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Amazon Challenge-Tribe Wahine 3/5


  • MegandtheMoonMegandtheMoon Posts: 1,831 Member
    Aww poor Hagen. He seems like a tortured soul :( I wonder if Hoopono will try to help him in some way?
  • AmazingamphyAmazingamphy Posts: 1,733 Member
    Gone from this place and never coming back. P5 is good
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,145 Member
    On vacation in the Caymens SOOO I'll update the 15th! <3
  • MegandtheMoonMegandtheMoon Posts: 1,831 Member
    On vacation in the Caymens SOOO I'll update the 15th! <3

    Have a great time - we will look forward to the 15th!
  • AmazingamphyAmazingamphy Posts: 1,733 Member
    Gone from this place and never coming back. P5 is good
  • lovejess2lovejess2 Posts: 3,049 Member
    Lord you have 8 pages your tribe certainly have been busy. I love the things you have added it brings individuality to your tribe. I'm very interested in your story and your tribe so i'm going to keep reading on very glad you are enjoying this challenge.
  • AmazingamphyAmazingamphy Posts: 1,733 Member
    Thanks to this, I had an idea for a short story I did for school. Proof that video games can be good for you o:)
    Gone from this place and never coming back. P5 is good
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    Everyone is celebrating for it is Hoopono’s birthday and Buffy spared no expense to give her best friend a most wonderful party.

    As usual, Hoopono is arguing with Kaipo about the cowplant. “We should name her Daisy for she looks like a tiny daisy, rising in the sun,” Hoopono explains.

    “That’s a terrible name, Hoopono and quite unoriginal,” Kaipo counters. “Her name shall be Pela for the bell I will craft around her neck.”

    Flailing her arms, Hoopono says, “I did all the work in growing her seed. I shall name her. It’s Daisy.”

    “Ah, but I spoke soft words of kindness which she dearly loved. Without such, she would not have grown to such heights.”

    Jesse, Tribe Pakala’s Gatherer, agrees, “It is words that make a cowplant soar, Hoopono. This is known throughout the Amazon.”


    “Yes,” Kei offers, sitting on the couch and infuriatingly eavesdropping. “Singing will make a cowplant grow as well. Did you sing to the plant, Kaipo?”

    He bows. “Of course, milady. I’ve been told I have the voice of a pirate’s foghorn. Pure enchantment.”

    Kei laughs. “Then it is your right to name it, in my humble opinion.” She winks at the slave.


    Hoopono’s face warms—a little out of jealousy and a lot out of embarrassment. “Am I to suffer these statements on my birthday?” She charges to the kitchen. Might as well get the duty done and then it’s off to bed, she thinks to herself. How can Kei flirt with Kaipo right in front of me? And he allowed it!

    Inching closer to the cake, Hoopono lights the candles. With a wish and a blow, the deed is done.


    Swirling sparkles fill the air, flooding Hoopono with hope for the future. She almost forgets about the aggravating conversation only moments ago.


    But as she grows a bit older, Hoopono realizes her time has passed. She is an adult and her hope of bearing a child is over.


    Crestfallen, Hoopono shuffles out of the women’s compound, leaving the music and the revelry behind her.

    Inside, Buffy is overjoyed to see Hagen actually making conversation with Jesse.

    “You dance well, young slave,” Jesse says, smiling at him. “Where did you learn your moves?”

    “If you glide over to the couch, I will fill you in on a little secret,” Hagen says, never missing a step.

    “Okay,” Jesse says, crinkling her nose. “I love secrets.”


    “Tell me, beautiful Amazon,” Hagen says. “Where did you attain your green hair color? It is my favorite.”

    Jesse giggles. “That’s not fair, slave. Tell me your secret first!”


    “The ones who showed me the dance have skin as fine as your hair and lips as plump and delicious as an apple.”

    Tilting her head, Jesse says, “I’ve never seen such creatures. Which tribe are they from, Hagen?”

    The teen arches his eyebrow. “From the Tribe Sixam, dear lady.” He leans in and whispers, “Their men are known to bear babies!”

    Jesse draws up a breath, covering her mouth and hits him on the arm. “You are such a tease! I should tell your mother on you, but I won’t.”

