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Amazon Challenge-Tribe Wahine 3/5


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    @naniminna Yes! Bracha is a plumbing plum! I was happy to at least have this outlet for Haipo and Buffy to see each other. Now I've basically caught up to my story and need to play some more! Oh what will happen???
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    Aww poor Buffy! Can't wait to see what happens next =)
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    Oh! I'd forgotten about Bracha! I have to admit she's kinda scary - she just looks evil! I'm sad that Haipo is leaving :(
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    @MegandtheMoon I know! I can't believe the creepy looks she gives!

    @haylz18 I can't wait either! Guess ill have to play tonight! ;)
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    With Haipo’s departure, the tribe desperately needs another slave. It seemed to Buffy that even the pipes cried out at his loss for they sprung tears all at once.

    Abra sends over Kawika immediately. Handsome, strong, and already a Master Slave at Kei’s home, Buffy is filled with excitement. She would not have to break him in as she did Bane.


    Kawika bows. “Thank you for allowing me into your tribe, Creator. I hope you find my skills pleasing for they are far superior to your former slave, Haipo. This should be to your benefit.”


    Anger erupts inside Buffy at the mention of her love’s name. How dare he speak of him with such arrogance? “You shall not mention Haipo’s name in my presence. He is far superior to you no matter how many skills you have for he would not have mentioned anything to me. He knew the value of action not haughty words.”


    “What did I say, Creator, that would offend you?” Kawika asks. “I merely mentioned a fact. This is not impertinence, surely.”


    Fury replaces anger. Buffy yells, “And furthermore, how dare you speak to me in such a manner as to defend yourself to your Creator? I have a mind to send you back to the home you came from!”


    At this, Kawika bows. “Forgive me, Creator. I’m not used to your ways yet. In Kei’s home, we slaves were freer with our words. I will be more careful.”

    “My slaves are free with their words when they are known to be trusted," Buffy states. "Trust comes from humble service and gratitude which I find none in you. You will not last long here unless you learn this truth. Haipo was the head of my household, and my closest counselor, but he earned that right. He was the most humble, wisest man I’ve ever known and you will do well to respect that fact. He will always outrank you in my eyes.”


    Little did Buffy know that Bane was behind them witnessing the exchange to his glee. Finally, he may find a way to woo his creator since she must breed again and Kawika is off to a poor start. The Maker must be shining upon him, finally, for his luck was turning!


    As Buffy was going up the stairs to check on baby Hagen, she feels Kawika coming up behind her. “What is your business, slave?”

    “I wanted to check out the grounds and the compound where I will be working. It is very small. This is only a second generation, am I correct?”

    His arrogance is even beyond Bane’s! Buffy wants to banish him, but she doesn’t want to offend her mother as he was a highly honored gift. Brandishing a finger, she spats, “This is your home now, slave, humble as it is. If you have sunk from comfort that you knew before then you are free to go, but know this. If you stay and I hear a hint of disrespect from you as such I’ve born today, you will be punished severely. If you do it again, you will be banished from the Amazon most dishonorably. Do you understand?”

    Kawika’s eyes grow two sizes and he says, “Of course, Creator. Please forgive any display of impertinence. I meant no disrespect. My tribe states things openly without harboring offense to them. There is no dishonor in a small tribe. I most humbly apologize if you found anything wanting in what I said and if I could I would take back the words that have made my Creator miserable.” He bows deeply. “How can I be of service to you now?”


    Eyes narrowing, Buffy says, “You can’t. Bane! Take care of baby Hagen while I get this impertinent slave out of my sight.”

    “Yes, Creator,” Bane says, bowing and hustling over to Hagen. Smiling to himself, he says a small prayer of gratitude for Kawika’s obvious ineptitude. What an ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Bane likes him already. He is his ticket to immortality as Bane knows he will be in the line of the next Creator Heiress. He could feel it!


    Several days later, Bane alerts Buffy that it is Hagen’s birthday. “You won’t want to miss him aging up. By my calculations, it should happen at any moment.”


    Smiling, Buffy says, “Thank you, Bane. That is most kind of you to suggest. Will you join me in this wonderful occasion?”

    “Indeed, it would be a blessing to me, Creator!” Bane oozes his delight even though on the inside he doesn’t care a cow plant’s bell about Haipo’s offspring. His plan is working almost magically. He couldn’t have crafted it better himself!


    What Bane doesn’t realize is Buffy is also crafting a plan and Bane is just the slave she needs. Simple. Ambitious. And just plain plum.

