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Rebuilding Worlds: A Sims 4 Building & Genetics Challenge (Thread Moved)


  • soulfullsoulfull Posts: 103 Member
    @debjameswhite Tyvm for the awesome words about the home! I get a lot of inspiration from so many other creators & then really get into the character of my families. Brett really wanted Valencia to be happy & feel loved!
  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,142 Member
    I have so much to comment on! I love when everyone post their updates back to back. I'll be back tomorrow to comment, just wanted to pop in and say I'm loving reading everything. :)
  • kitoraemkitoraem Posts: 889 Member
    Update :)

    Thomas had now been promoted at work to an ace engineer, he had met some friends while working there, they all met up one Friday after work at the new Olive Grove Restaurant in town. The night was great, the food was amazing, Suzie came also, she worked at the same place, but Thomas rarely bumped into her as she worked on the other side of the building, and he couldn't help but looking at how beautiful she looked tonight. When the night was over, Thomas offered to stay with Suzie until her cab arrived, and the pair realised they had alot of common ground.


    Thomas invited the bunch over to his new pad to have pizza and watch Sim's of the Dead. Suzie was flirting with Thomas all night, and their friend, Gabby couldn't help but notice the pair. 'Uhm..calm down on the root beers you two eh? Or get a room?'


    A few months passed, and Thomas finally had the courage to invite Suzie out on a date, they talked all night about her move from China to Willow Creeks, and their favourite books and games. Thomas noticed butterflies in his stomach everytime she looked at him. Eventually the pair started dating, and Suzie spent most of her time round at his house. I love how cute they are, so some pictures of them together!


    Suzie's mother, Lynn came round to visit her daughter, they were the best of friends.

  • TerminathanYTTerminathanYT Posts: 38 Member
    Such a cool idea!!
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,218 Member
    @soulfull Your test works! Cute signature!

    @kitoraem Suzie and Thomas are adorable. I love her. I love the selfie they took. So cute.

    @TerminathanYT Why don't you come join! It's fun :)


    I know I’ve told you all I love him, but I really love him. Honestly I think it’s because of his traits and that I switched the lifespan to long. I don’t feel like I’m rushing him through things and I actually get to form a little more storyline in my head. He got to stay single longer without worrying that his parents wouldn’t be there for the wedding. Heck we only did it when we did because I wanted his grandfather to be there! Love him.

    Logan has been working on a rocket. Eventually he even took part of the fence down to fit it in his tiny waterfront lot. Hopefully the neighbors won’t complain about the property values but since his parents are the only other house in the neighborhood, he’s probably set. Kenzie is always close by keeping an eye on him.

    Jayden comes over a lot to help him and one day he brought a friend from work who tried really hard to recruit Logan. Since there’s a wee one on the way, he decided he should probably take the offer.

    They had a big party to celebrate Logan’s new job and share the news about their nooboo.

    Logan has had a lot of nice conversations around this table.

    Then one night while they were out at a party…

    Logan had a moment of typical panic.

    But then he stepped up. (That’s Uncle Matt with the glasses!)

    Gee…Lily isn’t feeling well and was a patient at the hospital too…I’m sure she’s not trying to get a peek at her future grandchild at all…

    They welcomed a single baby girl Riley.

    Daddy’s little girl.

    “Sweetie…Want to have some fun?”
    “Are you sure? Remember last time we did it in the hot tub?”

    “Do I look sure to you?”

    I’m in love with their love.

  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,142 Member
    edited September 2016
    @kitoraem - I love Overwatch. I mainly play D.Va and Tracer :) The triplets are so cute. lol @ Rosa, she's got a great personality. I love the picture of her at the drawing table, her face is priceless. Their teen makeovers are great too. Rosa's still my fav. Thomas' new house is very nice. Is he going to be your heir? There's no rule about passing on the surname. You can if you want to, or you can change it.

