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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    emorrill wrote: »


    Love it! B)

  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 1,000 Member
    @emorrill Thanks. ;) About the song, it was a pretty random find as I think I just searched for alien love song or something like that, and this was the first or one of the first finds. A little quirky, but I thought it was a little amusing too, so I included it. :P

    That's some really cool outfits, and yeah, the chest plate is, hmm, interesting.. Armor on the chest makes sense, but not to have it stick out, unless it can be used to ram an opponent somehow, but umm.. there are probably better ways to attack then run towards someone with your chest forward.. :P

    @Brandontaylor You're welcome. I would say that, but it feels like I'm just repeating what you just said.. ;)

    Christa looks really nice in her work outfit. ;)

    Oh no, poor Lily.. that was most unfortunate! I quite liked to watch your plantsims, but.. oh well..
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    Hey guys, sorry I've not been around much. I've got so much catching up to do it's out of this world lol.

    See I missed your birthday @emorrill 🎂🎉 Happy belated birthday!!! I hope you had an amazing day!!! 🤗

    Not a lot has been happening in my game lately. My main generation save I've left be for now, hoping to return to that soon. I am working on a story but so far it hasn't gone off to a great start. Hoping that will change.

    Have a lovely day everyone.
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    Chapter 21.1 – Sprottenham – January 2023: For old times sake...?


    Alright, well, now that half of the year has passed for the southern Sunset Valley people it's time to move north again to a more 'middle of the country' type of place, the small coastal community known as Sprottenham (which I took my username after, not the other way around!).


    This also puts us back at the start of the new year and in the month of january, and as we zoom in on the town and towards the Chitrakaar family house, we pass by the White Peal Memorial Lighthouse as it stands steadfast shining it's light throuh the dark winter night and towards the black oceans, as it has done for a little over one and a half century now... Of course, it's interior have been modernized a few times since then, but the exterior still stands as it does when it was first built to replace the old lighthouse..


    Now, inside the house Gaute is as always the first one to wake up to get ready for his job at the military base. The kitchen looks just like it does when they left it in a hurry to travel to Bewickton over christmas and new year to visit Leyas father Deepak who was in the hospital...


    It's an absolute filthy mess, because there was no time to clean. Leya felt it was urgent since her fathers health was on the line, and they had to pack what they could and go fast... Gaute doesn't have much time to clean either, a quick breakfast meal is all he can do, before he has to run out the door and get to work..


    The dining room is in a similar state as Leya comes downstairs with Orinder and Bodil sits to eat her breakfast before going to school. It smells pretty bad, so once Bodil is out the door Leya will have lots of cleaning to do...


    While Leya is inside cleaning, some of the towns folk are heading to the park nearby to enjoy this fine day, such as the Dahl-Blankblomst family as seen here.


    The parents are Daniel and Leni, and the toddlers are.. umm....

    Now I have been a little forgetful here, but after checking up on it afterwards I found that Daniel was carrying their firstborn son called Torgeir, while Leni was having their last born Jonn in the stroller. ;)


    Solvej Rasmussen has entered the park too, to do her own rockin' thing. ;)


    Agathi Jiggens is out on a stroll with her son Ruben.


    The day moves on and after lots of housework, Leya finally finds time to sit down and eat lunch...

    Continues in spoiler.

    Gaute is finished at work, and on the way home he decides to buy a new modern old fashioned stereo for the living room. ;)


    And as soon as he enters the door at home, he picks up the phone to call his long time childhood friend Selma Vaddelmyr to show off his new stereo..


    Leya has gone to paint, and finished a painting called "The Flamingo Stork" at a value of 244 simoleons.


    Time to bring out the guitar. Leya can be quite rockin' too. ;)


    Then Selma arrives and rings the doorbell, so it's time to turn on the stereo and get the dance moves going. ;)


    He goes out in the hallway to dance with her (for some reason not in the living room where the stereo is) just in time for Bodil to arrive home from school and find them there.


    "Hi Gaute... why are you dancing with Selma? Where's mom?" Bodil didn't like what she saw. Gaute should be dancing with mom, not Selma. Was history going to repeat itself? She hoped not... Gaute had been such a good stepfather. Was he going to do like her dad did and ruin it all again?


    "Oh, just for old times sake.. this is how we used to dance when we were young.. Mom's in the hobby room playing guitar."

    "Ok... I'll go to mom and do my homework..."



    While Bodil did her homework and Gaute was still dancing with Selma, Leya wanted to have Orinder finish the final stretch and learn how to walk. While she does so, eventually Selma and Gaute stop dancing to walk into the living room. Leyas teaching of Orinder ends in success, and they're both happy about that.. The world just got bigger for the little one, but the world may change in other ways, too...