    In the next few moments, Haipo and Buffy’s son grows to child, but Buffy can already feel his sister stirring in her belly. She will have to act fast.

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    Ooo good update! Sneaky Buffy :D
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    @haylz18 LOL! Desperate times call for sneakiness, and besides, she's surrounded by thick headed ninnies!! Hee! What's a girl to do? Guys like Haipo just don't grow on trees in the Amazon...
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    OH MY GOD! She had Haipo's second child?????? omg omg omg. Bane is a total plum and will easily fall for this trap, won't he? Well, good. But what if the child looks exactly like Haipo? Oh the drama!

    Love your writing like always! I cannot wait to read the next installment!
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    @naniminna Dun, dun, dunnnnn!! Hee! ;) And thanks!!!! Hoping to write two episodes tomorrow! Had a lot of playtime recently. SO much more to come. :)
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    BTW, if you guys are in LOVE with Haipo, I've uploaded him on the gallery. But he has a bunch of CC so you need to click on the advance cc button to the left in the gallery. Hit #amazonchallenge and he will pop up! Awesome slave (even if he is a bit hotheaded...ha!)

    Here is his CC:

    Stealthic Obscura Male Hair

    77Accessories Friend's exclusive earrings

    That's it! Instant Haipo! ;)






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    <3 I must have him!
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    @naniminna LOL! Go for it!!! ;)
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    Early that morning, Buffy takes a pregnancy test and it’s as she thought. She is carrying Haipo’s child. She must talk to Bane before she starts showing.


    When she asks Bane to meet her at the ceremonial gong, a huge smile spreads across his face.

    Buffy suggests he be her breeding mate and he gladly agrees. Without wasting time, Buffy pulls him into the chambers.


    Sitting on the couch, Buffy explains, “I know I haven’t been the nicest to you, Bane, and for that I’m sorry. Lately, you’ve grown in stature in my eyes.”

    Bane bows. “Thank you, Creator.”

    “But because there’s little chemistry between us, my mother’s friend, Kei, has mixed up a potion that will help us along…if you understand my meaning.”


    “I’ve heard of those,” Bane says. “A love potion then?”

    Buffy shifts her head to the side. “In a way. It' It affects people differently.” She opens the carafe of potion and pours a glass, handing it to him. Sparks light the room.


    “Will you join me and drink one yourself, Creator?” Bane asks.

    Slyly, Buffy gives Bane a welcoming look. “I don’t need one, Bane. I am more than ready.”


    With a dramatic wave, Bane says, “I am in your debt for allowing me such an honor, Creator. May the child we make together be the greatest Creator Heiress yet.”

    Buffy had to stop herself from rolling her eyes. Bane hasn’t changed. He loved to make self-important speeches. His family lineage is from the oldest Amazonian tribe and he liked to think he was a little better than everyone else because of it.


    With one gulp, Bane drinks the substance. Wiping his mouth, he says, “I kind of feel tingly inside.”


    Bouncing up, Bane stumbles to the bed. “Meet you…” But he doesn’t finish the phrase. He passes out on the mattress.


    As he lay sleeping, Buffy smiles to herself that so far, her plan is working. Vowing to never take another lover, this ruse was not as easy as going ahead and sleeping with Bane. But she just couldn’t make herself do that.

    She does feel guilty for tricking Bane, but he will not know the difference. His name will go in the books as the father, if she has a girl—something he has always dreamed about, she knew, so he will get his most special reward. And Buffy will hopefully birth a Creator Heiress who will have Haipo’s beautiful features and wise head.

    Everyone wins.

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    The following day, Buffy tells Bane her good news. “You are the father of my impending child. It will be a Creator Heiress!”


    Bane is a little disappointed, as he could not remember their escapades from the night before and woke up with a tremendous headache. He wanted another chance to feel his Creator, touch her beautiful skin, kiss her. She didn’t even perform the breeding ceremonial kiss when she had asked, and now, he would have to find a new tribe. It was all too soon for his liking.


    “Creator,” Bane suggests, “May I have a day to gather my things and finish up a woodworking piece?”

    “Of course, Bane,” Buffy answers with a squeeze of his hand. “Take a few days, if you like.”


    Giving his creator a hug, Bane decides he wishes to see his child, if indeed it would be the next Creator Heiress. Hopefully, Buffy would consent to him becoming Master Slave. He had to work on a gift to give her and hopefully, sway her opinion of him even more.


    Working all afternoon on his project, Bane hears yelling from the women’s compound. Something is wrong!


    A fire!

