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Amazon Challenge-Tribe Wahine 3/5


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    @pammiechick Oye. Haipo will probably give her a doozy of a trait, but let's cross our fingers!

    The cowplant. I have NEVER used it because I was sure it would eat my sims, but I'm gonna try it in my legacy. Looks like you will get to it first. Don't let anyone be eaten by it! =O
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    naniminna wrote: »
    @pammiechick Oye. Haipo will probably give her a doozy of a trait, but let's cross our fingers!

    The cowplant. I have NEVER used it because I was sure it would eat my sims, but I'm gonna try it in my legacy. Looks like you will get to it first. Don't let anyone be eaten by it! =O

    Lol! Ok! I will do my best to keep that thing AWAY from everyone! You have a legacy? I don't think I've read it...or are you talking about your ISBI challenge?
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    Not being able to bear the weight of her guilt alone any longer, Buffy rushes to the temple to speak with Haipo. When she sees him, a flood of emotions overwhelm her and she wraps her arms around him, holding him for a long time, not wanting to let go.

    “It is so good to see you, dear one,” Buffy whispers. “It feels like an eternity.”

    The heat from the fire crackles as Buffy and Haipo cling to one another. “I’ve missed you, too, kitten.”


    Pulling away to see her love’s face, Buffy stops in shock. “You’re an elder. But how can this be? You’re only seven suns older than me.”

    Haipo shrugs. “It is known temple work will take suns away. It is a noble duty and worth the price.”


    Buffy shakes her head in awe. “You never cease to amaze, Haipo. But it saddens me to think you will pass on sooner than you should. And you’re doing it for me which brings even more burdens upon my shoulders.”

    Haipo knits his eyebrows. “Do not think about that. Come. Let’s sit. Share your burdens with me. Bracha is outside doing her daily chores and shouldn’t come back for hours.”


    The two settle on the comfortable couch. Buffy tells Haipo all about the dealings with Bane. “And so, I’m struck with grief about the choices I’ve made. I don’t know how to deal with the pain of his death. It was so unnecessary. I felt like a trapped tiger with no way out but to bear my teeth.”

    “I’ve spoken with your mother,” Haipo says, holding Buffy’s hands. “The word is Bane wanted to have his way with you in the breeding chambers again and when you did not consent, Kawika heard your cries, and so was swiftly executed for his crime.”

    Buffy swallows. “Yes, that is true but the reasons behind it are folly. All people will have to do is look upon our daughter’s face to see she is yours. She has your nose and skin…it’s distinct enough that Bane saw through it all.”

    “Shh…” Haipo says, holding Buffy. “You’re talking madness now. Nothing will happen to our daughter. You need to forgive yourself and move on. If you harbor regret and sorrow, you will not easily lead your tribe and you will make even more poor choices. If you ever need advice, I will be here.”

    “Can I bring the children next time?” Buffy asks. “I do want you to meet them, at least. It’s almost Hagen’s teen birthday! I must admit, he looks like me, though.”

    Haipo laughs. “Our son looks like you and our daughter looks like me.” He squeezes Buffy’s hands. “I would love for you to bring them.”


    Suddenly, a voice dripping in condemnation burst upon them like a sudden storm. “So, it’s true then. Hawika is Haipo’s daughter, not Bane’s!”

    Panic ripples through Buffy’s stomach making her sick. She cannot say anything out of fear.


    “You will not get away with this. I will be reporting you to the Amazon high council,” Bracha hisses. “You will go to your death for this heresy!”

    “Buffy,” Haipo whispers in her ear. “Leave her to me. I will take care of this.”

    Buffy squeezes his arm. “You won’t do anything desperate?”

    “No, don’t worry. Words are far more dangerous than fists. Trust me.”

    At once, Buffy stands and leaves, not looking back at her sister.


    Bracha smiles wickedly, sitting down at the bar. “She can run away, but that won’t change her circumstances. Or yours.”

    “I don’t intend to change the circumstances,” Haipo explains. “I won’t have to.” He sits next to her, sipping a drink he’d made earlier.


    Laughing, Bracha says, “This calmness of yours is so unlike you, Haipo. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’ve lost your hotheaded trait. But no matter. When all of this is over, your whole family will be at the bottom of a pool and I’ll be Creator as it should have been from the beginning.”