    Gaute has always been a party animal and fond of women, that's no secret, and maybe there is more to his history with Selma that goes a little beyond them just being old childhood friends...


    "What are you doing!? You can't do this to me now..."


    Leya was very tempted to walk straight up to Selma and shout at her, but kept her cool and retreated back to the hobby room to start another painting instead.. Bodil still hasn't seen what happened, and it would probably be better if they could stop doing whatever they're doing before she finds out..


    After Bodil had finished her homework and played some more computer games with grandma (Laranya: age 70) on the computer she got for christmas, she wants to head to the festival park to do some ice skating.


    Back at home in the living room Gaute hasn't excactly stopped his flirtatious behaviour. They had even been sitting down to watch the romance channel together for a while...


    Bodil is still unaware of all this as she has turned to snowboarding, still enjoying her time in the park...


    ..and Leya practices her painting, ignoring it all for now...


    Orinder had now crawled up on the couch to continue watching the romance channel that was still on. Just don't learn anything from the adults behaviour...


    A long day at the park at left Bodil tired and it was time to go home, just in time for curfew to set in. ;)


    When Bodil came home to ask her mom for a good night story (she wasn't going to ask Gaute this time.. and why was Selma still here?) the adults had gathered out in the backyard to talk under the night sky as a faint northern light was seen in the distance...


    Then suddenly there was a new baby in town. Frigg just gave birth to a little girl called Randi. Again I can't have been paying much attention, because I didn't know she was pregnant.. but hey, good news, the towns population grew again. ;) The girl standing in front of her is her teenage daughter Hermine.*


    This is Odin, the (all-)father. :P
    * Obviously this family is based on norse mythology, however I have allowed myself to deviate a little bit. If I were to stick true to it, Hermine would have been male and called Hermod, but I made her female to have a gender balance, because in the mythology Frigg and Odin have only male sons. I'm not trying to be blasphemous to the old gods. ;)


    Back at the Chitrakaar-Bråheim household Gaute rushes inside to go to bed, since he has been up since early morning.. Selma has found a dirty plate and goes to clean it in her own way...


    Leya reads Bodil a bedtime story about a young girl called Bella who went missing, and Bodil has once again chosen to go to sleep in the guest bed instead of the bed in her own bedroom...


    Downstairs Selma might just be trying to weasel her way into the family, as she has picked up Orinder to sit on her lap..


    When Leya comes back downstairs, Selma has to be careful, so she puts Orinder back down so Leya can pick him up and put him in his crib...


    It's bedtime now for this household, so you have to leave..

    "Goodbye and goodnight Selma..."


    "....oh, and by the way.... don't come back... I don't need your 'help' with the dishes..."


    Goodnight. ;)

    Other happenings:


    Anne-Gerd Jørgensen, whom I thought would remain single for life has finally found love in one of the towns vehicle enthusiasts.. a fast and furious rubber burning 'frenchman' called Leon Maneval. He would certainly know how to handle the curves and take her for a ride, I'm sure... Kids.. look away! (..and don't cross the street...)
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    My young adult sim went to university and she got invited to a party at the fraternity house. Apparently the guys there have some problems wanting to do their laundry. :D
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    Great updates everyone!

    Happy simming!
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    Aww thanks. But yeah, different issue. These are store items I owned for years. The Harry Potter game is amazing! But it takes up so much memory on my pc.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,021 Member
    Does anyone use the smooth patch with steam? I can't seem to get it to work.
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    Like the title suggests, this update is not going to be filled to the brim with happenings, but I'm still putting it down here for the history books... :P

    Chapter 21.1 – Sprottenham – February 2023: (Almost) no news is good news...?

    The shortest month of the year went by relatively fast and without any real major events..


    Bodil woke up this morning and was excited about cooking recipes..


    Leya and Gaute both had to sleep in this morning, so there was noone there to tell her to eat breakfast before going to school. Instead she played queen for a while by the dining table until the school bus honked and it was time to go. The mailman was angry this morning as Leya and Gaute was late with paying their bills again...


    Bodil greets her friend Samira Klinemann before entering the school building.


    Gaute feels a little guilty about his flirting with Selma last month and decides to lay low with that for a while, hoping to forget about it.. He still wants to kiss Selma for a while, but the wish fades eventually..


    Leya wakes up to practice her drawing skills and feed Orinder.


    Bodil isn't to interested in the hospital she got for a christmas gift..
    "The hospital was a really stupid gift. I'm almost twelve! I stopped playing with dolls a long time ago! Grandpa probably meant it well when he bought the hospital doll house, but it was a really lame gift... Doll houses are for toddlers and small kids!"
    ..but atleast Orinder still finds it interesting. ;)


    Gaute has found another use for the stereo, so instead of inviting Selma over once more, he distracts himself with working out, which he pretty much does for the rest of the day..