    @Francisca464 - I'm trying to hang in there with everyone. I bought 3 stuff packs the other day and they're helping to keep me entertained for now. The kids stuff pack makes me want a family style EP so much more though. Thanks for the congratulations on the good things happening for me. I'm super happy :D I'm gonna have to search through my blog to find the babies outfits, when I find them I'll message you. I really love the hair you're using on Hymn, it suits her really well. I'm a big fan of Wei now, he really turned things around. The hospital that Hymn is working at is really nice. Did you download it? I like Prince and Wei's matching outfits at Lyra's failed birthday party lol that deep maroon shade is one of my favs on guys. Lyra turned out gorgeous btw! Oh and little Elara is a cutie too. I really like that she got her Mom's bright red hair.

    @debjameswhite - Aw yay, I'm glad you were able to save on the last SP. You can't beat $5. Logan and Kenzie are a really attractive couple, and I love her outfit. That wedding venue is soooooo pretty! I'm totally jealous of all of the great pictures you got. Especially because the family was actually there while they were at the alter. I'm glad they wasted no time having a baby. I'm excited to see how little Riley looks when she ages up. Love the hot tub pics.

    @OJenn - Are you using the Autumn Mod in your game right now? I love the first pic of the people gathering around Ezra because the food critic looks like he's writing a scathing review because of the death lol. I'm liking how close the cousins are this generation. The shots of the girls getting to know the guys at The Bluffs are great. I love the look of the 2nd family tree website. I definitely wanna try it for Oasis Springs. Have you tried it out yet to see how it works?

    @soulfull - I wish the gallery did builds justice. From what I can see the house looks great. I can tell you spent a lot of time paying attention to the details which is awesome. I look forward to seeing more of it in your future post.

    I have an update!

    The twins aged up. First is Genji. He's got his Mom's blue eyes and just overall looks more like her. He's a Rambunctious Scamp who Loves the Outdoors.

    Hanzo looks a bit more like his Dad with his dark hair, but he's got his Mom's little nose. He's a Whiz Kid who's Good.

    I am in love with the Kids Stuff Pack, especially the Void Critters.

    Hanzo's little Void Critter got beaten by his brothers.

    Mama Lily cheered him up though.

    And she helped him start completing his aspiration by spending the afternoon reading to him.

    The twins got up super early and headed to the park before anyone else was there.

    They spent all day there playing, and are well on their way to becoming best friends.

    That weekend the boys spent all Saturday in their jammies working on their aspirations.

    Genji couldn't stay cooped up too long and went out to enjoy some fresh air and search for Void Critter cards.

    Lily joined Hanzo and worked on building her logic skill for work. Hanzo's becoming a bit of a Mama's boy.

    Aliens took Shane AGAIN! So for no signs of an alien baby. Which is fine because I'm content with just 2 kids this generation.

    Shane and Lily are enjoying their new hot tub.

    The hot tub woohoo animations are so great. I'm happy with spending $5 on this SP just for the hot tub lol $10 and I would've felt pretty dumb. :D

    Oh and Shane aged up to an Adult.

    I'll leave you with this pic of Shane and Lily looking like their about to get a divorce because of their dirty bathroom lol.
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 7,985 Member
    @Heckstress17 - Yup! I am using the autumn mod, I just couldn't resist even though it hotter than hades still here. Starbucks has put out my favorite fall drink so I figured it was time to enjoy the season virtually before heading to Oasis Springs in a few generations.

    Shane and Lily look like they are so in love. And I love seeing Lily with her boys, she is a great mama. Oh my god isn't it nice when you have only two kids to worry about for a generation?

    @debjameswhite - I can see why you love Logan, he seems like a pretty great sim and very loving too. You got a single birth! What is this foul magic?! Kidding, can't wait to see who little Riley takes after as she ages up.