    “No, Bracha, you will never be Creator,” Haipo says, staring straight into Bracha’s cold, blue eyes. “You forget the rules of the High Council. I will never testify against Buffy and she cannot testify against herself. Therefore, it will be your word against Tribe Wahine. Kawika saw what happened with his own eyes and it will be hard for you to prove Hawika is my child no matter what she looks like.

    "And so, even if the High Council decides in the best way for you, all it will provide you is a chance to challenge Hawika when she is of age. Right now, Tribe Pakala is bringing in their most talented Champion to train Hawika in combat. Something you and Buffy never acquired because your tribe was so poor and small. And all the while you grow ever older, having to serve here at the temple. Ragged and weak, you will be no match for Hawika. No. The Maker has spoken. You will die for your efforts if you speak out.”


    Fury burns over Bracha’s face. “How can you say the Maker will speak against me? I am not in the wrong here. Buffy is!”

    “You are quite wrong,” Haipo says, voice rising. “If you hadn’t cursed Buffy in the beginning of her reign, none of this would have happened. Buffy has always been a quiet, obedient child. Then right after your curse, she was hellbent on securing me as her breeding partner. In fact, she was obsessed with our love, something I don’t think she would have ever done on her own. Bane was to be her intended breeding partner as he had the purest bloodline. I was always supposed to be Master Slave and I said as much until Abra convinced me otherwise.”

    Haipo rises from his seat, facing Bracha. “No, if the curse hadn’t been issued, Bane would have sired his Creator Heiress, and I would still be at Tribe Wahine. Bane would not be in the grave and Buffy would have been a wonderful Creator. You have done nothing but wish ill upon Buffy, even going so far as to try to issue even more curses upon her with the evil witch doll. This sadness is clearly lying at your doorstep. All of it!”


    Bracha couldn’t contain herself any longer and she lunges at Haipo, trying to inflict as much pain on him as she possibly could. But even in his elderly state, he swiftly moves out of her way and lands defensive punches.


    He won the fight easily as Bracha stands before him, dazed. Smoothing out his robe, Haipo says through breaths, “I’d advise you not to do that again, Bracha. I may not show restraint next time.”


    Haipo strides away, leaving Bracha in her fury which leads to a fire she has never known before. All she can see is red.


    She vows that before she is finished, Haipo will wish he had never been born.
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    Bracha is such a plum. It enrages ME that she would wish death upon her own sister! Like omg, why? You are so mean! (For the inability to use the correct words.)

    Haipo is so strong and wise. He's hot even as an elder!

    Let us hope Bracha gets her 🦃🦃🦃🦃 handed to her by her niece when it is time!
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    @naniminna Bracha is evil to the core! The Champion is awesome! I'm excited to bring her aboard!

    And yeah...Haipo is the most handsome elder I've seen! Lol!
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    @pammiechick I cannot wait for more! Oh and btw, can I just mention that your siggy looks really cool?
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    Ah the Cowplant! Good choice! (And so cool using my tribe as a reference :D thank you!)

    I'm sad to see Haipo has age :( Time flies!
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    @naniminna Thanks! I needed an update since I'm focusing on this story now! <3

    @MegandtheMoon That shocked me! I would have used a life elixir if I'd known he was close! But it was too late! :/
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    @naniminna Thanks! I needed an update since I'm focusing on this story now! <3

    @MegandtheMoon That shocked me! I would have used a life elixir if I'd known he was close! But it was too late! :/

    Ooh, your sig is awesome!

    Aww, it kind of gives Haipo a tragic air! When I saw his face my heart sunk - now I don't know if Buffy and Haipo will be together :'(
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    @MegandtheMoon Thank you! I saw their pic and thought it'd be perfect! That's definitely the 2nd gen. Shouldn't change much until 3rd.