    Leya decides to begin potty training for Orinder. Now that he has learnt how to walk, it would be pretty nice to relieve him off the diapers.. not to mention, to relieve the parents of having to constantly change them! ;)


    Today was excursion day at the theatre for Bodil and her class, and she leaves it just before Leya enters it to go to work.


    However, they don't pass each other on the way.

    Continues in spoiler.

    When Bodil comes home from school, she wants to hang out with her friend Edny, but Edny is busy at her after school activity.. so she goes into moms hobby room to do homework again..


    Baturney Flansbarne, the husband of Agathi Jiggens, just got promoted and is now a part of the town council. He went over to the Harbor café after work to celebrate it by eating cake. ;)


    His wife was on her usual daily stroll with Ruben in the park. Also in the park is police officer Jingguo Xie-Luo with one of his twins Hung Jian (if I'm not mistaken, I mean, they're twins.. :P)


    It looked like spring came early to the town as Selma had gone to entertain a few people at the Harbor Park.


    Her husband Christoffer was seen a little further away accompanying her on the drums. :P


    Bodil went to visit her friend Edny after she had finished her afte school activity, but when she came there they had left and nobody was home.. but atleast she got a nice bike ride back and forth across town in the february sunset...
    It happened from time to time that the Sævik family wasn't at home, as they would as often as they could afford it travel down to Sunset Valley to visit Ednys mom in prison...


    When Bodil came back home again, she wanted to hear a good night story. Somehow she is still not to old for that. ;) Since mom was at work, there was noone else to ask but Gaute. He hadn't flirted with Selma this month, so maybe he wasn't so bad (even though he was smelly from having worked out all day..)


    This time Bodil chooses to have the bedtime story read for her in Leya and Gautes bed, before she goes to sleep in her own bed for a change. ;)


    When Leya gets home from work, she immediately puts Orinder in his crib before going to sleep, but Gaute picks him up again, because she forgot to feed him.. :P


    "I can't believe she could be this unattentive, but don't worry little man, daddy is gonna feed you..."


    So yeah, he takes him downstairs and makes sure he gets fed, before he takes him back up to the crib and goes to bed..


    ...and that was pretty much it, that was what happened on this most ordinary month of months. Good night. ;)

    Bonus image:

    Even if Edny wasn't at home, Bodils bike trip across town also gave a nice view of the light house and the moon as it rose up to light the sea (in case the light house would be out and not do it's job...)

    *edit: Oh, and I also updated the blog with another old chapter, and I thought I should mention it, because it is the chapter that introduces Margrethe (the teenager from the last prom update) as well as her family. Though, this is a repost of old stuff, so keep that in mind. :P
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    While deleting floor tiles from The Golden Girls' front deck, to extend Evangelina Finch's garden (her default LTW is the perfect garden), I discovered a hidden soil pattern in the shape of one of the sports teams' logo.
    Underneath the ground floor decking on their lake-lot, is regular ground. In the corner is a small strip left bare with some crops already growing, the onion and lettuce ready for harvest when first playing their house at the beginning of the whole town. The LTW of the perfect garden requires 8 perfect plants, and she so far only has 5, and they're only normal quality yet.
    So I started to delete some wood floor tiles to expand it and found some parts not with the soil terrain paint, but the pale, orangey grainy Lucky Palms desert ground terrain paint. I followed the areas that did have the soil terrain paint, thinking whoever developed that lot and household originally had a larger plot which would be best to also use. But the areas ended up being like a letter "F" similar to ... is it the Llamas, Roos or other?

    I'll try putting a pic of it here:


    That's hosted at my site so I don't know how long it will last.

    Otherwise you can see it here:

    I suppose I should have uncovered the whole area to show the plain ground and that it's a pattern, but you can do that yourself, my game is/will be using the F like it is.

    Also, the three elderly female sims who live there look nothing like the TV show. Aged down however, and one of them converted to a younger male sim, they do look like other celebrities. I've worked out the one who looks like someone as a male, but not quite the others yet. I'll be posting about that on my site later in the week.

    By the way, a few months ago I posted about my game crashing, which I thought was the smooth patch but it was the EA app while the town was Lunar Lakes, a store world. In my post I drag and dropped an image from my computer's My Pictures folder of the screen shot I took of the error notice I got. Straight from my computer's folder, into the post, and it worked. That method is not working now. How was it that I was able to do that a few months ago? Did I do some special step I can't remember doing now? Or did the thing that let me do it get changed and disabled?


