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Best Households Ever! Recommendations for Maxis Tab.


  • chluke75chluke75 Posts: 109 Member
    Thank you for the nomination @GLovely1 That is so very sweet of you to consider me alongside these other wonderful family creations
  • PinkusfamilyPinkusfamily Posts: 393 Member
    @GLovely1 I am honored- Thank you for the Nomination of My Pets & Me...
  • piximgpiximg Posts: 3 New Member
    An architectural image of SIMS Gallery. The first image can not be taken at an angle of 45 degrees.
    So make the building 45 degrees. It is very ridiculous.
  • SWSRogueLeaderSWSRogueLeader Posts: 144 Member

    Hey, folks! :) Dropping by to recommend some households for consideration...

    3 siblings by DAREDEVIL3392
    Itoyatsu by LyrethTheDruid
    Jasmin by Kora813
    The Featherson Family by dozygoat
    Ramsey by MelissaGamesSims

    Hope you are doing well these days and are having a great weekend! <3
  • RethaSimRethaSim Posts: 110 Member
    I would like to nominate:
    Ms. Spigots & Fraggle by CarolColors
    Made with love by #RethaSim xxx :)))
  • MINEZMINEZ Posts: 769 Member
    Cool didn't know this existed ! I shall return with some nominations!
  • lisabee2lisabee2 Posts: 3,362 Member
    lisabee2 wrote: »
    RethaSim wrote: »
    I would like to nominate the following household by LisaBeeSims

    Grizzly Adams & Ben

    It's making me Laugh Out Loud and Ben has so much character! Love him with his overgrown beard!

    TY so much and TY Maxis for the nod .. <3<3 I loved that show .. a bear and a smiley mountain man what is not to love.

    It is so weird ... I have been congratulated for a Maxis fav but when I got to the gallery and tick off Maxis curated it does not show up .. I am confused ... did my fave get revoked for some reason?
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  • Mongolian_girlMongolian_girl Posts: 14 New Member
    @Glovely1, thank you so much for including my entry in your favorites for the #meandmypets challenge by @lsnishi and @woodenslurpy! This is such a cute challenge and so many people are coming up with fun creations! I especially love the unusual animals, they make for some pretty interesting sims! :D
  • Mongolian_girlMongolian_girl Posts: 14 New Member
    P.S. I would like to nominate Helenea Marcecz by @Momopapagei for the #ambitiouselders challenge by @Walrus2096
    Just the idea of a belly dancing senior is great enough, but she made such a fun and interesting character that immediately made me smile. And the personality traits are great. I love everything about this sim :)
  • lzbthnndglslzbthnndgls Posts: 205 Member
    I nominate @AlJay (Origin ID: Aljay2000) Chanel the Skunk! (Under "Chanel") She's adorable!!!!
    Check out my builds on the gallery by searching my username: lzbthnndgls
  • SWSRogueLeaderSWSRogueLeader Posts: 144 Member

    May the 4th be with you!
    Happy Cinco de Mayo!
    Mayday, Mayday!
    (...wait, that last one might be a distress call and not a holiday)

    Anyway, here are some wonderful households for consideration...
    Amos by booshybabe
    The Delgato Family by @TheBristolSimmer
    ☆COSMOS☆ByRINA☆ by @SimsAFire
    Messer by ShellyBearSims
    Carmona-Rockwell by greasefiresims

    No matter what holidays you might celebrate, I hope you have a great week! :)
  • Walrus2096Walrus2096 Posts: 89 Member
    edited May 2019
    I'd just like to point out the sims uploaded using the hashtag #AmbitiousElders. All of them are elders with plenty of personality and ambition. They're so entertaining and interesting, just the epitome of what I think a sim should be :)
  • juupo45juupo45 Posts: 15 Member
    Here is some households what catch my eyes for nomination:

    ♥ Chasing Family Dreams ♥ by @GLovely1
    ♥*♪la vita è bella♪*♥ by 12mich06
    Daryl & duncan Sharp by @ToffeeTip

    Which everyone beautiful day and wonderful rest of the week♥
  • SWSRogueLeaderSWSRogueLeader Posts: 144 Member
    edited May 2019
    Highly recommend those three choices provided by @juupo45 above! Noted each of them earlier today and all three are very worthy of consideration. :)

    Below are convenience links to view those three uploads, as well as two other excellent uploads that I investigated today...

    Roomies by @juupo45
    Miss Madeline Pelletier by @brockieroad (#AmbitiousElders)
    Daryl & duncan Sharp by ToffeeTip / Fantaflip
    ♥ Chasing Family Dreams ♥ by @GLovely1
    ♥*♪la vita è bella♪*♥ by @12mich06

    Keep up the great sim work, everyone! <3
  • SimSimonSimSimon Posts: 1 New Member
    Best Households Ever! Recommendations for Maxis Tab.
    Game of Llamas by SirSimAlot
  • SWSRogueLeaderSWSRogueLeader Posts: 144 Member

    Below are a couple of cool uploads to think about...