    @kitoraem - Aww Thomas and Suzie looked so happy together, they make a great couple.
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  • soulfullsoulfull Posts: 103 Member
    Welcome Home! I love you dear Valencia! I thought of you with every design in mind and I prayed with faith that we would be together forever with every actual placement of our home.
    Brett, I love you! The house is beautiful; words cannot explain! Oh, Valencia, I am so glad you love it! I wanted the home to be your home away from home. I wanted you to know how loved, cherished and honored you are. I will always take care of you my love.
    Enjoying Each Other. Brett & Valencia sit in their new home & cherish the time together, getting to know one another as their journey as One begins.
    BFFs. How invaluable and immeasurable to have a relationship with a spouse to the depths of complete transparency, pure trustworthiness and confidence in one another. A bond beyond natural forces, reason or the ages.
    1st Breakfast Together. Although Valencia's cooking skills need a bit more work, Brett didn't seem to mind. They both were joy-filled and over flowing with laughter as the basked in the pleasure of each others company.
    Consummation. Romance, Intimacy, Passion all ignited and were divine as Brett & Valencia were lost in the consummation of their marriage. The first time together was well worth the wait!
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,218 Member
    @Heckstress17 I think your twins aged up super cute! I loved the look on Hanzo's face when his void critters got beat! I've been so bad I haven't let any of my kids play with that and even bought the cards for I think Grady...they've just been sitting around unused. Wow two abductions! I wonder what's up with that! I love that last picture. Poor Shane and Lily...they don't who's going to clean!

    @soulfull Brett & Valencia are so sweet. How thoughtful to build a home that makes her feel like she's still at home. Can't wait to see how their story unfolds.
  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,142 Member
    Omg I think I missed comments for 3 people. I'm sorry, I read everything and I'll fix it later tonight it :)
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,218 Member

    Kenzie got the news she’d been hoping for.

    Logan had to sit down. Good thing his new job started soon!

    They welcomed a little boy named Liam (another single birth!).

    He finally got the rocket and wanted to have a little fun with his wife. I had no idea it would actually take off! (They left the kids with a nanny.)

    Apparently the initial launch was a success!

    Every night when Logan comes home from work his wife is there to greet him. She is feeling a little lonely alone with 2 kids all day and married to a man who works a lot.

    He still makes time for his family.

    Then he spends some time on his rocket.
    I mean look at her abs…after 2 kids…

    He really is working a lot but he loves his job.

    Jayden still comes over to play chess.

    If he’s not working on the rocket, he’s working on himself.

    I’m not sure that welding in only your shorts is a good idea.

    Kenzie loves her husband.

    She’s just starting to wish he were around more.

  • OJennOJenn Posts: 7,985 Member
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    @debjameswhite - Aww I just love seeing Logan and Kenzie together. And I am still jealous of your single births this generation.

    @Everyone - Which girl do you guys like more? Charlotte or Corrina?


    After the party in Windenburg it was back to normal life, Gary was in his prime and finally reached the max level for fitness

    But I was NOT ready to see this

    Or this one for that matter

    Even though Charlotte does not have the bookworm trait she loves to read (and do homework)

    And Corrina is quite the natural artist

    There has even been some "bonding" between the potentials and the girls


    And one of the last family pictures I managed to get of everyone

    And of course I still haven't decided who will be heir

    Tragedy struck when Gary woke up from his early morning nap with this face

    For some reason the poor guy sunk into the bed :(

    Poor Audrey was the first to find Gary

    And the girls were on their way to school at the time their father passed away

    But once they got home their mother had a cake ready for their birthdays. It was still bittersweet for her


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  • soulfullsoulfull Posts: 103 Member
    @OJenn What a tragedy... & tough choice they are both beautiful girls!! It is a difficult choice on decision for heir.

    @debjameswhite Kenzie & Logan are adorable! Congrats on the twins!!

    @Heckstress17 Your fav drink wouldn't happen to be Salted Carmel Mocha would it???!!! I LOVE that one!! <3

    @kitoraem Thomas & Suzie are so cute!! Hope things continue to grow between them. Can't wait to see more!

  • Francisca464Francisca464 Posts: 694 Member
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    Hi guys! Editing this message, because I have some free time at work and I thought: hey, let's do some comments while it's nice and quiet LOL. Like I said, I started my new job yesterday, and so far I haven't done a lot of important stuff, but there's so many new impressions. It's exhausting. Fun though! :smile:

    Anyhow, let's get this show on the road.

