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Why Do You Like The Sims?


  • keenowkeenow Posts: 538 Member
    I like the creative aspect over the storytelling side. The storytelling is a nice plus; but mostly I just love how open-ended everything is. How you can lay out an entire level (house) for yourself. Everything is customizable down to the nit-picky details and there's a charm in knowing everything on screen is something I put together. Like many have already stated, it's that sense of control that really pulls me in.

    Also, genetics! A hundred times genetics! I absolutely love playing the roulette of "Oh, what are we going to get this time?!"
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  • NineyNiney Posts: 341 Member
    Cause i can do whatever i wanna do, and get an image of what the consequences would be like (It won’t be a clear image i know but at least it’s something)

    Also i can know what conquering a dream feels like, thus i’ll know if this specific dream worth my real life time or not

    And the building of course, i like building & decorating stuff even if it looks bad after that

    And the most important thing: Having Fun
  • OminousFlareOminousFlare Posts: 2,118 Member
    The obvious (and short) answer would be: I like to tell stories.

    The longer (and more accurate) one would take into consideration the number of factors that made me enjoy the game series (aside from the ability to tell stories), like how I could raise a virtual family, the fulfillment of getting my Sims good jobs and better promotions. You know, there's like a sense of accomplishment in raising Sims.

    I think the biggest draw for me has to be the mods though, and what they add to the base game. It's like, I could have a much more engaging life simulator with the mods because there were a number of things I would want to do in a life sim that the base game couldn't provide. I love the user-created content in that sense, because a lot of users provided cool costumes and skins for the game that made it easier to tell the kind of story I would want, especially the sci-fi or fantasy kind.
  • MythicBiscuitMythicBiscuit Posts: 32 Member
    It's a form of escapism for me. Plus I love to create and tell different stories. :)
  • ArmaniArmani Posts: 31 Member
    It's fun to play
  • ErpeErpe Posts: 5,872 Member
    To me both this game and other games mostly are about trying something that you can’t really do in the same way in your real life. The Sims games are about your dreams and about trying things which you can do in the game without being careful and limited like you usually would be in your real life. The kind and friendly supernaturals are also something that I think many simmers have in their dreams about their real lives even though they of course know that they hardly will have a chance to meet such supernaturals anyway. They are just another kind of dreams than the superheroes with superpowers that many modern movies are about.

    Anyway I like this kind of dreams much more than the dreams in many war games which instead often are about being a dictator and conquering the whole world.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 3,132 Member
    Depends on the version. For all 4, the creativity, though the earlier versions provide more options. For TS1 & TS2 the storytelling comes in thanks to the gameshot albums being attached to the household, not a general pot.
  • Piglet950Piglet950 Posts: 4 New Member
    Is it bad to say I love playing sims because it takes me away from reality?
  • YouYou Posts: 123 Member
    because i dont have to deal with annoying humans
    I'm you.
  • Jordan061102Jordan061102 Posts: 3,656 Member
    Cuz I can play with life. :D Since the day I knew this game, I never gave it up.
  • DumbOllieDumbOllie Posts: 13 New Member
    Its so cool to be able to create life and play different stories <3
  • puderosasimspuderosasims Posts: 521 Member
    edited March 2018
    Found this on Tumblr:
    Nails it pretty well. :lol:
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  • GamingTweetyGamingTweety Posts: 844 Member
    edited October 2019
    I've grown up with sims. It was with me since the beginning and I just can't leave it. It lets us to create our own world, own story and own characters. We can shape life in a way that we would like. It is not giving us a specific task to do like in other games but it makes create our own gameplay style with our own imagination and ideas. Not any other game is like The Sims in my opinion. And I don't think there will ever be a game like The Sims where we have nearly full control.
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  • GC521GC521 Posts: 6 New Member
  • AmylsimsAmylsims Posts: 108 Member
    It all started with the sims 2, so many hours of my life revolved around it, the idea of creating and telling my sims stories was (and still is) so compelling to me. Nothing will ever take away the magic of seeing your sims grow!
  • EricasFreePlayEricasFreePlay Posts: 556 Member
    edited October 2018
    For me, the reason I play TS2 is because I like to see how personalities mix between playable Sims and NPCs/townies/dormies. I never got to experience some of the things I do in the game so it's my way of playing how my life would have been.
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  • neonkamikazeneonkamikaze Posts: 5 New Member
    > @Piglet950 said:
    > Is it bad to say I love playing sims because it takes me away from reality?