    You're right about Haipo. I had the same feelings when I saw him. Things play out naturally which surprised me...I didn't write it like that. I had other plans, but you'll see...
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    Finally caught up - I love this! I am always stumped over those great looking guys that get sactificed - such a waste LOL. I plan on continuing making stories after Just a click away so I'm hoping to go hunt down one of these guys in the future sometime ;]

    I love Hagen btw, and think he must be one of the most handsome little boys I've seen. Hoopono is gorgeous too and even though I am not fan of the hair color normally, I think she looks drop dead gorgeous with it.
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    @Savannah Yes! Resurrect them! Their time in the tribe is soo limited! Even if they survive! ;) Would love to see them happily living out another life!

    Hagen does turn into a very handsome man, too! Can't wait to reveal...I'm excited to see Hawika. She hasn't aged up in my playing time yet.
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    While Buffy is visiting the temple, Hoopono talks with Kaipo about her newest project. “You see, the dragon fruit is almost ripe. I will then take a cutting and splice it into the snapdragon, creating a cowplant berry.”

    “Ah, I see,” Kaipo says, smiling. “Where did you learn such a skill, Hoopono? My former tribe has no such cowplant.”

    “There are tribes to the north of us who are highly skilled in gardening, fishing, and crafting potions. I’ve heard about their work and much is talked about in our village of them. There is word they can even raise people from the dead!”

    “You must tell me more about these northern tribes, Hoopono. Maybe their slaves have faster techniques to fix toilets,” Kaipo says, winking.

    Blushing, Hoopono says, “Maybe. I’ll send word to see if we can find out something for you, Kaipo. But anyway, let Kawika fix toilets. I need you here in the sun, tending this garden.”

    Kaipo bows. “As you wish, my lady.”


    Nightfall descends upon the land and Hoopono is spending every moment with Kaipo. She loves the way he laughs at her silliness and likes the same things she does. A bond is forming that Hoopono knows is wrong. She wants to have a child, but she doesn’t want her friendship with Kaipo to end. She thinks she will suspend her pregnancy a bit longer. She is having too much fun.

    “How long do you think it will take for the cowplant to grow, Hoopono?” Kaipo asks as he lifts weights. Hoopono has noticed Kaipo isn’t as strong as the other slaves but she doesn’t care. She’s tiny, too, and would welcome a small, thin daughter. She will be beautiful with his dark skin and her golden-pink hair.

    “I’m not sure, Kaipo, as I’ve never grown one, but Buffy has secured more land for us so I can grow it far away. I will put a strong fence around it so no one can go back there and get devoured by mistake! Will you help me with the fence?”

    Struggling with his last set, he says, “Of course, but I will need to grow more muscle. I’m as weak as a baby chick right now.”

    Hoopono giggles. “You are stronger than me and that’s all it will take.”


    That night, the two lay under the stars talking about their futures.

    “What is your wish for your life, Kaipo?” Hoopono asks. “My mother always wanted me to be a great painter like her, but I was drawn to flower and fern. They speak to me and I to them. But what was sadness for her became the Creator’s delight. She did not have a proper Gatherer. I will do this until I grow old and my hair turns white. What about you?”

    Kaipo studies the stars, grinning wistfully to himself. “You see the bright star at the edge of the Great Spoon? I want to be like that. No one would notice it unless someone pointed it out, but if it wasn’t there, the spoon would cease to exist and could not do its job. That is what I wish for my life.”

    Hoopono looks upon the Great Spoon and the poetic words of Kaipo. Sadness creeps into her heart as she thinks she is not worthy of him for he is as wise as he is handsome. He should be kept for someone special. Like the Creator Heiress. She knows this is true.


    “You will be even more than that, Kaipo. I have a feeling you will be the brightest star. The one just above it. See?”

    “Your words are dear to me, sweet lady,” says Kaipo, not catching her eye, but Hoopono’s cheeks warm. He means to tell her he will welcome her advances. She hides this special moment in her heart.

    When Hoopono sits down to dinner, Buffy confronts her. “You and Kaipo have been inseparable ever since I swore him into the tribe. If you need to breed, you best make haste. Otherwise, your heart will be tested. Believe me. I know this to be true.”


    Hoopono arises from the table. She is no longer hungry and doesn’t want to discuss Kaipo now.

    Buffy follows her. “Hoopono, this is not a discussion you can run from. We must talk.”

    Whirling around, Hoopono answers, “I’m sorry, Creator, but I’m conflicted with many emotions right now. I’m not sure which path to take. It will take much prayer and searching. I am not sure if I’m ready to be a mother or if Kaipo is my choice.”


