an absolutely beautiful adult. Immediately, she moved out.


    "Oh, Florian, look at what we made! He's beautiful," Snow told him.

    "Good genes," Florian said, pulling her in for a kiss.


    They forgot about the gnome, who got quite an eyeful of whatever Snow and Florian did in there.


    The next day, it was Susanne and Beatrice's birthdays! First, Snow took Susanne to the cake.


    And she aged up into an adorable-looking girl!


    It was Beatrice's turn afterwards.


    Another adorable girl! Even if she looks kind of evil there...


    Snow whipped up some spaghetti to complement the cake. She was pretty pregnant... again...

    Florian noticed just how hard Snow worked for her family, and, right before going to bed, he pulled her in for a hug.


    "You know, Snow, I feel lucky every day to have you in my life," he told her.


    "I feel lucky to have you too. There's nothing more I could ask for."

    "Well, as it turns out, I have something more to ask you for."

    "What is it?"


    Florian knelt down on the ground. "Will you marry me, Snow?"

    Snow jumped for joy. "Oh, of course I will! I will!"

    The ring was on her hand in a moment, and the couple hugged.

    "You know, you worried me for a second when you started jumping. I couldn't help thinking of the baby."

    "The baby!"


    Snow immediately felt a contraction.

    "OK, after last time, I'm not doing this by myself. I'm going to the hospital! Bye!"


    After a few hours, a beautiful baby girl was born.

    "What do you want to name her?" the doctors asked the groggy Snow.

    "mumble mumble mumble..."

    "Cinderella? That's a beautiful name!"

    "Wait, what?"

    It was too late, though. It was on the birth certificate.

    Snow wasn't too pleased with the name, but she was pleased to have had her last baby. Last one. No more. She was close to breaking as it was.


    Snow had phoned the house to let them know the good news. Beatrice was a little concerned. "Selena, what's going to happen when I'm not the youngest baby girl anymore?"

    Selena smiled. "We're all still going to love you, don't worry. Come, it's late. Do you want to hear a bedtime story?"


    The two sisters are so adorable!!!


    Cinderella was such a loveable baby! Even Henry took turns feeding her.

    Snow went back to her usual tasks, and a few days later, could be found in her greenhouse.


    She sighed as she weeded her plants.

    "It's my birthday today, and nobody seems to have remembered. Night is falling, and I haven't even gotten a 'Happy Birthday' from my family."

    She felt tears falling down her cheeks as she headed to the house.


    "Wait, what's this?"

    "Surprise!" Florian had planned a surprise party! And, there weren't just friends there, but Derek and Giselle had visited!

    "Hi, Mom," Giselle greeted her mother warmly.

    "Mom, I have some news," Derek told her. "You see that I was going out with Susie Carpenter? Well, we just had a baby. His name is Scott."

    "I'm a grandmother?" Snow could hardly believe it. "You have no idea how happy that makes me, Derek!"

    "Come on inside, everybody! It's time for Snow to blow out the candles!" Florian called.


    What could she wish for? She already had everything she'd ever wanted. So, all she wished for was happiness for all her children.


    Sparkles enveloped her...


    As she turned, she suddenly felt a pain in her back...


    And, she was now officially an elder!

    Everyone grabbed cake, except for one weird guy.


    The radio was set to classical music, but he apparently thought the music perfect to dance to...


    He is so weird.


    That evening, Snow couldn't stop thinking about how much times had changed from when she'd taken that greeting card picture by herself when she'd gone to her very first summer festival. Now, she had the huge family she'd always dreamed about. She'd been afraid when leaving her stemother's kingdom that she would have a hard time finding where she belonged, but she didn't have to be afraid. She'd found true happiness in Florian and her children.
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    Snow White

    Chapter 1.6


    The day after the party was quite messy, to say the least. There were dirty dishes everywhere as Selena rose that morning to get breakfast.

    In the bedroom, however, Snow was getting a phone call. "I get a free vacation?! For my birthday?! Awesome!"


    A cab was waiting for her outside, and, as soon as Florian saw her step in, he ran towards it. "Wait! Snow! I want to go too!"

    Luckily, the cab waited long enough for him to get in before driving away.

    And, thus, the children were left by themselves for the day. Luckily it was Halloween, so Susanne and Beatrice already had plans.


    Susanne was a pirate that night.


    Beatrice, a thief.


    They were pretty successful collecting candy that night, even if I had to force them to put on their costumes more than once.