    @OJenn Oh no! Gary died?! I wasn't prepared for that, in my mind they were still so young. I want him and Audrey to live forever :yum: Charlotte is my favorite of the two girls. I'd vote her if there was a heir vote :wink: I can't believe they're YA's already. I was a little shocked when Ezra died too. I guess I didn't realize everyone was getting so old... Poor Peyton. Audrey is being a good sister.

    @debjameswhite Oh my, Logan is ripped! I just noticed that in the pic of him sitting down when he receives the pregnancy news :yum: He's a sexy scientist huehue. Kenzie thinks so too :wink: I've never had a sim own a rocket, it's fun to see in your update. Poor Kenzie, it's sad that he's away so much. But hey, maybe an early retirement? I'm super excited to see their nooboos age up! Kenzie and Logans wedding was very romantic :Heart: I loved her bridal hairstyle.

    @Heckstress17 Yay, I'm happy the stuff packs make you happy. The kids stuff pack is pretty cool. I was thrilled with more stuff for our children. Clothes too, I think there's still not enough wardrobe choices for the little ones lol. I hope you can find the bub outfits :smile: But if not, no worries. I love Hymns hair too! I tried some other ones, but somehow this is the best haircut on her. Wei is totally awesome now in my game. He does have some urges to yell at his daughter, and sometimes rolls whims to be mean to Hymn, but he never does it. He does freak out a lot haha. Did you read the update with all the hospital drama? He kinda stepped up to be the hero in that one. I did download the hospital Hymn is working at, but I've since replaced it again lol. I'm still not decided on what hospital to use, I might go back to the one I was using before. I like that color too on guys. Also blue and grey. But I try to stay away from those with Wei, because his skin is blue and those colors make him a bit bland. Elara grew up so much better looking than I expected. I've already grown attached to her :smiley: I'm fond of her name too, apparently it's the name of one of Jupiters moons. And I decided to go with space themed names for this generation. For obvious reasons :wink:

    Ohhh Genji is adorable! And Hanzo too! I like them both so much. They look alike too, aside from the different hair colors. LOL why do aliens keep kidnapping Shane. He must be an interesting species :lol:

    @kitoraem Haha I tend to forget about the work expansion too. Probably because it was kinda lame, there was not much except for the new careers. However, combined with all the other stuff and expansions, I think it's kinda cool. Especially the doctor career. It's always been my favorite.

    Your kids are all so cute. I like Rosa because of her plum looks, she's gorgeous. I like Harrison too though, because he's super handsome. I'd choose one of them to be heir, but that's up to you of course :wink:

    @QuiteIzzzy LOL, I know right? I have a thing for bad boys too. It's almost weird that my boyfriend is such a sweetheart :yum: Nah, not really, I've dated my share of bad guys and they're exciting, but tend to hurt you which is no fun. I'm very happy with my sweetheart now :joy:

    Well, at least Kai knows that he's being a plum :lol: I hope he's going to stop cheating though. Especially now that they're married. Mason McNasty is quite handsome, to be honest. I thought Lucy would have a very boring hubby haha. I loved your idea of a bachelor party. They looks like they're having fun. Dudes only :wink: The collage of the wedding night was awesome too. Nicely done. Oh God, Jenny's pregnant? I didn't see that coming. I'm sad for her. I hope she finds someone better than Kai soon.
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    I have an update of my own too, like almost always when I do comments :yum:

    Work is super busy for Hymn. She already earned herself one promotion, and somehow she has to take care of lots of sick kids now.

    Hmm, what disease could it be...

    Hymn: 'Ah, starry eyes. I have just the treatment for that.'

    Hymn: 'Say ahhhhh.'

    She can't ever get this thing to work.

    Random doctor stealing the shot.

    In fact, Hymn is so busy with work, that she doesn't get to spend much time with her family. She stays late a lot and by the time she's home, it's almost Elara's bedtime. Not to mention, she's way too tired for *hum* quality time with Wei. So...

    She booked a cabin at Granite Beach for a long weekend.