    Nichols by @lisabee2 (lisabeesims)
    Zhou by 93EmeraldFox
  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 444 Member
    edited May 2019
    Sul Sul simmers & Maxis reviewers :) I found some lovely character simmies for your consideration. Please check out:

    Thanks so much for faving this creation!
    Another Adventure Awaits! by Heaveness680 ~ Lovin' this adorable duo's color coordination & very interesting bio

    Living in the Jungle by MabgLopes ~ I admit I have a thing for color coordinated sims & this couple is hitting all the high notes in that department. Plus, they have a lot of character in their faces

    Rosales by Novahawk35 ~ Meet a lovely & vivacious gardener with this rarely used vibrant red hair

    Thanks so much for faving this creation!
    The Measure of a Man by @SWSRogueLeader ~ This single simmie is chock full of character. The bio speaks volumes for him

    Thanks for checking our our weekly nominations here & happy simming always!

    Post edited by GLovely1 on
    Please see my 💜 Quick Creativity Challenge 💜 forum thread

  • Amuni50Amuni50 Posts: 87 Member
    I am hosting a "Who Was I? Challenge," and it has been so much fun to see what people have come up with! I would like to nominate the following creations for Maxis favorite consideration (sorry there are so many, but they are all so good!):

    Sheriff Milton by Lisabeesims

    Who Was I? Challenge by ASmallSoul

    Who Was I? Challenge by Carolcolors

    Turns Out You Can't Dance by Mongolian_Girl

    Who Was I? Challenge by Ankmamman

    Who Was I? Challenge by Irenemary1
  • SWSRogueLeaderSWSRogueLeader Posts: 144 Member

    That was a wonderful challenge from @Amuni50 with some great entries! No one is going to break any laws around that Sheriff Milton. Love her! <3

    My guess is this Memorial Day weekend was a big promotional success for the game and brought in a number of new players! It looks to me like there were a very large amount of sim households created these past few days and especially today. :)

    In the spirit of that fun, below are some wonderful uploads for consideration...

    Khan by Fudderwacken
    Rebecca Ross - basegame by ToffeeTip
    Grace by vayupixie
    Nomi & Bobby by nikkamore
    Rodriguez by ejvilletweety
    Ruiz James Family by Neverlandb

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)<3
  • Amuni50Amuni50 Posts: 87 Member
    @SWSRogueLeader thank you for being so kind. I love everyone's entries, but I could only nominate households without pose packs - otherwise I would have completely clogged up the forum! Hehe
  • TheWoodenslurpyTheWoodenslurpy Posts: 39 Member
    I would love to nominate @Mongolian_girl for one of her incredibly funny Sims characters called "The Burgermeister." He's wonderful and cleverly done, but it's her description that makes this a standout entry.

    "The beef patties sizzled, oozing cow juices. Burt's eyes were burning with an all-consuming passion. And probably from the grill smoke. His spatula flashed in the sunlight, like a sword, as each patty expertly performed a- "Triple back flip...360 twist....and OH!...PERFECT LANDING! 10 out of 10! YES!" he let out a roar of triumph as they landed neatly onto a plate. The porch burst into flames. Then he realized he forgot to buy a smoke detector."
  • RethaSimRethaSim Posts: 110 Member
    I would like to nominate

    1. Blackwinter by Dovi15 ... Outfits and makeup are so well put together. She is so alternative. Bold choices! Blown away!
    2. Ty Slater by MenaBuchner ... Hot new vet for Brindleton Bay? Um ... yes please!
    Made with love by #RethaSim xxx :)))
  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 444 Member
    Sul Sul simmers & Maxis reviewers :) I decided to kick start the month of June by hosting a gallery challenge focused on that one must have extra game pack! So far in only 2 days I have 13 fantastic entries that could be considered for a fave. Here's the challenge link if you'd like to look at all entries through the week ~ SimOnChal7SimOnChal7SimOnChal7 ~ To help I've already had fun modeling them in CAS & my first recommendations are:

    Nonbinary ArtistNonbinary ArtistNonbinary Artist by LauraAnneB
    Amiee Bryant - SimOnChal7Amiee Bryant - SimOnChal7Amiee Bryant - SimOnChal7 by Emile-flora ~
    ♥Hailey♥♥Hailey♥♥Hailey♥ by Sparklili ~
    ☆ Marie ☆ /dog lover☆ Marie ☆ /dog lover☆ Marie ☆ /dog lover by Cayrees ~

    Thanks for considering these base game + 1 pack households! Happy simming always <3
    Please see my 💜 Quick Creativity Challenge 💜 forum thread

  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 910 Member
    @Amuni50 the entries for your who was I challenge were a delight to browse through. An enthralling question and everyone who entered certainly delivered on beautiful Simmies and wonderful stories.
  • SWSRogueLeaderSWSRogueLeader Posts: 144 Member
    edited June 2019
    Love all the great posts being added to this household thread in the past few days! And @GLovely1 what a great challenge! There are definitely some real gems in there! :)

    Here are some fantastic recommendations for consideration below...

    ♣Just Married♣ by @doraibi
    *Anton Levi* by @luckyheather
    Carrie by sylverline
    Luxury Party Andrea by @Amuni50
    Mindy and Buster by meMaggatron
    ☆ Marie ☆ /dog lover by @Cayrees
    Patel by F0urmik

    Let's keep those amazing sim creations coming! Great job, everyone! <3
    Post edited by SWSRogueLeader on
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