    But that weasel, Kawika, grabs the fire extinguisher first along with Buffy. Bane is too late to impress the creator with his bravery. His gift would have to do by itself. Was Bane’s luck turning for the worse? He would not think of it, especially with the prospect that the new child might be a boy.


    When the gift is ready, Bane asks the Creator to come outside so he could formally present it to her.


    In the moonlight, Bane shows his creator the gift. “It reminds me of you, Creator. Beautiful. Soft. Fast. Like a quick hare, running in the sand.” Bane’s face heats up with emotion.

    Buffy’s look is hard to read.


    After moments of awkward silence, Bane asks, “What do you think?”

    Buffy stands, inching her face toward the statue. “I think it’s lovely, Bane. Thank you for making this for me. I believe it goes well out here near my throne.”


    Bane is thrilled. Swiftly, he moves forward with his plan. “I was wondering, Creator, if you would allow me to become a Master Slave. That way, we could celebrate bearing the Creator Heiress together or I could comfort you if the child is a boy, heaven forbid!”


    Turning back to have another gaze at his creation, Bane awaits the Creator’s response.

    She says, “Yes, Bane. You’ve done well and earned this right. It’s the least I can do. We will have the ceremony next week.”

    Glee fills Bane’s heart. All is coming to pass exactly how he planned. Now, if only the Maker would allow this child to be a girl, he would be the most happiest man in the Amazon.

    For some reason, Buffy’s heart fills with trepidation. She wants Bane gone as soon as possible. But how could she deny this right to him when she has tricked him so abominably? Guilty feelings press against her and she knows she needs to give him every honor she can. She just hopes nothing goes wrong by having him near Haipo’s child.

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    The next week, late at night, Buffy gives Bane the Master Slave privileges. “You will now wear the Master Slave earrings and have all the rights of Master Slave from now on until you must leave us. Afterwards, you may go where you wish, even to the Temple, if you so desire.”


    “Thank you for this honor,” Bane says, bowing.

    Unfortunately, Buffy was in her late third trimester and suffers with an intense pain knifing through her back. “Oh…”

    “Are you well, Creator?” Bane asks, holding her arm.

    “I’m fine. I just need to sit down.”

    But as she reclines, she feels an even sharper pain. She’s felt this before. She’s in labor.


    Bane drapes his arm around her and leads her into the kitchen, sitting her down. “Breathe deeply, Creator. Blow through the pain. My mother was a shaman and I watched her with the laboring women. It will help.”

    Buffy obeys, and happily, this does help.


    “Do not worry, Creator,” Bane assures her, “I will not leave your side.”

    Struggling through cramps, Buffy yearns for Haipo’s touch and calming whispers, not Bane’s. Would she survive this night?

    The labor was long and lasts throughout the night. Buffy walks to try to encourage this stubborn child out of her body.


    Finally, the time comes and Buffy stumbles to the bassinet.


    Buffy holds her child in her arms. “I bless you, my dearest child. You are named Hawika Wahine, my Creator Heiress. May the Maker shine his face upon you all the days of your sweet life.”

    Holding out her hand, Buffy says to Bane. “Come. See your daughter, Bane. A Creator Heiress!”


    “I am most pleased, Creator. She is the most perfect child in the world.” He gazes at his daughter and sees his name going in the geneology book for all time as the father of the third generation Creator. Pride swells within him. After he holds Hawika for a while, something catches his eye about Hawika’s skin. It’s dark. Bane has light skin and so does Buffy. So why does his child have tan skin? It doesn’t make sense.


    And then it hits him like a cold slap in the face. Haipo has tan skin. Like curtains drawing, shining the light of truth, Bane realizes he’s been played a fool. Anger swells through his veins. Buffy would not get away with this outrage. This would be her death and the death of Haipo before he was done.

    In a state of fury, before he can think clearly, Bane grabs Buffy’s arm and drags her into the breeding chambers. “Liar! I know that devil’s spawn is not my daughter. It is Haipo’s! If you think you can trick me, you’re highly mistaken. You will lose your life over this!”


    Buffy’s mouth dries as her body feels as if it will crumble. “Bane, please. Let me explain!” Dizziness overwhelms Buffy and she drops down on the couch.

    “I don’t want you to explain because you will have my child or you will go to the waters to your death. I will see to that.” He reaches for her arms and Buffy screams!


    In flies Kawika. “Creator, are you well? I heard your cries.”

    “Bane has gone mad! He has attacked me. Take him to the House of Punishment where he will suffer a most excruciating death for laying hands on his Creator!”

    “She’s lying!” Bane yells. “She’s broken the most sovereign breeding rule. That child is Haipo’s!”


