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Rebuilding Worlds: A Sims 4 Building & Genetics Challenge (Thread Moved)


  • amadazulsimamadazulsim Posts: 1,730 Member
    @Meeshelby - Thank you, I hope they still look good when they age up.

    I know for me I have been really busy and haven't had much time to play.
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,218 Member
    I have been playing but I was kinda waiting to see if anyone would post or comment before I keep posting :)
  • MeeshelbyMeeshelby Posts: 1,888 Member
    I can't even remember what I updated on here last! I'm going to have to scroll back through posts.
  • MeeshelbyMeeshelby Posts: 1,888 Member
    Found it!!
    The Alley’s Ch. 30

    Download my “spare” sims & past heirs HERE.

    The Alley Family Tree *MAJOR SPOILER ALERT*
    Short Version
    Extended Version

    Elisabeth tried to spend more and more time with her aging grandparents. She was sure to thank Grandpa Ramin Alley for the big hips his yummy cooking had planted into their gene pool.

    Richard & Elisabeth enjoyed their freedom before children together very much.

    And any time Elisabeth thought she MIGHT be pregnant, she took out her frustration on the playhouse in the back yard.

    Elisabeth & her siblings also spent loads of time together, swimming, dancing…they just loved being with each other.

    Finally one day, Richard was tired of waiting and he begged Elisabeth to give him a child.

    She decided since she loved him so much, she could grin and bear the early years just for him.

    Elisabeth told her Aunt Imani all about the coming nooboo. Aunt Imani exclaimed: “But…but you HATE children!” Elisabeth replied: “Oh come now…don’t make me sound like a totally horrid person. Besides, they’ll grow up. Eventually.”

    During her pregnancy, Elisabeth was invited to join the Avant Gardes club. She also spent time with her good friend, also newly married, Julianna (Clancy) Hernandez.

    Richard really enjoyed spending his time painting. He and Elisabeth agreed that when their baby was born, he would quit his job to stay home and raise the kids, and she could work on her career.

    Finally, the day arrived and little Christopher Platinum was born.

    Elisabeth’s siblings were very excited about the event and offered to babysit any time!

    Little Christopher grew up into a hot-headed child, sure to butt heads with his mama!

    And I leave you with the notification that Cassandra Prater (daughter of Mortimer & Bella Goth), has passed away.
  • NewToTheSimsNewToTheSims Posts: 1,107 Member

    @Meeshelby I'm still playing, I just don't post my updates in the thread, instead I put them on my Simblr. Also, I'm doing the Halloween photo challenge over there. Yesterday was my birthday, and today I'm going to a concert, so I'm a little distracted in that aspect.

  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,142 Member
    It makes me so sad to see the thread slow down as much as it has. I think everyone's just been really busy, and with a lot of us being disappointed with the direction the game's going, there's not much motivation to make time to play/post. At least that's the case for me.

    On a personal note, I'm happy to say we're all moved in, and Comcast finally came out and hooked up our internet yesterday! Today is the first day I got some down time and I decided to play instead of typing up comments so I could have something to post for you guys. I'm waiting until the 2 kids this generation become teens to post my update, but that should be soon. :) I'll be back for comments soon I promise! @debjameswhite I feel bad I didn't get to weigh in on wether Logan and Kenzie should try for another baby. I see that they have (twins lol) I would've said to go for it anyways.

    I'm afraid I'm gonna continue to be busy with soccer practices and games for my daughter, she's also in chorus and there's practices and concerts for that too. Then my sister's due date is tomorrow, but it looks like my nephew doesn't want to be born yet. Next Friday will be the day if he doesn't make his appearance before then, so right now we're just all on baby alert lol Which reminds me, congrats @amadazulsim on your new Grandbaby, how exciting!!
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 7,985 Member
    Still here as well, with Hurricane Matthew and my best fried having to evacuate with my fiance and I life has been hectic.
    Origin ID: Ojenn | Rebuild |Simtropolis
  • QuiteIzzzyQuiteIzzzy Posts: 293 Member
    edited October 2016
    Hello lovely simmers! I've just pop up to post some news, but I'll add some comments soon enough.

    My little update:


















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    I'm not totally worthless, I can be used as a bad example.