    Shrugging, Hagen says, “I have no secrets from Mother. You may tell her anything you wish.”

    But Jesse giggles more, flashing her eyelashes.

    Buffy is delighted. Her son is making a connection. Maybe he will be able to sire a child after all!


    Walking over to her son, Buffy says, “I’m so proud of you, Hagen.” She gives him a mighty hug.


    Hagen says, pulling away, “What is this? Gnomes in the garden again? I must investigate.” And he runs out the door.

    Searching the rooms for Hoopono, Kaipo rushes out after Hagen. He sees her fretting at the fire pit. “What’s this sad face? It’s your birthday. No time for nonsense. You need to dance.” He thrusts his hand under her chin.

    “I’m not in the mood for jokes, Kaipo,” Hoopono says, peering at her green sandals.

    Kaipo insists she take his hand. “I have a birthday present for you.”

    At those welcome words, Hoopono’s face brightens. “What could you give to me, Kaipo? You are but a slave. Did you craft a horse or a chair? I know. A wooden cow to remind me of our cowplant…DAISY.”

    Grinning, Kaipo says, pulling her to her feet. “It’s a secret. I will tell you at the gong.”

    Grabbing both hands, Kaipo whispers, “You know I was kidding about the cowplant. Daisy is a lovely name.”

    Hoopono’s insides tickle. “It is?”


    “But not as lovely as you, Hoopono,” Kaipo says, softly. “I want to offer you what you truly desire. If you’ll have me.”


    Like a magnet in search of metal, Hoopono grabs Kaipo, kissing him with an urgency that surprises him. The moon shines down as the wind picks up, swirling Hoopono’s hair with the scent of impending rain. “Let’s go,” she says between kisses.

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    Yay! You're back!
    Gone from this place and never coming back. P5 is good
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,145 Member
    I am! It's good to be home! <3
  • MegandtheMoonMegandtheMoon Posts: 1,831 Member
    I LOVE that you've weaved the alien planet into your story! I can't wait for GTW myself, I so want an alien Amazon :grin:

    Oh, and I think Daisy the Cowplant just works ;) it's so sweet and innocent - totally belies the deadly purpose of the plant!

    It's good to have you back lovely :star: I hope you had a nice time away!
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,145 Member
    @MegandtheMoon I know...GTW!!!! I'm already planning a new story to use some of the elements. Can't wait. But yeah...gotta have aliens in the Amazon. I'm excited to see how you weave them into your story! Had so much fun but am glad to be back. Missed all of you!
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    In the morning, Hagen is arguing with a nonexistent person about things Hawika only hears from her insane brother’s mouth. “You will not abduct me, Sirius. I will make a rocket and fly to you.” He waves his hands in front of his face.


    “Do you doubt my intelligence?” Hagen roars. “I will gather the materials at the temple since I’m visiting my father today. He will help me.” Snarling like a bear, Hagen adds, “And I’ll pummel your green face for doubting me.”


    Without stopping a beat, he doubles over in laughter. “You know I’m joking, old friend. I’ll just whip you in a game of three armed chess.” Jumping up, he heads out the door muttering to himself, “I’ve got to get these arms defined or I’ll never be able to lift the rocket’s engine.” With every set, Hagen cries out in pain. “I…HATE…BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE!”

    Hawika hurries to her mother to start their daily jog.


    During their run, Hawika asks, “Mother, why must Hagen be sacrificed when he is of age? He is no threat to me. Today, he had several conversations with his green imaginary friends and he spoke of things I’ve never heard of such as rockets, three armed chess, and big butts. It is concerning, but he cannot possibly be of the mind to take over the tribe. His brain is not here most of the time.”

    Buffy thinks over these words, but remembers how he acted toward Jesse only last night. “He does have the presence of mind to produce a child, Hawika, and tradition states he must be sacrificed. This is an honorable thing to do. Plus, half the time, Hagen is fraught with sadness or overwhelming anger. I find him crying under his covers or yelling at the air. His mind will heal in the afterlife. He will be much better off. Trust me, dear one.”

    Pondering these things in her heart, Hawika hopes she can find a way to save her brother nevertheless.