    Meanwhile, back at the ranch (hehehe, SoUE reference), Selena had planned a party!


    A ton of people showed up and started getting funky! All except for Selena, who couldn't believe that the house was so dirty when the guests arrived. Seriously, Selena... why didn't you clean up beforehand?


    Unfortunately, someone had called the cops, so the party had to be broken up after only an hour. Selena was disappointed as she watched the flood of visitors head out the door.


    The cop witnessed everyone leaving, but did nothing more than just stand outside of her car and stare blankly into space. You OK there, cop?


    Selena and Beatrice had a better night, overall, collecting about 5 WHOLE PIECES OF CANDY EACH! Honestly, that's kind of sad...


    Knowing that their parents might be upset if they caught whiff of the party, Henry and Selena decided to maintain the house. Selena cleaned up while Henry taught Damian how to walk.


    Henry even went to the greenhouse to take care of his mother's plants, although her money tree soon died and left a few bills... :angry:

    The rest of their parents' vacation passed quickly.


    Beatrice and Selena decided to enter a pie-eating competition one night.


    They lost... pretty badly... to a strange adult...


    Cinderella then grew up into a blond (?!) toddler. She was honestly super adorable.


    To finish atoning for their sins, Selena and Henry taught Damian to walk.


    And, just in time too! Snow and Florian had returned!

    They noticed that the house was still standing, and their toddler could walk, so the teens did not get into trouble. Nice!


    OK, OK, OK... I just had to share this. LOOK AT THE CUTENESS! It's Beatrice and Cinderella playing peekaboo! So adorable!!

    Also, this house is way too small.


    Because of the one bathroom, I started making Susanne shower in the wee hours of the morning. Having a long line for the shower when everyone has to go to work/school is the worst!


    After showering, Susanne would have tea parties with her imaginary friend while she waited for everybody else to wake up.

    But, the time for them to grow up came too soon! Those tea parties were soon over as the twins' birthday arrived!


    Beatrice went first...


    Becoming a pretty shy teenager, hiding behind her bangs and hat.


    Susanne went second...


    Shedding her glasses in favor of contacts and a much more fun hairstyle. The unlucky party animal was ready to have a blast!

    Someone who wasn't invited decided to hang out outside awkwardly...


    Yes, alien, that is a house.


    Florian took pity on the strange alien lady and went outside to talk with her. She left before they could become friends, however...
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    Snow White

    Chapter 1.7


    The morning after the party, Suzanne still felt up to continue enjoying herself. Her party-animal trait kept her turning on the music and dancing, even while everyone else was asleep. Beatrice decided to quietly read instead, although why she chose to read a book about pregnancy is anyone's guess...


    Selena decided to make herself more productive, and started cleaning the disgusting sink.


    Taking a page out of their older sister's book, Beatrice and Suzanne took over the bathroom and started cleaning that.


    Henry started teaching Cinderella to speak. Having finished cleaning the bathroom, Suzanne decided to head over to the living room and fix the television.


    That did not go so well...


    The family came running to witness Suzanne give her last breath... they were horrified and shocked.


    The sun was setting outside, and it was setting on Suzanne's life as well.


    Nobody noticed the beautiful sunset outside, as they mourned for Suzanne, who had lived too short a life.


    "What? What happened?" Suzanne asked. "Hey, guys, I'm over here! Why are you crying?"


    "They're crying because you died," the Grim Reaper said, suddenly appearing.

    "Wait, really? I died?"


    The Grim Reaper started to laugh. "You should have seen it! It was absolutely hilarious!"


    He continued, "In fact, it was so funny, that I'm bringing you back to life, so I can watch your misfortunes some more."


    "Oh my plum! I'm alive again!"

    "I'll be watching," the Grim Reaper said, before vanishing in a puff of smoke.


    And then everything went back to normal.


    Selena actually had invited Don Schwarz, a classmate she liked, over to the house.


    Selena and Don were getting along well. Selena had high hopes of asking him to prom.


    Their time together was interrupted when Florian remembered it was his birthday!


    Selena and Don celebrated with him, as well as the repair-person. The repair-person seems really excited despite not knowing Florian that well... Also, Florian's crossed eyes crack me up!


    And then, he was an elder!


    That interruption was all that Suzanne needed to pounce on Don. It looked like her luck was turning around already! Selena was not thrilled about that, but there was little she could do as birthdays were happening all around.


