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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    @emorrill: Happy Happy Birthday!

    @lisasc360: Hello. Welcome back.

    @all: Sorry if I missed you. Just been busy! :)
    :) Smile!

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    @emorrill Oh, yeah, happy birthday! ;) Have a good one!
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    @lisasc360 @Puddinroy & @Sprottenham Thank you. 🥰

    So far it's great! :) Hubby made lunch for us (and did the dishes for me <3 ) and now I'm making my birthday cupcakes. I just felt like having cupcakes this year instead of the traditional cake. ;) Dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting. Can't get much better than that for this chocoholic. :lol: Yum yum! :yum:
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    I visited the local art gallery in Bridgeport and it was interesting to say the least.

    It has this lovely exhibit where it displays the exact same statue three times. You might be thinking "Why? Why is there an exhibit with three copies of the same thing?" The answer is simple: The exhibit isn't for the statues it's so visitors can see the gallery's built in RGB lights.
    Generous donations and funding well spent, am I right?

    In true Bridgeport fashion it has a bar because of course it does. You're not at an art gallery for the art you're there for the drinks.
    You can even admire the RGB exhibit while having a drink and spilling you're deepest, darkest secrets to the bartender. True multitasking.

    And I've saved the best for last. Forget the paintings that are literally just buckets of paint thrown against a canvas yet sold for millions. The fancy sculpture that is just a toothbrush. The true showstopper is... *cue drumroll*

    The urinal.
    And yes, you can use it.

    This right here is art. Not the paintings. Not the sculptures. The urinal. It's a conversation piece, it's so stunning and brave yet controversial. How can anyone top this? The answer: you can't.

    It doesn't get any better than this ladies and gentlemen.
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    Alriiiighty everyone, it's time for another...

    Emorrill's Testing Medieval CC Shenanigans Part 10! :star: (Ten parts already!? Wowza! :open_mouth: )

    Well that just shows how much fun I've been having finding this stuff. :mrgreen: Tee hee!

    We'll start this one off by showing what I have dubbed the "Hot Mess Medieval Dress." :lol: There were some issues with it - one being quite major, but unfortunately unfixable - and I asked Emily4331 on her cc fix it thread to take a look and see what she could fix on it. While she was able to take some odd ripples out of the front part of the dress...


    ...she was unable to fix the major disproportionality (is that a word? :lol: ) with these LONG sleeves.


    I knew it was a long shot to ask, but given that Sim's outfits know nothing about the laws of gravity, :lol: unfortunately Emily was unable to fix the sleeves without removing them altogether. They are very stunning sleeves so I didn't want to have her do that. I'll just reserve this dress for taking special pictures only. 👍🏻

    As you can see they look good and normal in this shot where lady testing sim (Jennifer) is enjoying the arrival of rain. :blush:


    Totally random, and not testing cc related:

    It was cool watching the water rush through the irons of the bridge like this. :blush:


    Here's some medieval text in another book, instead of pictures (Jennifer was also wearing another outfit I found 👍🏻 )


    I got tired of testing out cc at one point so I decided to play around in Praaven for a little while to gradually work on making it my own. :blush:

    I added some stuff to the storage tower next to the castle and made it 20% cooler. :smirk:

    ^The stone circular rug is a rabbithole rug for the military. :lol: Dunno why it was placed in there, but I didn't want to mess with it. I might move it later.

    Close up:

    Outside of the castle keep I placed some ivy around the back walls. :mrgreen:


    And added a couple of trees near the entrance to the keep. It needed some green. 👍🏻


    I just LOVE making a world my own! <3

    Back to cc testing...

    OH MY GOSH CHOCOBOS! :smiley: (When you know, you know. ;) And it means you're awesome! :p )


    These particular Chocobos are from Final Fantasy 12. :blush: I love that she (Murfeelee) made armored and not armored versions. 👍🏻 Needless to say they are staying in my game forever and ever and ever. <3 Seriously, I am such a geek about Chocobos that their music theme is my cell phone ringtone. :lol: And their chirp is my Notification sound. :p Hee hee!

