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Why Do You Like The Sims?


  • SiminwithellieSiminwithellie Posts: 2 New Member
    > @hellojewby said:
    > Well, as I child, I always loved playing with dolls and Barbies. Playing "House" was always my favorite. Doll houses made me scream with delight. Sims is like virtual Babies/doll house. Also, a part of me enjoys control of people. Of course, in real life, this doesn't happen. lol But in my off time, I enjoy leading virtual lives as I see fit. Endless entertainment.

    I completely get that too, I love being able to customize them, they're like walking, talking dolls lol.
  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
    edited August 2018
    The reason you're reading this is because you love the sims. Why? Is it the creativity or storytelling? Why do you like the sims?
    The reason you're reading this is because you love the sims. Why? Is it the creativity or storytelling? Why do you like the sims?

    Well I was a big fan of The Borrowers books and movies for years - so my first thought when I pre-tested Sims 1 for Will Wright was this was much like playing the Borrowers but them finally getting their own homes and not having to live under the floorboards of the humans. It was sort of like my dream came true - as I always hated when a Borrows book or movie ended - I wanted more - and now there was endless adventures for my Sims (Borrowers).



    I believe I read them all many times and as an adult even still enjoy seeing the movies made about them. I find them just magical. These books made boarding school bearable for me for some reason even I cannot explain - so you can imagine what it is like to play the Sims with that background in mind.

    I, unlike many simmers never looked at the Sims as a dollhouse - seeing I was not big on playing with dolls. I learned to read at 3 thanks to my grandmother who was a Teacher. She once told me I would never be bored or lonely once I learned to read and enjoy books. So I was eager to learn and my grandmother was a master at teaching youngsters. But I was 8 and at boarding school when I received a Christmas package from my Grand Aunt who lived in England with a set of these books. Literally mesmerized me. When I grew up and had kids of my own I also read the books to them, relieving the joy these stories gave me as a child. - So the Sims to me is not about a dollhouse but my Borrowers - lol. And they never get old to me...
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  • TacoTaco Posts: 34 Member
    It's a great outlet for me to express both my creativity and imagination. The Sims also provides a lot of nostalgia considering I've been playing for so many years.
  • Holy_CowHoly_Cow Posts: 47 Member
    Good question! I don't know. :p
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  • sikasika18sikasika18 Posts: 343 Member
    I loved the freedom of being able to create anything i could dream of and then see a story unfold before my eyes. I always valued being a part of a story and making decisions so I prefer gaming before movies for that reason. Still hope for more freedom in s4 in the future..... I know they can do it if they want to.
  • hamzsheraz098hamzsheraz098 Posts: 3 New Member
    I like sim because sim game is amazing.
  • tsuntsuntsuntsun Posts: 26 Member
    i always really liked decorating rooms and dress up games ++++ cooking games so idk it's really cool that you can do so much in one game i guess
  • HerenyaHerenya Posts: 18 Member
    I like the humor put in the game, and to be able to control someone else's life for a while. And to create homes and sims. I don't know really, I just like it.
  • BessiebooBessieboo Posts: 199 Member
    It would be impossible for me to say everything I love about the Sims, basically if sims was a man I'd marry him. The design aspect is probably my favourite part of the game and then the gameplay itself and of course the escapism, as we all know life does not always go as planned and we don't always have control of how things work out but with the sims we get to decide the outcome.
  • NewbieSimmerNewbieSimmer Posts: 32 Member
    I love everything about The Sims, but my absolute favorite thing is the soundtrack!
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  • x4m1r4x4m1r4 Posts: 3,899 Member
    I like playing the Sims because I can escape the reality, like most games are :D. I also play Spore (another life simulation) for a while too. The only thing that makes me stay playing the Sims is because it reflects how 'human' live, react, & socialise? Or maybe just because I play it out of curiosity.. especially when the University EP (TS2) was released. I want to know how the college life was.. In fact, Sims has a better college life than me... :p
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  • amazingBunny612amazingBunny612 Posts: 2 New Member
    I just like the fact that I can make sims do stuff that can’t happen in real life or things I would never be able to make myself do
  • LovelyRose99LovelyRose99 Posts: 52 Member
    well, i play the sims mobile.. but i guess that counts too!
    i've always been a simulation person. i love to control people, and how they live their life. but the sims franchise was far beyond that! i became addicted, and here i am todayz :p
  • thesimmer77thesimmer77 Posts: 33 Member
    I've played sims 1 several times and just installed the complete collection, fun game, meetings needs and stuff, not sure I'll be interested in some of the expansions, like vacation/hot date/etc, though it is nice that time stops so I can socialize downtown. Haven't tried vacation, but there is lodging there so I can regain energy, unlike downtown (I suppose I could just let my sim sleep on the ground if I have no other option)
  • MilwayLangMilwayLang Posts: 180 Member
    As an author and character designer, I love to build new fictional characters to fit in my stories. So I don't think I could live without story telling system and CAS.