    They arrived late, so first order of business was grabbing a bite at the local restaurant.

    Probably the most enthusiastic staff I've seen so far in a restaurant.

    Elara is super excited about dinner. She ordered fish taco's, while Wei and Hymn chose salmon.

    I couldn't think of a caption with this shot, I just liked the look Wei gave his daughter.

    They all agreed the food was great.

    Later that night, Hymn and Wei celebrated their private time in style.


    Wei woke up early the next morning, so he made a healthy breakfast for his still sleeping wife and kid.

    Nom, fruit salad.

    This made me laugh, hot headed Wei hates wind chimes.

    They have a perfectly fine bathtub back home, but this one was apparently way more fun.

    Elara: 'Morning dad!'
    Wei: *dances*

    Hymn joined breakfast soon after. The three of them planned their activities for the day.

    They couldn't decide what to do first, so they just walked around until they came across a natural pool.

    Hymn: 'Cannonball!'

    They are such a cute family. I actually really enjoy having just one kid.

    Later, they encountered a bigger pool/spa. Elara felt drawn to the diving thingie.

    Wei and Hymn were too busy gazing into each others eyes though.

    Poor girl, completely ignored by her parents ánd landing flat on her stomach.

    Elara: 'I'm alright!'

    Still too busy with each other.

    No worries though, she gets plenty of attention. In fact, her and Wei spent the entire afternoon fishing together in the tropical lake.

    And back at the cabin, all three of them made good use of the waterslide.

    This is the happiest I've seen Wei so far :yum:

    Their day was so packed with fun stuff, Elara was exhausted by the time evening rolled around. Wei told her to take a nap before dinner.

    Then he invited Hymn on a beach walk, to which she happily agreed.

    Little did she know, Wei had ulterior motives. Yay! :smile:

    Of course she said yes. They had been through so much together already, and came out stronger. She knows he's the one.

    They were both all giddy, I had the whims to get engaged locked for a while now.

    In chorus: 'I love you.'

    They celebrated their engagement the only way they knew :wink:

    And finally, while Hymn and her family were away on vacation, Melody's daughter grew up. I really like the name she was given by the game. Also, she inherited the silver hair, which is nice. I'm looking forward to see her in game, I plan on making Hymn and Wei visit them soon.
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  • QuiteIzzzyQuiteIzzzy Posts: 293 Member
    @Letchy15 lovely house! And those monsters can be pain in the plum. Scene with cooking was so funny. Your sims are very entartaining.;)

    @OJenn Thanks! (I had to Google your words xD)
    Sucha a lovely picture I love watching sims dancing in groups. It never gets old for me ;) And autumn party on the Bluffs is like Lana Del Rey "Summertime Sadness". I miss summer already. And I like Charlotte better. Very nice angle Very dramatic.

    @debjameswhite Thank you, I'm trying to do my best. Jayden and Logan's chess game was hilarious xD Yeah, brothers. Kenzie and Logan make very cute couple. Don't worry, I'm just starting this challange, so I'm a miles behind you all ;)
    This face! Kenzie is going to have some more nooboos and resistance is futile xD

    @kitoraem thanks! I hope my story will get more interesting with more sims to join. Very nice starter for yous sim. I bet he will be comfy there. ;)Suzie is so cute! I love this nerdy girl look!

    @amadazulsim Thank you!

    @Heckstress17 I love your pics. They are so cheerful. And your twins turned out to be so different. But they seem to get along well.;) And poor Shane. His behind and his ego must hurt so bad after this numerous alien probes xD

    @Francisca464 Thanks! McNasty Family will be present for a couple of episodes. I love to explore different relationships and situations. Kai is well behaving now, but I wonder how long can he be like this ;> I love your story. The beginnig was rough but things are now better for Hymn and Wei. They should have some more kids!
    This random doctor from Hymn's work is kinda cute. Should Wei start to worry? ;>
    Elara is so pretty!

    My update:

    And I've made separate thread for those, who want to read all story, but don't have time to look for my posts in this thread. But I'll be posting the same pics here and in that thread.
