    I was testing out some Skyrim style beards - or were they Dragon Age 🤔 - I dunno, don't remember. Don't care. :lol: They looked..... alright.....I won't keep them in unless I feel they are needed for a certain character, but here's an example of one style, using Gereint as my model:


    I also tried another new outfit and hairstyle on him. (The outfit looks like it's meant to be worn in a snowy environment to me. :p )



    Murfeelee also created some of the outfits and hairstyles from the Characters of FF12! :grin::star:

    So here's Gereint trying out Vaan's hairstyle with Marquis Ondore's outfit. LOL! :lol:



    Next I had him try out the character Al Cid's outfit, which honestly is a little sexy looking in FF12. ;) To me anyway.

    Here's a picture to demonstrate why it's sexy to me. :p


    But yeeeeah the outfit as a whole...just really didn't look good in the Sims. :( (No offense to Murfeelee's attempt. <3 I know it's not easy to convert outfits from other games.)


    I wasn't digging Vaan's hair either so I also took that out, but I did keep in Marquis Ondore's outfit. It's not bad.

    Bucephalus was quite happy to have his owner "back" when I took all that cc off him :lol: and proceeded to give Gereint some loves. <3


    Lastly, check out this wall map, people. It rocks! :star:


    And that's it from me for now. Hope y'all enjoyed. :blush:

    Happy Simming!
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    @texansky Im sorry your husband is so sick. I hope he continues to improve.

    @emorrill i see you’ve been having medieval fun again. I hope the new jobs is going well for you.

    I’m working on at least 3 different videos at the moment. Not a lot of progress happening on any of them today. Yesterday I managed to age up Cindy’s toddlers to child. I still have to make over the second one. She’s currently wearing the hair and clothes the game gave her. Her birthday wasn’t without incident. Her cake turned out to be an inferno cake but she got lucky and scored a birthday cake on her second attempt.

    Currently I’m sitting in a cafe in a shopping Center. I discovered I can have my car today. My son is using it again as his car got written off by insurance after someone reversed a truck into the side of it while he was driving down the street. So I’m mostly stuck at home until he can get a new car. I hope that happens soon.
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    I'm going to take a hiatus from writing Sims stories. I'm not going to play Sims for a while, either.
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    Thanks @Karritz :blush: It's going well. I feel blessed to be working at a job only 3 miles from my house and that the others I work with are fun and nice people. <3 My boss still intimidates me a little bit, but that's just how I've always felt around my bosses in jobs past. But I know she's a nice lady too she just has to be firm about certain things and I get it. 👍🏻

    I'm going to take a hiatus from writing Sims stories. I'm not going to play Sims for a while, either.
    ^Sorry to hear that, but I understand. Sometimes we need a break or get bored with what we're currently doing. Our interests shift often in life. ;) For me it's nice to know that sims will always be there when I feel like going back. :blush:

    I've got more medieval cc pictures to share :mrgreen: LOTS more! :grin: Hope y'all don't mind. :kissing_heart: I'm trying to keep the thread alive and running. :lol: It's been quiet over here...

    Sending love and blessings to y'all, in whatever you may be doing. <3 🙏🏻
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    I'm going to take a hiatus from writing Sims stories. I'm not going to play Sims for a while, either.

    Oh! Well you did have an admirable ability to post frequent updates, sometimes even more than one pr. day, something I would never be able to do! ;) So of course, I guess it's understandable you would want to take a break, that's not a problem. People often do that and some may be gone for longer or shorter periods of time, and some only post here once in a blue moon. :P

    I am happy for every person that posts about their game in this thread, even if I may not be saying much to each individual post, but it's always interesting to see what others are up to and their perspective on playing/making stories out of the game. Enjoy your break and welcome back if you should decide to come back sometime sooner or later. ;)

    Let's keep Sims 3 alive for as long as possible.... :P
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    Hi there, I have an issue that is troubling me terribly. My family house is full and has 8 members and I just did a cheat mod to allow me to use more family members in the household. It did work apart from one particular situation. Because the house is full it won't allow me to make the toy they have a real boy, it says my house is too crowded. Yet, my Sim is pregnant with her 7th baby so clearly, the cheat worked but why won't it allow me to make the toy a real boy? Can someone please help me with this one?
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    I'll post this one in two parts with spoilers since it became so picture heavy.

    Chapter 20.7 – Sunset Valley – June 2023: I must be in love with an alien... part I

    The Kelly Family – Fell in love with an alien


    ...and hello Sunset Valley. The town showed itself from its more rainy side as they arrived from the mountains..


