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Best Households Ever! Recommendations for Maxis Tab.



  • LafooTrollLafooTroll Posts: 1 New Member
    Dear @isnishi thank you very much for your kind recommendation ! :) (especially because we do not know each other ,or do you hae a different name on the gallery?:) ) i hope you have a great weekend! ^_^
  • C5_FCC_436AMXSC5_FCC_436AMXS Posts: 27 Member
    Hi Maxis,

    I would love to nominate : -Something Strange- by Gemini282828


    Kingston is a retired military vet and Marlene is an ex-scientist. After her strange abduction right after making one of her largest scientific breakthroughs, she mysteriously returned with no memory of her past. With the help of her older brother she is trying to put the pieces back together again and find out the truth once and for all. Does #Strangerville hold the key to her past? They will have to solve its mysteries to find out. #Maxis #Siblings #Paranoid #Mystery #Truth #Memory #Past

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Bear <3
  • lsnishilsnishi Posts: 1,951 Member
    @LafooTroll, we don't know each other, but I see your creations on the gallery and really enjoy them. I'm glad you got recognition for your very creative and well executed work.
  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 312 Member
    edited March 11
    Sul Sul simmers and Maxis reviewers :) First off I'm happily surprised seeing @FruUtter nomination of my recent sassy simmie! Thanks so much for thinking of me <3 I have seen some thoughtfully created sim households this week and after checking them out in CAS I wanted to bring some to your attention ~

    Deadly Duo by Skydonn ~ The contrast of dark & light caught my attention immediately with this duo and then reading the bio I totally got pulled right in. These twins are beautifully handsome & have a cool, unique look to them as a fantasy vampire duo should. More points for carrying the light/dark theme into all the clothing categories <3

    ♥ Let's work together ♥ by Juupo45 ~ Oh this guy has the sweetest combo of handsome & cute .. certainly the stuff that makes all of us do a double take! This hairstyle gives him a fun, carefree look too & the hat is the best topper. Great starter bio too <3

    Cari Stevens by Fuzgirl65 ~ Cari is instantly endearing looking with her cute, casual clothing & this fun hairstyle that fits her face shaping beautifully. What really gets me happy about households are the bios. If you can write something that makes me want to actually play the sim you win me over .. fuzgirl definitely did this here <3

    Chambers by squeen555 ~ I always try to browse the newest gallery shares for unknown creators who catch my eye. As luck would have it this sweet looking original gal did and I was surprised to find this is squeen's very first gallery upload! All outfit styles are lovely & I can see how much care this creator gave this beautiful full figured simmie while creating her.

    Thanks so much for respectfully reviewing our weekly nominations. Enjoy the new week & as always, happy simming! :)
  • gladlypantsgladlypants Posts: 121 Member
    edited March 11
    Good Monday morning, Best Households thread! I feel strongly about all of these: :smiley:
    • Juno by CroutonCabbage - Crouton always does some great things with facial detail editing. This guy is no exception and has some interesting traits and aspiration that looks like would make him fun to play. Also----Fluffykins!!
    • Soyeon Ahn by inkrit - I'll prob recommend inkrit's Sims forever :) Such thoughtfully-made diverse characters. Soyeon is BEAUTIFUL!! And has killer outfits.
    • Home For Napoleon? by wildlifegamer - Napoleon has been showing up at my community pool a ton (it has Dog-Friendly trait,) swimming around and just being a doll. I love him!

    Thank you, love getting to see everyone's shares. This is a great place to find Sims (and people!) you didn't know about :smile:
    Gallery ID: gladlypants
    favorite gallery hashtag: #redditexchange
  • juupo45juupo45 Posts: 13 New Member
    Hope everyone have had great new week :) here comes my nominate list in this week♥
    Carina Yazzie by @ToffeeTip - So very sweet and pretty face she has and personality too
    Carlos by @cynthiacrawford - How adorable little boy we have from two amazing creator's creations played with genetics
    SimOnChallEntry by carolcolors - She end up looking so beautiful and own so wonderful personality too in this new chall by Lisa @GLovely1
    ★ Black&White BaseGame ★ by @GLovely1 oh yes i love all Lisa's male sims and this guy is also so handsome & wonderfully basegamed too. Message for this male sim is lovely too

    Hope everyone will have wonderful rest of the week♥ and dear Lisa @GLovely1 thank you so much for nominating my male sim, your beautiful words for our creations makes us so very happy always♥
  • KBetelgeuseKBetelgeuse Posts: 65 Member

    @nightlioness Thank you so much for the nomination and thank you to Maxis for giving me a pick!

    Everyone, stay creative!
  • gladlypantsgladlypants Posts: 121 Member
    Hold up! Everyone stop what you're doing!! You need these....