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    I remember you from university, I still have your story.
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    My Sim, Sable Conway went to University today! I didn't take that many pictures, but it's okay. :blush: Here are some screenshots I took. :blush:
    Leaving for University!
    She met Nina (I forgot her last name :lol:) there. Nina has the Inappropriate trait, so she talked badly about others and humiliated Sable. :angry: She made she to confront Nina about that.
    Uh oh. Looks like drinking that energy drink was a bad idea. :lol:
    A party was going on at her sorority. So she had to do a juice kegger.
    Lol, caught a picture of this lady's eyes crossing! :lol:
    And lastly, a pretty sky picture. :blush:

    Happy Simming! :smile:
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    I had planned a "Life as We See It" legacy. I set up my SIM Katrina Wing in the humble lot on 58 Water Lily Lane. This lot is my favorite to play on. Lots of potential. I've built some interesting homes on it. Anyway. I set her up in the house and sent her to Uni. She was able to make the money by collecting things and dumpster diving. I gave her the Born Saleswoman trait, which is quite helpful when trying to make money before you have an actual job. She did decent at Uni. B average. Made quite a few friends (she has the Charismatic trait as well). Once she graduated she immediately got a corporate job and worked her way up to the top before she was 30. She's also traveled to France 3x.

    Here's where I thought "well, I'm doing a challenge and just trying to have Kat make her way" and I can't get her a love interest. There are a few single male sims, but she doesn't really hit it off with anyone. There's a guy in France, but he's married and back at SV, she and Malcolm Landgrab are "hanging out" a bit. Not sure about him because 1. He's married to Bella (attached SIMs never bothered me, real life is complicated why can't my SIM lives be the same) and 2. He's a Landgrabb. So super rich and I want Katrina to build up her wealth. I find I'm just following what Katrina wants and her wants don't always coincide with what I think she should do. I may just abandon the challenge and just see where Katrina and her whims take me!

    No pictures. For the folks who don't know me, I rarely take pics playing in game. To the folks that have known me forever, yeah, you're used to no pics. LOL

    Happy Simming all!
    <insert inspiring comment here> :)
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    To the folks that have known me forever, yeah, you're used to no pics. LOL
    @MamaSimTee ^Yeah. ;) But I still wait for the day when you might share some lovely pictures. :blush:
    I always enjoy reading about your gameplay regardless. :kissing_heart: I like what I'm reading about Katrina's life adventures so far and I look forward to finding out what happens next with her, especially with her love life. ;)

    Enjoy playing!
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    So I am taking a break from Arthur right now and just playing a bit of a side game.

    Started a new save in Alpine county.

    Stephanie is my newest sim, she moved into a small starter home. But
    Alpine county is so expensive to live in, She needed a roommate, so for the first
    time I toggled on roommates.

    Erwin is her roommate and with a little editing in CAS, I think he's pretty good.

    They're already becoming quick friends.

    The view in Alpine county is so pretty.


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    Where my last update was short, relatively speaking, this turned out a little longer..

    Chapter 21.3 – Sprottenham – March 2023: The grass is always greener..


    Spring hadn't arrived fully yet, as snow began to fall the night when february turned to march. The calendar also says that next month will be another birthday celebration, a double celebration even, as there are a couple of twins who will enter a new stage of their life...


    Because of this, we will leave Cliffon Street behind and move across to the more rural part of town and this house by the end of Southfield Road. It's the old Frumpenheimer house (most houses in town are pretty old...) where the Rasmussen/Jensen family lives.


    The parents Solvej Rasmussen and Patrik C. Jensen haven't gotten much sleep for the past 11 months or so, as their two twin daughters Lillian and Silvia have done their best to keep them awake at various times of the day...


    It's not always that amusing, perhaps especially for Patrik, who isn't the most family oriented guy.


    Though the parents may be tired and a little grumpy, the son of the house Rune wakes up with a good mood this morning.


    It is indeed a beautiful morning as the sun rises in the east to shine it's first warming rays over the town as a sign that spring is getting a little closer eventually...


    Rune grabs a simple juice for breakfast before heading to school, while Solvej prepares waffles for herself and Patrik (who is still asleep in their bedroom downstairs). Solvej and Patrik doesn't have to leave anywhere just yet, as Solvej works as a gardener now, her job is in her greenhouse right next to her home. Patrik is the captain of the local football team, the Sprottenham Totspurs, and so his job doesn't start until the afternoon.


    Patrik and Solvej have been a couple for quite some years now and have so far proved everyone in town wrong when they said their relationship wouldn't last very long, because, well.. Patrik wasn't excactly known to be faithful... So as she stands there with something in the oven, she starts to think that maybe it's time they took the final step and actually got married...


