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I spott a Squeaky clean wish list – nomination game

anettesbanettesb Posts: 39,166 Member
edited July 2015 in The Sims 3 Store Gifting

I just got back from a long pause, wanting to spend my left over points to spread happiness I started scouting wish lists, but most I see have doubles on them and is what I call a messy wish list – so I don’t gift.

So to spend some simpoints I make this thread, I will randomly pick a few to gift when I check it.
I will not make a list of entries; simply check who entered since my last post.
The goal for me is partly to gift, and partly to spread the word about what a clean wish list is.

So what is a Squeaky clean wish list?
A clean wish list have no doubles on it, that means you don’t have both the set, the sub-set the compilation set and the single item on your list! It means any item will only be on your list 1 time, in any form.
It also means that you, to be fair, don’t have a set on your list, if you own a single item allready, just put alle the single items on the list, and before you know it theres a chance you can get the set for free with complete a set
A wish list that isn’t clean is what I call messy.

Why is it so important to keep it clean?
Put simply to avoid double purchase, and the hazel with customer support to, maybe get the points back (that is hardly ever possible)
“many people think they are helping gifters by having the choice of single item, subset, comp set all on their wl's, so that if someone can't afford the big set, it gives them the option to buy a smaller one or parts of. But they all need to know that this only confuses gifters due to EA not setting things up right. I mean it should be set up so that if you choose 1 thing the other can't be added, or if one is gifted they other can't be, but EA is greedy and doesn't care, therefore gifters shy away from these double wl's. I mean I have seen dozens with both versions of sunlit tides on their wl's, and this is simply unexceptable ”
Quote TnT_Terry

Taking part is simple, but can be hard work – checking wish lists some time is.

1) You can only nominate others
2) Nominate as many as you want, just keep it to 1 person a day and try to nominate different people each time.
3) Do your best to check the list for doubles, if many simply just nominate messy lists I will close this.
4) Use the entry form
5) Every nomination have to be backed up with a confirmation from another simmer that the list is clean.
6) Backing up a wish list nomination, do not count as you 1 a day nomination, you can back up as many as you like each day.
7) Act nice! No name calling or begging.

Entry form:
I belive this person have a clean wish list:
Link to wish list:

To backup a nomination:
Quote the entry post by someone ells, and simply respond by telling either
“not clean” her you might be kind and tell why it isn’t clean.

Even though you can’t enter yourself, why not make sure your list is clean? Maybe you get nominated ;)
Tagging people here to get them to clean their list or tell them they been nominated is fair game.
Talk about what item is in what sets, tips and tricks to cleaning all fair game.

Anyone can gift ;)

Link to the last time I hosted a similar game:
Squeaky clean wish list
There is a few more tips and tricks to read.

No promise on how long this will run, if I get sick or no one takes part or it many nominat messy list or people use it for begging, it will be closed.

note: ofcourse we try to make sure the people nominate still wants stuff from their wish list, becouse they still plays sims3
a good place to look for "victems" to nominat might be the "complet a set" thread or the "gift the person abow you" thread well the last pages of these threads any way. Same goes for any other active give away, contests and thank you threads.
an other great hint they still activly play sims3 is if they uploade creations, or get in game badgedes, or ask to host or sendt preformanc sims.

note: to make it easy for every one to see that a post is a nomination, needing to be confirmed I advise that nominations are made in their own post.

note: advice for checking wish lists, look here

note: my hints to orgenizing a wish list
Teegers hints for orgenizing a wish list

note: PLEASE do NOT send me friend requests, they only stress me out, I have posted on it on my about me (old my page) so it schould be posibel to note befor sending. My my-page is open to all, so you don't need to be on the list to writt there. To many on the list makes the info list flicker for me, and my game flicker with comments.

I have now found the need to ad a new tittle "honorbel squeaky clean wish list"
A wish list there isn't just squeaky clean, the owner also did the math to make sure as little as posible would be used on getting the split sets.
and have the patiant to wait for the DD and sales listed in the general store forum here.
ofcourse others can't see you did that, they will only see it is clean. But you will know you helped others get gifts buy saveign the gifters a few points, you will know that this gets you my deep respect and gratitued.

If you want to nominat but the list is messy:
- tag them here to get them to go here and see what it is about
- post on their wall here or on sims3 site, telling you would like to nominat them but can't, leav them a link: (thank you @VGryphon for shortening the link)

also if you want to advirtis this, you can do so by posting on your wall, using the siggy as your siggy, commenting on my post about it on my wall (that way sending it to the top of activities) and likely more.

siggy code:
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click siggy to take part.

old my-page here you find my uploades and about me
but please no friend requests,


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