    Adorno Family from Rebuilding Worlds
  • NewToTheSimsNewToTheSims Posts: 1,107 Member
    @OJenn Keep safe in the wake of that crazy hurricane! Best wishes to you, your friends, and your family.
    @QuiteIzzzy Beautiful art gallery. That mysterious making me curious. O_O LOL.

  • QuiteIzzzyQuiteIzzzy Posts: 293 Member
    edited October 2016
    @kitoraem - such a lovely wedding
    Twins are cute, but they can be a real pain.^^'
    Lucy experiences her second youth XD
    Vanessa looks very smart. I bet she's going to be very clever girl ;)
    Oh, not good. I would be devastated if I were you, but I'm glad that you are going to continue to play. You've got very nice starter house I hope your new save will be as entertaining like the lost one.

    @debjameswhite Thank you! Story goes on slowly but surely ;)
    What a nice kid. He's really happy seeing his parents like that ;)
    One can truely see the love in mothers' eyes. Sims are sometimes amazing.^^
    I love family portraits. Now we can see how they look like all together. ;)
    Elise is so beautiful, she's a perfect mix of her parents' genetics. And Saloon is dandy. I'm so much into westerns recently. I'm all over the "Westworld" now. WHAT?XDDD This bed is sooo creepy.

    @Heckstress17 - no worries. And thanks a lot. I have a feeling that these two little boys would change Kai's forever. ;)

    @Pwhiskers welcome! Nice to see your story. Mickey is so cute. Lilo takes after him so much. ;)

    @OJenn you're right. Things are going to complicate a bit. I love drama in my game. ;)
    I can't wait to play the new expansion pack, but I don't think San Myshuno is goog for this challange. It is so urban, and seems so crowded.
    Jen I really love your pics. And I have to say, I've missed them a lot. This fake scenographic mountains look so realistic. How do you do this?^^'

    @amadazulsim very nice couple I love Paige's style ;) I bet they will have beautiful babies. Whoa Daniel should be more careful. He's wife is expecting after all. What? Triplets? xD Congratulations? (I thought my twins was a pain^^')

    @Meeshelby I can't remember your story, but there is so many of them. I like your Elisabeth very much. She's a woman with an attitude. So I'm not surprised that her son is so much like her.^^

    @NewToTheSims thank you:)

    @soulfull very nice story. And such a wonderful family you have. In room like this little Amiri Basillio will have enchanted childhood. ;)
    I'm not totally worthless, I can be used as a bad example.

    Adorno Family from Rebuilding Worlds
  • amadazulsimamadazulsim Posts: 1,730 Member
    @Meeshelby - I noticed that traits or hobbies get carried down through generations too. I have noticed all my sims for the last 3 generations love athletics and dancing. So that is kind of cool to see it happening in your game too.
    I am glad that Elisabeth decided to give RIchard a baby. She will probably be a great mom. Christopher is a cute little hot head. lol

    @Heckstress17 - Thank you, he is adorable. lol I still feel I am too young to be having grandbabies. lol It is a blessing though. I see you will be in full soccer mom duties, these children will surely keep you busy.

    I have to agree it is sad to see the thread slow down but I know it will pick up again.

    @OJenn - I hope you and your fiance are okay. Keep us updated. Stay safe!!!

    @QuiteIzzzy - I think Kai and Amaya are handling the twins really good. Multiples are definitely a hand full. I am glad that they got a little help. Who is the mysterious lady? lol I can't wait to find out. I like your art gallery. I am loving your updates.

  • JordanNicoleJJJordanNicoleJJ Posts: 1,492 Member
    edited October 2016
    Hey guys, I don't have anything to post but wanted to pop in to say hi! I miss this challenge, but I just haven't been interested in playing the game. I'm sure my interest will return with the new EP (which releases just a few days before my birthday!). Also, my laptop is struggling with Sims (overheating, graphics card failures, etc.), so I'm trying to take it easy, since I'll need my laptop for school. I'd like to build a desktop for gaming, but I just don't have the money right now (nor do I really know how to build I can get someone to help me in college). Anyway, I pop in occasionally to catch up. Loving everyone's updates and welcome to all the new people!
  • Letchy15Letchy15 Posts: 530 Member
    edited October 2016
    Hi guys, sorry I've not updated in forever (again), I have been reading everyone's posts though, and liking / awesoming - just not had enough time to play with school and work and blargh!! I finally however, have played for a couple hours, and probably have a good three updates worth of updates :blush:

    (In the last update I think Sasha and Bryon had baby Joseph)

    We got invited to Clara Bjergson's birthday party - also can we just talk about how cute Clara looks when you give her a custom skin? Like gurllllllllll :joy:


    The party was crazy


    I think Elsa planned it, and she's obviously very proud of herself :joy:


    Happy Birthday Clara!!