    Damian started twirling...


    And aged up into a child!

    The next day was back to the daily grind. Selena wasn't really speaking to Suzanne, which was understandable.


    Snow was back in business, taking care of other people's toddlers.


    Unfortunately, that meant she had little time for her own. Poor Cinderella spent most of the day playing by herself.


    Prom was that night, and Selena hadn't had the chance to ask Don out. Every single teen of the household was going to prom dateless. That didn't stop them from looking their best! And, surprisingly, they had a great time at prom!

    Selena was approached by Deshaun, who asked her to be his girlfriend, and she promptly accepted! So, she didn't care when Don asked Susanne to be his. Henry was crowned Prom King too! The only one who didn't have the best time was Beatrice, since, unfortunately, her Shy trait kept her feeling uncomfortable around so many strangers.

    Either way, that was a night to remember.
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    @hp_enchantress I really enjoyed reading/watching the challenge! I love the creativity and imagination you have with this! Have you made any more rules or did you follow the initial ones? Look forward to more (if there is more)!

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    edited March 2017
    Ooops sorry wrong sims this is for 4 not 3 or is this 2..anyway if it not ok let me know and will delete it.


    Snowwhite her seven Children and the newest princess SleepyBAurora. She is in the green hat.


    Snow and her prince.

  • hp_enchantresshp_enchantress Posts: 62 Member
    @Rena18 I'm so glad you're enjoying this! I'm actually following the rules over here:
    It's 10 generations, and the next one is going to be led by Cinderella! It's a ton of fun, and the rules are nice but not that limiting, so I can play around a lot with that.

    @Rudiarose wow! That's a lot of toddlers! I'm actually playing The Sims 3. Are you playing the challenge too? Good luck!
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    Chapter 1.8

    It was a few hectic days for the family. No rest for any of them! There were still birthdays going around everywhere!


    Henry headed to the cake, excited to age up again.


    What would he wish for?


    If he wished for good looks, he certainly got them. He certainly didn’t wish for cleanliness, though…


    And then it was Selena’s turn, and Beatrice just HAD to go and get in her shot. Thanks, Beatrice!


    She is STUNNING! Like, seriously. These twins certainly hit the jackpot in the looks department!


    While everyone was having cake, Henry was rather upset about the fact that he couldn’t shower because there was always a sibling in the bathroom, so he pulled out his phone.


    “Hi, is there a house available in the neighborhood.”

    “Sure, what kind? We got small ones, big ones, all shapes and sizes!”

    “Any one. I don’t care.”

    He didn’t even shower or pack his bags before leaving! I don’t blame him.


    Selena invited Deshaun over, now that they’d both become adults. She also smelled, due to the cramped bathroom conditions. They also weren’t getting much privacy from the siblings…


    Luckily, Deshaun didn’t seem to mind.


    It’s a good thing he didn’t mind, since the next thing she asked him was, “Can I move in with you?”

    “Oh, yeah, of course! I’d love that!”

    And, out she went! Smelly armpits and all!


    The house was quieter once the twins had gone. In fact, it was so quiet that Snow couldn’t stand it.

    “All right! Everyone in the car! We’re going out!”


    Why is it that even when everyone piles into a cab, you can only see a couple of people? Speaking of which, this family really needs a minivan.


    While they were heading out, they drove past a mother and her child. You know who that is? That’s Scott, Derek’s kid! And his wife, Susie Carpenter-White.


    Snow took them to the diner, which was a welcome escape from their house. They all had good, greasy food, and enjoyed themselves.


    While they ate, I entertained myself by watching this guy bury this woman in snow.


    The next day was Snow Day, and it didn’t start too well, as Florian started it off by punishing Susanne.


    He made it better for himself by having a pillow fight with Damian.

    The family decided to throw a gift-giving party, and soon guests started arriving.


    Despite being grounded, Susanne invited Don.


    They were really happy to see each other.

    Presents came after, and the family scored like 4 art easels. Not sure why they need that many, but they were pretty excited about getting those, as well as all sorts of assorted knick-knacks that I promptly sold off.


    After presents and food, the night ended with Beatrice reading Damian a story.

    “And Mom in her kerchief and I in my cap had just settled down for a long winter’s nap.”

    “What’s a kerchief, Beatrice?”

    “I think it’s a nightgown.”


    Guess whose birthday it was the next day?


    She’s so cute! Cinderella’s now a child!


