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Gathering your suggestions about Mods/CC use with the Gallery!


  • danicast1966danicast1966 Posts: 8 New Member
    I would like to have an option to download a sim or a house without the custom content included on them because that's not how I download custom content, specially mods. I want to keep control of the custom content, choose what I want to download and add to my game. Those houses with gazillions of wallpapers and objects included were always my worst problem in the exchange.
    It would be nice also a filter so you can choose to download only sims and lots that have no custom content at all.
  • slade520slade520 Posts: 44 Member
    I think that the demo should be more compatable to cc. I.E (these should be compatable, cause they make my game horrable)

    Some hairs from creators on tsr and tumblr

    some clothes from anubis360 and tumblr
  • BryonyRaeBryonyRae Posts: 5,181 Member
    I may be an outlier, but I really prefer to keep CC/mods as separate from the game as possible. I was so relieved to learn that CC would not transfer into and out of the gallery in TS4, and I really want it to stay that way. I started as a CC enthusiastic in TS3, but there were so many problems associated with it, as I'm sure many of you remember. So many items caused corruptions in the game, and tracking down the troublemakers could be extremely difficult. Mods could of course completely wreck the game as well. For me, it just wasn't worth it, and it still isn't.

    In my dealings with a vanilla TS4 so far, I've already experienced a good many quirks/bugs; I don't want another variable added to the mix when I'm troubleshooting. That said, I am all for giving people more space in text descriptions to detail the CC they used (it would be a boon for non-CC creators as well, since there is often more we'd like to say about a build but just don't have room) and likewise for copying/pasting text from the Gallery descriptions.

    I really don't want web links that open external sites; there are just too many virus and trojan laden web sites out there. However, active links to forum threads would be helpful; many creators like to maintain showcase threads where people can see more images of their work and get more details about it. They can certainly post links and information about the CC they used there.

    Finally, I think that installing/uninstalling CC while the game is running is just inviting disaster. People should always back up their saves, tray, etc. prior to installing mods and potentially CC, and if they're doing it from within the game, they lose that chance.
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  • UtopiaUtopia Posts: 164 Member
    Please let us browse the Gallery and Favourite (or bookmark) content outside of the game.

    Part of my Sims experience involves hours "window shopping" for Lots, clothing, objects ect outside of the game, it's an enjoyable activity I can do on the phone at bedtime, or while lazing on the sofa.

    It allows me to find what I need without cutting into "play time", allowing me to download when I next load the game. It's necessary if you are looking for a hard to find perfect lot/room.
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  • AnnePlaysAnnePlays Posts: 2,504 Member
    edited October 2014
    1. If a Sim/Room/Lot contains CC, there must be a link to its source. I applaud the shared creation in the gallery, but the people who made the CC deserves some exposure as well. A lot of content with CC in the gallery do not even share the links where to find their CC, which makes me really sad.

    2. I agree with longer and the ability to copy-paste descriptions for convenience.

    3. The ability to have more and choose which pictures to showcase their creations in the gallery.
  • Ladyliberty1301Ladyliberty1301 Posts: 623 Member
    1. Seperate CC/mod gallery that can be accessed online and in game. It would be similar to the big mod/cc websites that are well known and used as almost a directory of cc and mods. I think it would be nice to have access outside of the game- as that is what we are currently used to when looking for cc, and it would be nice to also access it in game.
    2. have the option to download cc from the gallery if it is included in an item on the gallery. A little pop up would appear notifing us of where the cc is coming from, what it is and where we can find it later. There are some really cool uploads like Elsa from frozen that are on the gallery now but its pointless to have them there if nobody can use the cc in them. If the gallery does not let you have the content you see in the screenshots then what is the point of uploading it in the first place
    3. at the very least have some indicator of if a item has cc and where it can be found.
    That way if you really like it you can find it on your own and download the content.
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  • praxis22praxis22 Posts: 19 Member
    1. Make the servers better so the page actually renders properly, and when you click on a tile, it doesn't show up blank, etc.
  • danicast1966danicast1966 Posts: 8 New Member
    I have another suggestion: search lots by size. I have the hardest time finding lots to a specific place as it is now.
  • Ladyliberty1301Ladyliberty1301 Posts: 623 Member
    I have another suggestion: search lots by size. I have the hardest time finding lots to a specific place as it is now.