    Also, I love "simulation". It's like doing something but not really doing it :smile:
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  • StutumStutum Posts: 1,146 Member
    I remember I picked it up shortly after it's release back in 2000. I'd never heard of it before it was there, and I was eager to take a little break from point and click adventure games and first person shooters. It was refreshing and new. As for why I like it, I guess the idea of creating people, giving them names, personalities etc. and have them interact with each other and such. From there, the game as well as the concept grew on me, and I'm still a fan.

    It's funny, because when I think about the basic Sims 1, before all the expansion packs and downloads and whatnot, it wasn't really that much to do. You were pretty much trapped in your house, you couldn't go anywhere, all you could do was to hang around in your house and keep yourself entertained.
  • greatmorgangreatmorgan Posts: 38 Member
    The sims allows me to make up people and do what I want with them. I can make i BIG happy family or I can make a BIG disfuncttional family. I love developing them. I also like dressing them I have a ton of cc. It is so fun. I been playing for 2 years it wasn’t boring until a 1 1/2 in but I still play and it is still fun.
  • GraveDirtGraveDirt Posts: 41 Member
    > @NewbieSimmer said:
    > I love everything about The Sims, but my absolute favorite thing is the soundtrack!

    THIS! I play the soundtrack at work sometimes because it's really beautiful.
  • LeosimsLeosims Posts: 47 Member
    I love Making Stories which Is fun!
  • Ellie_McConnell70Ellie_McConnell70 Posts: 40 Member
    I think for me it's both. I love being able to create a beautiful home, but also the relationships to between sims. I've played The Sims on various platforms and still love it now as Sims Mobile. Though I'm not so keen on the Sims Free play.
  • Ellie_McConnell70Ellie_McConnell70 Posts: 40 Member
    It's also the escapism aspect and doing things I wouldn't do in real life. Doing the jobs you wouldn't do normally, such as being a scientist. I'd probably get bored in reality. But in The Sims if can be fun!

    Sorry, I can't edit my original post lkl
  • simsaddiction37simsaddiction37 Posts: 2 New Member
    I like to be creative and love that I can create my own story lines.
  • miandallasmiandallas Posts: 22 Member
    At first it was more about creativity and wish fulfillment, but when I started playing Sims 2, I started getting more interested in storytelling.
  • Charlotta11Charlotta11 Posts: 396 Member
    - i love build and make different houses
    - i love to decorate houses and how i can make so much different looks
    - love creating sims and pick they're outfits and looks
    - i love taking care of my "virtual baby/pet" ( if any remember tamacotchis)
    - love making stories and back stories

    All in same game so i can make my own tiny virtual world. Even tho now we don't have CAW...

  • fashlandhelperfashlandhelper Posts: 6 New Member
    I like it because I can express the way I feel in real life, in the game. I can literally become anything I want with little to no effort.
    Beautiful, confident, skillful, and not to mention, intelligent.
    Aaaaand I can kill sims and pretend like they are the actual people I hate in real life :D :D :D
    I guess you could say I'm a little coo coo for cocoa puffs, if you know what I mean? Lol
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