    Kawika flings his finger and shouts, “You will not last another day, dishonorable slave. That precious child is our Creator Heiress and you will respect our Creator. But for this insanity, you will go to the Pillar of Death!”

    Jumping up, Bane yells maliciously, “You will have to fight me to do so. I will not be dishonored by a lying plum. She is the one who should suffer in the death chamber, not me.”


    Swiftly, Kawika lands the first punch, knocking Bane to the floor.


    The fight ensues, stirring up dust, when Kawika jumps up and lands on top of Bane, knocking him out.


    After a few moments, Bane is dazed and on his feet.

    “You will go to the pillar now,” Kawika commands.


    Buffy’s heart pounds painfully. How could this have gone so badly? What a fool Bane is! If he would have been calm, they could have worked through it, but he only cared about his lineage instead of his honor. This death would give Buffy guilt pangs for the rest of her life. But there was no way out. Bane was a dangerous man.

    Immediately, while Bane is still dazed, Kawika shaves him and prepares him for his execution.


    There is no joy in the compound for the celebration of the birth of a Creator Heiress. Only sadness and hurt and regret.

    Bane’s headstone decorates the House of Punishment’s grounds, but sadly, no one mourns him.


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    =O Whaaaaaaat??? I feel badly for Bane. She should have made him leave! zomg. Well, it's such a shame he couldn't be reasoned with, but I'm sure that as Hawika grows older, she is sure to make others ask questions.
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    @nanimina Yes, selfishness is never a good thing for the tribe! And I did feel sorry for Bane in the end. But there is always calm after a least, I hope! ;)
  • naniminnananiminna Posts: 463 Member
    In this tribe, no way! xD Gosh I sure hope that Bracha doesn't discover the truth, but I suppose it makes sense if Buffy does bring the kids with her to visit Haipo. If she tells him, then Bracha need only overhear.
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    *gulp* Wow. So much has happened! Is it bad that I feel a little sorry for Bane? :s And a little afraid of Buffy?! I think Bracha's curse is working! Eek.
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    @MegandtheMoon I feel bad for Bane, so no worries! And yes...Buffy is under a curse! She should never have messed with the rules. They are there for a reason...we'll see how this all plays out. For now, the focus will shift, though, to new tribe mates and slaves and we have a creator son who is about to age up, although I haven't followed his progression much. Poor kid is insane! :p Your tribe will get a mention, too as a great example for Tribe Wahine! <3

    @naniminna Yes...this plot thread is far from over, but I'm taking a break from it for a little while, at least. It's all played out so I know what's going to happen and it happened ON ITS OWN! So will see! The Maker had his say about this...
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    @MegandtheMoon I feel bad for Bane, so no worries! And yes...Buffy is under a curse! She should never have messed with the rules. They are there for a reason...we'll see how this all plays out. For now, the focus will shift, though, to new tribe mates and slaves and we have a creator son who is about to age up, although I haven't followed his progression much. Poor kid is insane! :p Your tribe will get a mention, too as a great example for Tribe Wahine! <3

    Oooh. How exciting! I can't wait to see Hagen. I've never used the insane trait yet, so I can't wait to see how that has an impact - especially in a tribe setting!

    My tribe gets a mention?! :open_mouth: Aww wow! That's such an honour! Thank you :star:
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    @MegandtheMoon I'm excited for how this will all play out! It looks grim now, but there will be redemption when all is said and done! o:)
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    Abra comes to visit the tribe to comfort them after their troubles. Hoopono talks over an idea she has that is on a sensitive subject. She doesn’t know how to bring it up to Buffy, if at all.

    “I’ve heard about a tribe to the north who are very humane with their Creator slaves. They grow the cowplant and sacrifice them to it. It doesn’t take long like our pit. And they do not suffer. My gardening skills have increased in such a way that I know I can grow one.”


    Shock and sorrow overwhelms Abra at the mention of such a thing. For she can only think about her grandson, Hagen, and what will have to happen eventually. “I see your concern, Hoopono, and I think it wise, but would it be dangerous for the whole tribe? It can eat any one of you if it isn’t fed well. That is why I chose not to encourage my Gatherers to grow it.”


    Hoopono looks at her hands. She believes she can manage it. “I will discuss this with the Creator after things settle down. Maybe after your birthday party?”

    “Yes! My birthday! I can’t believe I will be elder,” Abra says, wistfully. “Staying at Kei’s has improved my health in such a way that I hardly notice I’m growing old. I see Ekewaka has already had her birthday.”