    When Rune enters the school I see Edny Sævik just about to walk in through the doors. She is Bodils friend whom she never got to visit yesterday because they were away. Looks like they are back again now from their visit down south..

    Prison life...
    Location: Sunset Valley Prison, B-wing.

    Lacuna Coil - Enjoy the silence (Depeche Mode Cover)


    This is inmate #256 Oda Sævik. She is serving an 8 year sentence for being an accomplice in money laundering, kidnapping and human trafficking. She is also Ednys mother...


    Prison life isn't all that. The walls are grey like concrete, the days are long and there isn't much to do but play chess and spend your time thinking. Prison allows for plenty of time to think and reflect... sometimes perhaps a little to much..


    Then there's always the odd inmate that tries to weird everyone out..


    ..but most of all, prison is a very lonely and isolated experience.. when you're far away from your family and loved ones, and some days all you want to do is sleep...


    Holidays are the worst... This is how Oda spent her christmas eve...

    Location: Sunset Valley Prison, Family Visiting Room, February 2023


    ..but every now and then, if Oda has behaved nicely, she is allowed to have a visit from her family. That's something to look forward to, something to keep her.. going...

    Young baby Gøran probably doesn't understand to much of what's going on.. Toddler Kolbjørn knows his mom has done something really bad and has gone to a place far away.. Edny understands a lot more... and is very excited to meet her mom again when she hears her voice.. look behind you! It's mom!


    "Oh mom... I missed you so much..."

    Words like violence
    Break the silence
    Come crashing in
    Into my little world
    Painful to me
    Pierce right through me
    Can't you understand
    Oh, my little girl

    All I ever wanted
    All I ever needed
    Is here
    In my arms
    Words are very
    They can only do harm


    Time is short when you have to catch up with several months of "what happened in school", and Edny has plenty of stories to tell.. about everything she has learned, all the homework she has to do, and how she is best friends with Bodil... She doesn't want to tell mom though about how the other kids sometimes haze her for having a mom in prison.. Oda knows not everything is as great as Edny says, because she has talked with her husband Vetle on the phone a few times about it already, and how he has been in meetings with the school administration about it, and how they have "promised to deal with it", because of course they have a "zero tolerance for bullying at their school", but so far not much has happened....


    The middle child Kolbjørn gets some attention too. In three years time he will be old enough to have his first day at school, a moment she is very likely to miss out on... but for now, "Here comes the claw!"


    ...and then there's the youngest one, Gøran. To him for a long time, mom will be a far away figure living half way across the country.. and she will probably miss out on his first day of school, too.. Eight years doesn't look like much on paper maybe, but it's a long time when you have a family...


    It's heartbreaking, so Oda has to spend the time she gets to be visited by her family wisely and effectively..


    These are the moments she gets with her family... she better saviour them, because...


    ..afterwards it will be back to the grey stone walls again, weird inmates, the same daily routine of getting up at the same time, being served breakfast, chess, workout, dinner, lights out, go to sleep for another day...


    Parental skills are still intact.. and soon the family has to go back to the hotel they're staying at, and Oda has to go back to her cell, but first...


    ..Edny wanted to hear a good night story from mom. Nobody tells a good night story like mom.. and yes, the visiting area has a bed. Not because people are allowed to sleep over, because they're not... that bed is there for other.. reasons.. though, since Oda got visited by both her husband and her kids, using it for the.. intended purpose in the time she got with them, wasn't necessarily a priority.. That's prison life... Enjoy the silence.., back to reality outside...


    After finishing her breakfast, Solvej wants to read a book about gardening, so she gets into her purple car to head to the library. She also wants to find a seed and harvest a wild plant, but winter time isn't the best time of year to look for seeds on the ground or harvest plants, so a quiet day at the library will have to do. ;)

    Continues in this spoiler.

    Anne-Gerd Jørgensen and Leya Chitrakaar-Bråheim are also seen at the library doing some slightly lighter reading purely for entertainment reasons. :P


    Patrik then gets a change of mind regarding his career, so he calls a baby sitter for the twins before he heads to the police station to start a new career fighting crime (or maybe it's because he just likes women in uniforms, I don't know. :P ) Patriks new boss is Glenn Hoddelås, Bodils father.


    He must have a good eyesight, which could probably come in handy also for his new career, as he somehow manages to spot a lizard in the snow outside. At the same time he is passed by Agathi Jiggens on the sidewalk on her daily stroll with Ruben.. she's probably heading to the park again for the third time in a row now. ;)


    Patrik hasn't given up on sports completely though, as the next thing he does is to head to the gym hoping to find someone who might be interested in having him as their personal trainer...