    Buffy responds, “I’m bringing in the Champion tomorrow and she is with child. This compound can only hold so many children. You need to make your decision soon or you will not be allowed to conceive for a while.”

    “Understood, Creator,” Hoopono says. Then she stops and thinks about her bond with Kaipo and how she doesn’t want to see him go. Not yet. “He is helping me with the cowplant. I do not wish to conceive. Not now.”

    “That is your choice, of course, Hoopono,” Buffy says. “I will honor this wish. You are the most talented Gatherer I’ve ever seen and already, your skills are being talked about throughout the Amazon. Maybe you should dedicate yourself to your work. I will not stand in your way.”


    Hoopono bows. “I think this is wise, Creator. Thank you.” Hoopono ascends the stairs, but a cloud looms over her, full of rain and lightning.

    The next day, the Champion arrives!


    “Welcome, Master Champion Kaila,” Buffy says, placing her hand on her heart. “We are most honored to have you as our tribal sister. I cannot begin to give enough gratitude for your impending training of my Creator Heiress. I offer you this special potion of thanks.”


    “It is with the utmost respect I decline the drink, Creator,” Kaila says. “I am with child and drinks of this kind upset my stomach. But I will welcome it once this baby arrives which should be soon!”

    “Yes, soon, indeed!’ Buffy says with a laugh. “And you are the most fit mother I’ve ever encountered. Your skills are the best throughout the land. I cannot wait to see you in action with Hawika.”

    “Thank you, Creator,” Kaila says with a bow. “I wish to help in any way I can since you’ve suffered such grievous events with your slave. We must show our power and Creators must learn every technique to overwhelm the inherent strength of men.”

    “That is true,” Buffy says, although the mere mention of her dealings with Bane brings back unwelcome memories.

    “I do want to tell you that once my child is born, it will need to go back to my tribe for my Creator wishes to use a son for the training of our upcoming slaves and my daughter for the training of more Champions. My bloodline is highly gifted in all areas.”

    “I see. This is welcome news as I do have one of my tribal sisters who wishes to breed and we do not have much room. Come let us sit and eat together.”


    That night, Hagen and Hawika fight over their homework. “Of course 3 x 3 is not 6. For Maker’s sake, Hagen, you’re older than me,” cried Hawika (for she already had her father’s hotheaded trait.)

    Then Hagen could no longer hold his laughter any longer. “You are very gullible, Hawika. For you know 3 x 3 is 27. Ahahaaaaa!”


    Hawika rolls her eyes. She wonders why her brother never made any sense, until she sees the look of pain in his eyes as he rises from the table.

    She goes to him. “What is wrong, Hagen?”

    “It is…” but he could not finish. He scampers to his room.


    Buffy finds her son in a sadness she could not comprehend.


    She does her best to cheer him. “It’s your birthday tomorrow. Aren’t you excited?”

    But Hagen doesn’t say anything Buffy could understand. “The stars are outside right now and I’m not. I’m sad that I’m not a star. They live with the aliens, Mother. I want to be like them.”

    “Oh, little one, if I could allow you to soar to the moon I would!” Buffy shoots her hand into the air. “But I am not that wise. Maybe you could ask your father about that one day.”

    “Father?” Hagen pops out of his sad mood immediately. “When?”

    “It will be a birthday present!” Buffy smiles.

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    =O They are so cute together! The kids, I mean. My heart literally wretches at the idea of killing that little boy. Ever since the ISBI challenge I have such a soft spot for the insane sims. Plus he's just so cute and adorkable. Maybe he will see dying as becoming a star? I hope so. It's the only consolation I'll get from him dying as a young adult. =/

    Hoopono's going to get herself into trouble like Buffy did. And also the Champion is Hot. I want to have her in my games!
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    @naniminna Adorkable! Love that! Not sure how this will all play out will be a sad day...I've never suffered the death of a Creator son. Sniff... :(
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    @pammiechick Personally, I don't think Buffy will kill a child born from her and Haipo. I think this will be her ultimate downfall. But I guess we will see what happens!
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    Awesome chapter! I loved what Laipo said about the star that no one notices - that was a lovely metaphor for the tribe slaves!