    It takes a while to drive from the lake to Sunset Valley, and since it was so late and Ranveig and Robert Bråge was likely already in bed, Inge invited Oliver Freddy to spend the night at her and her parents house. Now that it looked like it was raining more than ever they just had to sit outside and watch the clouds drift by for a while before getting inside...


    Inge happily greeted her sister Kristina as she walked into their old bedroom to go to sleep in her old bed.


    The guest bed was occupied by Inges mom Iselin taking a nap for some reason, so Oliver Freddy had to make do temporarily with the couch in the living room downstairs. This made it look like there had been a recent fight between Inges parents, but I guess not, because as soon as they woke up everything looked just fine as they kept repeatedly flirting with each other and exchanging flowers...


    Or maybe this was just their way of making up, I don't know. It's hard to tell what happened when I seemingly land right in the middle of something. ;)


    The Reppe family is probably the most family oriented family, because when they youngest one Emmy is in need of something, they all queue up to help out. Yes, even Jarle did eventually, even though he's not in this picture. He will often sit in the bedroom reading right next to Emmy, which is just really good parenting. ;) Now that I made sure that Iselin can no longer drink since I locked away the juice bar, that baby should have a pretty good upbringing..


    Oh, wait.. well, ok, you can have that one I guess, just don't do that to often.. or I'll act like a repo man and take that one away too...


    Now that Jarle and Iselin aren't using the beds anymore, Oliver Freddy has gone upstairs to sleep, but then Inge wakes up to watch tv on the couch and just sit up in the middle of the night drinking coffee.. She's not really a night owl, but acts like one often anyway when left completely to her own control.

    Inges notes:
    Sometimes when I'm at home at my parents house especially I just wake up in the middle of the night and can't fall back asleep no matter how hard I try.. It's a little hard to relax in this house, so.. and I figure there's no use in lying there staring at the ceiling waiting, so I might as well just get up to watch some tv and have a coffee.. you know..?

    Narrators notes:
    Well, not really, but ok...


    Over at the Motorsen house there is another one that got up early to watch tv as Ranveig has sat down on her chair in the hallway upstairs to watch old morning reruns of her favorite romance tv-show for the nth time... Everything is by the usual here..


    Eventually Robert Bråge woke up and they went downstairs to have a nice breakfast of french toast leftovers before Robert Bråge sat down by the computer to continue writing his science fiction novel, "A train through time". Ranveig sent Oliver Freddy a message wanting to know where he was since she hadnt heard from him and since he didn't come home last night.

    Part I continues in spoiler I.

    It's unlikely that Oliver Freddy would be reading this message since he was still asleep in the guest bed over at Inges parents house. :P


    Like Oliver Freddy earlier, Ranveig had made sure to buy a tumble drier for her home without thinking that a laundry machine might also be useful, so when the dirty clothes piled up she still had no choice but to pay a visit to the local laundromat...


    Over at the laundromat she meets up with Hogne Nielsen, Ingrids boyfriend, to talk fondly about her favorite tv shows.. Her favorite scenes are of course the ones where everyone gets married and lives happily ever after.. a stark contrast to her own life...


    This Hogne Nielsen guy, if I am to be honest, I never liked him since I first saw him and it annoys me that he is Ingrids boyfriend, however I will let fate run its course... Of course, once he learnt about Ranveigs favorite tv shows, he put two and two together and probably thought this was a good chance to take advantage of the single mother, and immediately began flirting with her and handing her flowers.. Romance, finally! Of course Ranveig got weak in the knees for a moment there and couldn't immediately say no..


    It has always been a sore spot for Ranveig to watch her younger sister and brothers get married and have successfull romantic relationships (atleast from the outside perspective), when she, as the oldest sister hasn't even been married...


    Ranveig knew that accepting flirtatious behaviour from him probably wasn't the best idea, not just because he was much younger than her, but also because he was still coupled with Ingrid.. She found an excuse to put him aside when she received a reply from Oliver Freddy that their journey home had gone by without hassle and that he was all well and good over at Inges house. The perfect message at the right time to put the anxious mothers heart at ease, and so she could push Hogne aside for a while and foucs on picking up her clean clothes and get out of there...


    Back at the house Robert Bråge had just finished his first novel at 150 pages long and received the title "Amateur writer" from the local business association. Not bad at all for a 13 year old. :P Being who he is, he wanted to spend the rest of the day outdoors and so he called his friend Margrethe to hang out at the park.