    And kind of hinting towards what her future is going to be, her first actions were to take out the trash,


    And to bake a plate of muffins. Get used to it, Cindy! You’ll be doing that for a while!
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    Snow White

    Chapter 1.9


    Cinderella was up bright and early the next morning, this time washing dishes. Poor kid, she really needs some form of entertainment.

    It was a snow day, luckily, so that meant Cindy could hopefully get some fun in by the time the day was over. We'll see.


    Her siblings were definitely making good use of their day. Making snow angels...


    Building igloos...


    Having snowball fights...


    They eventually came back inside to get some homework done. Cindy apparently decided to do Damian's homework... not sure why, but OK.


    Also, Snow finally let Suzanne off the hook. Suzanne was so thrilled at that, she wondered what she could do with her newfound freedom.


    The day ended calmly, with Cindy hearing a story read to her by her father. At least she got a little fun in? Cindy, you really need to learn to enjoy yourself! Oh, wait, she likes cleaning... but doing her brother's homework is a little much!


    The next day, Beatrice decided that it was time she learn to drive. She begged her mother to teach her, please! She was shocked when Snow actually agreed and gave her the keys.

    "You're serious?!"

    "Of course I am! Now, get driving!"


    As soon as they got into the car, Snow regretted her decision, but she was stuck now! And, it took most of the day, but Beatrice was soon driving smoothly!


    Seeing her sister's success, Suzanne asked her mom for the same thing, and Snow agreed.


    Off they go!


    Are you kidding me?! She was in the car, with her mom! How does that count as breaking curfew? Ugh!!! Sims, really!


    And Suzanne got punished again, this time for apparently breaking curfew when she was with her mom the whole time.


    Wait, what's this? Another free vacation? Are these guys lucky or what?


    Poor Cindy had no idea about the family tradition of throwing huge parties whenever the parents weren't around. She innocently mopped the floor while schemes were cooking in her sisters' minds.


    "Hey, kid! Thanks for cleaning up! We're throwing a party, so it's nice to have the place clean before it gets trashed again!"


    "Of course! Can't have a party without breaking a few dishes, right?"


    If that was what parties were like, Cindy wanted no part in it. She headed to her room once the guests started to arrive. Don was among them.


    The party seemed to be going well until... WHAT'S THIS I SEE?


    Don's dancing with another girl?!

    Suzanne was horribly jealous.


    So she got even.

    "You're a much better dancer than Don is," she said to her dance partner, loudly enough to catch her boyfriend's attention.


    Unfortunately, I didn't get to see a fight break out, since guess who showed up?


    Bye, everyone! Come again soon!

    As usual, once person was left behind...


    If only she'd landed on the couch instead...
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    I love the story so far, it's so funny! :smile: I love how chill and laid-back your Snow is. This is probably my favourite line: “I gave birth a few days ago. And, you wouldn’t believe it. It’s TWINS!" I mean, she didn't tell him for days! Wow.
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    Snow White

    Chapter 1.10

    It's certainly been a while since I've updated this story, but I'm still not giving up! So, get ready for a bunch of chapters full of birthdays, teenagers, and, even a wedding!


    Damian soon had his own birthday, and it wasn't a particularly exciting birthday, to be honest. He just stopped randomly and started celebrating.


    He looks good as a teen, and, thank goodness, this means there's only one child left in this household: Cinderella. No offense to all the kids, but dealing with them was driving me up the wall, and I can't imagine how Snow and Florian were feeling!

    They had little time to celebrate Damian's birthday, though. As there was a very important even that was happening: Snow and Florian were finally getting married! It's finally happening, since the challenge said that they had to have 7 of their kids as teens before they could do this. So, after waiting through so many pregnancies and so many birthdays, it's happening!

    I made them a plum little wedding venue, planned everything, and sent them off!


    "I, Snow White, take you, Florian Prince, to be my husband. With this ring, I thee wed."


    "I, Florian Prince, take you, Snow White, to be my wife. With this ring, I thee wed."

    Honestly, I was just as excited as they were to see this wedding happen. It was about time!


    These guys were just so adorable! Finally married and together forever!


    Everyone cheered for them, even as the "mood lighting" from the full moon started suffusing everything. Of course I'd remember to plan the whole wedding and forget about the full moon. Welp, I just got braced for some other shenanigans.


    Everything was going pretty well. Snow went to go cut the cake and people started getting stuck in doorways as usual.


