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25 Days of Christmas Lotto (Closed - Calling djsdragongirl)

wittanthony1wittanthony1 Posts: 1,929 Member
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Welcome to my 25 days of Christmas lotto. This lotto is to help everybody enjoy the Christmas / holiday season. 1 prize winner will be selected everyday up to December 24. The final prize drawing will happen on December 25. There is a limit of 1 daily prize winner per person. Everybody will be in the final drawing even if they already won a daily prize. Prizes right now will be announced at a later date. If anybody would like to sponsor any prizes or points, please let me know. Right now everybody can enter this lotto all the way up to December 24 at 9pm CT.

Entry form:
Favorite thing about Christmas/holidays:
Sim pictures (optional):

December 1 - 24:
250 sim point prize each day.
December 1 - 4 (Sponsor: @Kaela_87)
December 5 - 8 (Sponsor: @skm36)
December 9 - 16 (Sponsor: @Reachsims)
December 17 - 24 (Sponsor: @Taw3001)

December 25:
1) World (Standard or Gold)
2) World (Standard or Gold) (Sponsor: @Jessa_Dakkar)
3) Venue
4) Venue
5) Venue (Sponsor: @skm36)
6) Venue (Sponsor: @Reachsims)
7) Venue (Sponsor: @Okblondee7)
8) Venue or 1900 sim points (Sponsor: @Taw3001)
9) 1900 sim points (Sponsor: @Taw3001)
10) 1900 sim points (Sponsor: @Taw3001)
11) 1900 sim points (Sponsor: @Taw3001)
12) 1900 sim points (Sponsor: @Taw3001)
13) 1900 sim points (Sponsor: @Taw3001)
14) 1900 sim points (Sponsor: @Taw3001)
15) 1900 sim points (Sponsor: @Taw3001)
16) 1900 sim points (Sponsor: @Taw3001)
17) 1900 sim points (Sponsor: @Taw3001)
18) 1000 sim points
19) 1000 sim points
20) 1000 sim points
21) 750 sim points
22) 750 sim points
23) 750 sim points
24) 750 sim points
25) 750 sim points
26) 750 sim points
27) 750 sim points
28) 750 sim points
29) 750 sim points
30) 750 sim points

A consolation prize will be given to those who do not win a prize in the Christmas day drawing. That way everybody gets a gift for Christmas. Consolation prize amount won't be announced until after the Christmas day drawing. Santa sim doesn't want to leave anybody out. Merry Christmas!!

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