    "Hmm, there are a couple of guys standing over there, maybe one of them will do.."


    The guys are Edgar Kyllingstad, an already acquaintance of him and Agnar Bergersen, a chef at the local seafood restaurant and certified hater of art. :P


    Since Edgar is already there in his sports outfit, Patrik thinks he would probably be the most interested in a good workout. Besides, he doesn't really know Agnar all that well, so asking Edgar is probably the best choice.


    Edgar is more than happy to be coached by the now former captain of the local football team and Patrik is more than happy to be his coach, so the interest is mutual. Agnar probably wouldn't have been to interested as he has to run off to go to work...


    Edgar was doing pretty well on the treadmill, so after a while Patrik decides to get a solid workout for himself too. :P


    Outside the school Rune leaves with his friend Tatiana Maria Vanderfjert to go home to her place. Tatiana Maria is the daughter of Gabriela (nee Bedoya) and Ramger Vanderfjert, both colleagues of Leya. Ramger is, like Patrik now, a former football player of the local football team, before he switched careers to music.


    At the library Solvejs reading has paid off, and she is now at level 8 in the gardening skill. She also feels the effects of lack of sleep and decides to put the book down to go home and get some rest...


    Roberts new boss is of course an excellent police officer, as he even on the way home from work decided to stop by the Klinemann household to do some investigation and uh.. acquire some stolen goods after a visit to their bathroom... well, those goods are certainly stolen now! The Supersalg-Simen ("The supersale Sim") is one of the cheaper toilet types (Bargain John in english).


    Rune was doing homework with Tatiana Maria in their kitchen, but wasn't to happy about it... "School sucks.. Not only do we have to sit still inside school all day, but afterwards when we get home we even have to do homework! That shouldn't be allowed! We should force adults to do homework too..."


    Solvej didn't get much of her needed rest when she came home, because the baby sitter had done a pretty terrible job with the twins.. If she could have, she would have given him the boot, but of course, he was much to quick to run out the door after she paid him and by the time she noticed what a lazy bum he had been, it was to late...


    "Hey... will join me in skipping school tomorrow?" Rune still wasn't very happy about school...

    "No..." Tatiana said... "I kind of like school, you know.. and I don't want to get in trouble with mom and dad. Don't you?"

    "Nah, I think it'll be alright. Mom didn't go to school when she was a kid."

    "What?" Tatiana was surprised. "Why not? How could your mom not go to school?"

    "Mom was taught at home by her parents" Rune explained. "That's how they used to do it where mom is from."

    "That's weird..." Tatiana said. "Parents aren't meant to be teachers, that's the teachers job."


    If Solvej had raised Rune all on her own, she might have chosen to do homeschooling for him, to better instill in him the correct values of taking care of nature and spreading love and peace to the world.. however, Patrik also had a say in this, and he was of a different opinion, so she had accepted to have Rune enrolled in school for now. Also, with taking care of the twins lately there wouldn't have been much time or energy left to make sure Rune learnt what he needed to anyway...


    After the kids have finished their homework, Tatiana sits down in the living room to watch tv, while Rune walks upstairs to check under her bed to see if there are monsters...


    "Hmm.. oh, yikes!" .. and there were! He suspected there were, when he heard them hissing and breathing as soon as he opened the door to her bedroom, but he didn't think they would be this terrifying! With red glowing eyes and skin like rotting meat!


    He thought he could almost smell them from underneath the bed (or maybe all this means that it just hasn't been cleaned there for a while.. so remember to always clean under your bed to prevent monsters from growing! :P )


    "That certainly isn't a good place to sleep...." he thought after he had ran out of the room and heard footsteps behind him.. but the footsteps weren't anything dangerous. It was Tatianas mom Gabriela that had just come home from her job at the theatre and wanted to tell him a funny story about a guy at work that brushed his teeth so much he almost had no teeth left!


    That was of course the funniest thing Rune has ever heard. ;)


    The mental image he got of a man sitting at his workdesk without a single tooth in his mouth was to much to handle... :P


    Gabriela was funny and nice, he though, so he wanted her to read him a bedtime story.. in their bedroom, not Tatianas bedroom, because of the monsters...


    Gabriela then wanted to play a goodnight lullaby for him, but that was a little to much...


    At the gym Patrik had finished his workout and was approached by a paparazzi that wanted to dance with him. Of course, Patrik didn't decline. ;)


    Solvej was near the brink of exhaustion at home, as she was doing her best to get naps and take care of the babies...


    Tatianas father Ramger was home as well, and was reading Tatiana a bedtime story.


