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Gathering your suggestions about Mods/CC use with the Gallery!


    1) have your own cc, mods in folders, and other cc by other creators in another folder so that, they don't get mixed up with your own cc that you have made.

    2) a pose player that allows you to be able to create poses in game, and or have other poses made by other from downloading something to that idea.
  • BryonyRaeBryonyRae Posts: 5,181 Member
    I would like to see it changed so that in game photography (and painting by reference) aren't flagged as custom content just because there is custom content on the lot. This is related to the issue reported to AHQ here that was confirmed by @SimGuruModdSquad as functioning by design. I am a CC free creator, but one thing I used to do back in TS3 was if there was a particularly compelling piece of CC art, I'd photograph it so that I could use it, CC free, in my builds. I'd like to have the same option present in TS4, and I don't see how it could cause a problem.
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  • husseinandalihusseinandali Posts: 2,621 Member
    1.make cc posted on the gallery ex:cloths/objects/walls/sins etc no mods for sure
    2. Make us able to put links to the cc in the gallery not sure how
    3. Do rivising on post that contain cc but with no cc chicked lioe delete them but warn the owner first some people dont like to see cc even when cc is off
    over here i post my cc
    you may know me as g1g2

  • wolfkomoki1wolfkomoki1 Posts: 4,981 Member
    1. It would be nice if when cc is uploaded to the gallery the links are automatically listed in the description of the upload.
    2. There should be a warning that lets you know that your sim won't look like the sim in the picture. It's annoying when they're naked and bald.
  • ilovebunnys65ilovebunnys65 Posts: 1,611 Member
    edited July 2015
    I have so many concerns.
  • ilovebunnys65ilovebunnys65 Posts: 1,611 Member
    I would like to instantly get cc from the creator's creation like The Sims 3.
  • ilovebunnys65ilovebunnys65 Posts: 1,611 Member
    Or The Sims 2 with Sims 2 Packs!
  • ilovebunnys65ilovebunnys65 Posts: 1,611 Member
    Honestly from being a simmer I feel like there should be no character limit. Why?! EA, you might just lose a very supportive customer over this. There should be copy and pasting allowed. A reply button. Like button. Lol button. Emojis! You should have a feature that lets you decorate your profile and have a background that you can customize in your own unique way. I also think there should be an option for creators whether or not people can re-upload their work or not. I think there should be a informative box that says "Do you want to install the cc in your game, or use the sim or lot without the cc?" I think we should have more control.
  • BlueBlack007BlueBlack007 Posts: 4,441 Member
    I only use CC like clothes and hair, or accessories, because The Sims 4 Does not have a lot of those to choose from, they do not have long wavy hair and such that I like to use, but i always make sure, that I name the person who made the item i used, that way people can go to the site the creator is on and get that item, as for direct links to the creator, some of those you just have to look for yourself, and If your the lazy type, then i guess you wont be finding the item, because Yes you do have to have the CC that is on the character to actually have the whole character.
  • BlueBlack007BlueBlack007 Posts: 4,441 Member
    edited July 2015
    And also I don't know much bout computers, but I do know how to download a item, its not hard to do, I have been adding CC to all my sims games for many many years, you just have to read about it and figure it out, I also think that those people who do not use CC, should be able to shut off CC if they do not want to see it, there are More people who use CC , then there is who Do Not, so the ones who do not should have the so called Button for No CC seen, also I think it would be a great idea if we could get our CC from in the game instead of out of the game, to make it safer, so we wouldn't have to worry bout Viruses and such.
  • metalfenix_Rafmetalfenix_Raf Posts: 523 Member
    I think that a section where we could write links for the CC we use in our uploads would be the perfect answer for the CC problem of the gallery. For example, if I upload a sim that have CC clothing or accesories, I should be able to put links to such content (because the description section is too small for that. You could expand the description section too). If people don't want the CC, just download the sim and ignore the links, easy.
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  • vintagesaturdayvintagesaturday Posts: 258 Member
    1. CC can only be viewed in the gallery when opening it in game, I'd like it also viewable in web browser.

    I like to view the gallery online in a web browser, and the advanced option to allow CC isn't there so it's impossible to see it even if enabled previously. Players should be able to view CC content whether or not in game.

    2. Links to CC.

    I want to be able to link to the CC used in my uploads and find the CC used by others easier. It's hard to anticipate all the little CC you might need and an ability to link to it.