    After finishing her laundry, Ranveig wanted to get pumped so she ran down the road to the gym to do some strength training by the stereo on the second floor. Ingrids father Jonathan is seen working out in the background to the right.


    His wife Kathrine (5 months pregnant) may have been working out too, as she was seen leaving the gym in her fitness wear.


    People were enjoying this nice day out in the park when Robert Bråge met up with Margrethe to discuss the latest issue of his favorite cartoon. His aunt Monica and his cousin Lise Veronica is seen on the swings in the background.




    Over at Inges parents house, Inge and Kristina was still walking around in their sleepwear when Tori Kimura came over to visit to sit down and watch tv. :P


    At the park Margrethe had began flirting with Robert and what was initially just a friendly meeting became a date...


    Robert then thought it would be a good idea to take his now date over to go bowling, and then later perhaps watch a movie... ;)


    ..or maybe they should go to the prom tonight, as Margrethe asked Robert to slow dance to the pop music that was playing over the speakers and told him she didn't have anyone to go with for prom to night. I didn't know there was a prom night again.. it looks like they like their prom nights in the Sim world. Of course Robert took the hint and asked her to go with him, though her reply was a little strange... :P


    "It might happen that I get abducted by aliens before the ball, and then it might happen that I won't come. I would like to go with you, but remember that this can happen at any time."

    I'll interpret that as a maybe... ;) This left Robert a little confused though...

    ".. aliens? What!? Now she's just trying to play games with me.. she was the one that brought it up in the first place. I had completely forgotten about prom night to be honest.. but I heard she said she would like to go, so she will probably want to go with me.... right? I don't know, but I guess I'll just have to... see what happens.. girls man, why are they always so strange?"


    Robert kept an optismistc mind as Margrethe continued to ask him to slow dance, saying she needed practice.. "..practice? Practice for what?" he thought, but he accepted her invitations to dance, because he thought if he didn't she probably wouldn't want to go with him..


    Oliva Ursine (she is Claire and Jareds daughter) and Mortimer Goth had entered the bowling alley while they were slow dancing, and during her bowling Olivia had noticed them dancing and wanted to have a word with Robert as well...

    She was instantly captivated as she talked to him, and thought in herself that it would have been much better if he would slow dance with her instead of Margrethe.. Robert didn't know what to do. He couldn't ask Olivia as well, when he had already asked Margrethe.. He felt this was a little awkward and unpleasant, but he couldn't do anything but continue to slow dance with Margrethe..


    "Please help me, I know you're watching...."
    Sorry, I don't want to do that... I can't do that... He asked Margrethe first.. you'll probably find a prom date some other time... This isn't the first, and it probably won't be the last either..


    "You don't understand...." Olivia sobbed as she was forced to watch them continue their slow dance before running off to get ready for prom night...


    Robert: I think we'll have to go to my place soon... I think that's where the limo will arrive... you're still coming with me are you?

    Margrethe: Well.. did you see any aliens?

    Robert: No... so you're coming then?

    Margrethe: I think the aliens might come if we're not leaving soon..

    Robert: ....

    Robert: You're weird, let's go...


    While the young teenagers hurry out the door to Mosquite Cove where the limo supposedly (hopefully...) will arrive to transport them to the school ball, Ranveig is still at the gym working out, Tori has left the Reppe residence again to go home and Oliver Freddy has now taken over the tv watching while his girlfriend is practicing tricks on the ball in the background...


    Chapter 20.7 – Sunset Valley – June 2023: I must be in love with an alien... part II


    Margrethe and Robert had some time to kill watching tv while waiting for the limo to arrive. The narrator had some doubts of whether or not this would work, when they after a good hour of watching tv suddenly get up and put on their finest clothing and run out the door to go to the school ball...


    They're looking quite nice, I must say, though the weather is not as it just started to hail.. so I hope the limo is nearby...


    Turns out it isn't, because they run.. and they run.. and once they approach the school it looks like there is no limo waiting for them, and that they're going to run all the way.. Sounds like the prom is getting started in there already, because I can hear the bass from inside, but they keep runnin'.. and runnin', runnin', and runnin', runnin'....


    Then I see the limo... it's parked between Lise Veronica and Kleopatras house... The limo driver must have completely misunderstood the directions...