    -- Mr. Schnugglekins by pixlbee
    -- Peso by pixlbee
    Gallery ID: gladlypants
    favorite gallery hashtag: #redditexchange
  • Amuni50Amuni50 Posts: 50 Member
    I have nominated creations by her before, but this one gave me a spit-take lol! I'd love to nominate "I Want A Goldfish!" by @Mongolian_Girl Not only is her description hilarious, but her creation is amazing. I have no idea how long it took her to create that cat, but it was worth the effort. https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/64B073E249D911E98201795DCB646EBF
  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 312 Member
    edited March 25
    Whew, I made it .. the week is not officially over yet :joy: I have two wonderfully different but exceptionally created households for you to please consider:

    Thanks so much for faving this lovely household! Priscilla Cruz by withlovejulien ~ This little filly has the perfect figure to pull off this impeccable western outfit and shows off our new beautifully fun Strangerville items wonderfully! She has a sweet adorable face in CAS & all outfits are thoughtfully styled too <3

    Thanks so much for faving this awesome household! ☆=Redeyes=☆ by macrista9 ~ Oh, he just instantly looks dangerous in all this new Strangerville gear .. the gray dreads are just too cool, like the icing on this mysteriously creepy but great looking simmie cake ;) Redeyes is also part of a wonderful storyline complete with a new build too in macrista's catalog so there's more for all simmers to love about this one <3

    Thanks so much for considering our nominations here and happy simming always!
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  • gladlypantsgladlypants Posts: 121 Member
    Gallery ID: gladlypants
    favorite gallery hashtag: #redditexchange
  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 312 Member
    Sul Sul Simmers & Maxis reviewers :) I decided to go on a hunt for interesting group households this week & since I usually find exactly what I seek here's a few I hope will interest you too:

    ☆~SimCityCats~☆ by Sylverline ~ I didn't even need the title to instantly recognize this household as a rockin' cool pop singing trio! Fun band name & all three ladies are beautifully styled from their matching band fashions into all other categories. I love their different ethnicities too <3

    Famille Hawaïenne by 12Mich06 ~ Not only is this a gorgeous family group representing the warm Hawaiian heritage but according to the description it was inspired by a simming friend. A sweet kindness given in this creation that I appreciate <3

    •♡Family Solowjow♡• by Black_Chii77 ~ I can't remember the last time I created a full house of sims so I always appreciate when others do. Especially when they look as cute as this family does! All their outfits are wonderfully styled & they still have individual personality in their looks too. Warm, fun & smile worthy group <3

    Larsen by SimDels ~ Now here's a couple of big, burly, beautiful dudes and their malamute husky dogs are the perfect pairing! I gotta give props for the lesser used ginger hair & even lesser used bald is beautiful hairstyle <3

    Thanks so much for considering our weekly nominations :) Dag Dag for now ~
  • criscris7criscris7 Posts: 5 New Member
    <3 Hi dear and lovely friend Lisa @GLovely1!! I was surprised this week to see my vampire Redeyes chosen by Maxis. Thank you soooo much for your kind recommendation and maxis for choosing him. I have no words to thank you. As I already told you, you are a wonderful friend of us all in the gallery, always cheerful and sweet. Big Hugs and kisses Cris @macrista9 <3 <3 <3
  • lionpawslionpaws Posts: 422 Member

    I'd like to nominate Burb Boldfigure by EuphorialQueen. He's so lovably cute!
  • chips46chips46 Posts: 2,421 Member
    edited April 12
    I would like to nominate ♥Lil'Mitsy♥ by Minibratt42

  • RethaSimRethaSim Posts: 87 Member
    I would like to nominate the following household by LisaBeeSims

    Grizzly Adams & Ben

    It's making me Laugh Out Loud and Ben has so much character! Love him with his overgrown beard!
    Made with love by #RethaSim xxx :)))
  • Walrus2096Walrus2096 Posts: 81 Member
    I'd like to nominate a few Earth Day-themed households that feature unique sims doing amazing things to promote sustainability and respect for nature.

    Fabian by Momopapagei
    An adorably dorky sim who fixes broken objects to prevent them from going to waste.

    Jennifer by hellosloths
    A thoughtful sim who started her own mission-oriented business venture. And, she's adorable!

    Janine by Nayla1978
    A really sweet sim who founded a farm sanctuary for mistreated and abused animals.
  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 11,246 Member

    Thank you for Maxis Faving this lovely dog :)
  • GLovely1GLovely1 Posts: 312 Member
    edited April 20
    Happy patch day everyone! Since I was here reading the notes I decided I should share a few good households with you too so here goes ~ Please consider:

    Teen Dizzy by EQ by EuphoriaQueen ~ With a name like Dizzy I just knew there would be an interesting bio to go along with it and I was right! Great concept I could visualize & she's such a sassy cutie too <3

    Happy Easter by CynthiaCrawford ~ What wonderful character sims Cynthia has created to share warm Easter wishes with the gallery. I can't get over Major's cheeks seriously jolly good fun to look at & even better in CAS as his whole face is wonderfully in balance. His Easter partner Chickie is so darn cute too <3

    Thanks a bunch for giving this creation a Maxis Fave!
    ♥ Freelance Programmer ♥
    by SimsbyFairy ~ This is such an adorable household celebrating our new stuff! The pets are wonderfully made & Holden is a handsome cutie pie too. Extra kudos for their happy patch day wishes to us <3

    Happy simming :) Thanks so much for reviewing our weekly nominations!

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  • lisabee2lisabee2 Posts: 2,959 Member
    RethaSim wrote: »
    I would like to nominate the following household by LisaBeeSims

    Grizzly Adams & Ben

    It's making me Laugh Out Loud and Ben has so much character! Love him with his overgrown beard!

    TY so much and TY Maxis for the nod .. <3 <3 I loved that show .. a bear and a smiley mountain man what is not to love.
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