    The kids had fun playing cards



    "Xara, he's like eight!!!" :anguished:


    Bryon met the fabulous Miss Caliente :grimace: help! :joy:


    A few days later, Sasha decided to invite over her aunt Kelsi and cousin Tina (found Kelsi in the town and just thought it'd be nice for the family to have some relatives :blush: )


    Family dinner time


    Didn't manage to get many photos because Xara was wearing a cc piece that kept making everyone embarrassed and then they wouldn't sit down for dinner.. it was just a real mess, so I popped in CAS and gave Xara and Sasha some new makeovers :blush: - forgot to do upclose shots

    Sasha (changed hair, cc skin, outfit and makeup.. so sorta everything :sweat_smile::joy: )


    Xara (changed hair and outfit :blush: )

  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,142 Member
    Okay, time for long overdue comments, and an update too! :)

    @JordanNicoleJJ - I'm always happy when I see you pop in. I miss your updates like crazy, but I get not being motivated to play and being busy. I hope your laptop hangs on for awhile. It'd be awesome if you could find someone to help you build a gaming computer. I hope things are getting easier for you, when's school start up?

    @meeshelby - It's much easier to keep track of your family now that you're only playing one. That being said I'm glad we'll get to see the other's you've already started when it's time to build the other worlds. Making two family tree's, one with only heir's and siblings, and one with everyone, is a good idea too. I really wanted to include everyone in my family tree, but I lost track so quickly lol. I love the picture of Elisabeth and her siblings dancing at the club. I really love Richard, I wish I could've used him. Little Christopher is sure to be a handful lol I wonder if Richard can convince his wife to have just one more baby?

    @QuiteIzzzy - Aw, Kai and Amaya turned out to be such great parents. I love that they really worked as a team to take care of the twins. omg I love how Birdy kept that mysterious blonde lady away from the babies. Great Art Gallery too! I never built one for Willow Creek, but I plan to for Oasis Springs.

    @amadazulsim - I feel like I'm too young to have an 8 year old so I can relate to that feeling lol I'm sure you're right about the thread picking up again. I'm always checking it on my phone so I really hope everyone can post updates soon. I rely on this this thread to get me through boring and stressful days lol I'm happy you chose Paige to be your heir. She's truly beautiful, not that her sisters weren't, but she definitely has her own look. Daniel's proposal at the ruins was great. I'm running out of places to proposes so I'm stealing that idea lol. I can't believe your sim had triplets again! I wish we knew if it was hereditary. Sure seems like it.

    @Letchy15 - No worries, everyone's been busy. Xara looks great in her new outfit!

    @soulfull - Brett and Valencia are the sweetest. I love seeing more of their house in your updates, and the new library as well. I had such a tough time building mine. Was it hard for you? I'm sorry your game went off and got Valencia pregnant while you weren't playing them. That's something I learned the hard way about TS4. If you wanna play test a world/buildings, you gotta make a new save or else your game will carry on with your families. That being said I'm glad to see baby Amiri join the family, and I see him in your signature and he's adorable!

    @NewToTheSims - I've been following along with your progress on tumblr. Glasgow is such a hunk ;)

    @OJenn - I hope you're safe and the hurricane didn't effect you too badly. I was pretty worried there for awhile when it was a Category 4 and we were unsure of it's path. Thankfully for me it didn't go into the Gulf of Mexico, I live is Southwest FL so we definitely dodged a bullet this time. Your generation 9 house is coming along nicely. I need to start building mine. Very pretty overhead shot of Willow Creek. I'm super excited for Oasis Springs, but I know after awhile I'm gonna miss the greenery of Willow Creek. Charlotte is a great heir choice, and I love how she looks like Nina. Great pics of the girls at the club too. Oh and did you ever try out that other family tree site?

    @debjameswhite - I think Logan and Kenzie are my favorite couple of yours since Grady and Jana. The family pic of them all eating Chili is my fav, I'm a sucker for a good family dinner pic. I know you were happy with your single births this generation, but it's always nice to indulge your sims when they wanna try for a baby. I'm looking forward to seeing the new babies.