    Rune had decided to brave it and ask Gabriela for another bedtime story, this time in Tatianas bed..


    They must not like sleep in this household though, because after finishing the bedtime story Ramger did excactly the same thing as his wife and started playing the guitar for Tatiana. ;)


    It was way past curfew for Rune, and if he were to get any sleep he couldn't stay there so he had to hop on his bike and get back home..


    "I hope mom and dad won't be mad at me for getting home this late..."


    Well, he was lucky there. Patrik hadn't even noticed he was out as he went straight to bed after returning from the gym and Solvej was much to exhausted from taking care of the twins and was out like a light when she finally could go to sleep..


    So it was no problem for Rune to sneak inside the house to his room and go to bed....


    Goodnight. ;)
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    Sub blogs: #01 Sunset Valley. #02: Lake Onebega #03: Sprottenham #04: Bewickton
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,071 Member
    Hey fellow simmer friends!

    These are late - my bad! :grimace::kissing_heart:

    @Brandontaylor Oh you didn't know I got a part-time job? That's ok. :) I know you've been busy yourself. I'm back working retail again... Fun times. ;):p You know how it is.
    Thanks for the belated birthday wish. :blush:
    Enjoyed your post. :) Hope to see more soon.

    @ButterWafflesAR Thanks for the birthday wish. :blush: It was a nice day. :)
    Oh and no worries! Family - especially when they are sick - always come first. <3 My daughter was sick with some nasty bug all last week and it was her Spring Break. :confounded: Sigh...

    @Mr_Deacon :smirk::sunglasses: 👍🏻

    @Sprottenham Lol! I'll say it was a pretty good song find. I'm tempted to listen to it again. :lol:
    I'm glad to see someone else agrees with me about how strange that metal plate is sticking out of the chest on that suit of armor. 👍🏻 I might just ask our fellow simmer and cc fixer to remove it sometime. ;)
    there are probably better ways to attack then run towards someone with your chest forward.. :P
    ^Lol! Right!? And as a woman I can't tell you how true that statement is. :joy::p
    Enjoyed reading your awesome posts! :star:

    @Identity Thanks for the birthday wish. :blush: It was a very nice day. :)

    @Simexpert123 Enjoyed your post about Sable's Uni adventures. :blush:

    @GraceyManor Nice to see you back and that your game is working. ;):star:
    Erwin is cute. That shirt looks good on him. :love:
    Wow that moon is kinda apocalyptic looking. :open_mouth: Does it come with the world like that?
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,021 Member
    Its actually a mod
    My game is on steam now, so I don't have to deal with origin nonsense. XD
  • MMXMMX Posts: 4,408 Member
    edited March 27
    Even with a maxed out Handiness skill, Nicky is simply no match for the busted stereo and was given an unorthodox Cyndi Lauper makeover instead.
  • MamaSimTeeMamaSimTee Posts: 923 Member
    @GraceyManor Hi! I love that wallpaper. Actually I like how that whole room is set up and decorated. You are definitely one of the players that give me inspiration.
    @emorrill I'll look through the few I may have and see what I can do. ;-)
    @MMX such a funny photo!
    @Sprottenham I always like looking at your builds.

    That's all I can remember, because if I keep going back in the thread I get confused! LOL
    <insert inspiring comment here> :)
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,832 Member

    I have been working hard on the next episode of The Perfect Genetics Challenge and I hope to load it to YouTube tomorrow.

    Happy Simming
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,692 Member
    Hi everybody, just a short look what you are all up to :smile: .

    @emorrill Some very belated happy birthday wishes from me! Good luck for the next year of your life. I hope you have a nice work environment. I see you still have fun with those fantasy game armors :).

    @Brandontaylor Some even more belated birthday wishes. Sorry you lost someone in your family around that time, which probably didn't help with the birthday mood. Great that your legacy is still going.

    @Identity Thank you. I didn't build those futuristic houses though, they come from a world called Cronor. I like how old couples in Sims3 are often so committed to each other. Nice pics!

    @texansky I wish you all the best. I hope your hubby fully recovers.
    Doctors should be rather alert to Guillain-Barre syndrome, given it was one of the, though very rare, major confirmed side effects of the Covid-19 vaccination and even more so of the infection with that virus. If it's treated immediately, it usually has no bad consequences, but of course the early symptoms can be hidden by stuff like diabetes. Anyway, enough rambling after the fact. Now I wish that everything goes well for you!