    That dosn't seem like it has to do with mods/cc ? Maybe this should go in the other thread in general discussion instead.
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  • danicast1966danicast1966 Posts: 8 New Member
    I never come to this forum, I only came here because the thread was linked at MTS2.
  • coolspearcoolspear Posts: 25 Member
    edited November 2014
    Something certainly needs to be done in regards to the "move objects on" cheat. Many people upload lots to the gallery where they have used Moo extensively, all to good and pretty effect, and probably why you would wish to download the lot to your own game. But as soon as the lot is placed in the neighborhood, so, so much of the furnishings and décor are immediately shunted directly to the family inventory for residential lots, or utterly lost to cyberspace for community lots.

    1. A little heads-up on the gallery entry that "move objects on" has been utilized in the building of the lot.

    2. Something in the way of a tidy wee game patch to stop all that prettiness and hard work being directly shunted off lot and/or outright obliterated the moment the lot is placed. That would be helpful and extremely considerate of you developer guys.

    3. And at the expense of sounding a tad fussy, pernickety, what ever, but in the advanced section of lots, that displays all the much needed info and search requirements regarding lot size, lot values and such. I think, no I'm actually certain, that one of the most useful bits of info that most gallery visitors would also like to know, at a glance, is the number of bedrooms. Oh yeah, size matters. Family size, that is. How hard would it be to flick a switch and have that very relative info also displayed on screen as a decisive search requirement?

    Thanks Gurus for the opportunity to make such request and recommendations. All credit to you.
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  • NeonHighwaysNeonHighways Posts: 1,508 Member
    The gallery doesn't seem to sort my favourited and saved lots in a logic manner. For example: I had previously favourited lots, and right now I favourite 5 more. If I go to my profile to see my favourited lots, and sort by "most recent", i have to scroll trough all of it to find the new ones, because some of them are at the top, and still out of order, and some of them are in the middle of old ones and some at the very bottom! If I sort by "most downloaded" or "most liked" it's still out of order, with the likes for instance beind like this: 1.899 - 1.348 - 899 - 76 - 2.456 - 1.234 - 24 - 67 (I don't need to go on).

    This must be an issue, as there is no logic to it.

    Also, after the November 4 pools update, gallery lots that use resized objects, when downloaded, reset the sizes of the objects.
  • BryonyRaeBryonyRae Posts: 5,181 Member
    MatheusBS wrote: »
    Also, after the November 4 pools update, gallery lots that use resized objects, when downloaded, reset the sizes of the objects.

    This was happening prior the patch if you place the lot from Manage Neighborhood. If you place the lot via build mode, the enlarged objects stay enlarged (I just tested it to be sure).

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  • davina1221davina1221 Posts: 3,533 Member
    edited November 2014
    Please do not allow cc to come directly into my game from downloading from the gallery. People who love cc can go get it if they want it or responsible makers can list where to get it. How fair is it for my game to be messed up with cc I didn't agree to from the website that is suppose to be for the game? This is EA/Maxis/Sims website and is it really fair to your customers to allow bad cc to go into their games and mess them up; because we all know that there will be bad cc. My game my choice. If others want it, then they should go get it and shouldn't complain if their games act up, but I shouldn't have to pay for what they want. PreSupernatural, I took out cc and my S3 game ran near mint. There are just some instances where the greater good should win out.

    I have been having so much fun downloading because I know my game is safe. I add EA hair and clothes; no big deal. If you allow cc to go through to my game, then I will delete it all and never go on the gallery again. People lie. My computer tore completely up and BestBuy had to install a whole new motor or something for free. I lost everything. After, having a stroke downloading my store inventory(I owned all of it), I downloaded a few "NO cc" items from trusted people and ended up with the boots. I will not go through what I did with S3 and this game already has enough bugs without catering to the cc people. Please reconsider and kindly just put a reminder on the upload square for creators to list where they got their content. CC is optional, but bugs and a bad game will only have customer support even more busy.