    I feel so sorry for Hagen! I've never used the insane trait in my game, so I had no idea it could make the Sim sad :cry: I always thought the insane trait was more goofy - but it seems like it has a tragic edge. I hope Hagen finds peace.

    Oh, and I had a total fangirl moment when I saw my tribe was mentioned again :joy: I wasn't expecting it! Lol. It's like being acknowledged by a celebrity. ;)
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    It will be a sad, sad day if Hagen gets killed, ugh. I will have to believe in what @naniminna says about Buffy won't kill a child of Haipo's- after all, he IS the hottest elder on the block - and keeper of our lady's heart too it seem ;D
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    @MegandtheMoon lol! Your tribe is a celebrity tribe to mine since they're way more advanced in many things!

    @Savannah We'll see what happens...he is a sad character. The insane trait does some weird things to them as you will see. My problem is who will be good enough for him to pass on his genes. Trying to figure that out!
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    Before the sun rises the next day, Kaila wakes up to sharp pains and immediately gives birth.


    It is a son destined to be a Master slave who will teach many slaves to be strong and wise and humble. Kaila is proud to call him Lakeki.


    During the day, Hawika plays with her favorite toy—a princess carriage. She often fancies she’s a beautiful princess living in a castle high upon a large mountain she sees every day in the distance. In this land, she is allowed to marry and have lots of boy children. This fantasy is forbidden, she knows, but she thinks if one day she becomes one of the most powerful Amazon Creators in the village, maybe some rules may change. She is haunted by the fact her father doesn’t live, and he was taken under circumstances no one will say.

    Hagen walks past her with dirty plates, doing his usual chores.

    “Hagen, it is your birthday. You are free from chores today, brother!”

    “Chores are my company. Chores are my gift. Chores bring me comfort. Chores let me drift.”

    Sadly, Hawika goes on with her playtime for she knows something is strangely wrong with her brother’s mind, although she loves him dearly. She wonders what he will be like as a teenager.


    That night, a huge celebration gathers for Buffy’s son. She hires more slaves and other women to attend the needs of her guests. One has had too much drink and is happily greeting guests. Kaipo keeps a watchful eye on him.


    Hawika finds a woman named Keke and talks to her about her dreamland.
    Keke laughs and says, “Keep dreaming, little one. But you realize if we allow men to control, they would abuse us with their strength as they’ve done in the past, many many eons ago. That is why we have these rules. The great Amazon warrior women would not allow this to happen. The men saw wisdom in this. Do not hope for what you do not know.”

    Thinking on these thoughts, Hawika yearns for a place where everyone is not selfish. Then rules would be no longer needed for everyone would want to please one another.

    She hopes to be the best Creator and make everyone in her tribe happy, including the men.


    Soon it is time for Hagen to blow out the candles. Hawika’s insides feel as if they would burst in anticipation. What will her brother look like? Would he start behaving normally with more traits to offset his bad one?


    Shock floods Hawika’s eyes as she sees her brother’s face. She’s seen pictures of her grandfather, the great Akamu, in the family history book. Hagen looks just like him!



    But as Hagen grows into a teenager, death is visiting outside.

    Ekewaka is overcome by a blinding light and she collapses.


    Buffy is summoned to plead for her life, but alas, the Reaper is in no mood to grant wishes tonight for a birth happened upon this compound.


    Kaipo looks on with a heavy heart for Ekewaka is Hoopono’s aunt and he knows she will take this news hard.


    Hoopono mourns at Ekewaka’s gravesite. She will always remember how her aunt helped her become a better Gatherer and always showed love to the little ones.


    In rememberance to Ekewaka, here are a few pictures of her life:









    She will be missed!
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    Birth and death all in one installement what an exciting chapter with a sad ending Ekewaka you will be missed
    Check out my gallery Origin ID LoneOnyxStardust

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    Oh my, Hagen - aren't you an incredible good looking young man. I already cringe to think of having him sent to his death. And yay! Another baby to join the tribe - but sadly enough, as one is born, another passes. Talking about evidence of cycle of life right there
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    Several weeks pass and Hoopono finally plants her cowberry. She finds it has sprouted two horns. “I must have done something right,” she says to herself. “I need to tell Kaipo at once!”