    Not at all. To be completely honest, much of the time I'd rather be with my sims than with real people! Plus playing the Sims is like my ultimate de-stress tool. Even if I'm having a hard time relaxing, the Sims always does the trick. I think it's because it helps keeps me mentally focused, and takes my mind off everything I don't wanna think about.
  • SipopSipop Posts: 165 Member
    edited April 2018
    Because I enjoy the creative aspect of it. Designing rooms, houses, and Sims.
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  • Simmer1997Simmer1997 Posts: 7 New Member
    I love games that are a life simulation and I love how i can do whatever with them like building my own restaurant.I also love the sims because its realistic along with some exceptions*cough*vampires*cough*
  • SimsophoniqueSimsophonique Posts: 1,410 Member
    edited April 2018
    I am a sim fan because the sims is the best game of the world and there are few competition games for now.

    However each old sagas need fixed and additions. It's so sad there is not a gurus teams who cares of making old game fresh and new. The Sims, the sims 2 and the sims 3 are still popular. Old stuffs worths as the sims 4.
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  • Simsister2004Simsister2004 Posts: 3,503 Member
    DumbOllie wrote: »
    Its so cool to be able to create life and play different stories <3

    This and the whole aspect of creating different sims to my own liking and fitting my fantasy. The Sims 1, 2, 3, and 4 have all been blowing me away. I love The Sims Medieval as well, and The Sims Castaway. I keep playing for the rest of my life, it keeps my mind young.
  • wrenstaleswrenstales Posts: 771 Member
    The Sims is a great game as I can go in to this magical world and be creative. It enables me to switch off, build, share and write in The Sims.

    As a casual gamer I have found the game really usful to play in a few hours.
  • LaVitaESabelLaVitaESabel Posts: 43 Member
    I like The Sims because I get to live the life that I have always wanted.
  • SimsxZelda_fanSimsxZelda_fan Posts: 177 Member
    In Sims 1, most I got out of it was building houses and playing families.

    In Sims 2, I always wanted to make each part of the world look more populated and dense. Though with the way the worlds are set up it wasn't possible, especially with the downtown... But I also liked playing families and playing some of the different types of sims I could now play.

    Sims 3 made it possible to make the world look more dense and gave me more options with that than before. I still make cool worlds to this day. I always play it differently whenever I play, I mix it up a lot. There is just so much to do.

    So overall I'd say building, particularily world building, but also the nearly limitless variety in gameplay and customisation - can basically do what I want and make up my own games, and of course the exercise of my imagination lol
  • XHails_HaileyXXHails_HaileyX Posts: 14 New Member
    I love the Sims because of the stories I can create with them.
    I've always been super creative, and I can literally make full length movies in ny head within just a few minutes. So, I take these movies in my head and try to recreate them in the Sims, then those movies spyral into 20 different paths later on because I'll grow the family I have, or I'll ruin relationships, or I'll mentally change the personality of my Sims and make them act differently, get new jobs, friends, lovers. I'm rarely ever bored of the Sims 2 and 3 because my stories are easily created in them.

    As for building... Never even once.

    I've never been into building, and haven't even attempted to build a house since Sims 2 came out and made me realize that I'm plum at building. I've always relied on the in game houses, which have always looked amazing to me, and never feel bored with them because I can always change their look with items and paint, and maybe add on one or two rooms for more things if needed.
    I do like the way Sims 4 does building, and have built more in that game than any of the others... But I still hate building, and still hate Sims 4, so in the end I just go back to 2 and 3 and never build.
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