    At the temple, Haipo smiles to himself as he looks out over the temple grounds, imagining seeing his children for the first time. Although life has been shortened for him, he is grateful for this day and will remember it forever.

    Finishing her daily swim, Bracha spies Haipo’s gleeful face. How dare he be so happy when his heart should be filled with misery, just like hers for the treachery of Buffy. Rage devours Bracha like a skull’s open maw. Seething with hate, Bracha determines to wipe that smile off Haipo’s face forever. He will not ever see his precious family again and then Buffy will duly suffer. She cannot wait to see her sister cry.

    But when she lunges toward him, a sudden pain strikes her down.


    Bracha falls dead at Haipo’s feet.

    Grim wanders by and takes Bracha’s twisted soul.


    Surprisingly, Haipo is overcome by grief at the sight of such hatred leading to death. Maybe now Bracha’s soul would rest. But if not, he would release her as he would not want her ghost torturing Buffy any longer.


    At the women’s compound, sadness is striking as well for Hoopono is not able to conceive. She knows the trouble. She is too old. She will never have a child with Kaipo.

  • MegandtheMoonMegandtheMoon Posts: 1,831 Member
    Oh I hope Hawika finds a way to save Hagen - I believe his insanity is actually prophecy-ism! He is clearly foreseeing the aliens' arrival in Willow Creek! Perhaps, if he stays long enough for the truth to be revealed, he will be made the tribe seer or something?! Wah :weary: I know, I'm clutching at straws! I just really want Hagen to stay :innocent:

    I was surprised at the sudden death of Bracha! But what a relief! I know that's a terrible thing to say, lol, but I was worried she had some grand design to destroy Buffy and the tribe! I can relax now :relieved:

    Oh PS: How did you get Buffy and Hawika to jog together?! Is that a mod? I've been campaigning for group jogging for aaaages. I even started my own thread requesting it. Lol.
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,145 Member
    @MegandtheMoon Buffy and Hawika just did that together because both were jogging at the same time and chatting.

    I did have a Bracha grand scheme but she died from rage/anger on her own. Evil sims... >:)

    There will be a larger plot with Hagen...gotta wait for GTW! Can't wait!!!
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    Devastated by her recent news, Hoopono doesn’t want to talk to anyone.

    Kaipo sees her distraught face and tries to cheer her. “What do you call a bear with no teeth?”

    Hoopono isn’t in the mood for jokes. She doesn’t say anything.

    “Come answer? Okay. Gummy bears!” Kaipo peers into Hoopono’s sad face. “Not even a crack of a smile? Just for that, I’m making you gummy bear pancakes.”


    When Hoopono’s eyes water, Kaipo rubs her arms and says, “What’s the matter, love? Did I do something wrong?”


    Hoopono looks at the ground and says, “I cannot have children, Kaipo. I am barren.”

    Kaipo squeezes her arms. “Is that what you’re crying for?” he says with a smile. “You’re not barren. We only tried once. This is great news…at least for me.”


    He takes her hands in his and whispers. “Lets try again, love. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again. The moon is full and my heart is willing. It will be magical.”


    Hoopono searches her love’s face and yearns to do as he pleases. He is right. The moon is full and bright and it should be an easy thing to do.


    But an overwhelming sadness fills her bones. She cannot sleep with Kaipo. Not now. Shaking her head, she says, “It is of no use to us, Kaipo. I waited too long. This is why our Creator discourages bearing children at the age of adult. It is full of failure and misery.” She turns from him and starts to cry.

    Seeing his love in such pain makes Kaipo’s eyes tingle. He cannot see her this way and the rejection stings him. He wipes his eyes and slowly walks away.


    The following morning, Kaila’s son ages up and it is time for her to send him on his way to Tribe Pakala. “Lakeki, it is time for you to go from here for this is not your tribe. You are the most gifted of slaves for you are my son. Do me proud and train to the best of your ability. I am counting on you.”

    “I am very excited, Mother. I cannot wait to max my skills as you have done.”


    “You will do well as your grandparents and great grandparents have done. We come from a long line of Champions and Master Slaves. I predict you will be the father of many Creator heiresses.”