    I'm not totally worthless, I can be used as a bad example.

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    @debjameswhite I love Logan and Kenzie, and Riley and Liam are cute babies :) nice little family, you've made me want to try this rocket out! one thing I've never really played in game with but it looks so much fun.
    @OJenn I love the colours in your screenies, looks so warm. Poor Gary, and Audrey! I really like Charlotte as the next heir though! Pretty looking the girls though, be exciting to see who you pick :)
    @soulfull Aw thank you, really enjoying playing this couple. Brett and Valenica are a gorgeous sim couple, they look so loved up, I like the house too they live in, very nice.
    @francisca464 Yeah, I may make Thomas into a career on GTW. We'll see. I love Elara, she is proper adorable, that hair colour and her skin are so pretty. And hahaha I've never seen the moodlet for 'annoying chimes' ... And yay for Wei and Hymn :#
    @Quitelzzzy I'm sure it will, loving the layout of your screenies, such a fun way to read. Thank you!
    And yippeee. More babies, the twins are beautiful

    BIIIG Updaaaate. Sowwie! :D
    Also, my family tree update!
    I've been playing Thomas and Suzie for a couple of days now, Thomas is still a Ace Engineer within the Tech Guru career. After saving up some money, Thomas asked Suzie to marry him and of course, she said yes.


    Back in the Winston household, Rosa and Harrison aged up to young adults, Lucy hired a DJ set for Rosa, and she found herself a new hobbie. Olivia was still a teen, now working as a barista at the local coffee shop.


    With most of the children now grown up, Lucy had decided to turn Thomas's old bedroom into a fitness and wellness place for her to relax and work-out, she felt like she had let herself go while taking care and looking after a family, she deserved some self care.


    Kyle was finding Lucy irresistible 'Oh darlin' .. you look amazing'


    With Lucy looking after the children and Kyle always working, they grew apart a little, and with the clan all growing up and being able to look after themselves, they rekindled their marriage with a bit of 'them time'


    The family received a phone call from Thomas, to announce that him and Suzie were expecting their first child into the family.


    My bad, but no baby photos! However, meet Vanessa, Thomas and Suzie's first born. She has got her mum's features for sure :)


    She has the Artistic Prodigy aspiration, and the gloomy trait.

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    @OJenn I actually keep forgetting that I somehow passed you and I think oh no not yet! Then I remember Gary is gone in my game already... I just love your family so much though and I loved Audrey...I still love far as the girls go, I'm partial to Corinna.

    @Francisca464 Hey since I switched them to long lifespan, I might get the chance to have him complete his career and retire early! That would be fun.

    Hymn is so cute as a doctor...or nurse or whatever she is right now. Did you add all those things to Granite Falls? What a great idea. I loved it. I think Elara looks really cute. I can't wait to see her as a teen! Aww, what a cute proposal! I want more immediately!!

    @QuiteIzzzy I just love the way you tell your story. It's what I've been aspiring to and I think it's great. There such a cute couple and now there are twins! I can't wait to see what Lucy is plotting.

    @kitoraem This is the first time I've ever played with the rocket too. I'm really glad Logan got Nerd Brain as his aspiration. Suzie looked so pretty getting married to Thomas. I'm glad Lucy and Kyle are getting a little more alone time. Can't wait to see who your heir is!!


    I rarely have sims who actually roll the want for a baby so when Kenzie did, I couldn’t say no. Although I was scared…2 single births…I know I’m pushing my luck.

    We all know what this face means.

    They shared the news with the family and everyone was happy.

    It’s like Logan has 2 jobs, Scientist by day, and Space Explorer by night.

    When dad comes over with insane man blues though, Logan drops everything for him.

    Saul perked up a few days later when he saw how big Kenzie was with his 3rd grandchild.

    Unlike most kids, Liam doesn’t think this is gross. (Yes, Riley and Liam have aged up)

    Logan and Kenzie have been enjoying gardening with Lily and Saul. Just wish we had a little more room.