    Ps. I'm not computer savvy and shouldn't have to go to so and so folder to delete anything. It would be easy for those wanting cc to go to the sites, but I would never be able to find folders and fix anything. Again, not fair as I also Pd. $70 for my game and expect the main Sims 4 site to be safe; cc will make it unsafe. :(
  • davina1221davina1221 Posts: 3,533 Member
    edited November 2014
    Something else to take away from S3, is that some sims ect. with cc have cc on it but you can't see it in game. What if sims are uploaded and they have that type of bugs on it. If this is to ever occur then there should be a turn off button for those of us who don't want to go crazy after each update/store release. Or rather a turn on button. It should be completely turned off for everyone and they should have to make the choice to turn it on. That way my game stays as vanilla as possible. Thanks for allowing comments instead of just doing it.
  • davina1221davina1221 Posts: 3,533 Member
    edited November 2014
    Zerbu wrote: »
    1. there should also be a checkbox to disable content containing CC from appearing in the gallery.

    I think that the site that is a main site for a game should be safe for all users. There are kids and people who don't understand computers and won't go to files. So if there is a box, then it should be one to enable cc. Children and non-cc users should be protected first and those wanting cc should have to make the changes to get it. :)

  • John_CitronJohn_Citron Posts: 135 Member
    1. We need to be able to discern within the game what is downloaded content and what is built-in.

    Right now this is easy because not "much" has been created so far, and many of us have just started using the game. I happen to have downloaded only two rooms, and I know they're new. Having an additional icon or watermark on the preview stating Custom Content, would be really helpful.

    2. Have a way to ensure that any dependencies related to the CC are included, or if they come from 3rd-party sites, have a link to them or the ability to state, need more text space here for this, that this is external content and to go to the site to download extras.

    3) A way to protect built-in assets from being uploaded. This not only saves bandwidth, it also protects EA from copyright violations by people including EA-created add-ons in a custom room. Having dependencies listed for this is different, however, with a note stating you need such and such to work.

    4) A way to contact the content creator via a PM or email through the system. This is in case there's a problem, or the user wants to make suggestions to the creator.

    5) Protect copyrights overall. Does the system do an ID check before uploading is allowed? This would help to prevent pirates from using the CC created by others. Not having a registered program should prevent from logging in.

    There are other things that I can't think of right now, but hopefully this helps. Some of these ideas come from another community-driven program I use, which has over 350,000 items available for download using a closed system, which requires user IDs, and such to access it. There are third-party, and payware contributors that create assets for this program, and they also abide by these strict policies. This has helped us keep the program community pretty much intact for over a decade.

  • octopuskayoctopuskay Posts: 16 Member
    Could be as easy as a pop-up box; "This creation contains custom content, do you wish to continue your download?"
  • NaydiNaydi Posts: 387 Member
    1. I think one of the first and easiest things to do is to make it possible for us to make a link to our Gallery profile and the individual items we have created on our profile.
    2. A link to custom content used in a creation should also be required if you want to upload an item containing CC. Somehow, this link should be only available to link to the original creator's profile or website download.
    3. I believe that inside the files of custom content there is a line identifying the creator of the item. (I may be wrong, but that would be cool). It would be great to have the actual creator's name displayed when identifying the custom content.
    4. Script and other mods should be displayed under a completely different section of the gallery, so one does not accidentally download it. These mods should automatically be stripped out of lots.
    5. There should be be a section for recolored and new meshes of build mode items.
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  • luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 35,169 Member
    Please make it so that we don't have to have Origin online to see our own Library content that has CC! Many people, for many reasons, need to play offline.
  • princess0384princess0384 Posts: 417 Member
    I love the idea of being able to download & upload Mods/ Cc from within the game. I do download Sims with Cc and I'm always disappointed when they don't look like the pictures and I can't fInd the content
  • ScobreScobre Posts: 20,665 Member
    I think mods need to be screened in the gallery. I mean sure there are adult mods that exist, but they shouldn't be in the gallery.
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  • IHasGamerIHasGamer Posts: 61 Member
    Some cc is dangerous and crashes ur game, i learned that the hard way :'(
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  • JlcaronJlcaron Posts: 13 New Member
    > @Zerbu said:
    > 1. Allow players to upload standalone CC to the gallery
    > As well as having the option to download CC along with creations from the gallery, another useful feature would be the ability to upload just CC, without attaching it to a creation. Players could conveniently browse for CC without having to leave the game.
    > 2. Add a custom content filter
    > As well as the "Include Unowned Content" checkbox, there should also be a checkbox to disable content containing CC from appearing in the gallery.
  • JlcaronJlcaron Posts: 13 New Member
    i like this idea very much perfectly explained and sounds reasonable!
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