    With those words, Kaila gives her son a hug, wishing the best for him with just a wisp of sadness that she will not be allowed to witness his journey. “I will visit soon.”


    In the compound, Kaipo tries once again to encourage Hoopono. “Feeling better, my lady? I have made a mean bowl of frosted O’s for you today.”


    “I will eat the leftover fish tacos, Kaipo. Thank you.”

    Nibbling on the cereal, Kaipo notices Hoopono is still gloomy. “I believe your face has cemented itself into the most horrible display of the droops. How may I remedy this, love?”


    Finishing her breakfast, Hoopono whispers, hoarse with tears, “There is nothing to do. Nothing to say. Leave me to my melancholy, Kaipo. Please.” She lifts from her chair to get some milk.

    Kaipo takes her in his arms and says, “Love, this is madness. Please. Let us try again. I promise to give you a daughter. You will be with child.”


    “I will do anything you please. You love massages. It will help you relax. Dearest, would you do this for me? I know I’m a lowly slave, but it is my destiny to please you. I cannot give up.”


    Hoopono puts her hand to her face. “I cannot even look at you in this state. My heart breaks for you, Kaipo, but it will do us no good. Save yourself for Hawika. You deserve to be a Creator Heiress father.”


    “What is this folly coming from your lips, Hoopono? You know how I feel about you.” Kaipo storms off in anger and Hoopono is left with sadness and the thought that she just hurt the man she loves.

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  • AmazingamphyAmazingamphy Posts: 1,733 Member
    No offense, but I just found Bracha's death really anti-climatic.
    Gone from this place and never coming back. P5 is good
  • haylz18haylz18 Posts: 182 Member
    @Amazingamphy I found it really fitting that Bracha died from anger. She was always full of hate and resentment that one! Plus if Bracha decided to just drop dead, there's not much @pammiechick can do about it.

    I love your writing and I think Bracha dropping dead in a fit of rage really suited her character/storyline. That's the wonderful thing about sims, they can be so unpredictable! Can't wait to see what happens next!
  • AmazingamphyAmazingamphy Posts: 1,733 Member
    haylz18 wrote: »
    @Amazingamphy I found it really fitting that Bracha died from anger. She was always full of hate and resentment that one! Plus if Bracha decided to just drop dead, there's not much @pammiechick can do about it.

    I love your writing and I think Bracha dropping dead in a fit of rage really suited her character/storyline. That's the wonderful thing about sims, they can be so unpredictable! Can't wait to see what happens next!

    Yeah, I'm not mad at @pammiechick if Bracha just dropped dead, just a bit disappointed that the main conflict of the story just randomly died.
    Gone from this place and never coming back. P5 is good
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    haylz18 wrote: »
    @Amazingamphy I found it really fitting that Bracha died from anger. She was always full of hate and resentment that one! Plus if Bracha decided to just drop dead, there's not much @pammiechick can do about it.

    I love your writing and I think Bracha dropping dead in a fit of rage really suited her character/storyline. That's the wonderful thing about sims, they can be so unpredictable! Can't wait to see what happens next!

    Yeah, I'm not mad at @pammiechick if Bracha just dropped dead, just a bit disappointed that the main conflict of the story just randomly died.

    I agree, @Amazingamphy I had so much more planned...and if this were a regular story that I was crafting (I do mostly craft, but sometimes, I let the sims do their own thing--for example, Hoopono isn't conceiving. Can't do much about that!) And please...if something disappoints or you have constructive feedback, I like hearing it! ;) So thanks for letting me know.

    If you want a story where I'M in charge, start reading my dystopian. It's entitled DISORDER and it will have LOTS of drama and I don't let my sims rule the story. I'm almost finished with chapters 3 and 4. They will be up tonight: DISORDER

    @haylz18 So glad you're enjoying it. I love to write it every morning! Look forward to waking up! LOL! I just need to play more. I've about caught up to the storyline.
  • MegandtheMoonMegandtheMoon Posts: 1,831 Member
    Aww - little Kapena :love: Will he come back to the tribe one day? He's so cute!