    @Sprottenham Still enjoying your story :smile: . Oh, I'm sure English speakers will understand "ekonomi" :wink: . Did you get second thoughts about Gaute's old friend?
    Myself, I'm still busy with other stuff. I had my birthday, the game I'm currently playing the most had its 10-year anniversary, and Cities Skylines got its last free update after 8 years, which was the final one, given they want to release the successor later this year. For CS, that means it's finally stable and I can have a fixed mod set. Like Sims 3 :lol: .

    Speaking of The Sims 3, I had been firing the game up a couple of times during the last months, but I'm not feeling it at the moment. I have to think about in which direction that current game is going to head before I do much more. I enjoyed the town building stuff more than the playing, honesty. Anyway, here's at least one pic of Tom Thomson preparing brunch for the artists' household.

    See you all later!
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,690 Member
    Sunset Valley Update - Bunch Family

    ****This is another old play session I just haven't shared yet. I do not have anything new to post yet but plan on playing later.

    I don't really remember a ton of what happened, but here is Judy talking to Cornelia Goth on the phone.

    Judy decided she wanted to do some exercise to lose some weight. I don't think I'll let her lose too much, but maybe let her lose some.

    Lisa wanted to get to know Jack better so I had them chat for a bit.

    Later, I got most of the family to sit down to eat a meal together. Only Arlo didn't make it into the picture.

    Judy got sick at some point in the save, it may have been from the food.

    Judy soon learned that she was actually pregnant. Since she is off work, I had her do some fishing.

    I also gave her face a few tweaks later on and gave her a different hairstyle.

    I don't recall the reason, but Ethan and Holly talked in person for a while and they seem to have an attraction. I don't really have relationships planned for the whole town yet, but these two may at least date, even if they don't end up staying together.

    Arlo went to visit the Alvi family. If you remember, the Alvi's were the first family I played in this save while the Bunch's are only the second.

    At some point, Arlo and Miraj got into a bit of an argument about the pillow fight.

    Arlo and Miraj worked on their homework, but VJ seemed to be confused by his homework.

    Jack sat around watching TV. Holly decided to sit down and watch with him.

    Arlo spent some time pretending to be a king.

    One morning, three of the Bunch siblings chatted in the front room.

    Lisa and VJ had a makeout session at some point in the save. In a previous update, these two got together.

    Jack wanted to become an athlete so I let him switch jobs. I can't remember what level he is at though.

    Lastly, here is a teaser for the next family I'll be playing. It is Claire Ursine and her newborn baby girl. I don't remember what the game named the baby but I'll probably change it. Also, I forgot the new baby of the Judy's name so I'll have to give that at some point too.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,690 Member

    Not a lot going on with me at the moment. I've still been busy working at Walmart, I spent around 6 hours just doing price changes yesterday. I am off for today and tomorrow so I thought I'd try to play my "legacy" family. For those of you don't know, I've been posting updates on some descendants of Christopher Steel and a CAS Sim of mine named Emily. I am currently posting their 9th generation which are currently known as the Goth's since a female descendant married into that family. However, I haven't played Sims 3 for around two months now, except for a quick game a week or two ago that I'm not playing anymore. I did play a bit in Batman: Arkham Knight the other day though. I recently beat the game and am now playing the New Game Plus replay. If you beat the game twice, you get a special Batsuit with a gold emblem.

    @Sprottenham She does look nice in her work outfit, doesn't she.
    Yeah, I hate that she died but she did live a lot longer than she normally would have if she hadn't extended her life.
    Great updates!

    @Kendrana Wow, they really let the laundry go.

    @Simexpert123 Great update!

    @GraceyManor Great update!

    @emorrill No, I didn't, lol. And oh how I know what working retail is like. At least yesterday was pretty easy for me though. I only did price changes for like 6 hours, checked out a few customers, and worked on putting out bakery items for the last 45 minutes of my shift.
    You're welcome.
    Thanks, I don't know that I'll be posting with the frequency I was doing, but I will at least post something once a week if I can.

    @Turjan Thanks. It was a little bit expected he might not live a lot longer, but I didn't think it'd be that soon. As for my birthday itself, the day went pretty well at least, although losing my uncle was on my mind a bit. My aunt decided not to even have anything for him, so I didn't quite get the closure I need. Either way, I'm just glad he's not suffering anymore.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,832 Member
    Hello all. It's me again. I've been busy and the video is currently loading to YouTube. It'll take a long time to load as internet speeds in Australia are woefully slow. I'm hoping it'll be ready to watch in 8 hours or so. The video is Episode 8 of The Perfect Genetics Challenge.

    Happy Simming
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,832 Member
    Just letting you know the video is still uploading. It says it has 52 minutes to go. But I need to step away from the computer for a while now and that means it'll probably stop loading. It's getting late here and I might have to resume loading in the morning. I'll hope it gets done tonight but don't really expect it will.
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