    "Well, there are so many similar last names around town.. it's no wonder I get confused.. You expect me to know the difference between the Motorsen household, the Motor-Notesen household and the Motor-Karlsen household? Give me a break..."
    Yeah, I kinda do.... that's your job.. your ride may be as smooth as a limousine, but you're not excactly ahead of the curves... now shut up and drive! ;)


    Now imagine if they hadn't found the limo, or if there hadn't been one there at all.. then they might have been left to stand out in the hail instead.. one can only hope then that Margrethe would have been so kind to let Robert stand under her umbrella a little bit too... ;)


    Luckily it didn't go that way, and they all got the prom this time too, and even if the weather outside was a drab, inside the sun would probably be shining, so they could all shine together and have a good time. ;) So now, everybody, let's get it started.. just don't get st... don't get stupid... ;)


    With her youngest son now on his first date and prom night Ranveig decided to go upstairs to relax in the sauna after her workout, from where she could enjoy a nice view of the surrounding trees and the backyard of the laundromat. :P


    ..and the prom night begin the pop ups again. And just like last time, when the same question was popped by Kristina to Lise Veronica, I just can't make myself say no, so now there is another teenage couple in town! :P


    ..and something tells me this night is going to go down excactly like last time, just with a different couple. ;) Makes me wonder if a prom night could ever go wrong..? This is only my second one, so I wouldn't know...


    Romance happened elsewhere to, as Inge shyly stole a kiss from Oliver Freddy, much to her mothers amusement. ;)


    It's saturday night and the kids aren't the only one that should enjoy a night out, so Ranveig invites her sister Monica out to eat at the Corsican Bistro while Oliver Freddy and Inge called for a taxi to take them to the Garage pub downtown for some pizza and drinks..


    Meanwhile Robert Bråge was having a splendid time at the prom.. Chemistry is not just found at the bar when the mixologist is doing their thing.. :P But in general its always the same, one thing reacting to another with sometimes mixed results.. the results look good here, though.. :P


    Oliver Freddy ordered the pizza, but well, sometimes it can be difficult to understand the concept of enjoying a meal together as he went to eat his piece by the bar at the concert venue in the basement..


    Inge was left alone to eat her piece upstairs right next to Lisa Bunch that was finding some love for the night with Hank Goddard-Wan...


    Monica thanked Ranveig for the invitiation, but said she would rather be home since her daughter was at the prom...There would be plenty of other opportunities for them to dine out, and when Ranveig got to think about it, she agreed..


    "Monica has a point.. with our kids at the prom it's probably best to stay home waiting for them for when they come home, or in case something else should happen..."


    Well, that's what she s.. thought, but by the time Robert Bråge came home from a successful night at the prom she was already in bed. A big meal after several hours of strength workout at the gym and a hot sauna bath would probably make anyone struggle to keep awake.. :P


    Robert Bråge is a nice kid and followed his moms example shortly thereafter, and this leaves only Inge and Oliver Freddy still up enjoying their own little slow dance over at the pub.


    Both of them had several thoughts about babies and children this night, and the scene looked as romantic as slow dancing at the local rock pub can be, which gave me hopes of a.. hmm.. happy ending.. :P


    Oh, this time was certainly one for romance, because while they were still slow dancing I got a message that Amena had just been on a date with Marty Keaton! My initial thought is good news, but.. on second thought, should you be doing that, Amena? ;) Marty is married to Justine, and Justine is a colleague of Amena in the police force.... hmm.....


    This does remind me though that I should check up on Amena and George and how the building of their new house is going, however I think I'll save that for the next update since it's already getting a little late here. ;)


    Back at the pub I do think it looks like the night is going to end well when Inge asks Oliver Freddy to watch the stars, but then..


    ..Inge gets a seemingly random impulse and runs out the door and heads back home just like that...


    The pub was far from closing, so this leaves me and Oliver Freddy both a little confused.. what was that? Did she suddenly get 'cold feet'? That was certainly an abrupt and unexpected ending to an otherwise perfect night..Oh well, not much left for Oliver Freddy to do now but head back home as well.. Women! Why are they so strange? ;) Maybe she suddenly got afraid they would get abducted by aliens...


    So umm.. yeah, good night. ;) See you next time...

    The prom gang:

    Like last time when there was a prom, I'm gonna have the teenagers pose a little. ;)


    Margrethe and Robert Bråge before entering the prom.


