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My Disney Princess Challenge



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    I've never followed a Disney challenge, but this is very cute! I like the simplicity of your reporting and story-telling; it was fun to read about your gameplay so far. I hope you keep up with the challenge and post updates here :smile:
    From the town's first community lot to each household and rabbit hole, watch the stories unfold...
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    This seems so cool! I can't wait to see some of the future posts!
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    Chapter 2.2


    Cinderella woke the next morning, and, for a blissful moment, she forgot about everything she'd recently experienced. But then, it all came back to her in a horrible rush. Her parents were gone, and she was all alone.


    "I guess it's just you and me now, Bruno," she told her dog as she pet him. It was going to be lonely for a while, she thought


    Other problems soon surfaced in the form of bills. Lots of them. That only meant one thing: "I think I need a job," Cinderella said as she sorted through the papers. They wouldn't pay themselves, and money hadn't grown on trees since the family's money tree had died a while ago.


    Cinderella pondered what kind of job she wanted that whole day, not noticing the strange visitors she was getting that night. Her parents were no doubt worried about her, although the snowman they left her was the opposite of comforting.


    See? Kind of terrible. Oh well. Cindy didn't actually see it, since she was heading out in search of a job.


    She found one as a receptionist at the salon, and she figured it would be a good job to have temporarily, especially since she didn't really know what she wanted to dedicate her life to.


    When she got home, she was so excited about her new job that she placed a call to her new friend: Henri. He came over, and romance was soon in the air.

    "I'm so proud of you, Cindy. You've had such a tough time, but you're doing great," Henri told her.

    Cinderella only responded in a kiss, which led to something more.


    The couple decided to turn up the heat in the middle of the bitter cold, and they must have had a good time and heated it up quite nicely, especially since they stayed there till morning.


    It was then that Cinderella decided to ask Henri a question that had been on her mind for a while.

    "Henri, would you marry me?"

    "I never thought you'd ask," he responded, admiring the new ring on his finger. Hey, men can enjoy bling too, right?


    To celebrate their engagement, the couple had a gift-giving party, which wasn't necessarily traditional, but it was a great way to get lots of presents. Their presents included several art easels and a coffee maker, but nothing more interesting.


    And the next day they decided to celebrate the season by going ice skating. They were ridiculously cute as they skated together.


    I think they may need some more practice, though.


    On their way home, Cinderella saw something weird. "Wait, Henri, pull over."

    He did, and as Cinderella got out of the car, her mouth fell open. It couldn't be. Unicorns didn't exist, did they?

    Apparently they did, since there was one right in front of her!

    She did little else other than watch the unicorn for the rest of the night, but it was obviously very real and very beautiful.

    It disappeared shortly before dawn, and Cinderella finally went home to bed. She planned to return soon and see if it had come back. For now, she had other more important things to worry about.


    She was getting married!

    The wedding didn't exactly go as planned, though.



    Two of her sisters were making an effort to upstage her, apparently. One by showing up in a wedding dress and another by giving birth halfway through the ceremony and distracting most of the guests.


    It was still a beautiful ceremony. There were tears and joyful cheers from the audience.


    All four of them.


    The reception was beautiful too, and everyone had a great time.


    And the couple ended the night once more in their little igloo. I don't know why they ignored the bed, but oh well. They still had a great wedding day, and I'm sure that as Cinderella fell asleep, she was thrilled to be rebuilding her family, little by little.
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    So glad to see you post again :smile: Loved Cinderella's wedding shots!
    From the town's first community lot to each household and rabbit hole, watch the stories unfold...
    Rebuilding Appaloosa Plains
    Prologue & Chapters 1-16 out now - updates every week!
    Origin ID: Mourning-Stars | Simming since 2000
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