    I went through a huge CC purge and Shane lost his hair. I think he looks handsome with his new hair though. Apparently so does his wife, she rolled the want to try for baby, but I'm firm on there only being 2 kids this generation.

    Little Hanzo has been working hard at achieving his aspiration, and one day thr little mad scientist caught his chemistry set on fire. Somehow he didn't notice until half of his bedroom went up in flames.

    Thankfully Shane has just gotten home from work and was able to put the fire out before too much damage could be done.

    Speaking of Shane, the 9-5 office job wasn't really his thing, so he quit and joined a sports team like his Dad. So now he's training a ton, and his body is showing the positive result.

    Being a dance machine he kinda hates me for never taking him to the club, but that's kinda part of the deal when you have kids lol With his new job hours he has more time to bust a move when no one's watching.

    Lily's started the Day Of The Dead challenge. Luckily the neighborhood is crawling with celebrators, so getting skulls hasn't been too challenging.

    She does meet the occasional plum though. She's only got 2 more skulls to collect, she keeps getting doubles of ones she's already got. Anyone else doing this challenge in their game?

    Her gorgeous sister in law is a celebrator too. I just think her outfit and makeup look so cool.

    Genji completed his Rambuncious Scamp aspiration. You can always tell when the kids are close to being teens. They stop playing, and start hanging out a lot more.

    Poor Lily almost had a heart attack when she saw her little boy sitting up so high. She went over and started to lecture him all by herself lol

    Hanzo was close to completing his aspiration, but Genji wouldn't stop bothering him to come play.

    He gave in and played Voidcritters with his twin.

    But he went right back to his homework after one battle. His Dad tried to help him with his homework, but it was clear to Shane that his son was already smarter then he was lol

    Genji got a rare Voidcritter from a booster pack and has been training him up. Does anyone know how high the level goes?

    He had to cut his training short because he got sick.

    Hanzo capitalized on his brother not being able to play and trained his own Voidcritter while he napped. I still don't think he stands much chance of beating his brother.

    That's it for now, the twins will be teens in my next update and I'm excited to see/show off how they age up :)
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,218 Member
    @amadazulsim The kids are cute...but now I want to know which name goes with which kid!

    @Meeshelby I am addicted to family tree too! I always pop out of the game to see if any new sims are related when I get alerts! Constantly updating :) I love Elisabeth taking her frustration out on the dollhouse. Awww can you refuse that face? Oh my...Christopher...this is not going to help Mom's dislike of children!

    @soulfull Your town looks cute! I love the town shots.

    @Heckstress17 I'm glad you're all moved in and settling in. I really can't resist my sims when they actually ask for babies. I admired you telling Lily NO. The only thing I'm worried about now is that I have 7 sims in the house and I will want to move Saul and Lily in when their time is near. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage that one. I really love Logan and Kenzie too...maybe it's because I put them on long lifespan. When I look back though there are more that I loved than that I were eh with :)

    Shane is very handsome with his new doo is sharp. I love how the twins have glasses. I have not had glasses on my sims since my 2nd generation. Not sure why. Also, loved the fire picture. Shane is looking pretty hot putting out that fire! I just started the day of the dead challenge too. I like that they give us a place to keep them. I wish they did that with all the collections. I love Shane's look when he's thinking about helping Hanzo with homework.

    @QuiteIzzzy I had to laugh when I saw you post the babies crying. Every time I see Ueeee I start to laugh! Kai and Ami's love while they struggle through parenthood is adorable. OMG the look on Birdy's face when Jen comes. Too funny. Eeeep but scary that she wants the twins! Oh I love your art gallery! Well done.

    @Ojenn I hope you and your friends and family weathered Matthew alright. <hugs>

    @JordanNicoleJJ <3 <waves>

    @Letchy15 What custom skin are you using? Clara is very pretty. The party looked like a big success! Sasha and Xara looking very pretty.
  • NewToTheSimsNewToTheSims Posts: 1,107 Member
    @Heckstress17 LOL why thank you. I'm glad you are enjoying Glasgow's silly adventures. XD

  • MeeshelbyMeeshelby Posts: 1,888 Member
    @everyone I'm so glad so many are still around. I completely understand being busy and not having interest either. To start a bit of discussion...what does everyone do when you start losing interest to immerse yourself in the game again? Maybe we can give each other ideas!! My use of the family tree is what keeps me going when I'm bored. I'm trying to find other ways as well.