    Also, look at that! Looks like Giselle is pregnant again!


    There was some romantic dancing...


    and some not so romantic zombies.


    The night still ended with some romantic woo-hooing between Snow and Florian. They certainly deserved it!

    I decided to spend the next day celebrating even more birthdays. Beatrice and Suzanne had to become adults, after all!


    Beatrice went first, but despite everyone standing around her supposedly celebrating her birthday, few people were actually thinking about her.


    And here, everybody, is adult Beatrice!


    It was Suzanne's turn next. I had to move her cake to a table in the corner because the kitchen was completely swarmed by people.


    She makes a great adult!


    Last birthday of the day! Yup, Cinderella is becoming a teen!


    And here she is as a teen! She's aging up so fast, her own chapters will be coming very soon!
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    Snow White

    Chapter 1.11

    Morning dawned soon after the party, and Cinderella's first action was to start cleaning up. She didn't have much time to spend doing that, though, as soon it was time for graduation.


    Um, Suzanne, I don't think that's the hat you're supposed to be wearing for graduation... but... oh well.

    The family made their way to the graduation. Suzanne and Beatrice went up to the stage to receive their awards. Beatrice graduated with honors, and received the wonderful prize of "Most likely to be mediocre." She wasn't sure how to feel about that as she went to go sit back down. She had always hoped to be a great novelist, interacting with characters in stories rather than real people. Real people made her nervous. She'd prove them wrong and become a real novelist, though.

    Suzanne was valedictorian, to my surprise, and she was also voted "Most artistic." OK. That was better, and she was more pleased with her awards. She gave a speech (I'm not sure how the speech was since I was forced to wait outside), but hopefully it was a good one.


    "Can you believe it, Beatrice? We finally graduated! Isn't it awesome?"

    "I guess. Can we go home now?"


    Literally Beatrice's first actions returning home were to sit at the computer and start working on her novel. She couldn't wait to prove her school wrong. She'd write a bestseller if it was the last thing she did.

    Suzanne had a different idea in mind, and she made a phone call and invited a certain someone over... someone who'd also recently become an adult.


    Yup, it was Don! She invited him over. She had something to ask him, but first she had to take him on an amazing date.


    The amazing date involved taking him out to the local diner, and then gazing at the stars on the sidewalk right in front of it, the smell of frying oil and burger meat suffusing the air.

    "Actually, Don, I was wondering if I could talk to you for a second."

    "What about?"

    "Well, we've been together for a while, and now we're adults, right?"

    "Well, yeah."

    "I think it's time to take another step, right?"

    "What step?"


    "Don, will you marry me?"

    "Oh my goodness, Suzanne! This is so unexpected, but of course I'll marry you!"


    They kissed and said goodbye.

    The family was so thrilled to see that Suzanne was engaged. Snow and Florian especially couldn't stop talking about it.

    "Suzanne, of course we need to throw you a bachelorette!"

    "I definitely won't say no to that!"

    They headed to the local dance club.


    "Barkeep! Drinks all around!"


    Look at Snow getting down!


    Even shy Beatrice got into the party, and was splashing her sister with champagne. There were even male dancers showing up!


    Oh, Suzanne. Well, she was certainly having fun.


    Everyone might have been hungover the next morning, but the wedding was absolutely beautiful.


    Everyone was so moved by the wedding. There were tears all around.


    Look at them cutting the cake!


    Suzanne and Don knew that they were the happiest they'd ever been, and there was only one more step to take.

    "Suzanne, now that we're married, could you move in with me?"

    It wasn't hard for Suzanne to decide. There were too many people in her house and she really needed to get out.

    "Of course! Can Beatrice come too?"

    "Um, I guess?"

    And so the day ended with everyone moving out.


    "Florian, I think we've done really well," Snow told him that night.

    "Yes, Snow. We've raised some marvelous children."

    Now, I'm officially moving on to Cinderella's chapters! Snow's chapters are over, but Cinderella's are just starting. Can't wait!
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    It's official, guys! I'm on generation 2: Cinderella. Below are the rules for this generation, taken from the challenge rules here.