    I'm really feeling the Hoopono/Kaipo drama! Oh my. Oh - I was thinking that perhaps Hoopono is a little bit more emotional than usual...If you know what I mean?! ;) I do hope she has a child - she seems to have a gentle soul, it would nice to see her lineage carried on.

    PS: It's great that you're back - I have missed this story! :star:
  • pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,145 Member
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    @MegandtheMoon Hoopono has the gloomy trait, so she's not so easily won over...try as I did (or Kaipo did..HA!) He got so fed up with her. That was not my! Thanks for reading!!! :)
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    Hawika is so excited! Today she would visit the temple and meet Hagen’s father. She dressed her dressiest and skipped to the kitchen only to find Hagen on fire and doing nothing but staring into the flames!


    Hawika screams for help. Instantly, Buffy showers Hagen with water until the fire is out.

    Singed, full of black soot, Hagen plops down to eat his cereal. When Buffy moves to ask him if he’s well, he yells, “It is not fitting, Mother! My green friend, Yug Niela, says that fire is a bad omen. We will not visit Father today!”


    Knowing Hagen is simply talking nonsense again, she cringes around him, grabbing the milk then sits next to him.

    Hawika agrees, “Maybe Hagen is right, Mother. I’ve found over the years, these imaginary friends are usually correct. Either they are real or Hagen has a special power. I think we should stay home today.”

    Fury fills Buffy at these ridiculous claims. “We are seeing Haipo today and that’s final. He has been looking forward to it for so long. You will love to see him, too, young lady. I’ve had enough talk. I’m the Creator. You will do as I say.”


    Hagen mutters under his breath using a language Buffy does not understand, but she can read his face. He is not happy. She hopes his mood will change once he meets his father.

    In the backyard, Kaipo is playing with a fully-grown Daisy. “How’s my lovely girl today?”

    The cowplant nuzzles Kaipo with a low friendly growl.


    “You’re lucky I just fed her today, Kaipo,” Hoopono says behind him. “Or her growl wouldn’t be nice. You should know better than to play with her without at least trying to give her some food! I couldn’t bear to lose you!”

    Kaipo whips around and smoothly grasps her hands. “I know my ladies and how they’re doing, so don’t worry. You’re feeling better today.”


    Hoopono smiles. “Yes, my love. Much better. I want some time with you. Alone.”

    Kaipo kisses her fingers. “Your wish is my command.”

    At the temple, Buffy’s stomach is fluttering. She hasn’t seen Haipo in so long. It will be hard not to kiss him in front of their children, but she’s hoping they will be able to steal away somewhere private. She remembers wistfully the last time she visited, they’d tiptoed to the bathroom and locked the door. Buffy gave him a backrub. Since Haipo was an elder he needed them very often.


    Hagen cried from the center of the temple, sending knives down Buffy’s back. She runs over to him and stops in her tracks.

    “Look, Mother,” Hagen says, head drooping, looking at a headstone. “It’s Father’s. He must have passed on.”


    The shock strikes Buffy hard and she instantly is consumed with sorrow. “But how? Why?” are all the words she can utter before sobs writhe from her.

    Hagen wraps his arms around his mother, trying to comfort her, but his mind is all jumbled and he can’t think of something that will make a difference. So he stays silent.


    Hawika skips up to them but her mouth drops open at the scene. “What’s wrong?”

    Buffy hides her eyes. “It’s too much. I can’t,” she whispers. “We must leave.”


    Bewildered, Hawika follows her mother and brother home, wondering why they both look grief-stricken.
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    Hawika is very concerned for her mother. She hasn’t gotten out of bed for two days and she can hear her cries from downstairs. Finally, Buffy allows Hawika to speak with her.


    Wiping her eyes, Buffy prepares herself for a hard confession. “I’m very sorry, dear one. I’m overrun with grief by the sudden death of…” She hides her face in her hands. “Your father.”

    Confusion muddles Hawika’s features. “B-But Father has been dead since before I became child, surely this is not true.”

    Buffy looks at her child, feeling so badly for her.


    The Creator shakes her head slowly. “What I’m about to tell you is nothing but the truth. Haipo is your father. Not Bane.”