    @NewToTheSims Happy Belated Birthday!!! Do you mind linking me to the Halloween photo challenge details? Sounds fun!!

    @Heckstress17 I'm sad too!! We used to all be so into our stories. But life happens... And while I know some aren't excited about it, hopefully the new expansion will help revive some interest. I'm looking forward to seeing if they add any new genetic options. You mentioned you don't like the direction the game is you mind elaborating? What would you LIKE to see? Sounds like you're keeping busy with your family in RL! That's a healthy place to be ;) Sometimes its so easy for me to get wrapped up in my game play and not spend as much time as I should in RL! I have a very complicated system of keeping track of everything that happens in my game so that I can keep up with the family tree. It usually takes me a whole day to update it when I have a lot to update. Also...the way things have gone with Richard & Elisabeth and children has completely shocked me LOL...coming soon! I just love the appearance of your sims in your game. Their skins are so beautiful. Not sure what you use, but they're just gorgeous and so detailed!

    @OJenn Hope you're doing ok!!! I have several friends/family out there as well. So far they've all been checking in ok.

    @QuiteIzzy I hope you'll forgive me for not doing comments on your story line just yet until I get caught up from the beginning. However I do want to mention I like how you do your story. I tried that once but just couldn't get into it. So its nice to see someone else using that method! I also really like how you link specific photos in your comments on our stories! Its been quite a while since I last posted, and when I did before I was doing 4 rotations, so it was a total mess for everyone to read, and finally became a mess for me to play. I'm working on a project to make it easier to read all our stories. But its kinda on the back burner at the moment. Life and my love of over-multi-tasking!

    @JordanNicoleJJ Its so good to "see" you!!! Hope you get back into game soon too!! I'm looking forward to this new EP.

    @Letchy15 I always loved the Bjergsen family! They have become quite immersed into my game with my spares. Most of them have passed on now, but their children and grandchildren are alive and well! Sasha & Xara are so pretty!

    @debjameswhite Shockingly, after that first episode, Christopher hasn't really been a brat. He has mellowed out as he grows! I guess that's good lol.
  • soulfullsoulfull Posts: 103 Member
    I'm still playing! Been working late & busy on the weekends of late. I LOVE this challenge & thread!!! I LOVE everyone's posts & feel like we are all extended family! I think as in RL things are just a little challenging for everyone right now & when the time is right we will pick up the connection (posts) again. Hang in there family...wish all the very best in RL et Simlife (SL)!! <3<3<3
  • NewToTheSimsNewToTheSims Posts: 1,107 Member

    @Meeshelby Thank you for the birthday wishes! ^_^ Of course, here is the link below to the Halloween photo challenge details. Also, I followed you just now on your Simblr. <3

    Illustrasims' Halloween Photo Challenge 2016

  • soulfullsoulfull Posts: 103 Member
    Happy Birthday!!! October is an Awesome Month to be Born!!
  • JordanNicoleJJJordanNicoleJJ Posts: 1,492 Member
    I actually played a bit today!! Well, I did a cc purge and re-clothed by townies and edited some I didn't really play, but I got back in game and now I'm excited to play again! I'm going back in game after I post this, hopefully I'll have an update tomorrow. :smiley:

    Also, comments for this page, so I'm caught up :)

    @Meeshebly You're back, yay!! It's good to "see" you too! I love how vibrant your pics always are. Eeee--Richard!! One of my favorite Sims! Christopher is so cute, and one of the first of Richard's kids to not have red hair from what I remember! In my game, Richard married the Landgraab's daughter and they had a blond-haired boy. The male gene is so strong!

    @NewToTheSims Happy belated birthday! Also, I followed your simblr...but I just realized I followed it from the wrong blog (my d&d blog instead of my sims blog...whoops lol), so ignore that, I'll just go follow from the right blog real quick... :lol:

    @Heckstress17 Depending on how my ACT goes, I could start spring semester (mid-late January). If i completely bomb the test then I won't start til next fall, but I usually test well, so I'm thinking January. Congrats on moving in to your new house! Literally my biggest goal in life is to buy my own house lmao. Wow, your kids sound busy! I remember I was super busy when I was younger too -- school, piano, dance, soccer, play dates, etc. -- my poor mom lol :lol: EEEEeeeee an update!!! Shane looks more mature with his new hair, I like it! (Also I just did a cc purge too so I can relate lol.) Holy plum that day of the dead makeup looks cool! I haven't been keeping up enough to even notice that was added to the game! I need to start doing that challenge, lol! Daww, I can't decide which of the kids I like better... I guess I'll just go with the better looking teen, because they're both adorable kids!