    The prom couples. Lise Veronica and Kristina to the left. Margrethe and Robert Bråge to the right.


    The teenagers that haven't gotten a prom date so far. Left to right: Kleopatra, Bjørn-Yngve and Olivia.


    All of them. :P


    Margrethe and Robert Bråges prom photo.
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    Great updates, I should get to finish my final chapter soon just been playing the other
    games as a break, which we all need sometimes.
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    Sara007 wrote: »
    Hi there, I have an issue that is troubling me terribly. My family house is full and has 8 members and I just did a cheat mod to allow me to use more family members in the household. It did work apart from one particular situation. Because the house is full it won't allow me to make the toy they have a real boy, it says my house is too crowded. Yet, my Sim is pregnant with her 7th baby so clearly, the cheat worked but why won't it allow me to make the toy a real boy? Can someone please help me with this one?

    I had this problem for a while too. I forget how I fixed it. I do know you need a combination of several mods from NRAAS for it to fully work.

    You might find your solution here.

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    Anyone have issues with the store keep saying "We'll be back" and then you get bounced back to page 1
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    @Sprottenham This!
    I am happy for every person that posts about their game in this thread, even if I may not be saying much to each individual post, but it's always interesting to see what others are up to and their perspective on playing/making stories out of the game.
    ^ 👏🏻
    That's how I feel about it too.
    Enjoyed your story post! :smiley: Interesting song you shared with it. I liked it. :)

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks girl. <3 You should finish the final chapter soon. ;) But I get it. :kissing_heart: We'll be here to read it when you're ready to post it.

    @GraceyManor Nice to see you back. :) I'm not having any issues like that on my end when I check the Sims 3 store. Perhaps they fixed it now. 👍🏻

    Well y'all it's time for another:

    Emorrill's Testing Medieval CC Shenanigans Part 11!
    Brought to you by Murfeelee's "The Fairy's Gifts" and the world of Praaven; where here, you're medieval. :smirk::joy:

    So I happened upon this Geralt of Rivia outfit, but it comes in random "pieces" that I'm just not a fan of so...I won't be keeping it in my game unless I feel like using it. :confused:



    It does look cool though. 👍🏻


    Back to Gereint's female counterpart:
    It took me a hot minute to find a workable download link for this medieval female outfit. (And sorry I didn't save the link. :grimace: ) I like it!


    Too bad their hair pops out of the hood (and it's not hat slider compatible which is a big bummer. :( )


    But there's an easy solution: Give them bald hair when they wear the hood and all is good. As you can see in this picture of her soothing Bucephalus. <3


    I forgot that I had this default replacement in that changes the clothes on the clothesline to more medieval looking ones. :mrgreen:


    These dolls and rocking horse were a neat find. :smiley:


    Back to male Gereint. :lol:

    This outfit I found on The Simstress's Tumblr. She's got a few gems. :star:



    It was so adorable how after almost every outfit change I made on Gereint, Bucephalus kept coming over to give him loves. <3 It's almost like he was telling Gereint something...


    So the two went for a ride. :blush:

    That made Bucephalus very very happy. <3

    This outfit - and hair - were also from the Simstress:


    ^Dunno what that plate sticking out on the chest is for... :confused: Y'all can see it sticking out like a sore thumb right?

    Dang! Look at the spurs(?) on the boots! :flushed: Ouch!!


    And there's claws on one of the hands.
    I don't think that feels very good to Bucephalus, Gereint! :grimace:


    The outfit is available to females as well:



    Yep, I still don't like that weird plate sticking out of the chest. :grimace: (Think I might ask a certain lady on the sims forums to remove it for me, possibly. ;) )


    But yeah it's another one of those outfits best saved for a particular character. 👍🏻

    Anyhoo! Moving on.

    These next few outfits I found on this site. (And it looks like they have a few new ones now that I need to check out. :p )
    They are Sims 4 medieval clothing conversions and...most of them weren't bad. 👍🏻 Check them out:



    Gereint: *Sigh* Oh how I wish I could live within the walls of the Castle Keep...

    (He's basically the keeper of the Royal Ship out by the docks.)

    Which you can see in the background while he's modeling this next outfit. :lol:


    Umm, what happened here? :lol: That can't feel good for either of them. :grimace:


    I love it when I catch hay in the horses mouth. :p Silly, I know.