    Hoopono smiles. “Yes, and mother as well. But she is doing fine, too, having her own compound to manage and painting all the time.”

    “This is good,” Abra says.

    Ekewaka sits with her former Creator. “I feel old and sick much of the time, Abra. You do not want to have this birthday, I fear.”

    Abra pats her friend’s hand. “You may come live with us, if you wish.”

    Ekewaka shook her head. “That is very kind, but I’m the elder of this tribe and take care of the little ones. Hawika is such a beautiful baby. I don’t want to miss out on her child rearing.”

    Sadness clouds Abra as she now understands what she is missing.


    Hopping out of her seat, she speaks with her grandson, Hagen. He is a busy little guy, but many times he doesn’t make sense.

    “Please, can I go up in a rocketship and meet the green aliens, grandma?” Hagen asks. “They speak to me in my sleep.”

    Abra has never heard of green aliens or this rocketship. She fears her grandson has the corrupt trait called insanity. She prays to the Maker that Hawika is spared this trait or she will not be able to become Creator Heiress. When she was Creator, she had chosen Bane for his pure bloodline, so this shouldn’t be a problem as he is Hawika's father, she thought. Unfortunately, Haipo had a host of bad traits that he somehow overcame and this obviously led to poor Hagen's insane trait.


    Abra sends Hagen on his way to do some chores and forget about little green men and rockets.

    Outside, Hoopono sets out to follow the North Tribe’s ways and proceeds to try to grow a cowplant. First, she gathers strawberries and snapdragons she finds near the magic tree. Then she plants them. Hopefully, she will not kill these plants as Ekewaka did with the horrible grafting skills she’d gleaned, making an abomination of a plant that smells and draws bugs that even Hoopono cannot wish away.


    Days later, Hoopono’s plants grow large and strong. She will graft the snapdragon into the strawberry, hoping to make dragon fruit. Hoopono is not sure how to approach Buffy on the subject because she has been sick and not seeing anyone. Hoopono fears she is depressed about the dealings with Bane and so, she doesn’t want to bother her now. Maybe when the new slave comes, Buffy will feel better.


    The day is here! Hoopono is filled with excitement. There’s always a buzz amongst the tribe when a new slave arrives. She’s heard it is one of Kei’s slave’s brothers. She hopes he is handsome, at least, for she needs to breed soon or forget about it altogether. It is discouraged to breed when past adult, although Hoopono isn’t close to this age yet.

    Finally coming out of the compound, Buffy squints as the sun is very bright. Sulking for weeks, Hoopono thinks her Creator looks well and waves sul sul to her. Buffy smiles, but Hoopono can see pain behind it.

    “Welcome, Kaipo to Tribe Wahine,” Buffy says to Kaipo in front of the gong. “We are most anxious for you to settle into our tribe and hear wonderful things about you from our Creator Mother.”

    Kaipo bows. “I fear she has overstated my skills to you, Creator, but I will try my best to learn how to best serve you and your tribal sisters.”


    Hoopono’s heart skips at the sight of Kaipo. He is even more handsome than she’d hoped. Before she could think, she moves in front of her Creator, introducing herself. “I am Hoopono, Tribe Wahine’s Gatherer,” she says. “Are you skilled at gardening?”


    “Why, yes, I am. I love the outdoors, too and can wield a mean attack against bugs that threaten any green plant.”


    Hoopono giggles as her insides tickle. She has found her breeding mate! Without thinking, she wraps her arms around the new slave, saying, “Welcome, Kaipo. We are very glad you’re here. May the Maker shine His face upon you.”


    Buffy is not pleased to see this display from Hoopono. It reminds her of her bond with Haipo and that did not end well. She will have to caution Hoopono not to spend too much time with him. When thinking about Haipo, sadness sifts through her bones like sand through a sieve. It is as if a neverending dreary cloud hangs over her. If she doesn’t shake this depression, it will impair her rule. She decides she must see Haipo and work through these feelings of guilt over the birth of Hawika and Bane’s death.


    That night, everyone celebrate's Abra’s elder birthday at Kei’s home. She blows out the candles.


    But magically, Abra feels no older. Kei’s potions must be working! Maybe she would get to see her grandchildren grow up after all!


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    I'm suspicious that Hawika will end up with a bad trait, cluing everyone in on what happened. Glad to see the cowplant will be grown soon if Buffy allows it. It's so cruel to drown the poor men in the pools. =(

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    @naniminna She hasn't aged fully, so I don't know her traits yet! Hoping for good ones, but with her father...??? I'm using the Legacy Random Trait generator. I've always been afraid of the cowplant!
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