    @QuiteIzzzy The art gallery looks great!! Also, cool comic-book-style storytelling! Your founders look great, can't wait to see the kiddos grown up!

    @Letchy15 Looove your teen Elsa -- so gorgeous!!! She never turns out that pretty in my game...maybe I'm just not giving her the right clothes :lol: Clara's party was perfect! Omg, Katrina Caliente, you stay away from Bryon...he's a married man! (If I remember right, she tried to cause trouble between my gen 2 heir and her man too >:( ) Sasha and Zara are cute teens! I think Zara is my fav, I love her style.

    @debjameswhite Hi! -waves- <3

    Okay, like I said, tomorrow I should have an update (hopefully). I'm headed in-game now!
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 7,985 Member
    @Everyone - Thank you for your concern, I am finally back home now and far away from Hurrican Matthew. (Although I am a little concerned about Nicole and where it's headed)

    @Heckstress17 - I think you had asked me if I had the chance to use the other family tree and I have not. I tested it a little but I won't be switching over to it until Oasis Springs.

    Family tree and small Update from me

    Here is a look at my town now that I am on generation 9. I am not too sure if I am thrilled with the last neighborhood.

    Charlotte is finally all moved into her new place but not after a bittersweet goodbye ( I know she is going to die soon and Im not ready)

    The first person to call her was none other than Daniel

    He is such a hunk

    Their first date went well and they even earned a gold star

    Soon it was time for the welcome wagon and Charlotte's first official party to start counting towards her aspiration





    Origin ID: Ojenn | Rebuild |Simtropolis
  • amadazulsimamadazulsim Posts: 1,730 Member
    Hi all just popping in for a minute to say Happy Monday to you all! I hope you are all having a wonderful day/evening. I am hoping to get some play time in tonight and maybe even have an update.
    @debjameswhite when I play tonight I will definitely make sure to put a name with each of the children. lol
  • NewToTheSimsNewToTheSims Posts: 1,107 Member
    @soulfull Thank you for the birthday wishes! Haha, October is very cool, indeed. Halloween is my favorite holiday.
    @JordanNicoleJJ Hey! Thanks for the birthday wishes and the Tumblr follow. LOL, you're too funny.
    @OJenn Yippeee! Glad you're safe. Your Sims are so gorgeous.

  • soulfullsoulfull Posts: 103 Member
    Hi everyone!!!
    @Meeshelby Love the pick of Elisabeth et Gpa--adorable!! Dancing w/ the siblings is a neat pic, looks like it was a great outing! Love Richard & Elisabeth's story. Congrats on Christopher, he looks to be a bit of a handful. I just love how the game has RL simulations!

    @NewToTheSims I tried to look on Simbler. Love your Simself w/ Christian! Halona & Glasgow are a beautiful couple! My Bday is the 21st!

    @QuiteIzzzy Busy w/ the babies. Love how Kai & Amaya parent together. Thank goodness for friends to get a little respite. Birdy's right hook saves the day! Love the Art Gallery!

    @JordanNicoleJJ Hook me up if you find that someone who likes/can build...LOL Thanks for popping in!!!

    @Letchy15 WOW! Sasha et Xara are beautiful!

    @Heckstress17 Thank you! I think out of all my town venues the Museum was about the easiest build. Can you explain more about the new save to test the world/buildings? Do I just "save as" from the main menu & use that as the test world? Shane looks very handsome w/ short hair! I've not had two many celebrators in my town yet...only have 3 masks so far. Hamo & Genji are adorable!

    @debjameswhite Thank you! I am glad to have the venue's completed & can play.

    @Meeshelby I love to build. (I'm not the greatest; however I still love it & decorating) I usually create homes for my daughter. That's what peeks my interest in game play again. I can get lost in TS4 for hours and forget about RL....Ooops!

    @OJenn Glad you are safe!!! Charlette is beautiful!! When do you move on to the next town to build? What is the determining factor for this? I see that you are on Generation 9 & still in Willow Creek.

    Happy Simming @everyone I am going to play now!!!
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