    The shock makes Hawika’s heart seem to stop. She covers her mouth. She does not want this to be the truth for if it is then her whole existence is folly.


    Holding her daughter tightly, Buffy says, “No worries, dearest. This is not your fault. Haipo and I never wanted you to get hurt, but since you will be Creator, you must know the truth. It is my wish that wrongs be righted and I cannot leave this earth until the truth is known or my soul will be tormented forever.”


    Meanwhile, Hoopono finds Kaipo. She shakes her hands in excitement. “Guess what, Kaipo? You’re going to be a father!”

    Kaipo draws Hoopono into a warm hug. They stay like that for a long time for they know their time is short. Kaipo must leave the tribe.


    That night, Buffy gives Hawika her first task as Creator Heiress. She calls Kei to come to help.

    Kei sits with Hawika near the firepit. “I came as soon as I received word. So sorry for your Mother’s loss. I know she and Haipo were close.”

    “It is worse than that, Shaman Kei, and we need your help.”


    Kei’s face falls with worry. “I have brought over my most potent potions for whatever is ailing Creator Buffy. Please tell me whatever is the matter, my dear.”

    “My mother tells me my father was Haipo and that Bane was unjustly punished. Yes, he did try to attack my mother, but it was because he was lied to about me. When he saw my face and skin, he knew he was not the father.”

    Kei cannot believe what she is hearing. Dread oozes over her like tar. “The Amazon High Council has to be notified at once. I’m sorry, dear Hawika, but this is bad news for this whole tribe.”


    Hawika draws in a breath. This will be her first test to see if she truly is brave enough to hold onto the reign of Tribe Wahine. “That will not be necessary, Shaman Kei. For the law states that if a wrong can be righted on its own the council shall not be bothered. This is known throughout the Amazon.”

    Kei waves her hand. “You wish to raise him? This despicable character who tried to hurt your mother?”

    “It can be done. Right? You can bring Bane back.”

    “I can,” Kei says, “But should I is the next question.”

    Hawika peers into Kei’s eyes and says with all the bravery she can muster, “I am the true granddaughter of the great Creator Abra Wahine, the first. If you don’t help us, her tribe will cease to exist. You know they will kill all the heirs and anyone who stands by our side.”

    Kei draws in a deep breath. “You speak wisely for such a young one. Maybe you do have Creator Abra’s wits. I will help. But this will be a warning to you. I cannot control what Bane might do once he arrives. It will be as if his punishment has just happened. He could be furious just looking at you and it will be his right to kill you and Buffy. It may be wiser to allow the Council to judge.”

    “It is my mother’s last wish,” Hawika says solemnly.


    But Hawika cannot speak further for if she does, the thing she most fears may come true.

    Giving Hawika a potion, Kei says, “Drink this then make a wish for it will come true.”

    “That’s it?” Hawika exclaims, looking at the sleepy tonic.

    “It’s a dream-come-true serum. Very powerful. I only use it for emergencies as it takes many many suns to brew and it has...consequences if not used properly. Raising the dead is tricky but since there is much heart in this that isn't folly, I think it will work.”


    Sadly, Hawika takes the potion and puts it on the bar. Her heart is breaking for not only her but for her mother and the whole tribe. The wish could cost everyone so dearly. She’d always thought good things about her father. They were just whims of a child, but she’d always thought he left the world suddenly like a butterfly leaving its cocoon. And now she finds out he was not her father. He was a sinister man who she needed to resurrect because her mother commanded it. How Hawika wants to run. Run away!


    But she cannot.

    Slowly, she shuffles into the compound and sees her brother sitting down. Maybe he would protect her from this man? Hawika’s insides squirmed like it was full of worms and other ugly insects.


    Before she changes her mind, Hawika slurps the liquid, heart nearly beating out of her chest.

    “Hey, Hawika,” Hagen says. “Why are you drinking a dream-come-true potion?”

    But she doesn’t answer for she can’t. She has a wish to make.


    In a flash, Hawika feels a man standing behind her. She’s frozen in her chair.


    Bane is back!

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    OMG - Haipo is dead?! :cry: And Bane is back?! :open_mouth: So. Much. Drama *swoons*
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