    Now for the grand finale! :mrgreen:

    Remember how I said before that I forgot about that super rad sword and shield (from Murfeelee) going with a suit of armor and boots? (Dragon Armor, I believe is what it was named.)

    Well here is Gereint showing off the entire getup! Colored in the colors I saw in Murfeelee's pictures! :star:




    ^Oh my... :love:

    I always have been a sucker for a man in uniform...and that includes knightly armor. 🥰

    Here's a happy Gereint. <3 Feeling proud in his righteous suit of armor.


    Well that's it for this round of medieval cc testing! :grin: I think I've got about 2-3 posts worth of pictures left so stay tuned for more. :blush:

    Happy Simming my friends.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,102 Member

    There is some very nice medieval stuff outthere, but some tend to not look as good in-game
    though it is sad, you found some nice stuff there.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,102 Member

    * waves*
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,025 Member

    There is some very nice medieval stuff outthere, but some tend to not look as good in-game
    though it is sad, you found some nice stuff there.

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks. <3 Funny thing is, I'm finding that many of these pieces look super clear and crisp in CAS and then in Live mode they aren't. 🤷‍♀️ (I think a lot of that has to do with the dreaded Dec 2019 Windows 10 update that scre'wed up all of our games... :unamused: )

    Gosh I'm feeling hot and sweaty today. The humidity is back here in AR. 🥵 *Sigh* I'm not ready for warmer weather.
  • Simexpert123Simexpert123 Posts: 676 Member
    Just stopping in to say hi! :blush: 👋 Nice updates everybody! It's been pretty quiet on here...

    I haven't been playing sims 3 recently. But maybe I will later this week. :smile:
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,603 Member
    @misty4m I'm late replying by around a month, but you're welcome.

    @emorrill I didn't even know you got a part-time job, that's how far behind I am. Congrats, by the way!
    I guess they must be able to. I never knew that myself until it happened to my uncle.
    Thanks, and happy belated birthday to you too!

    @Sprottenham You're welcome.
    I used to try to reply to everyone, but it just gets too hard when I'm that far behind. Sometimes, I just gave one sentence because it was easier, lol
    Thanks, he was a good guy. What actually caused his death was that he was breathing in oxygen, but his body wasn't realeasing the carbon dioxide.
    Oh thanks! I'm late on the reply to your birthday wishes, lol

    @MamaSimTee Thank you.

    To everyone else, I read all your posts and handed out awesomes.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,603 Member
    Goth's in Moonlight Falls, Days 20 - 25 (Days 370 - 375) Part 2

    ***This is an old update that I just never posted. I literally haven't played this family since early February.

    The Goth family went out to eat at the Bistro.

    These two townies were having an argument outside.

    Oliver teaching Xander to use the potty.

    Lily and Christa played chess together.

    A random picture of Christa going to work.

    Lily randomly yelling at a townie to wake up.

    The dishwasher broke so Oliver fixed it.

    Jacob and Christa kissing in their swimwear.

    Somehow, I accidentally killed Lily. My original plan was to just keep her dead but whenever I do return to this family, I'll decide what I want to do then.

    Brandon happened to make it there just in time to cry over his wife's death.

    At the alchemy store, Brandon made a clone of himself. The original is on the left while the clone is on the right.
  • ButterWafflesARButterWafflesAR Posts: 111 Member
    @emorrill Though its a little late, happy late birthday, Emorrill. Sorry I only saw this, now. Family has the flu, so I've been a little preoccupied with taking care of them.

    @GraceyManor Its good to see you back. How is the new harry potter game you were talking about? You know, funny you mention it. Just nearly a week ago, I was buying Town Life, Gold Edition for Roaring Heights and Dragon Valley, and I purchased Hidden Springs on the ea app. Unfortunately, I was only able to install Town Life, but the other three were nowhere to be found. Checked everywhere, including the download dashboard. Eventually I contacted someone working with EA and they tried helping me in different ways. Including making a change to my game, so that they should appear, but I still didn't see the other three things I purchased. The fortunate part about that is that they refunded me for the roaring heights, dragon valley and hidden springs, then suggested I wait 7 to 10 business days and try buying the same purchases again through the sims 3 website.
    I don't know if it has any relation to what you were having problems with, but hopefully its fixed by now.
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