    Generation 2: Cinderella "A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you're fast asleep"
    Although you had six brothers and sisters, you always did the cooking and cleaning. Yet, somehow you loved it, as it transported you away from your chaotic home life. When Cinderella becomes a teenager, this story begins.
    - Must have 'Neat' and 'Natural Cook' traits
    - Must clean the house everyday and cook every meal
    - Must reach at least level 8 cooking before YA
    - May not marry until mother dies (This does not have to be of old age, but it may not be cheated)
    - Have a maximum of 3 children
  • hp_enchantresshp_enchantress Posts: 62 Member

    Chapter 2.1


    One day, Cinderella and her family were calmly watching TV. It was cold and rainy outside, and they were enjoying the warmth and joy of each other's company.


    Outside, in the rain, a poor soul wandered, in search of a family. He spotted a door, and hoped that perhaps those inside would be able to at leat spare a morsel for him.


    Suddenly, Cinderella heard a sound outside, and she stood up. "Mother, did you hear something outside?"

    "What?" Snow's old age had resulted in losing some of her hearing.

    "Nothing, I'll go check."


    Cinderella opened the front door to see what had caused the noise she'd heard. Outside, she found a dog, looking sad and cold.

    "Oh, you poor boy! Are you all right? You must be hungry!"

    Cinderella's heart was broken. She couldn't imagine being all alone in the world. She needed to help this dog. He seemed sweet and kind, and he needed a home.


    "Dad! There's a dog outside! Can we keep him, please? I don't think he has a home!"

    "Oh, all right, Cinderella, but only on the condition that you feed him and train him and take care of him."

    "Thanks, Dad!" Cinderella hugged Florian tightly before letting the dog in.


    "I think I'll call you Bruno," Cinderella said as she brushed his fur.


    It was about then that Damian stood up and walked over to the corner. "Wait, guys, I feel funny. I think something is happening!"

    Something was indeed happening. He was aging up, and he moved out so quickly that I didn't even take a picture of him as a young adult.


    That night, someone got into the house while everybody was sleeping.


    I'm sad to say that Bruno did nothing to stop the thief, but luckily the police soon arrived and took them away.


    All too soon it was someone else's birthday: Cinderella's!

    And, I'm sad to say I officially failed at one of the challenge goals here. I couldn't get her to 8 points cooking; I only managed 7 1/2. So close! Still gonna go on.


    Cinderella got to go to graduation, where she was not only valedictiorian, but she also was awarded: Most Likely to Get Married. LOL, they weren't wrong.

    The family celebrated the graduation by going out to a meal, and Snow and Florian were both thrilled that all their children had grown up and graduated. They were so proud of all they'd accomplished, and all the children they'd raised.


    It was too bad that pride and joy couldn't keep the inevitable from happening, unfortunately. Snow felt a little "off" when she got home.


    Cinderella and Florian sobbed as the Grim Reaper showed up to take Snow. Snow, however, accepted her death gracefully. She had accomplished all she had to set out to do in her life, and she was happy at all she'd achieved.

    Florian, especially, was devastated.


    That night, as he slept, all he could dream of was Snow, and sadness filled every dream he had.


    Bruno, as if sensing Florian's sadness, made sure to keep him company. (Bruno did this all by himself, and, honestly, I was so moved by it!)


    Cinderella and Florian weren't the only ones needing comfort, though. They had to tell all the others. Cinderella planned a funeral for that very day, and all of Snow's children showed up, along with some of their own children. Had Snow waited only a day or two, she would have achieved her goal of getting 10 grandchildren, actually.


    Florian found comfort in his children. Cinderella, however, noticed someone there who she didn't know.


    "Excuse me, sir, how did you know my mother, Snow?"

    "Oh, hi. I'm Henri Charming. I didn't actually know her personally, but my father did. I believe they were friends before she moved here."

    "Oh, nice to meet you. I'm Cinderella."

    Both of them talked and seemed to get along quite well, even in the somber festivities.


    That night, once the funeral was over, Cinderella and Florian sat down for a quiet dinner. Cinderella realized that she and her father were all alone now, and she would have to take care of him, as well as Bruno. She needed a job, she thought.

    The next day, Cinderella headed out in search of a job. She didn't know exactly what she wanted to do with her life, so she didn't know what kind of job she wanted to have.

    While she was out walking, she noticed someone standing outside City Hall, protesting something.


    "Henri, what are you doing here?"

    "Protesting to save the llama. You?"

    "Looking for a job."

    They chatted a while longer. Cinderella definitely considered him a friend by now, but she also thought he was very attractive.

    "We'll have to hang out sometime," she said, before leaving.


    Upon arriving home, she was met with another terrible sight.


    There was nothing to do. He was gone. Cinderella was all alone.
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