    Brenna and Regan aged up and come over quite a bit still. I think they’re really pretty.

    Logan is spending less time with his rocket ship and more time with his family.

    Kenzie is happy about this.

    It was finally time for their 3rd pregnancy.

    Logan was glad his Uncle Matt was there again.

    WOOT! One baby girl! Baby Katherine.

    “That’s it. Katherine is our last baby.” Logan said when they got home, “You don’t know my family history.”

    To distract his wife from her desire for a houseful of children, he started teaching her to play chess.

  • OJennOJenn Posts: 7,985 Member
    @debjameswhite - Have I mentioned that I love your family? And the nerd brain aspiration has to be a favorite of mine (it's the same one Audrey has) although I will say the space ship gets a bit annoying on smaller properties. In Gen 2 I built it upstairs for my sims. Woohoo I am semi caight up to you now, just a marriage and 3 kids behind lol. I have never seen a kid not get grossed out by kissing in the game, mine almost always cringe.

    @kitoraem -Vanessa has this really smug look about her like she is up to no good, can't wait to see what she gets into during her teen years as well as what traits develop.

    @QuiteIzzzy - Aww thank you, I appreciate the lovely comments. I am happy to see Kai and Amaya happy together. I have a feeling Kai's secret will be out soon though.

    @Francisca464 - AHHHHH Wei and Hymn OTP ♥ ♥ that is all. I really like the Granite Beach mod too in your game, those files have been collecting dust in my "To use someday" folder of CC, it's where I hoard away mods and CC I want to eventually use. (I'm pathetic I know :lol: )
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  • NewToTheSimsNewToTheSims Posts: 1,107 Member
    @OJenn *waves* OMG. I have a similar "to use someday" thing of CC, I store it on my Minion flash drive named Dave. Sometimes I download stuff that I plan on using that's really specific, so I don't put it in my game until I absolutely need it, and then it goes on Dave for safekeeping. LOL.

  • OJennOJenn Posts: 7,985 Member
    @OJenn *waves* OMG. I have a similar "to use someday" thing of CC, I store it on my Minion flash drive named Dave. Sometimes I download stuff that I plan on using that's really specific, so I don't put it in my game until I absolutely need it, and then it goes on Dave for safekeeping. LOL.


    Haha, and here I thought I was the only one who did that! It helps keeps my game less bogged down too since I already have so much CC
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    @debjameswhite Yeah I may have to try it in my new save! Not really explored the Scientist Career either :( Riley and Liam look beautiful and hahaha I love how he's teaching her chess to avoid another baby, nice move ;)

    @OJenn She did indeed, she looked quite evil, worried me a little! And ditto, I have a separate folder called 'Don't forget me' full of CC. I've become CC crazy over the last month or so, some beautiful creations out there.

    @everyone I have BADDD news. I've been having some computer issues, it's finally, finally fixed... However I've lost my current save for rebuilding worlds :( Just glad I wasn't on like... generation 4+

    So I'm having to restart again, I don't mind as I really want to stick to this genetics rebuilding world challenge, probably the most fun I've had in the TS4 up to date.

    Before I make a new save, I have a quick question, this may sound silly, but I've never really played that many legacy challenges, if your sim has, say for example 3 children, and they grow up, do you move them all out of the current household, or do you leave one in for your heir? Or do you build a new lot for each one when they turn YA'S? I hope this makes sense.

    Lovely pictures everyone :)
  • OJennOJenn Posts: 7,985 Member
    @kitoraem - I build a new lot/house for only the new heir. The other kids I leave in the house and let them do what they want really.
    Origin ID: Ojenn | Rebuild |Simtropolis
  • debjameswhitedebjameswhite Posts: 1,218 Member
    @OJenn Oh what a great idea to build the rocket on the top of the house! I hated having to give up some of my yard to it. A big deck would be good too...if you had a big enough lot. I'm saving the super huge lot for...oh next generation! Eeeep!!!