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  • vthingsvthings Posts: 5 New Member
    It would be really cool if there was an outfit designer. Something that uses the mannequins or something that people could set up outfits on that others can then put on a sim of their choice. Does this exist and I'm just missing it?
  • GardeningGardening Posts: 207 Member
    I would love if tge game included links of cc used.
  • GucciGucci Posts: 12 New Member
    Yeah, Pretty much ruined the game for me when I have to constantly open up sims4 > mods folder and having to exit the game just for a new shirt. You can do better Sims.
  • GucciGucci Posts: 12 New Member
    Scobre wrote: »
    I think mods need to be screened in the gallery. I mean sure there are adult mods that exist, but they shouldn't be in the gallery.

    Use your common sense. Who would put that in the gallery. There should be a 18+ part for that.
  • xPaxionxPaxion Posts: 1,119 Member
    Does our custom content ever make it into the game in future expansions? I know Mojang had a reputation for taking peoples mods and making them official features.
  • saskut0saskut0 Posts: 52 Member
    Has anyone modded in toddlers yet? haha
  • ericasimslover94ericasimslover94 Posts: 3 New Member
    does anyone know of a mod that will allow me to invite friends of friends/family to parties/events. the planner is only allowed to invite sims they themselves know. New here, so as you all know I'm unable to create my own thread. please and thank you.
  • SimsILikeSimsSimsILikeSims Posts: 1,461 Member
    After reading this thread I have come to the conclusion we need a tin foil hat CC. Besides, it goes well with the aliens in Get to Work.
  • SimsILikeSimsSimsILikeSims Posts: 1,461 Member
    edited October 2016
    vthings wrote: »
    It would be really cool if there was an outfit designer. Something that uses the mannequins or something that people could set up outfits on that others can then put on a sim of their choice. Does this exist and I'm just missing it?

    If you go to the Manage Worlds screen, then Edit Households, you can choose outfits for any of the Sims whether they are in a house or whether they are a townie. I often makeover all my NPC townies, especially after a patch (which removes the CC from the save I was on when the game was patched, leaving several townies bald or in undies). I even check all their different types of outfits, not just everyday. I don't allow my Sims to swim in hats, or my formal Sims to wear baseball caps, mismatched tops and bottoms, or clashing shoes, or my elder Sims to look like Nikki Minaj.
  • MiSFiT203MiSFiT203 Posts: 278 Member
    There should be a way to download items with needed cc included, if not then items with cc shouldnt be allowed in the gallery at all.
    some people have found ways to post sims that have cc without the wrench icon so you cant tell if they used cc or not.

    I hated this about the sims 3 exchange and the sims 4 gallery. c/c just ruins everything on both. why bother looking for stuff when what you download looks nothing like what you wanted? the game should know that a sim or lot or whatever has cc and not allow it to upload.

    or as i said above, we should be able to include cc in the gallery so that it downloads with the item you download.

    I find this so annoying. especially being that sims 3 exchange was ruined by cc content, yet they still repeated the same mistake with sims 4.

    it's not that hard to make a bald headed sim wearing default underwear, we dont need a gallery for that.

    heres another idea, make the game post filenames of cc used in a lot or sim to the gallery description posts, unchangeable by the person who posts it. doing that you would know for a fact that cc is included cause you see the items listed on the post.

    that way people could atleast try to google the file names and hope they find a match.
  • Rosieposie_wallsRosieposie_walls Posts: 9 New Member
    is there such thing as custard for the sims4 or is this just for sims3? I've recently had a problem with dodgy custom content which made all my houses I've built over the past few years disappear for good which has REALLY annoyed me as this is my favorite part. I've deleted all my custom content as i had hundreds of downloads and there was no way id be able to easily figure out which one was the problem. My houses haven't come back :((( so before i start downloading CC again id like to find a safe way to easily track if any of the content is being problematic and just delete that single one instead of the whole lot. Any advice? x
  • AlexandraTeaykovaAlexandraTeaykova Posts: 3 New Member
    Hello!!! I have a question.So i want to download CC for The Sims 4
    but i changed the package file into a WinRAR one.Now i want to know how to bring back the package file.Can anyone help???

    P.S. When i try opening the WinRAR file it says Tge file is corrupted or damiged,so i can't open it..Help..
  • SimsILikeSimsSimsILikeSims Posts: 1,461 Member
    edited December 2017
    Hello!!! I have a question.So i want to download CC for The Sims 4
    but i changed the package file into a WinRAR one.Now i want to know how to bring back the package file.Can anyone help???

    P.S. When i try opening the WinRAR file it says Tge file is corrupted or damiged,so i can't open it..Help..

    It sounds like you accidentally changed the file type. You need to rename the file from xxxx.rar to xxxx.package if it was originally xxxx.package. If this is too confusing, just delete the file and download it again from where you got it originally.
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