    In the meantime, Hagen is trying to learn the art of fileting a tomato and cuts himself.

    “Ow! You dastardly red fruit!” Hagen shouts. “I’ll show you! I’ll make you pay for this insolence!”


    “A little earwax will show you who’s boss,” Hagen cries then swiftly mines his ear with his index finger and surveys his bounty.


    “There!” Swabbing the tomatoes in his salad, he announces, “You’ll never defy me again!”

    Knitting her eyebrows, Hawika is horrified by what she sees. Instead of growing more sane as a teenager, her brother is sinking deeper and deeper into his own world. Something has to be done about it. But what?


    Days fly by for Hoopono and soon, the cowplant’s budding horns have turned into something recognizable. “It looks like a true cow, Kaipo. Do you believe it?”

    “Of course,” he says, gazing at her with pride. “Anything you touch grows magnificently. I don’t think there is a plant in the world that would dare give you trouble!”

    “You don’t know about the wicked plant my aunt created. It was a creature all its own and under my care, died a horrifying death.”


    “Ah, but it wasn’t worthy of your plight, Hoopono,” Kaipo reasons. “I saw that thing. No one could save it. Nor should they. If it does not produce fruit or flower, what good is it?”


    Hoopono’s face fell, thinking about Hagen and how he cannot contribute to the tribe in his state. But does that mean he doesn’t deserve to live out his life to young adult? “It was a living thing, Kaipo. All things should be allowed to live, no matter how feeble.”


    “Yes, but kill me dead when I cannot contribute to this tribe anymore, Hoopono. That is my destiny as it should be the destiny of all living things.”

    Hoopono is not pleased with these words. She guesses they are true for a slave of Kaipo’s standing, but what of the Creator’s son who is the most worthy of slaves?

    At that moment, Kaila enters the punishment grounds. “You two look so serious. Is it that hard to birth a cowplant?”

    This breaks a smile onto Hoopono’s face. She is thinking too much about what Kaipo says. “You are right. We are arguing about what type of bell we should make for the little one. What do you think?”

    “Silver, of course. No other metal will do for our cows,” Kaila says with a laugh.

    Hoopono joins in, welcoming her friendship.


    The following morning, Hoopono eats breakfast with Kaipo as they usually do. Kaipo asks, “Did I offend you yesterday with my bold words. If I did, I’m sorry. I did not mean to.”


    Hoopono smiles at his thoughtfulness. “Kaipo, it is fine that you have your own opinion, and I understand your values. They are different than a woman’s to be sure. That does not mean they are wrong or aren’t valued. But I do believe living things can exist and not have a purpose. Does that make sense to you?”


    Finishing his cereal Kaipo answers, “I must confess it does not, dear lady. Think about the trees, the fish, the air, the mountains.” He gives her a sultry look. “A woman. They all serve a purpose that contributes to the maintenence of the world. Without each one doing its job, we may not be able to breath or eat or have a place to live. I dare you to find a living thing that does not serve a purpose, other than that abomination Ekewaka created.”

    Hoopono gives Kaipo a cold stare. “What about Hagen? In his state of mind, he cannot serve as a proper slave nor can he speak to us with intelligence. He is without company, without a job, without any purpose. Do you feel he should die today because of this?”

    Kaipo tries to hide a smug smile. “Ah but dear lady, you forget Hagen has one of the most important purposes in life.”

    She sets down her spoon and asks, “What could that possibly be, Kaipo?”

    “He was destined to make you feel love.”

    Hoopono closes her eyes. With only a few words, Kaipo speaks truth.

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    @Savannah Yes! The circle of life! It happened just like that. Birth in the morning; death at night!

    I will be out of town for the next week, so no updates for a while, but will be back with much more the following week. I do have a real deadline with my job, so I'm not sure when the next update will be...hopefully soon!
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    @pammiechick I really loved reading this update. It's nice to see that Buffy isn't the only one who wavers or questions the practices of the tribe. I wonder if they will break tradition and become a more modern society. I'm curious to see what will happen next. But Kaipo's view is a harsh one I must say. I will miss you dearly, good friend.
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