    Hi @kitoraem I'm so sorry you lost your save, but I'm glad you were not very far in! So, technically, you're supposed to build a new home for each heir. You can get creative one time I built this tiny little house for my heir Grady, but I later moved him back into his parent's house. You don't have to keep anyone in the current house. Sometimes I leave a spare or two there and sometimes I move them out into the other homes. Only descendants should be living in the houses in Willow Creek.

    Well, it's time for a FUNDATE!

    Have not done one of those in awhile!

    Logan and Kenzie’s little family.

    Saul and Lily wanted to get a family picture with all their kids and all their grandkids. Jayden’s son’s name is Fletcher.

    Harper and Chester’s (My original choice of heir!) kids aged up. When I first saw Sierra I thought oh she’s insane and a genius…she would have been my heir…but then I saw Wanda the red head. Her eyes are beautiful and I’m in love.

    Then our little townies…
    Saul’s twin Grace surprised me and found herself a younger man. I didn’t know she’d gotten married!

    Jayden and his family.

    Harper and her family, her brother Matt still lives with her too. I think Duke wanted to take after his Uncle Saul.

    Saul and Lily with a houseful of teenage girls…<do not envy>

    Poor Grampa John is all alone.

    So Davis Hayes…Max had a foster brother (one of the potential mates) Derek Hayes he had triplets and my silly game has culled the other 2 out! Davis is still here though.

    And finally here’s Rowan with her family. 3 kids and her sister Mya on the far right. They were Laurel and Brent West’s kids and could have been heir too if things had been different.

    Sometimes I get a little…I can’t even name the emotion…but when I look through the different families in my game and see families that I have never played and that my sims don’t even know, yet I know where they came from. I remember who their families were. It’s just an odd little feeling. I think that’s why I put this last family on long lifespan. I’m excited for Oasis Springs but I’m also a little sad about leaving Willow Creek too. Although…big plans for Oasis Spring!

  • Heckstress17Heckstress17 Posts: 2,142 Member
    Dropping in for comments.

    @Francisca464 - I found the baby skins I'm using. You can get them HERE. I still like @Tellex skins way more though ;) Yes I totally read your last update where Wei redemed himself and was by Hymn's side at the hospital. I feel terrible for not commenting on it. I really loved how you wrote out their story, and remember thinking you were being too hard on yourself. I think it's adorable you named Elara after one of Jupiter's moons. I had no idea that was one of the names. Very cool. She looks so cute in the picture where she got her food at the restaurant. It's nice you can enjoy having her as their only child. Since she aged up so well do you think she'll be your first family to only have 1? I love that Hymn and Wei got to got to spend some quality time on their vacation. Is that world really Granite Falls?? It's so beautiful and tropical looking. I haven't seen it before. (Not surprising since I don't own that game pack.)

    @QuiteIzzzy - I'm so sorry that I missed you last time I did comments. I've very impressed by your English, I have no trouble to reading your updates at all. It's so sweet to see Amaya and Kai getting off to a happy start with their married life. I was super happy to see Kai be so excited about his wife's pregnancy. Welcome to the twins! Also thank you so much for the compliments on my pics! :)

    @soulfull - Brett is so sweet to his wife, he reminds me a lot of my founding male, he was always doting on his wife too. I can't wait to see more of their life together!

    @debjameswhite - Your fundates are always my favorite. I love seeing the similarities in the family pic of Saul and Lily's family. You've got some strong features that a lot of the descendants have inherited. You were totally pushing your luck with Kenzie having a 3rd baby and hoping it wouldn't be multiples. I was happy to see that little Katherine was just 1 baby.

    @kitoraem - Aw no! :'( I'm so sad to hear you have to start over. It makes me really happy to hear that you love this challenge so much though. I feel the same way. I never cared about my sim families until I started this challenge. I do the same thing with my non heir's as @OJenn said.

    @OJenn - I can't believe that Gary died before Audrey. Usually active sims live forever. For example, Drake is still alive while his wife Liz has been long gone. I feel bad for Audrey. Especially since the girls are getting ready to age up and move out. I loved the pics this update and can't wait to see who you choose to be the heir. It seems they both have a good relationship with the potentials.
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